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Gleim CMA Review 2024: Passing the CMA Exam with Gleim Review [Plus a Big Gleim CMA Discount]

Gleim CMA Review may be the most popular CMA exam review program on the market.  After all, more accountants have used Gleim Review to pass the CMA exam than any other CMA study course. In fact, Gleim offered the very first CMA review course. But do the Gleim CMA 2024 materials still have what it takes to pass the Certified Management Accountant exam? Read on for the latest analysis of Gleim test prep, including links to an exclusive Gleim CMA discount code.

Number of MCQs: 4,500+ | Number of Essay Scenarios: 130+ | Access Length: Unlimited/Access Until You Pass (with the Gleim Premium package) | Gleim CMA Cost: Options range from $999 to $1,799 before our exclusive discounts


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Why You Should Use Gleim CMA

Gleim had the first CMA exam study course, and the company has helped thousands of candidates pass their CMA accounting exams on the first try. Furthermore, the Gleim review courses are popular among candidates who prefer self-study. Gleim exam prep has a strong reputation because:

  • The Gleim review courses use SmartAdapt e-learning technology, which directs your studies based on your exam content strengths and weaknesses.
  • The Gleim question bank is one of the best available.
  • The Gleim Premium CMA course gives you both video and audio lectures, so you can study anywhere.
  • You get access to accounting experts and a Gleim Personal Counselor who can help you create a study plan you can stick to.
  • The Gleim CMA books are easy to read, and the handy “notes” feature in the digital version keeps all your thoughts in one place.
  • From your course, you can even create a Gleim CMA 2024 PDF download so you can study offline.
  • And finally, if you go with the Premium package, your Gleim review course will have access until you pass the CMA exam.

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Background of Gleim CMA Review

Dr Irvin Gleim CMACMA review from Irvin N. Gleim started almost 50 years ago. The Gleim company started in 1974 when Dr. Irvin Gleim, an acclaimed professor at the University of Florida, and his wife wrote the Gleim CPA Review book. Shortly after, they created an affordable self-study course to help candidates pass the CPA Exam.

The Gleim review course was a big success with CPA candidates. As a result, Gleim expanded to CIA and CMA prep materials, too. Moreover, Dr. Gleim was one of the first CMAs in the country; you can even see his certificate number on the IMA website. (Actually, he’s a CPA, CMA, CIA, and a pilot, too!) And not only was Dr. Gleim the first author of the popular Wiley CPAexcel Exam Review, but he also created the first self-guided CMA study course in 1981!

So when it comes to passing the CMA exam, Gleim literally wrote the book. Consequently, UF’s Fisher School of Accounting named the atrium in UF’s Gerson Hall the “Dr. Irvin N. Gleim Atrium” to recognize his contributions to accounting education.

Gleim CMA Materials

The Gleim CMA Review for 2024 has three offerings: the Premium CMA Review System, the Traditional CMA Review System, and the Mega Test Bank. Although they have slightly different features (see the comparison chart below), the Gleim CMA 2024 materials include plenty of learning tools to help you pass your exams.

1. Personalized and Guided CMA Review with SmartAdaptTM

The Gleim CMA Premium and Traditional Systems now include SmartAdapt technology. SmartAdapt is Gleim’s proprietary, innovative adaptive learning platform. This software is designed to identify where you need to focus and where you don’t. Also, SmartAdapt guides you through learning tools like the Gleim book, adaptive quizzes, and practice essays so you can prepare efficiently. Subsequently, it will tell you what to study during your final days before your exam. In addition, it lets you know when you are ready to sit for the exam with confidence.

Gleim CMA Diagnostics IPasstheCMAExam.com

2. Gleim CMA Test Bank

The Gleim CMA test bank is one of the biggest and best. Specifically, the Gleim CMA question bank includes both types of exam questions, with 4,500+ multiple-choice questions and 130+ essay scenarios. The questions are updated whenever the CMA exam changes, so you’re always practicing with the most up-to-date content. The Gleim questions match the difficulty level of the real exam, too. What’s more, Gleim gives you answer explanations, so be sure to read them for an even bigger learning punch.

