CMA Requirements: How to Meet the CMA Exam Requirements

cma exam requirements

As the administrator of the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certification, the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) holds high standards for CMA candidates. And to enforce these standards, the IMA has established the Certified Management Accountant requirements (or CMA requirements), some of which also serve as the CMA exam requirements.

Compared to those of other professional accounting certifications (such as the CPA), the CMA requirements are fairly straightforward and simple. However, they do require time and effort to complete. Furthermore, you must finish some of the CMA qualifications before others. Therefore, you should learn about the CMA certification requirements and the CMA exam requirements before you start the process of pursuing the CMA.

Discovering the CMA Requirements

To earn the CMA certification, you must fulfill these 7 CMA requirements in this order:

  1. Hold active membership with the IMA
  2. Pay the CMA entrance fee
  3. Fulfill the education qualification
  4. Pass both parts of the CMA exam
  5. Fulfill the experience qualification
  6. Comply with the IMA Statement of Ethical Professional Practice
  7. Complete the annual CPE requirements

As you can see, some of these requirements are more involved than others. For example, paying the CMA entrance fee, and complying with the statement are pretty quick and easy steps.

However, meeting the education requirement, completing the experience requirement, and passing the CMA exam demand much more concentration and commitment. Therefore, many CMA candidates focus the most on the 3 requirements that start with an e: education, exam, and experience.

Addressing the CMA Requirements in Order

To properly satisfy each CMA requirement, you must address them in the right order.

1. Become an IMA member and pay the CMA fees

The very first step to earning the CMA is becoming an IMA member, which involves filling out a short application and paying a fee. The type of IMA membership you’ll hold and the price you’ll pay for it depends on your current professional status. Your IMA membership type and fee options are as follows:

  • Professional: $245
  • Academic: $135
  • Student: $39

The next step in the CMA certification process is paying the CMA entrance fee. You must pay this fee in order to enter the CMA program and take the CMA exam. And the price of this fee depends on your IMA membership type. Professional IMA members must pay $250, while Academic and Student members have to pay $188.

Once you enter the CMA program, you have 3 years from the date of entry to pass the CMA exam. If you don’t pass both CMA exam parts within 3 years, you will lose credit for any parts you passed, and you’ll have to pay the CMA entrance fee again.

The CMA Handbook provided by the IMA states that, along with access to the CMA exam, the CMA entrance fee also includes:

  1. Access to the CMA Support Package beginning on the date of entry into the CMA program
  2. Performance feedback reports
  3. Review of educational and experience credentials
  4. Final score report upon completion of the exams
  5. Personalized, numbered certificate upon completion of all requirements
  6. Employer notification of achievement if desired
  7. Maintenance of a listing of all CMAs in good standing on the IMA website for employer verification of status

2. Meet the CMA exam requirements

The CMA exam requirements include:

  1. Completing the education qualification
  2. Passing the CMA exam

You can take the CMA exam before you complete the education requirement, as the IMA accepts student members and offers them discounts on CMA exam fees. However, you must submit verification of your education to the ICMA within 7 years of passing the CMA exam.

CMA Education Requirement

CMA candidates can satisfy the education requirement in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. Earn a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
    1. You’ll find a partial list of accredited U.S. and international institutions here:
    2. If you received your degree from a non-accredited institution, an independent agency must evaluate your education. You’ll find a list of such agencies at or
    3. If you can’t find your college or university on the accredited listing, you can contact the IMA at
    4. The IMA clarifies that verification of a bachelor’s degree means all transcripts should be mailed directly from your college or university to the address below.
    5. If you cannot submit your transcripts, the Institute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA) asks that you mail them a notarized copy.
  2. Have a professional certification
    1. The IMA has a list of approved professional certifications.
    2. The IMA elucidates that verification of a professional certification means the approved certifying organization should mail a letter confirming that you are a qualified member directly to the address below.

All of your education verification must be submitted in English, and you must include your IMA member number. The address to which transcripts and/or letters must be mailed to is:


10 Paragon Drive

Suite 1

Montvale, NJ 07645

CMA Examination Requirement

To finish the CMA exam requirements, you must pass all parts of the CMA exam within 3 years of the date on which the IMA approved your entry into the CMA program.

The CMA exam has 2 parts with the following content areas:

  • Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics
    • A. External Financial Reporting and Decisions
    • B. Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting
    • C. Performance Management
    • D. Cost Management
    • E. Internal Controls
    • Technology and Analytics
  • Part 2: Strategic Financial Management
    • A. Financial Statement Analysis
    • B. Corporate Finance
    • C. Decision Analysis
    • D. Risk Management
    • E. Investment Decisions
    • F. Professional Ethics

Each CMA exam part consists of the following total testing times and types of questions.

CMA Exam Details

Exam Part

Total Testing TimeMultiple-Choice Questions

Essay Questions

Part 1

4 hours


2 30-minute essays

Part 2

4 hours


2 30-minute essays

When you take the CMA exam, your 4 hours of total testing time will be divided into 2 segments: 3 hours for the multiple-choice question (MCQ) section and 1 hour for the essay section.

