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CMA Review Discounts & Promo Codes: Updated for CMA Exam 2022 Courses

Featured CMA Course Discounts

CMA Review Course Discounts and Promo Codes (Biggest & Best CMA Discounts for 2022 CMA Prep Courses)

Gleim CMA Discounts

Gleim CMA review course

Save 35% with your Gleim CMA Discount - Premium Package

With this Gleim CMA discount you can:

  • Save with this Gleim CMA Premium discount on the 2-part set
  • Save with this Gleim CMA Part 1 discount (applies to Premium course)
  • Save with this Gleim CMA Part 2 discount for the Premium Course

Gleim CMA discount is available on the Premium course; there is also a Gleim CMA test bank discount below.

No code necessary -- just click this link!  

(Gleim CMA discounted price 

appears in cart.)

Gleim CMA review course

Save 25% with Gleim CMA Review Discount - Book and Test Bank Option -- or the 30% on the Gleim CMA Traditional Package

(Gleim CMA discount applies to Part 1 and 2 Mega Test Bank bundle.

With this Gleim CMA test bank discount, you can save on the set that includes both Part 1 and Part 2.

This is the best and only Gleim CMA Mega Test Bank discount available.

You can also save 15% with this Gleim CMA Traditional CMA discount.

Just click this button to save -- you don't need a code!

(You'll see the discounted price in

your cart.

See what I think about

Gleim CMA Review.

Becker CMA Discount

becker cma

Get $540 Off Pro with the Becker CMA Discount -- Becker CMA Pro

Becker CMA discount applies to your Becker CMA Pro purchase.

$540 Off Pro
becker cma

Get the Best Price on Becker CMA Advantage Package with the Becker CMA Discount

Becker CMA discount applies to your Becker CMA Pro purchase.

Advantage Details

Discover detailed content about Becker CMA, as well as my Becker CMA vs. Gleim analysis.

Surgent CMA Discount

surgent cma review discount

Save 25% with the Surgent CMA Discount -- Site-wide

Surgent CMA discount applies to your entire Surgent CMA discount purchase.

Save 25% with Surgent CMA Discount

Discover my thoughts about Surgent CMA.

Hock CMA Discount

hock international cma discount

Save 40% on Your Entire Purchase with the Hock CMA Discount

Hock International CMA discount applies to everything on the Hock website!

Hock CMA 40% Off Code

Check out my Hock CMA


Wiley CMA Discounts

wiley cma discount

Save with the Wiley CMAexcel Discount 

Wiley CMAexcel may be offering a discount right now -- go here to find out!

Wiley products you may want to check out:

  • Learning System (test bank)
  • 11th Hour Final Review
  • Flashcards
  • Focus Notes

Check out my review of

Wiley CMAexcel Review.

Save 15% on CMA Fees with this IMA Discount

With these IMA discounts, you can save even more money on your CMA certification!

  • Save 15% with this IMA membership discount
  • Save 15% with this IMA CMA entrance fee discount
  • Enter the code at checkout and save 15% on both the IMA membership and CMA entrance fee! This CMA promo code helps you to save big on becoming a CMA.
  • The IMA rarely discounts the CMA exam fees, so finding a CMA exam discount code is not very likely. However, you can use the code above to save on the other IMA fees.
  • There isn't an IMA membership renewal discount code; the IMA membership discount applies to new members only.

Additional Discounts

Occasionally, the IMA makes promo codes for CMA exam fees available, especially to Middle Eastern candidates. Use code IPASS15 to save 15% on your IMA membership and CMA application fee! This is a great CMA discount code, allowing you to save even more of your hard-earned money.

Discounts on CMA Review Courses

As soon as you become a CMA, you’ll start reaping the benefits of it. Before you know it, the CMA certification will have paid for itself with career advantages like increased income, incentives, and job opportunities. But until then, you’ll be paying for the certification with time, effort, and funds. Specifically, you must put your money into CMA exam fees and CMA study materials.

No doubt about it: the CMA is worth the cost. But at the same time, those costs don’t need to be any bigger than necessary. And with CMA review discounts, they won’t be. That’s because you can save hundreds of dollars on your CMA exam prep with CMA discounts. When you use a CMA review course discount today, you can save big and pay less on the process of passing the CMA exam.

This page contains CMA test bank discounts and CMA review discounts, so if you're looking for Gleim CMA test bank discounts or Gleim CMA course discounts, you've found the best place for exclusive, high dollar value offers! You'll also find Wiley CMA test bank discounts and Wiley CMA course discounts too!

The Best CMA Review Course Discounts

How can you ever choose between so many great CMA review course discounts? I’ll recommend a way. Don't let the multiple CMA exam promo codes overwhelm you. Let's discuss these CMA coupon codes.

First, determine which materials and features you absolutely must have in your CMA review course. As you’re figuring this out, don’t forget to factor in your learning style and knowledge levels, as well as my CMA review course comparisons. Once you’ve made your decision, evaluate each CMA review course on the market according to how well they deliver on your essentials.