Gleim CMA MCQs IPasstheCMAExam.com

You can also create a study session of practice questions. The Gleim platform even allows you to customize the number of questions depending on how long you want to study. Likewise, questions are linked to outlines from the Gleim books and videos of Gleim instructors solving similar problems. Plus, the “How Can We Help” link comes in handy when you’re stuck on a problem and can’t figure out an answer. The link directs you to a Q&A form to submit a question. Afterward, you’ll receive a personalized reply from an accounting expert.

3. Gleim CMA Review Books

The Gleim courses also come with both digital and physical books. But really, the Gleim CMA books are more like outlines of the exam content. The books break the content up into small, digestible chunks for easier retention. And, of course, the books are written by the Gleim accounting experts, who have years of experience.

When you’re reading the digital version of the Gleim CMA book, you can use a convenient note function right from your online course as well. As someone who still likes to take notes in the margins of my hard-copy books, I love the note function!

Gleim CMA Study Unit IPasstheCMA.com

4. Gleim Instruct: CMA Professor Led Course Videos

The Gleim Instruct videos feature CMA exam video lectures from Amy Ford, an ICMA Award Winner and instructor at IMA-endorsed Western Illinois University. The bite-sized video lectures cover the more important exam topics. Additionally, the videos also feature walkthroughs of both multiple-choice and essay questions with tips on how to best approach these questions.

5. Audio Lectures

The Gleim courses include audio lectures, too. And not all CMA study courses include audio lectures, so this feature is another reason to choose Gleim. Although there isn’t a Gleim app, you can still stream audio lectures by accessing your online course. Or, you can download lectures and listen to them later.

6. Gleim CMA Flashcards

The Premium package also includes digital flashcards. (The Traditional package doesn’t have them.) In a nutshell, they quiz you on difficult terms and concepts. Therefore, you can’t rely on them for the bulk of your learning (that’s what the Gleim books are for). Nevertheless, many candidates like to study with flashcards for a change of pace.

But here’s a good CMA study tip: Make your own flashcards. You can use the Gleim digital flashcards for inspiration, but you’ll learn more if you make them from scratch. Besides, you learn faster when you write information down while reading it to yourself.

7. Final Review and Mock Exams

You’ll end your Gleim CMA Review course with a “Final Review,” the last push right before exam day. The Final Review starts by detecting your content weaknesses from the quizzes and questions you answered earlier in your studies. Then, it directs your last-minute brush-up on the topics most likely to appear on the CMA exam. This approach can boost your confidence as well as your exam score!

Gleim’s courses are the best at recreating the CMA exam environment, too. With a Gleim CMA course, you can learn how the exam operates as you prepare for it. To clarify, the Gleim CMA exam rehearsal mode that lets you take a very realistic CMA exam simulation. And the Gleim courses include two full-length mock exams that replicate the real CMA exam as closely as possible by timing your progress. With this experience, you’ll minimize the number of surprises you encounter on exam day.

8. Access Until You Pass Guarantee

Finally, the Gleim Premium course includes an access until-you-pass guarantee. But what exactly does that mean? Well, you’re guaranteed to be able to access all of your Gleim online CMA study materials until you pass the CMA exam.

If you read any Gleim CMA reviews, you might notice that users prefer the course with access until you pass. Most importantly, if a course doesn’t have this level of access, you might have to re-purchase your online CMA course after 12 or 18 months.

Gleim CMA 2024 Review Course Options

Depending on your budget and learning style, Gleim has two course options to help you pass the CMA exam. Plus, the Gleim Mega Test Bank is available as a separate purchase. So you can use it even if you’re studying with another CMA review course.

gleim cma discount

Gleim CMA Premium Review

The Gleim CMA Review System includes everything you need for your CMA exam preparation. The Premium Review is the only Gleim CMA course that includes professor-led video lectures, a proprietary and innovative adaptive learning platform, a no-hassle money-back guarantee, an access-until-you-pass guarantee, the most realistic exam questions, and the ability to get help from experts.