You have to answer at least 50% of the MCQs correctly in order to be eligible for the essay section. Then, the CMA exam will move you into the essay section once you have either answered all of the MCQs or 3 hours have passed, whichever comes first. If you answer all of the MCQs in less than 3 hours, your remaining time will carry over and be added to your 1 hour for the essays.

Furthermore, once you leave the MCQ section of the CMA exam, you cannot return to it. Consequently, you have to stay in the essay section until you finish the exam.

The essay section contains 2 scenarios describing a typical business situation. You must answer 8-10 written response or calculation questions based on these 2 scenarios.

Once you have finished the CMA exam, you will receive your CMA exam score on the appropriate CMA exam score release date.

3. Meet the Annual CPE Requirements

After you pass the CMA exam, you have to start meeting the continuing education (CPE) requirements. Specifically, you must complete your annual CPE even before the IMA awards you the CMA certificate. The IMA will award you the CMA certificate once you have satisfied the experience requirement, and your CPE and IMA membership must be current at that time.

If you finish the CMA exam in the middle of the year, you don’t have to start meeting the CPE requirement until the next year. However, you can start working on the next year’s CPE if you want, as you can carry up to 10 CPE hours over to the next reporting year.

The CMA CPE requirement is 30 hours of continuing education each year. Two of these hours must be in the area of ethics. In order to receive credit for your CPE, the subjects must be relevant to a management accountant’s or financial manager’s career development and related to employer needs.

You can earn your CPE from programs sponsored by employers, business organizations, educational institutions, and professional and trade associations. Moreover, qualifying CPE programs may be in the form of seminars, workshops, technical meetings, self-study packages, college courses, and online courses.

The CMA Handbook contains a link to more information about the IMA’s CPE rules and requirements.

4. Complete the CMA experience requirement

You don’t have to wait until you’ve passed the CMA exam to complete the experience requirement. As a result, if you enter the CMA program after you already have enough education and experience, then you just need to take the CMA exam.

However, just like the education requirement, you can complete the experience requirement before or within 7 years of passing the CMA exam. Therefore, if you haven’t already acquired the necessary experience, you can do so as you are preparing for the exam. And due to the amount of experience the IMA expects, candidates usually finish the exam first.

To fulfill the experience qualification, CMA candidates must possess 2 continuous years of professional experience in management accounting and/or financial management.

What’s more, teaching full-time counts as professional experience so long as at least 60% of your course load involves teaching accounting or finance above the principles level over a 2-year period.

The IMA expects full-time employment. But, they do accept continuous part-time positions of 20 hours per week that meet the definition of qualified experience. Therefore, you can count part-time work toward the experience requirement at a rate of 1 year of experience for every 2 years of part-time employment.

Whether your position is part-time or full-time, it must consist of regularly making judgments by using the principles of management accounting and financial management. Tasks in which you would employ these principles include:

  • Auditing (external or internal)
  • Budget preparation and reporting
  • Company investment decision making
  • Completing monthly, quarterly, and year-end close
  • Costing analysis
  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Managing general ledger and balance sheets
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Risk evaluation

5. Comply with the IMA Statement of Ethical Professional Practice

The IMA requires all of its members and particularly CMAs to demonstrate ethical behavior constantly. So, to ensure that the professional actions of CMAs are truly virtuous, the IMA has publicized a manual containing the principles and standards by which CMAs should live.

The principles to which CMAs must adhere are honesty, fairness, objectivity, and responsibility. CMAs should not only abide by these principles in the workplace, but they should also encourage their coworkers to do the same.

CMAs should also comply with the standards of competence, confidentiality, integrity, and credibility at all times. And if they fail to do so, the IMA may resort to disciplinary action.

Lastly, following the IMA’s statement also means committing to resolve any unethical issues or behavior you may encounter in the workplace. And if you can’t resolve the issue according to the manner specified in the statement, you should disassociate yourself from that organization if necessary.

Maintaining the CMA Certification

Once you’ve paid the fees, finished the education, examination, and experience requirements, and received the CMA certificate, you must do the following in order to maintain your CMA certification:

  1. Complete your annual CPE requirement
    1. Again, this requirement consists of 30 hours, including 2 in Ethics
    2. If you don’t fulfill your required CPE hours, your CMA certification becomes delinquent and inactive
    3. You must follow the proper steps to remove the delinquency and resume your CMA status
  2. Pay the CMA Annual Fee
    1. This fee covers your active IMA membership and the annual CMA maintenance fee
  3. Comply with the Statement of Ethical Professional Practice
    1. You can find a copy of the statement in the CMA Handbook
    2. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action
    3. The IMA also expects CMAs to comply with all applicable local laws concerning the offering of accounting services to the general public

Starting the Process of Meeting the CMA Requirements

Now that you know all about the CMA requirements, you can work on fulfilling them.