If you discover that your ideal CMA course is missing your ideal CMA course price tag, look for CMA review discounts for that course. With the right CMA review course discount, you can save hundreds of dollars!

But, in the event that the best CMA review offer you find doesn’t reduce the cost of your chosen course quite enough, you may need to tweak your thinking on the topic. It’s perfectly fair to set a budget for your CMA review, but sometimes the amount of value a course provides justifies the higher price tag. And if it’s really the right course for you, you’ll agree that it’s worth the investment. Remember, you need the best CMA review course for you to pass the exam the first time. And with the time you’ll save passing the exam so quickly, you can put the CMA certification to good use and earn back what you spent on your review course.

CMA Review Course Coupon Codes

What if the CMA review course discount you need requires you to use a coupon code? How do you do it?

Don’t worry! I’ll explain.

To redeem a CMA review course coupon code, you must start by copying the code from this site. You can do so by clicking the button that says something like, “Get the code!” This button will both copy the code for you and take you to the review provider’s site. Once you get to that site, put the CMA exam prep you want in your cart. At checkout, you’ll see the area for the coupon code. Paste the code there, then click “Apply.” At this point, the cart will refresh to show you how much you’ve saved. You can now get the CMA review course of your dreams and start studying for the CMA exam!

As you can see, using a CMA review course coupon code to save big is pretty simple! See for yourself by using one of these CMA exam prep discounts today!

Other Ways to Save Money on Your CMA Exam Preparations

The best and simplest way to save money is to pass the exam on your first attempt. Here are 3 additional ways to leverage your review course investment at no extra cost:

1. Try Before You Buy

Both Gleim and Wiley CMAexcel have free trials. This is the best and most practical way to test whether you like the learning style and study tool of the programs.

2. Make the Best Use of the CMA Test Prep Software

The CMA test prep software is not only a bank of practice questions. Each question is designed to test a concept. If you are able to answer correctly, you are able to put the concept into practice. If you don't, it is also a great learning experience to understand why you were wrong, and why the other answer is right for the right reason.

3. Write Your Own Flashcards

I understand that many CMA review course providers offer electronic or printed flashcards. But for me personally, nothing is better than creating my own.

I wrote the key concepts and important points on 3x5 index cards. Some friends of mine made a few pages of notes. Either way is fine as long as you take the time to let your brain process the newly gained knowledge.

Do You Have Any Other Ideas? 

Please share your thoughts! I'd love to hear from you regarding your ways to save money on the CMA exam!

About the Author Stephanie Ng

I am the author of How to Pass The CPA Exam (published by Wiley) and the publisher of this and several accounting professional exam prep sites.

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Leave a Comment:

Deepak says December 27, 2020

Exam paper answer

    Stephanie Ng says January 4, 2021

    Hi, Deepak! Any CMA prep course will contain exam-like questions and answers. Cheers!

Sreeja says December 13, 2020

Is this the website of IEO mock test?

    Stephanie Ng says December 16, 2020

    Hello, I don’t think so — unsure what IEO is 🙂 Cheers!

Sohail says September 7, 2020

I am planning to take exam this october. My Membership got expired so is there any promo code for Registration or Entrance or Exam fee..???

    Stephanie Ng says September 16, 2020

    Hi, Sohail! I’m not aware of any at this time. I’ll update the website if a new IMA registration or exam fee discount becomes available.

VINU S V says April 23, 2020

My student membership got expired and now have to take Professional.
Planning to RETAKE examinations in May-July 2020 window.
Whether promo code IPASS15 can be availed?
And is there retake exam discounts available?

    Stephanie Ng says May 21, 2020

    Hello, unfortunately there are no codes for re-takers or renewals at this time.

CDH says February 4, 2020

is 15% the best I can get off the CMA membership fee and exam fee? I see they are offering 50% off to students in Lebanon. Do you think anything more than 15% is available in the US? Also, I am done studying 55% of CMA level 2 (which I am taking first). How long before the exam should i register?

    Stephanie Ng says February 4, 2020

    There may be regional discounts offered by the regional IMA locations. However, 15% is the best that’s available to all CMA candidates (this is not a regional discount). Typically, the IMA only offers discounts greater than 15% to candidates outside the US.

    If you are 55% done with your studies, go ahead and register now. It could take 6 weeks to get you approved and scheduled.

Sara says January 1, 2019

I’m preparing for CMA test part 1, I already bought Gleim review course but I haven’t registered yet for IMA membership as the total amount I have to pay for membership, Entrance free and test fees in total is very high, any clue when usually IMA offers discounts or promotions codes?

    Stephanie Ng says January 16, 2019

    Yes, there are IMA discounts on this very page! Go up to the IMA section 🙂

Ajay says December 21, 2018

Hi, I am looking forward to register for Feb19 Part -2 CMA exam. Is there any promo code available for the same. Thanks in advance.