Therefore, if you do not already have a strong background in the exam content, this is the Gleim course for you.

Additionally, the Gleim CMA Premium Course includes the following components:

  • Two Gleim CMA textbooks: one for each exam part (both digital Gleim CMA PDF and physical books)
  • SmartAdapt, a guided, adaptive learning program
  • Over 70 hours of instructor videos
  • Unlimited course access that doesn’t expire
  • Hundreds of essays
  • Thousands of questions (both the essays and MCQs are part of the Mega Test Bank, and you’ll receive this test bank with the Premium CMA course)
  • Digital flashcards
  • Audio lectures
  • A personalized study planner
  • Access to a Personal Counselor (exam mentor)
  • Support from experts who will answer questions about the course materials
  • A money-back guarantee that is easy to qualify for

Gleim CMA Traditional System

The Gleim CMA Traditional System is a self-study CMA exam course. The Traditional package does NOT include these features from the Premium system:

  • Access until you pass
  • No-hassle money-back guarantee
  • Professor-led video lectures
  • The ability to ask accounting experts questions about the exam concepts

The absence of these features truly makes this course a self-study system. You’ll still have access to Personal Counselors to help plan your studies, but they can’t answer technical questions about the exam content.

However, you’ll still receive the following:

  • Two digital and physical Gleim CMA Review books
  • Access to the Mega Test Bank
  • Audio lectures
  • Digital flashcards
  • A personalized study planner
  • A Personal Counselor/exam mentor
  • SmartAdapt

The price of the Gleim CMA Traditional course is fairly close to the cost of the Premium system. It’s also relatively easy to find a Gleim Premium CMA Review System promo code. Therefore, because the Gleim CMA Premium course offers a much better value for a reasonable price, I recommend the Premium option over the Traditional one.

Gleim CMA Test Bank + Book (Gleim CMA Mega Test Bank)

The Gleim CMA test bank is known as the Mega Test Bank, which includes one book for each exam part. You can have the physical book delivered or receive access to the digital version, which lets you save on shipping fees.

Of course, the test bank contains thousands of questions and hundreds of Gleim essays for CMA review. You also receive access to this test bank as part of the Premium CMA or Traditional CMA course. Once you have it, you can use the Gleim test bank in two different ways:

  1. CMA Practice Exam: This mode simulates the actual exam environment that you’ll experience at the Prometric testing center. When you complete a practice exam, the system hides the correct answers until the end of the exam. This mimics a more realistic exam environment.
  2. CMA Study Session: In this mode, the course provides you with the correct answer immediately after you answer a question.

This CMA test bank is a powerful tool because it shows you the answer explanations for both the correct and incorrect answer choices. In general, the best way to use a test bank is to read all of the explanations, even the ones for the incorrect answer choices. Besides, this method ensures that you understand the exam concepts and the reasoning behind each answer. Gleim’s test bank gives you this option.

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CMA Gleim 2024 Comparison

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive analysis of the three products Gleim CMA Review offers, check out my chart below.

To summarize, the main difference between these options is that the Premium course comes with video lectures to give you a classroom experience. The Traditional features everything in the Premium course except the lectures, access until you pass, access to accounting experts, and a refund guarantee. On the other hand, the Gleim CMA Mega Test Bank is a bank of questions, so you won’t get any lectures, guarantees, or additional support.

Premium CMA Review Traditional CMA Review CMA Mega Test Bank
Video Lectures smalltick smallcross smallcross
Access Until You Pass smalltick smallcross smallcross
CMA Test Bank smalltick smalltick smalltick
 Books smalltick smalltick smalltick
SmartAdapt (an adaptive learning platform) smalltick smalltick smallcross
Audio Lectures smalltick smalltick smallcross
Price $1799 (click here to save!) $1499 (click here to save!) $999 (click here to save!)


gleim cma review

Do I really need a full 2024 CMA course with unlimited access? Can’t I just find a Gleim CMA test bank download?