If you believe you may already have the education you need, learn more about the CMA education requirements. If you’re ready to see if your current work experience qualifies, use my 3 tests to assess your CMA experience eligibility.

And, if you just need more information about the CMA, you can continue to learn everything you need to know by signing up for my CMA e-course. It’s totally free and tells you how to complete the entire CMA process! Get the details about my free CMA course or sign up below!

About the Author Stephanie Ng

I am the author of How to Pass The CPA Exam (published by Wiley) and the publisher of this and several accounting professional exam prep sites.

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  • Kyle Schaffner says:

    Do you have to have 2 years of professional work experience in accounting before even signing up for the CMA or just before you sit for the test. Could you register and start the course work and studying before two years of accounting work experience?

  • Riz says:

    Hello Stephanie,
    I have completed my B. Com (3 yr degree) from an accredited university in India. I plan to write my exam in India, work here for a couple of years and then move to US, Canada or Australia. I would like to know if my CMA certification would be acceptable in those countries or will I have to write the CMA certification exam again as per those country’s requirements????

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Riz, I have to say Canada has its own version of CMA (CMA canada) so if you are sure you want to go to Canada, it is better to get the other one.

      But if you aren’t sure which country you may work some day, the US CMA is more recognized around the world and it would be a useful investment when you have the time to get it done. Cheers, Stephanie

  • Stephanie says:

    Hi Riz, I have to say Canada has its own version of CMA (CMA canada) so if you are sure you want to go to Canada, it is better to get the other one.

    But if you aren’t sure which country you may work some day, the US CMA is more recognized around the world and it would be a useful investment when you have the time to get it done. Cheers, Stephanie

  • Nadia Mirza says:

    I have Masters degree in economics. I have 18 years of expereience working as accounting and finance managers with various organizations. Do I need a degree in accounting to pass CMA exam? Or do I need to complete some accounting courses from a college before appearing to CMA exam.

  • Marine says:

    I had a foreign working experience. Does it count?

  • m says:

    hye, i have more then 10 years work experience in financial and non financial roles. i have pass grade 10 school and enroll in acca and pass my six acca papers. is em eligible to apply cma? and my previous work experience will count towards my membership? as an student what will cost me. regards

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi m, if you are a ACCA full member then you can get your exemptions on the CMA education requirements. Your work experience should work to fulflil the experience part of the requirement as long as you got it within 7 years of passing the CMA exam. You might be able to get discounts as a student if you are eligible to the following:

      To qualify for Student membership, individuals must be enrolled in at least six (6) undergraduate or graduate credit hours, or the equivalent, per semester. Student membership can be held for a maximum of six (6) years. Student members who move to another membership category cannot revert back to Student membership.

      Please check the official website for the current rate:

  • m says:

    for registration i need institute or as an private candidate i can apply registration?
    for online registration which documents required to send IMA?
    for full time student registration fee is 39$ plus 75$ is it?
    if i apply registration today than may i eligible to attempt exam in june 2013 ?

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi M,
      You can apply as an individual – that’s what I did and I am sure it works. Once you register online, you will need to ask your school to send in the official transcript. I understand that some schools may not want to do it and if so, you can send an email to IMA and see what they suggest. From my experience they are helpful and give prompt answers.

      On the fees, yes but please include the exam fee ($300-350 for each section) in your budget. Also, once you are no longer considered a student, the student fee doesn’t apply and you should expect to pay the regular fee.

      And on your last question, if you apply in April/May you can sit for the exam in the May/June window, or other windows within 12-month period.

      Hope it helps! Stephanie

  • raisa lalo says:

    Goodafternoon . what are the complete requirements for review? and where?

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Raisa, for CMA review courses you can get more information on this page:
      These are self-study courses and you can take it at the comfort of your home.

      There are live courses available in major cities around the world, but since the quality of lecturers vary greatly (especially those outside of the US), I usually recommend candidates to get these self-study courses instead. Stephanie

  • Sana Khan says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    I am a recent college graduate (BBA in Accounting and Finance) from India. I am currently in Qatar looking for a decent job. I have no work experience but can I still sit for the CMA exams and complete my 2 years work ex. while passing the exam?
    Also is there a different version of the CMA for the middle east. Do you suggest I do the US – CMA and if so How do i go about doing that.

    • Hi Sana,
      Yes, you can definitely sit for the CMA exam before you get any working experience, but you are supposed to finish the whole program within 3 years, so be mindful of this.

      There is only one version of CMA from IMA and you can take it in all major cities around the world. There are other CMAs e.g. the one from Canada, but it’s from a different organization. The most international version should be this one, i.e. the one from US / IMA. It is especially well recognized in the Middle East. Cheers, Stephanie

  • Raza Mohammed says:

    I have done Bachelor’s of Commerce ( 2 years ) and 2 years of working experience in a multinational company in Finance Dept. Am I eligible for the CMA ??

  • mudassir khan says:

    hi stephanie i m not graduate but i am ACCA student and passed 5 papers of ACCA is m eligible for CMA ??

