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Reviews of CMA Exam Academy

reviews of cma exam academy

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Whether you reviewed with the Complete CMA Coaching Course for both parts of the CMA exam or just 1, your fellow CMA candidates and I would know what you think about CMA Exam Academy. Please leave a review that explains your experience with CMA Exam Academy and whether or not you would recommend it.

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CMA Exam Academy Testimonials

My Take on Every CMA Review Course

I bought virtually all CMA review courses available in market. I realised useful ones are 3 only Wiley, Gleim and Hock. I myself liked Hock as best since it has the most detailed and easy to understand structure with lots of examples. Hock text and videos combined with Wiley Test MCQs is the best combination. Gleim also has good videos coupled with test prep. Wiley has good videos but a bit advanced. Brian Hock makes it very clear. Becker is nothing but PRC and its junk, exam matrix and Rigos are junk, Fast Forward Academy and CMA exam Academy are good for those with no accounting/finance background but you will need more to pass. Nathan Liao’s books are too summarised so are FFA’s books.

CMA tiger

I Recommend CMA Exam Academy

CMA coach by nathan liao is a good website to know more about CMA and learn the pros and cons, comparison between CMA providers.I enrolled into CMA EXAM ACADEMY in 2015 . classes are pre recorded one and its quite good to understand .you can play these videos download them at your convenience .the academy follows wiley text book and provides free personal guide on how to study CMA. most of the topic are 25 to 40 min videos.you can mail nathan if you have any questions regarding problems or any thing related to the subject he will respond with in 24 hours ,depends on the time variation between regions.Now he is developing his own CMA text book material ,will be out soon. there is a free seminar in CMACOACH.COM you can subscribe and see for yourself.


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