Yes, you need a full CMA study course, and a Gleim CMA 2024 PDF download won’t do. With a complete course, you’ll receive access until you pass. This guarantee means your digital materials will update automatically. Having access until you pass is critical because it’s typical for the CMA syllabus to change.

Otherwise, a CMA review book or materials from prior years or before will no longer prepare you for the current exam version. All things considered, we highly recommend that you ONLY purchase a current and updated course that includes access until you pass.

What’s more, each re-take for the CMA exam costs over $400 per part. Additionally, if you purchase a full review course and not just a test bank, you have a better chance of avoiding any exam re-takes. Consequently, if you invest in a complete CMA course right away, you’ll save not only money but also hundreds of study hours as well.

I know a CMA review course is expensive, but it is also a good value. A quality course can save you money in the long run and may also help you become a CMA more quickly.

Gleim CPA Cost

The cost of Gleim CMA depends on your package. Plus, remember that the list below doesn’t include our exclusive Gleim discounts.

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CMA Gleim 2024: Is Gleim CMA Review Good?

So overall, what are my Gleim CMA reviews? I think the Gleim CMA 2024 materials can definitely help you pass the CMA exam, but here are some pros and cons.

Best Parts of Gleim CMA Review

1. Gleim Is Well-Established and Has a Strong Team of Experienced Professionals

Keep in mind that Gleim revolutionized the concept of CMA study courses in the first place, developing the first self-study CMA review in 1981. As a result, Gleim is well-established and respected.

The Gleim accounting and personal support team are all experts you can trust. For example, Amy Ford, the lead instructor in the Gleim CMA video lectures, was one of the top scorers on the CMA exam. Subsequently, she received a Certificate of Distinguished Performance from the IMA. Now, Ms. Ford is an instructor of accountancy at Western Illinois University (WIU), and the IMA named her IMA Faculty Mentor of the Year in 2011.

2. Excellent Set of IMA CMA Practice Questions

Gleim is proud of its practice questions, which cover a wide range of topics. If you study best by cranking through lots of practice questions (like I did), then Gleim is an excellent choice. The Premium or Traditional Review System guides you through adaptive quizzes designed to let you practice the topics you need to focus on the most.

In my opinion, Gleim CMA is able to develop such a comprehensive set of questions because they have also created review courses for the CPACIA, and EA exams. For that reason, they have a deep and wide understanding of accounting that goes beyond just management accounting.

3. Personal Counselors to Help You Develop Your Study Plan

If you get the Premium or Traditional Review System, your course has access to a Personal Counselor. Many students need help creating a study plan, tips for sticking with it, and answers to questions about the exam. Thus, the Personal Counselors at Gleim supply a value-added service of presenting solutions to these common issues. However, remember that the Gleim Personal Counselors do not answer specific accounting questions—you’ll need the Premium CMA Review Course if you want this service.

Worst Parts of Gleim CMA 2024

1. Potentially Overwhelming Books

While I appreciate the detailed discussion about every topic the books contain, some candidates will find this information hard to read or just too much to read. I personally prefer a format with more bullet points and white space on each page.

Having said that, if you follow the Gleim CMA study guide in the online course, you will see that it does not require students to read the whole book. Instead, the adaptive course recommends that students focus on the sections they are not familiar with. If you do that instead of simply sitting down to read the entire text, the books will be much less overwhelming.

Also, watching video lectures is a much better way to digest information that can be challenging to read through. So if you watch all the lectures but don’t find the books helpful for reinforcing your weak areas, you can probably skip the books altogether.

2. Designed for Candidates with an Accounting Background

Gleim may be better suited for candidates who have an accounting background. Because the course teaches certain concepts at a high level, some candidates who do not have an accounting degree may not feel at ease with this teaching style. However, the Premium course comes with more than enough study aids. So if you purchase the Premium version, you should be able to catch up on the most basic concepts pretty quickly by using the many different study tools.