  • m says:

    if i apply student reg today will eligible to attempt exam in oct ?

  • Federico says:

    Hello Stephanie.
    I think that the “You can gain your experience up to 7 years prior to taking the exam” statement is wrong. Actually there is no time limit for prior experience, and the 7 year limit counts AFTER taking the exam.
    Please check it out (my experience is 11 years ago, so this is an important issue).
    Thank you!

  • Shailaja Pramod says:

    Dear Ms.Stephanie

    I have done B.Com MBA in Finance and having 4 yrs of Banking experience.

    Am I eligible to take up the CMA Exam. If so how long i will have to invest my time in studying and getting prepared for the exam?

    Please help in this regard. Now I have a 5 yr old kid so i have taken break in my career so i’m planning to take up CMA exam.

    Thanks in Advance.

    • Hi Shailaja, yes, definitely can qualify if you have BCOM + MBA. For banking, it depends on the job nature but if it involves financial management it should be fine.
      On the time, it is suggested by IMA that candidates need 100-150 hours for each. I think I needed less than that but it all depends on the background of candidates.
      It’s a good idea to “restart” your career with a certification! Best of luck to your exam! Stephanie

  • Tim says:

    How does one gain experience when no one will give me an opportunity. I have not taken the CMA exam. I would like to pass it in the near future. However, I graduated five years ago with a B.S. in accounting and I still haven’t found any work in my field of study. I have been working in a manufacturing environment all this time.. I continue to search and apply for accounting positions with the same luck. I don’t have any experience other than an internship. Do you have any suggestions? I am thinking that by passing the exam that I will become more appealing to potential employers. Thanks in advance for the help!

    • Hi Tim, yes it helps, but maybe what is needed is a resume that can fully highlight your skill set. I am in the process of writing a bunch of posts on resume and interviews on accountants. Hope it will help. Stephanie

  • Sufeyan says:

    Can anyone help me?

    I have passed my CA Intermediate examinations from Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. I also worked as finance manager in local organisation for 5 years. I do not have any bachelors degree. Am i eligible for CMA?

    • Hi Sufeyan, I think they do need a bachelor’s degree, but you may want to double check with IMA and see if it is possible to consider your CA as equivalent to a bachelor’s. A quick email will do. Good luck! Stephanie

  • JC says:

    Hi Stefanie,

    Just wondering, does my work experience in public accounting (both attest and tax) count for the two-year experience requirement? I saw the words “public accounting” in your list of acceptable experience, but is it still acceptable if it is the only experience that one has?

    Thank you,


    • Hi JC, I am quite sure it is ok, but if you want to confirm (which I encourage you to do), contact IMA and they will tell you the exact answer. They have been doing that for my other readers. Good luck! Stephanie

  • Pankaj Kumar Patel says:

    Hi…Stephanie ji
    i am final year student of chartered accountant of india . my question is that can i join cma course & can i pass this exams within 9 months after join. i am intersted to make carrier in the field of finance. i have completed 3 years degree course from recognised university of india with only 50 % marks.

  • Allan says:

    I have a B’com degree from a listed university in India. I also am presently working as an Assistant Accounting Manager and has a work experience of 15 years in similar field. I want to pursue US CMA. Firstly, please let me know whether I can enroll for CMA. If so, are there any coaching institutes in Bahrain(where Iam presently working) for CMA?. What are the fees for CMA? What are the enrollment requirements and process?

  • Vanessa says:

    Good day, Stephanie!!
    I am recent graduate of BSBA- Major in Management Accounting. Do I need to have 2 meaningful years before taking up the CMA Exam? Thank you.

    • Hi Vanessa, by meaningful years do you mean working experience? You can take the exam first and fulfill the working requirements later. If I misunderstand your questions just let me know. Cheers, Stephanie

  • C says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I am a B.Com graduate from India staying in the US. I want to pursue CMA course. I have an year’s work experience. I worked in an Audit Firm before moving to the USA. I have a couple of doubts for which I need clarification.

    1) Does doing CMA help me in satisfying the 150 Credit Hour Rule for CPA?
    2) Will my work experience be taken into account for the Professional work experience requirement in CMA???
    3) Would you suggest self studying or are there any online coaching classes for CMA????

    Thanks in Advance.


    • Hi C, on your questions,
      (1) I am afraid CMA cannot be used to waive any CPA educational or licensing requirements.
      (2) Sounds like it is fine, but you can double check with IMA with an email before you apply.
      (3) Sure, most of my readers do that, and I believe it is more common to self-study at least in the US. Here are the pros and cons of major CMA review providers:

  • Ganesh says:

    I have done my from an accredited university in India. I would like to take up my CMA exams in Dubai, can I take up the exams with the tourist visa or should i take up a resident visa or work permit? Please help me out with this.

