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My 3 Techniques when Practicing Multiple Choice Questions


Yen is from Vietnam and joins our blogger community after completing her CMA exam in Sep 2015. Yen reflects on her journey with blog posts every Monday.Techniques when Practicing Multiple Choice Questions

Hello all,

This time, I come back to share with you some techniques that I picked up when I practiced multiple choice questions.

1.How to deal with long multiple choice questions

Many multiple choice questions present a detailed scenario. A lot of information is given which make you confused. Remember you only have less than 2 minutes to answer one question. Don’t try to read the whole scenario. Go to the end , and read the question only. After that, return to the scenario and pick up necessary information. This way, you don’t waste your time in useless information.

2. Review questions that you did wrong previously

When I practice multiple choice questions, I always read carefully the answer whenever I am wrong. I want to find out why I am wrong and the right way to get the correct answer. When I complete the 20-40 practice questions each time, I return to questions that I did wrong and solved them again.

3. Note taking is very useful

I have a small notebook to keep all the knowledge and the tricks I got in multiple choice questions. When I got a wrong answer, I identify the reason of the mistake, and find out how to get it right.  Then, I write down the correct way to get the answer in my notebook. I keep it short and concise. I always take this notebook with me and read it whenever I have free time.

These are my ways in studying CMA. I’d like to know about yours.

Thanks for reading. Wish you all best of luck.

About the Author Yen

Hello, I am Yen and I took a 2-year journey to study and complete the CMA exam. After some struggle with local coaching classes, I decided to self-study using Wiley CMA books. In this blog I want to share with you how I did it with my limited command in English. I passed the two parts on my first attempt.

  • Hani says:

    Hi,how can start study?I already purchased the Wiley books,but still I don’t know how should start study.
    Appreciate if advice.

  • Farida says:

    Hello Yen,
    Your shared experience is too informative.I am appearing for part two in February test window.
    I am using Gleim.I am also practicing a lot of MCQ but what problem I am facing is that when I select all units and take 100 questions at a time my score comes down to 50-60%.And individually if i select then score is at 75-80%.Please, advice this is my correct strategy?
    Also, I wanted to know how about your essay practice?

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