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Fifa: A Blogger from London Sharing Her CMA Journey

  • Last Updated: Feb 1, 2019 @ 1:22 pm
  • By Fifa Y

CMA Study JourneyFifa is an undergrad in Master’s in Accounting who decided to go for CMA.

She believed that CMA certification is necessary with her greater interest in accounting. The shorter time commitment is also a pull factor.

Soon after she started, Fifa got a new job that required additional time and commitment. After some struggles for a few weeks, she decided to put CMA on hold.

Fifa’s CMA Exam Study Journey

1. CMA vs CGMA vs CPA: What’s Fifa’s Choice?

Her first post. Fifa talked about how she finally decided to for the CMA exam after considering three options – CGMA, CMA and CPA.

2. Fifa’s CMA Study Review So Far

She shared her impression of Gleim CMA Review materials — the great, the good and the could-be-better.

3. Self Policing Myself through CMA Study

Fifa defined the term “honest studying”, the issues she encountered during the studying and her progress so far.

4. Strategising around My CMA Weaknesses

Fifa wrote about her struggles on identifying weaknesses in certain topics, and finding ways to be more mature in her CMA preparation journey.

5. CMA Studying Taking Longer than Expected

In relation to her post on the CMA study, she talked about her study techniques, pointing out the importance of giving more time to study.

6. Should I Take a Break from the CMA Exam?

Fifa admitted that the studying has been tough. Her new job added the challenge to balance study and work.

7. Free Resources from IMA

After a few weeks of breaks, Fifa couldn’t resist to restart her CMA studying again. She found a tutor who introduced her to a helpful seminar at a university. She shared her findings here.

8. Intriguing Findings on CMA in the Seminar (Part 2)

Continuing her previous blog, she shared more findings from the seminar, including which review course the experts believe is the best, how CMAs can utilize the title for career development, and the possibility of CMA in Arabic.

For now…

Fifa is too busy to write regularly for us, but may blog once in a while when she has the time. My best wishes for Fifa’s success!

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Hi, I am Fifa. I did my undergrad and my master's in accounting in London and has spent my working life there. I've just made up my mind for the CMA exam.