  • Kanika says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I have done my graduation from India (accredited University). I am pursuing Executive program in Applied Finance from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (One of the top Institute of finance in India).I would like to pursue CMA this Oct 2014 attempt.I am little bit confused with the MOU signed betwwen IMA – AACA and IMA – ICWAI.Can you highlight which papers will be exempted if I clear CMA.Is there any claue for ICWAI that I will get recognititon if I will give exam out of India.

    Thank you!

  • pankaj patel says:

    hiii Stephanie ji,,
    which coaching center is best for cma course and why ???????

  • kashif says:



    I fulfill the education and experience as I am a Bechalors from recognised university and well enough experience with required roles.

    But, I need your help to know the following next steps:

    EDUCATION: Should I have to send my original transcript?? or It should be sent by the university. if yes by what time original transcript will be returned back. Plus what is the Notirised Copy.

    EXPERIENCE: what steps are needed for experience verification?? how ima will know about my experience.

    • Hi Kashif, the standard is for the university to send the transcript directly. This is the best proof that the transcript is official and original, and so you don’t need to worry about notarized copy. However if it is difficult for you to arrange that, you can email IMA and see if there is alternative ways to get it done.

      I don’t think they return any transcript so don’t send your only one original to the IMA.

      On experience, there is a form to fill out, but if you want to check whether your experience is fine, you can email IMA with description of your job. hope it helps! Stephanie

      • kashif says:


        EDUCATION: I have contacted IMA on Degree Submission Procedure, they replied that I have to submit the original trascripts instead of from university.

        I have forded the email to you at “”

        • Thank you Kashif, and I got your email. I sent the official transcript with no problem, so do everyone I know. Now this makes me confused 🙂

          I have to say, for those who study in the US, the first/original transcript is the same as any other official transcripts prepared by the University.

          It’s smart for you to double check whether they will return the original transcript. Please make sure they do that. If not, I will just go ahead and ask the school to send the official one. Just my own opinion, but it doesn’t worth the risk… Stephanie

          • kashif says:


            Thanks for your prompt reply.

            I have already asked from IMA about return of the original transcripts. Will update you once I get any reply from them.


          • That’s great Kashif. It will be very useful for me. Stephanie

          • kashif shahzad says:


            I sent my transcripts and IMA has accepted by transcripts.

            I have filled the membership form amd scanned it. But, now can you tell me how to submit the membership form, pay fees and get the membership number as IMA ppl are asking for membership number to step further.

          • Hi Kashif, did you receive an email on the membership? Or if you sign in in the IMA website, you should be able to get the relevant information under your profile. If you can’t figure it out please drop me a note again. Stephanie

  • Martin says:

    My daughter just completed her HSC from Mumbai, India and starting her degree. She wants to do CMA from USA. Is she eligible for CMA ? Which Coaching Class do you suggest in Mumbai?

    • Hi Martin, yes she can take the CMA exam as long as she is taking at least 6 credit hours of courses per semester in the year. There is a student discount too. More info here on fees:

      As for coaching class in Mumbai, I don’t usually comment/recommend local courses because it is quite impossible for me to track and comment on each instructors, who are critical to the quality of the program. Instead, I recommend online/self-study CMA review courses because (1) the quality is guaranteed because I have personally reviewed their courses; and (2) I believe most candidates in the US rely on self-study classes and they have the highest pass rate worldwide. There are lots of reasons for the pass rate but I think the quality of courses is one of them Hope it helps!
      More info on the review courses here:

  • karim eid says:

    i just earned my cma certificate but regarding the experience part do you think that experience as an accounts payable accountant gets accepted by the ima thanks in advance

    • Hi Karim, first of all, congratulations! As long as there are some analysis and management involved in your work (versus, say, an accounting clerk who only uploads the journal entries) it should be fine. When you/your boss describe your experience, you may want to emphasize that. Good luck! Stephanie

  • Ahmed says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I have a bachelor degree in accounting since 2006 and I’m working as accountant and then as a senior accountant, do i have to complete two yer after passing the exam or my previous experience is enough?
    And whatever the answer would be, how the experience would be attested or assured by IMA?
    do they need the experience certificate to be attested from a ministry or something like that?
    do they have a specific form for it ?
    I will start self-study for the CMA and I’m located in the Middle East specifically in Saudi Arabia but I’m from Egypt, my question is : is the US version good for me or i have to get another version?
    thanks in advance and sorry for taking long.
    Note that I’ll get other more questions very soon.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Ahmed, thanks for your note. On your questions:
      1. Previous experience is good as long as the work is relevant.
      2. The experience is verified by your supervisor. There is no attestation and assurance by the IMA as it is the responsibility of the candidate (i.e. you) and the supervisor.
      3. No
      4. The exam is exactly the same anywhere you take it (except in China, where exam in Chinese language is available). So there should only be one version, and so the US version you refer to is great.

