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Hock CMA Update

If you’re looking for the VERY best Hock discount, Hock has extended the 40% offer to my readers, but it does expire on June 15, 2020.

Two crucial things to note:

  • The 40% Hock discount is the very best available discount (it is even higher than what you’ll find on the Hock website)
  • The code will not be renewed when it expires, so please use the code and purchase before June 15!

Also, I received a few questions about whether Hock alone is enough to pass the CMA exam. And my answer is: absolutely yes!
As with any study materials from any provider, this is the case only if you put in the required effort. Also, I think it is especially
helpful to purchase the option with the videos to increase your chance of passing the exam.

Hock CMA recently made major upgrades to its CMA prep course, and I’ve detailed everything you need to know on my website.

However, here’s a quick summary of what Hock changed:

  • CMA prep course interface – the course is now more streamlined, making it very easy for candidates to use
  • Exam emulation – Hock’s test bank and course now perfectly mimic the Prometric environment to help you better prepare for the real exam
  • Closed Captions – Hock is one of the only CMA prep courses to offer Closed Captioning in its videos. With Closed Captions, you’ll be able to better digest information. Plus, Closed Captions are especially helpful for international CMA exam candidates.

If you’ve already decided that Hock is the best CMA course for you, use my exclusive code to save 40% on Hock CMA.

If you have any questions about Hock CMA, please let me know!

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