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CIA Review Course Discounts and Coupon Codes: 2024 CIA Exam Prep!

If you're looking for the latest CIA exam prep discounts and coupon codes, you've found them! When you use a CIA exam prep discount from this page, you'll save money on your CIA review and be able to pass the exam for less. 

CIA Course Discounts -- 2024 CIA Exam Courses

Gleim CIA Discounts

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Save 25% on Gleim CIA -- Traditional CIA Review

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Surgent CIA Discounts

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HOCK Discounts

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Get CIA Course Discounts for the 2024 CIA exam.

The CIA certification will soon pay for itself with career benefits like increased salary, incentives, and job opportunities. So, it's great to commit to becoming a CIA. But until then, the certification will cost you time, effort, and money as you earn it. To pass the CIA exam in particular, you’ll have to pay CIA exam fees and purchase a review course. And when you do, you don't want to pay any more than necessary. Thankfully, you can save hundreds of dollars on your CIA review using these CIA exam prep discounts. Your CIA course will also make the process of passing much more manageable and will cover the CIA syllabus. Therefore, with these discounts, you can minimize the sacrifices you must make to pass. You can find a complete list of CIA review discounts on our CIA site. So, use them to save big today!

Find the Best CIA Exam Prep Discount

As you can see in my comparison of CIA review courses, there are many CIA courses available. Additionally, you can get discounts on many of them. How do you choose which CIA exam prep discount to use?

Well, you need to start by determining your CIA review course essentials. With this in mind, evaluate how well each course will meet your CIA study needs based on your knowledge levels and learning style. Then, find a course that fits the bill. 

If you find the perfect course with a less-than-perfect price tag, search for a CIA exam prep discount for that course. With discounts on CIA review courses, you may be able to save hundreds of dollars. Then, if you discover that the course you love still rings up to more than you want to pay, consider the value of the course. If you're sure that prep course will help you study more effectively and, ultimately, pass the first time, you may see that paying a little more is worthwhile.

Redeem a CIA Course Coupon Code

Sometimes, the CIA exam prep discount you want to use is a coupon code. How do you use a CIA exam prep coupon code? First, you must copy the code from this site. Second, you have to click the link included with the code. Doing so will take you to the review provider's site. Once you're at their site, you'll need to add the review course you want to your cart. Fourthly, go to your cart to check out. This is the point at which you must paste the coupon code into the specified field and click “Apply.” The cart will refresh to show you how big your savings will be. Finally, buy the CIA exam prep of your dreams. It’s so easy!

Find Other Ways to Save Money on Your CIA Exam Preparations

If you pass each part of the CIA exam on your first try, you can save at least $500. You save so much by avoiding the cost of retakes, program extensions, and new CIA review course materials. Passing on the first try also spares you extended stress and frustration, so it should be your top priority! Plus, it's heartbreaking to fail the CIA exam, and if you have a great review course, you may be able to skip the disappointment altogether!

1. Try Out the Free Trials

Both Gleim CIA Review and HOCK CIA have free demos you can sign up for, with Gleim's lasting for 18 months. A free trial this good is one of many reasons why Gleim is my #1 pick. You should definitely take advantage of these great opportunities!

2. Maximize Your Review Materials 

Did you know? A CIA review course is more than just a collection of practice questions. It's also a set of helpful and effective study materials created by professional educators who know what passing the CIA exam involves. Therefore, you should make the best use of your review materials, no matter which ones you choose. Although, we strongly recommend considering the issues with the IIA CIA Learning System before you purchase it.

Consider the test prep, for example. Each practice question in the test prep focuses on a concept. When you answer a question, you utilize an opportunity to have your knowledge of that concept assessed. If you answer the question correctly, you've proven that you understand the concept and can apply it in real life. If you answer the question incorrectly, you've learned that your comprehension of the concept isn't deep enough. At this point, you can use the answer explanations to find out why you got the question wrong and why the correct answer was right.

3. Create Your Own Flashcards

We all have different learning styles. However, many of us benefit from taking the time to write out what we're learning. Because this process is so beneficial, making your own flashcards is another excellent way to save money on CIA exam prep courses. 

During my own CIA journey, I made CIA exam flashcards. All I had to do was write the key concepts and essential points on 3×5 notecards. Similarly, I know candidates who just wrote out a few pages of notes. A few of my younger bloggers even used Quizlet. All of these are great ways to review the exam information. You can do whatever works best for you, so long as you're giving your brain to process your newly gained knowledge.

I also know of readers who benefited from recording their own audio reviews. While this technique wasn't the most effective for me, I understand that recording and listening to the information is great for auditory learners. Basically, I recommend figuring out what method will stimulate your learning from many different angles and capitalizing on it. 

Give Your Advice for Saving Money on the CIA Exam

If you have any other ideas, please share them! We all want to hear about other coupons or study tips you may know of. Just leave a comment below. Best of luck to all of you! 

Get Answers to CIA Frequently Asked Questions

1. How difficult is the CIA exam?

If you have a great review course and a solid background, the CIA exam shouldn't be too difficult. It is a passable exam. However, the current CIA exam pass rates are less than 45%, which could be because the CIA requirements to take the exam are relatively low. Furthermore, because the exam expects a basic or proficient level of knowledge for each topic, the CIA exam difficultly varies from person to person. Your educational background and the course you choose are huge factors in passing the exam.

2. Is the CIA the best exam for me?

The CIA is an outstanding designation for internal auditors. However, you may also want to consider becoming a CPACMACFA, or EA depending on your career goals.

Since CPA vs. CIA is a common comparison, we've analyzed the differences and similarities for you. After all, some accountants decide to pursue both. Plus, if you already have your CPA, the IIA actually offers a faster and less expensive track to become a CIA through the IIA Challenge Exam program. It's only offered at limited times, and it's a rough exam. However, you could use materials from the Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Review System to pass. Or, the HOCK CIA Challenge Exam Materials are affordable options for studying for this opportunity. 

3. How do I take the CIA exam?

You'll need to complete your CIA registration first. You can then select your testing center and schedule your exam. The CIA exam doesn't have any windows, so the CIA exam dates allow you to sit for the exam throughout the entire calendar year.

4. What else do I need to know?

We advise you to learn about the CIA grading and CIA exam changes before you take this exam. Having this information minimizes surprises on exam day.

Finally, you'll want to review our CIA exam tips and learn about CIA Part 1CIA Part 2, and CIA Part 3 so you know everything you need to pass. 

Good luck with the CIA exam!

CISA Review Discounts (Best CISA Review Discounts for 2024)

Once you have scheduled the CISA exam, you'll want to start preparing with one of our top-rated CISA prep courses.

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Get the 15% Surgent CISA Discount!

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