      Hope it helps! You are most welcome to drop me a note along the way. Cheers, Stephanie

  • Ahmed says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    As i told you I’ll have other more questions but i didn’t know it would be so fast.
    Months go i contacted the IMA to get info about centers or agencies to register or to deal with them and the following was their reply:
    Yes, you can book your exam at Prometric Testing Center.
    Steps for Prometric Internal Process to walk member through:
    · Visit
    · Select Schedule an Exam
    · Select Country
    · Click on Next
    · Select I Agree
    · Enter in your full Authorization Number (for eg:1234567890-1) and the first 4 letters of the last name and select next
    · Search for seat availability, select date and time
    · Confirm your appointment
    · You will receive a confirmation from Prometric with the exam appointment details.
    ( the end of the reply)
    Do they mean that i don’t contact IMA directly as i’m out of US?

    Thank you!

  • Ahmed says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks a lot for your quick response, and i would like to ask again about the supervisor, do you mean the supervisor at the company i work for or supervisor from IMA itself ?
    And regarding the experience certificate i will send it as a scanned copy of a letter on company documents to certify my job description translated to English ?

    Thank you!

  • Ahmed says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thank you so much for your support.


  • lucy says:

    I hav a 2 yrs CMA experience before signing in IMA. will it be taken as my CMA experience requirement?

  • Sushmitha says:

    Hey Stephanie,

    I have a bachelors degree, if register immediately, when will i be able to write CMA exam

    • Hi Sushmitha,
      I got the approval almost right away. Unless there is anything special, it should be the same for you and after the approval you can schedule the exam. Not recommended, but pretty much the next day if you are in a rush for some reason. Stephanie

  • noelyn says:

    where is the exam place located?

  • Rejo says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I am a graphic designer for 3 years,but I am planing to change my career in finance.
    I am pursuing my bachelor degree in BBA (3 years) as correspondence from an accredited university in India. Now I am in second year.

    1) I would like to know whether I can sit for CMA exam before completing the degree, if yes
    2)Do I need to show any proof that I am pursuing for a degree?
    3)Can I have the privilege of student membership (I’m 25 year old ) ?
    4)It is said that CMA needs 2 years experience to certify, so if I need to show the CMA passed proof to an employer ,what can be used instead of certificate?

    • Hi Rejo,
      Thanks for your note. Let’s see…
      1. Yes, and there is a student discount for exam fees etc. For details please check out
      2. Yes, not too sure but transcript / marksheets should be fine.
      3. Yes. Please check the link for details.
      4. Usually you can say you pass the CMA exam in the resume and then elaborate in interviews. If you really need a proof, a screen shot of your system can do, but I doubt if interviewers will ask for it.


  • Kaisar says:

    Hi Stephanie!

    I’m from Bangladesh. I’ve completed BBA & MBA degree, major in Accounting & Information Systems. And have been working in a Bank for the last 2 & a half years. I’ve worked in Trade finance and Credit Department but these areas don’t have much to offer in terms of what professional accountants are supposed to do. Do you think this job experience of mine will be taken into account?

  • ryan justin says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I try to locate the testing center here in riyadh but i cannot see in the prometric website.



    • Sometimes the website doesn’t work. After trying for the second time I got these two addresses:

      Prometric, Al-Walaan Building, Makkah Road
      Crosses Takhassusi Road, 2nd Floor

      OLIAYA MAIN STREET, Behind Jarir Bookstore

  • ryan justin says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    How and where can i send my transcript.

    • Hi Ryan,
      Have you set up an account at the IMA yet? You’ll need to do that and then ask your school to mail the official transcript to the IMA (the address is provided in your profile page). I understand it is hard for some schools outside of the US to have this arranged. If so you can contact (call or email) IMA for suggestions on the alternative. Regards, Stephanie

      • ryan justin says:

        hi stefanie,

        i did not yet set up an account in IMA because our school is not in the list.
        please kindly give suggestion or alternatives what should i do.
        Im still here in riyadh and I already know the Prometric Center in Takhassusi Road but now they transferred to other Location in Alkhaleej near Exit 5.


        • Hi Ryan,
          This is generally not an issue but you’ll need to take an extra step, that is, to get a credential evaluation report. I believe any evaluation agencies that are members of the NACES is ok, but please double check with the IMA. They can be reached at

          Regards, Stephanie

  • jyoti says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    i have done and mba finance from india and working for 2 years in banking sector as officer. will i be qualified for appearing in cma and will this experience be considerable.

    • Hi Jyoti, the role of officer in banking sector can be very broad, but if your work involves management accounting or financial management, it should be fine. Your education is definitely ok. Regards, Stephanie

  • Kaisar says:

    Hi Stephanie!

    I’m from Bangladesh. I’ve completed BBA & MBA degree, major in Accounting & Information Systems. And have been working in a Bank for the last 2 & a half years. I’ve worked in Trade finance and Credit Department but these areas don’t have much to offer in terms of what professional accountants are supposed to do. Do you think this job experience of mine will be taken into account?

