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Waqar: A Successful CMA Exam Story from Pakistan


Successful CMA Exam StoryWaqar is our blogger who has recently completed the CMA exam: Part 1 on his second attempt, and Part 2 on his first. Here is his story.

Waqar’s Successful CMA Exam Story

1. May 26: Introducing Our Pakistani CMA Exam Candidate – Waqar

In this first post, Waqar shared how his journey started when his friend told him about CMA Certification.

2. June 12: Gleim vs Wiley CMA: My Analysis

Waqar tried both Wiley and Gleim. He discussed how Gleim wins in several ways.

3. June 19: CMA Part 2 2015: Content and Recommended Guide

There has been changes in the CMA exam content in 2015. Waqar discussed his thoughts on the changes and the resulting approach.

4. June 26: Summing It Up for Part 2 Exam

As he went through the study units, Waqar highlighted the important points for Part 2 Exam. He explained how he utilized the book and practice questions, and how he did his own “cheat sheet”.

5. June 28: CMA Part 2 Final Preparation: My Last Touch

Exam was coming up and Waqar shared his feelings then, and how he got himself mentally get ready based on his experience from Part 1.

6. July 3: After My CMA Exam: Six Weeks of Waiting Begins

Eagerly waiting for the result, and what he did in between.

7. July 12: CMA and CIA: How I Utilize My Six Weeks of Waiting

Waqar decided to go for CIA if he passed his CMA exam. Why CIA? Read further for his thought process.

8. July 17: Mistakes CMA Students Make

Reflecting on his own experience, Waqar shared the common mistakes CMA students make during preparation, focusing on how to review the materials as well as on time management.

9. July 24: Secrets from CMA Exam Blogger: Part 1

Waqar shares 3 rather unconventional secrets on how to tackle and prepare for the exam.

10. Aug 7: Final Week of Waiting

What does the final week of waiting feel like? Let’s hear what Waqar says. He also explores how IMA adds value to candidates in addition to the certification.

11. Aug 15: I Passed the CMA Exam!

Excitement beyond words! Waqar shared the good news and his gratitude to those who made his dream come true.

12. Aug 27: How to Prepare for CMA Exam: My Recommendations

As a conclusion of his own CMA journey, Waqar shared his recommendations on how to prepare for the CMA Exam if he were to do this again.

13. Sept 4: Motivating CMA Candidates: Part 1

14. Sept 11: How I Motivate Fellow CMA Candidates: Part 2

15. Sept 18: CMA Exam Motivation: Part 3

After pretty good feedback from his followers, Waqar decided to write a 3-part series on his CMA journey, and how to keep himself motivated in the process.

16. Sept 25: Overcoming the Fear of CMA Essay Section

The CMA essay is a big part of the testing, and here are tips that candidates may find helpful.

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About the Author Waqar Akmal

Howdy guys, I am Waqar Akmal, would love to call my self latest in the community. I have recently completed bachelors of arts from Financial Training Center. I didn't pass my Part 1 at first, but gave it a try using a different strategy and passed. My Part 2 was done on my first attempt.

  • Taha Shaikh says:

    waqar 1 thing which i want for you that what is the difference between cma and bba which is more beneficial for my feature and which field give me more more jobs opportunities and in which field i can earn more

  • Rick says:

    Hi Waqar,
    what was your new strategy for part 1?

  • sana shabbir says:

    hello waqar
    can u give me some ideas about the study beacuse i am studying gleim course .i am affaird beasuce its my first attempt and i have no background of accounting
    i passed B.A in 2015

  • nadeem says:

    salam waqar, plz guied about gliem ,in gliem wrote about cma 2parts .i cnt understand …plz guied me

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