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Become a CMA This Summer (+ Gleim Offer)

Hello, Future CMA!

I want to take a few moments to check in with you today. How are your studies going? Can I answer any questions or offer any advice to keep you on track?

If your goal is to become a CMA before the summer is over, I can help! Check out these recently updated posts to make your journey toward the CMA certification a little easier!

Plus, I want to share some news about a big Gleim CMA offer that is going on until the end of June. Gleim is offering 20% off, which can really reduce the cost of becoming a CMA. You can check out my review of Gleim CMA to see if this renowned course will work for you.

Happy studying, future CMA.
Stephanie & the ipassthecmaexam.com team

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Susan is an esteemed member of the I Pass the CMA Exam team. Even better, she's (almost) as excited about the CMA exam as you!

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