    • Hi Kaisar, the general rule is that it has to be related to accounting, financial analysis or management. I am not sure if your work has a role in analysis, but it could be an angle. I suggest that you check with IMA first before committing to the program, just to make sure. They can be reached at Hope to hear good news from you! Stephanie

  • Sanjay says:

    Hello Steph,

    If i have a CMA INDIA qualified certificate, will i be able to take membership with the US CMA? If yes, how can i get a job in the US? Is US CMA certified people considered there for good jobs? I mean CPA is more prominent in the US, so in that case will the US CMA catch with the pace?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Sanjay, I understand that the mutual agreement between ICAI and IMA is applicable for those who pursue the CMA program outside of India. If this is correct, it will depend on whether you are currently living in India or not.

      Getting a job in the US is a lot more than certifications. The easiest way in my opinion is to request an internal transfer to the US regional office if you work in a multinational company. Even so the company needs to do extra to apply for H1B visa for you etc. So you can imagine it’s quite tough to get a US job when you are not in the country.

      I do have friends who get hired by US firms from other countries, but they are typically quite senior or have special skills.

      I agree that CPA is a lot more popular in the US in terms of the number of AICPA members vs IMA members, but CPA has a much higher barrier of entry. You can take a look at the CPA educational requirements here:

      Regards, stephanie

  • Juna says:

    Hi….I am a bcom graduate from India with no experience ….currently I am staying in USA in h4 visa can you please tell me what is required to appear for the CMA exam from USA……do I need to be TOEFL qualified…..what documents do I need to submit… I need to have a student visa

    • Hi Juna, the CMA exam welcomes candidates from around the world. Therefore, no TOEFL, visa etc is necessary. As long as you have a bachelor degree (which you have), you can sit for the exam. In order to get the CMA certification, however, you’ll need to accumulate 2 consecutive years of experience. You may need to do that after going back to your home country, or when your visa status changes to one that allows you to work.

      If you don’t foresee yourself able to work within 5 years, it’s better to take the exam later because you’ll need to get your experience done within 7 years after taking the exam (previous experience has no limits). Hope it helps! Stephanie

  • govind says:

    hi stephanie,
    i m govind . i m a ca final student from india .i have the requisite edu qualificatons for cma( i.e a degree from a ima recognised university) but am bit confused about the work experience requirements. like if you are working in accounts section of a manufacturing concern will that be considered as relevant experience. Can you list out a few companies where one can work to gain the experience?

    • Hi Govind,
      That’s good to know. For experience, any company is ok as long as they have an accounting department. The important distinction is whether your job is involved in analysis or just simply routine and administrative work. The latter is not counted. Hope it helps! Stephanie

  • redboy says:

    Dear Ms. Stephanie:

    I want to ask about my dilemma regarding the “Educational Requirement” criteria needed to sit for the CMA examination. I am a graduate of the following schools:

    1. Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from La Consolacion College Tanauan; and
    2. Master in Business Administration from the National College of Business and Arts.

    I have checked in the website that was provided in ( and I found out that both of those schools are not included in the “accredited” schools. In that regard, I would then need to have my credentials evaluated then by the agencies that IMA has recommended in their CMA handbook.

    My question is this: May I be allowed to sit in the CMA examination even if my credentials are not yet evaluated by an independent evaluator? May I just submit the education and other requirements after I take and pass the exam?

  • Rafay Mohiuddin Mohammed says:

    Hello Ms. Stephanie,

    I am a student of Honors (3rd & final year). After my graduation, I would directly like to pursue C.M.A (U.S.A). Could you please clarify my doubts below :

    1. Can I directly pursue C.M.A in the U.S ?
    2. Is my degree ( Honors) enough to achieve the passing percentage of the C.M.A examination ?

    Thank You.

    • Hi Rafay,
      Thanks for your note. Let’s see…
      1. Yes you can schedule to take the exam in a US test center, but it doesn’t give you any advantage in terms of passing the exam or getting a job in the US.

      2. I wish I could judge whether one can pass with a certain degree or not, but it is not possible. I would say you should have basic understanding of accounting which is helpful, but most candidates take some kind of CMA review course to get prepared. You can check them out here:

  • mi says:

    Hi working here at Singapore and willing to take CMA but I cant find school for CMA but they have CIMA.
    Appreciate if you can differentiate CMA and CIMA. Is there any school for CMA here in Singapore.
    If I will take CMA, how many exemptions will be credited if I take ACCA in the future or vise versa.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Mohit says:

    Hi Stephanie,i have completed my bcom through correspondence. Am i eligible for cma?

  • yash chandak says:

    hey,, I am CA from India and I want to know if I can get any exemptions in giving cma exam or even in 2 years working experience.. plzz let me know…

  • alr says:

    Hi steph,

    im not from a finance background though ive done cima partly. is it possible to get through these exams or is it too hard? can i do self study and where can i get the study material.Can you learn the basics from those particular texts?

    • Hi Alr,
      The content is quite a bit similar to CIMA according to my readers (I’ve never taken CIMA myself), but the format is different as they are no case studies. Depending which type of test taker you are, it could be harder or easier. For example, if you are better at multiple choice questions, then US CMA exam is definitely for you.