Gleim CMA Questions & FAQs

How to Study for the CMA with Gleim

The most important thing to know about using Gleim CMA is to ensure you’re taking full advantage of all its features. Pay close attention to the readings, videos, and questions the SmartAdapt technology points you toward. When answering practice questions, review explanations even for the wrong answer choices. If you use Gleim to study CMA content, plan a time to take the full exam rehearsal as though you were taking the actual exam. This way, you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth while you work on your CMA certification with Gleim.

Is the Gleim CMA study good without the Gleim online learning course (like the Premium or Tradition course)?

If you prefer a self-study option, you can always purchase Gleim’s Mega Test Bank independently. You’ll still get the answer explanations and practice exams without the Gleim online learning materials from the Premium and Traditional packages. However, in addition to missing out on the video lectures and textbooks, you’ll miss out on the refund and access-until-you-pass guarantees. This might be fine if you’re using Gleim as a supplement to other materials. Nevertheless, the full Premium system can serve as your only necessary CMA exam prep.

How much does Gleim CMA review cost? Much less with our exclusive codes!

The Gleim CMA price will depend on the package or system you want. Specifically, the Traditional System is $1,499, and the Premium System is $1,799. If you want just the Mega Test Bank, that’s $999. However, with IPass’s Gleim CMA coupon, you can receive exclusive Gleim discounts. (Note that you don’t actually need a Gleim coupon code – clicking on the link and checking out online is sufficient.) Additionally, with Gleim’s payment plan through Affirm, you can make payments across 3, 6, or 12 months.

How long does it take to complete the Gleim CMA review?

Gleim hasn’t released averages on study time the way Surgent has. From my analysis, the minimum time needed to go through the material is about 80 hours for CMA Review Gleim part 1: financial planning and 60 hours for Gleim CMA Review part 2: financial decision making. To be safe, however, you might actually want to plan on doubling those times. This will allow you to go through all the practice questions, which is the best way to study for the CMA exam using Gleim. To find out more, see my article on CMA exam study time.

Are Gleim questions harder than the actual CMA test?

Gleim’s CPA review system has a reputation for being harder than the actual CPA Exam. According to threads on the IMAnet discussion board, however, Gleim’s CMA questions drew mixed results. Some candidates said they were harder than the actual exam, but others said they were less difficult than the real thing.

Can Gleim CMA course be extended?

Unfortunately, once you purchase the Traditional Review System or the Mega Test Bank, you are only guaranteed 18 months of updates. You may still have access to the materials after that, but they will no longer be current. If you want up-to-date access until you pass, you’ll need to purchase the Premium CMA Review System.

How do I qualify for the Gleim pass or a refund for CMA?

The Gleim CMA guarantee states that you can receive a full refund of the purchase price if you…

  • Do not pass the CMA exam.
  • Followed all of the Gleim “suggested steps” for the CMA exam.
  • Request a refund within 18 months of purchase.

Does Gleim have an app?

At this time, a Gleim app isn’t available. However, you can access your Gleim online materials from your tablet or smartphone any time you have an internet connection.

Are the Gleim CMA reviews good?

According to the Gleim website, Gleim users have a 99% satisfaction rate. Plus, 97% of Gleim users would recommend Gleim to someone else. I think those reviews are pretty good!

Is Gleim the same CMA study course as Glem CMA?

As you can see, the company name is Gleim Review, not Gliem CMA or Gleam or Glem CMA. It’s pronounced like “Glime.” However, there is no shame in spelling it “Gliem CMA” or pronouncing it “Gleam.” As long as you pass, you can call them Gliem/Gleam/Glime/Glem all day long 🙂

Can you sign up for a Gleim payment plan?

If you’re looking for a Gleim payment plan, you’ll be happy to know that Gleim offers financing through Affirm. You’ll find details on the Gleim website.

Does Gleim have CMA instructor-led courses?

Although Gleim has instructor-led videos, they don’t offer any life (or live online) instructor-led classes. If you’re looking for a CMA study course that includes webinars and live classroom-like classes, check out Becker CMA Review.

How Gleim compares to other CMA units

Of course, Gleim isn’t the only CMA review course on the market. Indeed, it’s one of the more expensive options. But is Gleim worth it? Here’s how it stacks up against the competition.

