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Amani: a Great Story on CMA Exam from Middle East


preparation for CMA Part 2Amani is our blogger from Jordan who took Part 1 of the exam and passed it on her first try. She plans to take the Part 2 of the exam in the Jan/Feb 2016 window. Here is her story:

Thought on the CMA Exam from Middle East Candidate

1. April 14: Introducing Amani, Our New Middle East CMA Exam Blogger

In her first post, Amani shares how she started CMA Exam and what made her decide to take on the CMA certification.

2. April 21: Falling Off Track

Soon after she started, Amani confessed on not giving enough time and effort for her Part 1 preparation.

3. April 28: Dealing with Distractions: Amani’s Way

Falling off track in the CMA Exam review is a common problem for many. In this post, Amani shared her way to stay on track.

4. May 5: My Gleim CMA Experience When Going Through Part 1

While going through Part 1 of Gleim CMA’s book, Amani talked about her progress and occasional obstacles in the process.

5. May 12: Planning Tools for Gleim CMA Online (and Offline) Users

There are many ways to plan for this exam, and Amani explains the pros and cons of the different tools for Gleim CMA users.

6. May 19: Final Preparation for the CMA Exam

It’s stressful time! Amani walked us through her final preparation for the CMA exam.

7. May 26: Walk Through of My CMA Exam: A Detailed Account from Amani

People get real nervous on the actual exam day, but not Amani. See how she pulled it off.

8. June 9: Waiting for My CMA Results

Amani shared what you can during the long wait for CMA exam results.

9. June 23: The Ups and Downs of My CMA Exam Journey

CMA exam journey is mentally exhausting. Amani has this “intense” post on her first hand experience and brutally honest view on how the exam has affected her emotion.

10. July 7: An Alternative Way to Work Through CMA Practice Questions

As she reflects on her Part 1 experience, Amani compared the different approaches she tried in the preparation.

11. July 9: Congratulate Me!

After one and a half month of waiting, Amani broke the great news — she passed Part 1!

12. July 20: Unplanned Delay of CMA Exam (Part 2)

In life, unexpected circumstances might delay your plans. See what Amani was going through.

13. Aug 4: CMA Exam Part 2 Difficulty vs. That in Part 1

After passing Part 1, Amani compared difference between Part 1 and 2, and determined if she had sufficient time to prepare for Part 2.

14. Aug 18: When Opportunity Knocks

Amani got to seize an opportunity that made her further postpone Part 2. What is it?

15. January 12: Amani Deciding to Continue!

After she made the decision to postpone taking the part two of the CMA exam. Amani decided to continue. Know her reason from this post.

16. January 19: My CMA Studying Routine 

On this post, Amani talks about her studies. All about her study schedules and techniques, the materials she used and how she progressed throughout.

17. January 26: How CMA benefited me

Amani this time talks about how CMA benefited her. She created a summary list of all the benefits she gained after passing Part 1 of the exam.

18. February 2: Scattered Thoughts as the CMA Exam Day Approaches

As the CMA Exam day approaches, Amani shared about her thoughts and feeling. She also talked about how she has been pushing herself to the limit.

19. February 7: Quick Update: My Progress of CMA Exam

You will read about the progress Amani went through with her CMA exam journey for the past few months. She also shared about her exam preparation process.

20. February 16: Students’ CMA Motives and Concerns

Amani discussed why students go for the CMA title. She also added some thoughts on having the right motivation towards success.

21. February 22: Final Preparation for CMA Part 2

A quick update on Amani’s final preparation for CMA Part 2. She also shared her thoughts a week before the exam.

22. March 1: My CMA Part 2 Exam Walk-through

Amani provided a detailed account of her Part 2 exam from start to finish.

23. March 14: Through the Wait for the CMA Results

Let’s see how Amani makes good use of her time while waiting for the CMA results.

24. April 10: Congratulate me, the new CMA

Amani passes her second and last part of the exam!

25. May 18: Life after Becoming a CMA

Amani shares the timeline of getting her certificate, and her salary raise and promotion afterwards.

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About the Author Amani

Hello, I am from Jordan and a recent graduate. I have passed Part 1 on my first try after 4 months of studying. I accepted a teaching position for a CMA review course and therefore have to postpone my Part 2 to 2016.

  • Ra'ed Moued says:

    Congratulations !!!

  • mohammed says:

    hi amina iam Mohammed from Palestine living in Belgium now
    i so interested to do the course more than u expect
    actually i finished my master degree in accounting from India
    please shall i contact with u for some details
    from your experience u see the matter need previous work experience in the field

  • balajireddy says:

    i need to contact with u becoz ineed some information from u.
    can u pls help me

  • Nader says:

    Hi Amani, im Nader from Jordan/Madaba
    can you please let me know from where can i get the materials to study for CMA? And where i can find the registration? i heard its located in Mecca street/Amman.. i really need your help and i want to ask your more detailed questions so if thats okay with you..

    best regards

    • Stephanie Ng says:

      Hi Nader, Amani is no longer active here, but you can find her at linkedin (she posted her link in one of her blog posts). I am not sure if there is a specific way to register in Jordan, but supposedly everyone around the world registers online through IMA website here: http://www.imanet.org.

      For materials, Amani uses Gleim and you can find the online version here: https://ipassthecmaexam.com/gleim-cma-review/

      You might want to contact Gleim if you prefers a physical text book. Regards, Stephanie

  • Rachit says:

    Congrats ma’am

    I need a guidance from you that after completing IMA in india , how could i get job

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