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Mistakes CMA Students Make


Mistakes CMA Students MakeWaqar is our first blogger from Pakistan. He writes for us every Friday.

I am not perfect as no one in this earth is perfect. That’s why we make mistakes and I want to discuss the common mistakes we make during our prep for the CMA exam.

Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong”

1. How to use the Review Material

One important point I want to share with my fellow readers is that whatever material (books) you use for the preparation, don’t try to cram. It will never help you in real exam such as the CMA exam. Instead, check your concept level at level C, for example, to learn a concept and then apply the concept on the different scenario.

2. Sessions Timing

I call three hour of question practice as a complete session as it prepares you for the final exam.

I am not saying it’s totally wrong to work with small chunks of questions or that it does not help; but try to make time for long sessions to ultimately prepare for the final exam.

I want to share my personal experience here. During the first time I sat for the CMA part 1 exam, I did questions in chunks (30-35 at a time) when I was preparing for the exam. On the exam day, it was hard for me to face 100 questions altogether. Also, I was not used to long sitting e.g to sit on the same chair for four hours, and it was really difficult for me to complete the exam comfortably. At the end, I did finish the multiple choice questions just in time but I was not able to allocate extra time to the essay questions.

I heard this quote like thousand times but it works like a new dose every time:

Practice makes a man perfect”

Practice, Practice and Practice! I heard a great quote somewhere that :

Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice”

If you get this quote and relate it to the our CMA exam,  we can conclude that only book knowledge is not enough, you need to practice the questions as many times as possible (conceptually, not cramming as I said before). Just clear your concepts by practicing more and more questions.

I really hope this post helps CMA candidates to better prepare for the CMA exam and save them from these common mistakes. It helped me and I hope it helps my fellow readers and my friends. Lastly I want to share these two beautiful quotes. I hope you will find them inspirational.

Practice isn’t the thing you do once you are good, its the thing you do that makes you good”

You can only fight the way you practice”


Waqar Akmal

Note from Stephanie

Thank you for the sharing of your first-hand experience! I totally agree that mock exam is very important to get us physically and mentally prepared for the actual exam. And yes, no cramming. It really doesn’t work.

I really like this quote of yours:

Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong”

If we can achieve this level of comfort in practice questions, I am sure we can all pass this exam.

About the Author Waqar Akmal

Howdy guys, I am Waqar Akmal, would love to call my self latest in the community. I have recently completed bachelors of arts from Financial Training Center. I didn't pass my Part 1 at first, but gave it a try using a different strategy and passed. My Part 2 was done on my first attempt.

  • Amani says:

    I agree Waqar, before the exam one should try to sit for longer question sessions, in the last week before my exam i kept taking 50 questions back to back, it was very helpful.

  • CMA student says:

    Dear Waqar and Amani,
    Thanks a ton for all your inputs for exam preparation and success ultimately! 🙂

  • waqar says:

    Dear waqar thanks for ur inputs. Can u please share your contact details so i can discuss with you some querries.
    Waqar ismail
    00968-91194786 (whatsapp)

  • Haris Aniyarath says:

    Dear Waqar,
    You are absolutely right and I experienced the same problem. I too attended last 10-12 MCQs blindly because of time and I am pretty sure I could solve if I could get enough time.
    “Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice”

    • Waqar Akmal says:

      Haris I am glad that I made this meaningful post where we can discuss the common mistakes we make in the exam.

  • abbas says:

    With good luck in part 2

  • ABINAS PANI says:

    I agree wid you all,,,,,,,,,but there is no gap in exam……dats the worry point

    • Waqar Akmal says:

      That’s the challenge I was talking in the post Abinas but if you practice enough i think we can take on the 4 hour long exam without any gap.

  • Lawrence Merkel says:

    I would like IMA and ProMetric (testing site) build into the Exam a 10 minute break between M/C section and essay.

  • Farhan says:


    Waqar and Stephanie, you are doing great job. I read some of your blogs it is really helpful to know about CMA.

    I have done B.com and then MBA in finance. Right now i am doing Job from 4 years as Purchasing Technician. I know my profession is completely opposite from my academic study. I realized, I should have to move to accounts department.

    I am in Dubai and I felt here ACCA and CA demand is more which is making my current degree MBA as NO USE. Due to long office hours i am not in a condition to start study of ACCA or CA. By reading your blogs and my search on internet i felt CMA is only one of shortest certification which i may start with job.

    My question is with experts, do i go for CMA? Or you can suggest me any other certification which can convince to manager to hire me in “accounts reporting” or “auditing” department, if still i am not a qualified ACCA or CA.

    My goal is to get certification in maximum 1-2 years by continuing 6 am to 7 pm long hour job.

    “Plan it, Do it, Analyze it, Win it and Close it”


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