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Pass the CMA Exam with This Free CMA Course!

cma exam prep by stephanie

This free CMA course tells you everything you need to know about the CMA exam. With my e-course, you can prepare to pass the CMA exam on your first attempt!

What Is Your CMA E-Course?

My free CMA review e-course is a series of emails that you will receive over a period of 5 days. There are no strings attached, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Why Do I Provide a Free CMA Review Course?

I've put a lot of critical information about the CMA exam on this website, and I don't want you to miss any of it. So, I've compiled the most essential CMA details in this course for your convenience. You can now cover this content in an efficient, effective, and coherent manner.

Are There Other Free CMA Resources, like Free CMA Practice Tests and Formulas?

Yes! You can find all the free CMA resources on this site. Or you can link directly to the free CMA practice test and CMA formulas.

How Does This E-Course Help You Pass the CMA Exam?

In this free CMA course, you’ll learn:

  • Why you may or may NOT want to become a CMA
  • How difficult the CMA exam can be and why this is great news for you
  • The secret to doubling your chances of passing
  • Why focusing on getting more correct answers could be a bad study tactic
  • 3 tips for how to overcome your fear of essays
  • 10 ideas for ensuring you know you'll pass before you even take the exam
  • Much, much more!

What Are Other Candidates Saying About My Free Course?

How Can You Sign Up for This Free CMA Review Course?

To get my study tips, testing strategies, and practical advice for passing the CMA exam, all you must do is enter your first name (to ensure your privacy, there is no need for your full name) and your email address below:

​Get Free CMA Information!

Thank you for your interest in my CMA e-course!

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