Hock vs. Gleim CMA Preparation

Both offer access until you pass and expert guidance. HOCK has more video lecture hours but a smaller test bank in terms of essays and MCQs. Hock also offers flashcards and a mobile app, which Gleim doesn’t, but HOCK falls short on one important element: final exam preparation.

During your last few studying days, Gleim’s adaptive learning technology and detailed exam rehearsal will put your focus where it needs to be. For the CMA, HOCK doesn’t have a similar option. Thus, in the battle of Gleim vs. HOCK CMA, Gleim is the winner. Read my full HOCK International CMA Review for more information.

Surgent vs. Gleim CMA

Surgent is new to the CMA review game, but it’s quickly gaining popularity thanks to its reasonable prices and cutting-edge technology. It was actually the first company to use adaptive learning software, and it also offers one-on-one coaching. Like Gleim, you can also receive access until you pass and a refund guarantee.

However, Surgent CMA offers fewer MCQs and essays than Gleim, and it doesn’t have the same exam emulation experience. Additionally, since it’s newer to the market, there’s less information on how well it prepares candidates. Please read my full review of Surgent CMA and my comparison of Gleim vs. Surgent CMA for more information.

Kaplan CMA vs. Gleim

Surprisingly, Kaplan doesn’t have its own CMA test book, course, or other prep materials.

Wiley vs. Gleim CMA Preparation

In short, both offer adaptive learning technology, expert guidance, and an access-until-you-pass guarantee. However, Wiley CMA video lectures comprise about one-third more video hours than Gleim. Gleim has far more practice essay scenarios, too. Wiley does offer two features that Gleim doesn’t: a mobile app and flashcards. Gleim’s Premium and Traditional Systems are each cheaper than Wiley’s corresponding Platinum and Gold Courses.

Overall, Gleim CMA is on top thanks to a lower price, more essay questions, and highly accurate exam simulation. For a full comparison of these two CMA review giants, read my article on Wiley CMA or Gleim.

Becker vs. Gleim CMA

Enjoy my detailed discussion of Gleim CMA vs. Becker for more comparison points.

Like its competitors, Becker offers adaptive learning technology and access until you pass with its more expensive Pro package. Additionally, with the Pro package, you’ll receive access to live webinars and 5 one-hour-long one-on-one tutoring sessions.

However, all this content is so new that it is essentially untested. While Becker has a good reputation in the CPA exam review field, it is new to producing its own content (just since 2021). Additionally, Becker offers far fewer multiple-choice questions and no final review options. Finally, Becker is the most expensive option. Luckily, we do offer a CMA Becker discount that makes their course much more affordable.

Wiley vs. Gleim vs. Becker CMA

Gleim CMA
CMA Wiley CMA Becker
Access until you pass Yes Yes Yes
Full refund guarantee Yes No No
Adaptive learning software Yes Yes Yes
Video lectures 70+ hours 49 hours Yes
Practice MCQs 4,500+ 5,500+ 4,000+
Practice essays 130+ scenarios 70+ scenarios 76 scenarios
Mobile app No Yes Yes
Expert guidance Yes Yes Yes
Books Print and digital Print and digital Print and digital
Flashcards Yes Yes Yes
Final review Yes (Exam Rehearsal) Yes (11th Hour) No
Price (before discount) $999-$1,799 $1,275-$1,500 $1,599-$2,199

Would You Pick Gleim CMA Review?

If you are asking me, the answer is: yes, definitely! The pros of these courses certainly outweigh the cons, and Gleim CMA prep is the gold standard in the industry. Additionally, Gleim was the first CMA review provider and is a partner of the IMA. Moreover, the Gleim materials are top-notch and are meticulously updated every year. And finally, the Gleim CMA Review Course is also a very popular choice among my readers. It’s likely the most widely used CMA review course on the market.

Discounts on Gleim CMA

Save instantly (no Gleim CMA promo code required to get the cheapest price for Gleim CMA; discount auto-applies, but you must check out online)

Check Out Gleim CMA Right Away!


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