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Looking for free CMA practice questions?

​In partnership with Surgent CMA Review, I Pass the CMA Exam has created a free CMA test question resource. This interactive CMA study guide helps you to assess your existing knowledge levels, ​supplies you with even more practice questions, and ​​provides engaging CMA lectures.

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  • Free practice questions for CMA Part 1 and CMA Part 2
  • ​​Detailed answer explanations for the correct answer choice
  • ​Professor-led CMA video lectures that accompany many CMA MCQs
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Looking for Free CMA Practice Questions?

In partnership with Surgent CMA Review, I Pass the CMA Exam has created a free CMA test question resource. This interactive CMA study guide helps you assess your existing knowledge levels, supplies you with even more practice questions, and provides engaging CMA lectures.

Simply sign up to receive:

  • Free practice questions for CMA Part 1 and CMA Part 2
  • Detailed answer explanations for the correct answer choice
  • Professor-led CMA video lectures that accompany many CMA MCQs

Why Do You Need CMA Free Course Material?

If you’re thinking about taking the exam to become a Certified Management Accountant, you probably already know how important it is to study for the CMA Exam.

But have you thought about how you will study? You may be wondering if you even need a CMA study material free download, especially if you just got out of college or had considerable management accounting experience. However, no matter where you are in your career, I urge you to take advantage of free study material, as long as it is updated and from a reliable source like I Pass, Surgent, or another trusted provider.

CMA Exam Pass Rates

The CMA Exam is known for its difficulty and low pass rates. In fact, it’s generally considered to be harder than the CPA Exam or the CFA Exam. The CMA Exam is given in two parts; here are the recent pass rates (the IMA hasn’t released the CMA pass rates for 2021 or 2022):

2017-2018 2018-2019 2020 To Date
Part 1 40% 35% 45%
Part 2 50% 50% 45%

Since many candidates find the exam so challenging, you can use free materials to increase your probability of success by drilling free multiple-choice questions. Additionally, you can use free material as a pre-test before you start studying. Finally, utilize these questions when supplementing any review course you may purchase.

How to Study for the CMA Accounting Exam

Regardless of your education or experience levels, you should plan to spend a fair amount of time studying for the exam. According to the IMA, the average candidate spends 150-170 hours per part studying for the CMA Exam. When you consider both parts, that’s at least 300 hours of study time.

Since it takes so much time to study for the exam, you’ll want to take advantage of every resource at your disposal. Since drilling MCQs repeatedly is an excellent way to prep yourself, accessing free resources will give you more MCQs to practice.  

Use Free Material as a Pre-Test

Before you even start your CMA journey, you can use CMA free test practices to gauge your initial knowledge of the content. For example, if you take free practice quizzes for CMA candidates and can answer many of the questions correctly, you might be ready to start studying for the exam.

Supplement Your Studies with Free Material

I strongly recommend that you use a CMA Exam review course to help you study and pass the exam your first time. If you need some advice, read my reviews about the best CMA preps on the market.

Once you’ve selected an exam prep provider, you can supplement their materials with free stuff. To give you the best chance of studying, why not review as many CMA study materials for free as you can?

Get CMA Study Material Free

Believe it or not, you can actually find some CMA study materials free for download online. These materials generally fall into three categories:

  1. Free material from I Pass, including a CMA course online free
  2. Free IMA CMA materials
  3. CMA Exam prep free trials

1. Free Material from I Pass

You can count on this website to give you all of the information, advice, and strategies you need to pass the CMA Exam successfully. We have free CMA tests, a CMA free study guide, formulas, questions, and even a free mini-course.

I Pass CMA Exam Study Guide Free

The link at the beginning of this webpage takes you to a special CMA test question resource that I Pass has created with Surgent CMA Review. Once you sign up, you’ll get access to free materials written by industry experts, including:

  • CMA Exam Part 1 and Part 2 practice MCQs
  • Detailed explanations to the correct answer for each practice question
  • Plus, many of the MCQs are accompanied by short video lectures from Surgent’s professors

Use this CMA study guide free download and free CMA Exam questions and answers PDF as a pre-test before you start studying for the exam. Or, use these materials as a supplement to your CMA Exam review course.

Free CMA Class

I Pass the CMA Exam has even more to offer, like a free CMA mini e-course

This course consists of a series of emails sent over several days. The content will go over the benefits of becoming a CPA and explain how to double your chances of passing. Plus, the course will give you tips on writing essays.

Free CMA Practice Test for Parts 1 and 2

If you’re searching for Free CMA Practice Tests, look no further. We have a CMA practice test free for both parts of the exam. Visit our free CMA prep resources.

Free CMA Formulas

A major study challenge for the CMA Exam is memorizing all of the formulas you’ll need to pass both parts of the exam. We’ve already posted free formulas for Part 1. We’ll have the CMA Part 2 free download formulas available soon.

2. Free IMA CMA Material

The IMA has a lot of free material that is definitely worth a download. In addition to free questions, the IMA’s website has webinars on test-taking tips and how to answer the multiple-choice questions.


The IMA bases the content of the CMA Exam on two documents: the IMA Content Specification Outlines and the IMA Learning Outcomes Statements. Consider these outlines as your study syllabus or even as a free study guide for the CMA Exam. After all, if a topic appears in one of these IMA documents, it is fair game for the exam.

IMA Practice Questions

The IMA also has free online CMA practice questions in accounting. You can download both multiple-choice questions and sample essay problems. The samples include answer explanations for the correct answers, but not the incorrect ones.

3. CMA Exam prep free trials

You can also access free CMA practice questions by taking advantage of free trials offered by CMA Exam review providers. Depending on the company, you could get a trial for a few days up to two full weeks. Plus, many of these free trials include access to at least one free CMA digital sample test.

FAQs for CMA Accounting

Where can you find free CMA software?

Many CMA Exam review providers include practice tests that mimic the look, feel, and pacing of the “real” exam. Check out my review of the best 2022 CMA Exam review courses; many of them have free trials.

Where can you find a CMA practice test online free?

The I Pass website has free Part 1 and Part 2 sample exams. You can also access free practice questions directly from the IMA. A sample questions PDF is available on the IMA website. Plus, you can find even more if you search the CMA Connection, the IMA’s newsletter for CMA candidates.

US CMA Books PDF Free Download

If you’re searching the internet for a CMA Part 1 book free download or a CMA Part 2 PDF free download, please let me give you some advice. I know that there are internet sites devoted to sharing resources like PDF books. However, those sites can be dangerous. You can expose your computer to unwanted viruses and may be breaking copyright laws if you download copyrighted material that you didn’t purchase. So if you see a link for a CMA Part 1 PDF free textbook, be careful.

Plus, these books could contain outdated information. Do you really want to risk studying the wrong material? Instead, if you’re looking for some free CMA accounting stuff, I would stick to the resources mentioned in this article.