    Stephanie Ng says January 16, 2019

    Hello, the IMA typically doesn’t offer promo codes for exam fees.

George says December 13, 2018

Thanks a lot Stephanie.
Is the IMA discount code valid until the end of December 2018?

    Stephanie Ng says December 18, 2018

    I haven’t been given an edit date by the IMA, so please use it soon. The IMA could end the discount at any time.

      Manohar says December 31, 2018

      Hi Can u please share the codes with me as well..! Thanks in advance

        Stephanie Ng says January 16, 2019

        The codes are in the IMA section above.

Umer says January 7, 2018

Please can you update this section for 2018 because I am looking for discount for CMA exam on IMA website.
Thank you and keep up the good work

    Meghan D says August 8, 2018

    Hello! This section has been updated!

viren says April 24, 2017

I’m looking for CMA exam discount
So do u know any promocodes
N plz help me in registering exam…?

    Stephanie Ng says April 27, 2017

    Hi Viren, I include all the codes that I know. IMA hasn’t been posting that many codes these days. Guess they are doing well and don’t need as many incentive to encourage people to sign up as before. If you are from the Middle East, I suggest that you like their facebook. If there are discounts they announce it there. Regards, Stephanie

Anto says April 20, 2017

Hi Stepahnie
The promocode 2RENEW is not working as it says ‘Promo code does not exist and displays error ‘Please check it and apply again.’ Could you please suggest alternative, thanks.

    Stephanie Ng says April 27, 2017

    Hi Anto, unfortunately it only works for Middle East candidates… if I find an alternative code I’ll definitely post it here.

Aboobacker says April 16, 2017

Hi Stephanie

My IMA Registration to be renewed before 30th Jun 2017 . Pls infom me any promotion code is available

    Stephanie Ng says April 16, 2017

    Hi Aboobacker. I don’t have the codes now. Please check out facebook or this page regularly. It’s hard for me to inform individual readers. Regards, Stephanie

Talha Aijaz says March 25, 2017

Assalam u Alaikum
I am the student of CMA part 1 My membership expiry date was 31-dec-2016 which was went through . now i want to pay my membership fee, My account showing $39 amount how can I get discount on this ? and through which promo code and how much discount i can avail ?

    Stephanie Ng says April 3, 2017

    Hi Talha, $39 should be the student discount. If you are a student, you can continue paying this level but you may need to provide proof. Regards, Stephanie

rinnell says January 20, 2017

Hi Stephanie,

Do you know any discount coupon code on CMA entrance fee?



    Stephanie Ng says January 22, 2017

    Hi Rinnell, not that I can find at the moment. But you may want to check the facebook page of your local IMA chapters. Sometimes they have discount targeting a specific group of candidates. Good luck!

jayadeep says December 30, 2016

is there any discount coupons for cma exam fees for jan-feb 2017 window for professional members.

    Stephanie Ng says January 3, 2017

    Hello, not that I know of, for now. If I find one, I’ll surely post it here.

MUHSIN THULUNADAN says December 29, 2016

hello when i get any more discounts in ima membership fees and exam fees,,,??

    Stephanie Ng says January 3, 2017

    Hello Muhsin, not that I know of, for now. If I find one, I’ll surely post it here.

MUHSIN THULUNADAN says December 20, 2016

Hello ?,
Iam thinking about to write CMA PART 1 exam February 2k17, Exam fee and Registration fee total around 850 USD, (Student) Can I get Any any Discounts from that Much Amount

Vishakh says November 23, 2016

Thanks, Stephanie.. thanks for the good work you are doing 🙂

    Stephanie Ng says November 23, 2016

    😀 Glad to help!

Vishakh says November 21, 2016

Hi Stephanie,

My IMA membership is due this month. Are you aware of any discount coupons?

Thanks for your help!


    Stephanie Ng says November 23, 2016

    Hi Vishakh,
    Mine is due soon as well… unfortunately I am not aware of any discount right now. You might want to sign up to your local chapter’s FB page and get notified if there is any 🙂

Abdulrehman parkar says September 26, 2016

If i m pursuing mcom from mumbai university (distance education) then i m liable for studenya discount or nt?

    Stephanie Ng says September 26, 2016

    I think it’s ok, but please double check with IMA. Good luck! Stephanie

      rajesh boyina says December 1, 2017

      How can we check whether we are eligible or not

Joseph says July 25, 2016

Hi, I am a qualified CMA in India. The IMAPRO promocode for a 15% off on annual subscription seems valid as of today. Can I just go ahead and use it?

    Stephanie Ng says July 26, 2016

    Sure Joseph!

param says June 22, 2016


I’m unable to buy any of the course material online as they need an international debit/credit card. Can you please guide on the same.

    Stephanie Ng says June 23, 2016

    Hmm, maybe you can ask a family member/friend for help, or call up the providers directly on this? Because it most countries this shouldn’t be an issue. Regards, Stephanie

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