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Yen: A Vietnam Blogger’s Learning and Sharing for CMA Exam


CMA Exam JourneyYen is our blogger from Vietnam who took a 2-year journey to study and complete the CMA exam.

Even though she had limited command in English, she passed the two parts of the exam on her first attempt.

Yen just recently completed her blogging here on this site. Check out what she shared about her journey.

Yen’s CMA Exam Journey

1. October 26 : Hello! I am a CMA from Vietnam

It’s Yen’s first post. She talked about the 2-year learning process she went through before she received her CMA certificate in Sep 2015.

2. Nov 2: Enroll in a Class or Self-Study for CMA?

Yen talked about the difference between enrolling in a CMA course and going for self-study. She shared which one that worked better for her.

3. Nov 3: Practicing Multiple Choice Questions is the Most Important

With help of the Wiley book, Yen practiced the multiple choice questions again and again which she believed had helped her a lot to pass the CMA exam.

4. Nov 9: How to be Confident on Exam Day

Yen shared some tips about how to be more confident on the day of the CMA exam: how to worry less and manage your time well when taking the exam.

5. Nov 17: My 3 Techniques when Practicing Multiple Choice Questions

She discussed on this post the 3 useful techniques when practicing multiple choice questions and gave some real life scenarios about her experience.

Yen would like to write more, but given her workload she needs a break for now. Hope you all find her tips helpful!

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CMA exam blog

About the Author Yen

Hello, I am Yen and I took a 2-year journey to study and complete the CMA exam. After some struggle with local coaching classes, I decided to self-study using Wiley CMA books. In this blog I want to share with you how I did it with my limited command in English. I passed the two parts on my first attempt.

  • Sarang says:

    Hi Yen, I must say all of your blogs are very important for someone like me who is working and trying to manage study along with work. You have put it up in simple words and words of wisdom makes it worth to read all what you want to share. Best wishes to you.

  • Huy says:

    Hi chi Yen,
    I’m Huy from Vietnam, it’s great to know your journey to CMA through which you have definitely put a lot of effort and hard work. I am considering joining CMA next year and would love to hear your experience, it’s great if we can meet up in Saigon, Vietnam if you are available.
    All the best.

  • Kai says:

    Dear Yen (and Sarang as well as other students in VN),

    I am a foreigner currently living and working in Vietnam. After some research about the CMA certification, I am also interested in starting to study for CMA. It is quite relieving to know that the exams can be taken in Vietnam. However my background is Sciences (BSc n MSc) and I am not sure if I can just dive into Wiley and actually study for this thing.

    Are there any offline/online resources that are useful for people residing in Vietnam? It would be cool to be able to connect with others who are also studying for the CMA.

  • >