      Self-study is no problem at all as most candidates take online courses at home these days. Afterall, the exam itself is 100% computerized so it is good to familiar yourself with the same testing environment. There are a healthy choice of good review course providers and I list their pros and cons on this page:

      As long as you know basic accounting, you are fine. The important part is to work on many, many practice questions so get familiar with the style and complexity of the questions. Hope it helps!

  • YIJIE YUE says:

    HI, Stephanie
    I am international student, I plan to take the CMA test in America, and apply to internship in China.

    I want to know does the working experience count.

    • Hi Yijie, yes, no problem at all. Your experience can be counted as long as they are relevant and your supervisor is willing to fill out the verification form. IMA is global-minded and CMA (US) is in fact well recognized in China. Cheers, Stephanie

  • Rizwan says:

    HI, Stephanie,

    I am an ACCA affiliate but not yet full member, As i have to fulfil ACCA requirement i.e. Experience. I want to purse CMA as well. Can i take CMA exams before becoming an ACCA member? I have no other Bachelor Degree.

    • Hi Rizwan, my understanding is that you need to be a full ACCA member to get qualified for the CMA exam. Since you don’t have a bachelor degree, please wait till you complete the ACCA experience requirement. You should be able to use the same experience to fulfill the CMA experience requirement, so no time is wasted here, no worries.

      • Esmaeel Akther says:

        Hi Stephanie,

        Thanks for this post here. I am in a similar situation as Rizwan. I have passed 12 papers of ACCA and hopefully finish by December. I am doing my bachelors from a reputed university( Distance- Learning) and that would take another 9 months to be completed. So, I am planning to use those 5-6 months in between to get the CMA Qualification.Here are a few questions to which i am unclear about:

        1) Can i appear for the CMA exam without a degree? I find contradicting statements on this one where some say that i can appear for the exam while others say that i require the degree.
        2) Can i avail for student membership with IMA?

        I look forward to your reply.

        • Hi Esmaeel, you need a degree when you get the certification, but as a student working towards a degree (but no degree yet at this point) you can start taking the exam. Is this clearer?

          IMA actually encourages student candidate by offering the student discount. Yes, as long as you can provide proof that you are studying for at least 6 credit hours per semester, you are qualified for the discount.

          If you still find any conflict, you can always contact IMA directly. Regards, Stephanie

  • Conie Juan says:

    Does the exam would be online? Thanks. God bless.

  • Salma A says:

    Hi Stephanie

    Do you know if there’s any way to get an extension to the 7 year period? I expext to complete my experience requirements just a few weeks after my deadline. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a relevant job early enough.

  • Kameswari says:


    My name is Ritu, Im living in USA for 12 yrs on a dependent visa in other words i dont have a social security number. Can i pursue for CMA ?

    • Hi Kameswari, yes! no problem at all because this is a global certification. The other question though is whether you are allowed to work with your dependent visa. There is experience requirement to be fulfilled for the CMA certificate.

  • sushmitha says:

    Hey stephanie,

    I recently registered with IMA, do I get any course mtrl from the institute?


  • Hi Stephanie,

    I have completed my B.Com from india and i have done my Executive master of business administration as well.

    I have totally 5 years of work experience as below

    1 year in audit firm
    1.5 years in bank
    3.5 years in Wipro.
    i am currently working in bahrain since dec 2014.

    KIndly advise how to register For Cma as well procedure to pursue CMA .

    Whether my work experience in Corporate is considered plus Kindly advise procedures to register for CMA.

    Vishvanath Vijayakumar

    • Hi Vishvanath,
      Thanks for your note. I am quite sure you can get qualified. Depending on your nature of work in the bank and Wipro, you might have accumulated enough relevant experience as well (assuming you work as an auditor in the audit firm, that year counts).

      You can start by visiting this page:

      Then visit the IMA site for joining the membership and when you are ready, to register for the exam. Please let me know if you have specific questions on the process.

      Regards, Stephanie

      • Hi Stephanie,

        Thanks for the response,

        Kindly confirm whether IMA membership fees of us$240 plus exam part each @US$395 is the amount to be paid.

        Right now I am in baharin, is that possible through my salary account to pay for proceedings.

        Once i clear my CMA, will i get ACCA and ICAi Certificate?

        Vishvanath Vijayakumar

        • Hello, you need to pay (1) $220 membership fee + (2) $240 exam entrance fee + (3) $395 x 2 for the two-part exams.
          Please find the details on this page:

          On paying through your salary account, please arrange it with your HR department. I haven’t heard of candidates doing that though.

          No you won’t get your ACCA, but the registration is easier if you are a full ACCA member. For ICAI, please check with the Insitute directly on the procedure. Regards, Stephanie

  • Hi Stephanie,

    Kindly help me to proceed for registration since i am not clear with the registration process.

    1. Is that both IMA membership as well CMA entrance fee( non refundable) is mandatory.

    2. is that we need to register two parts at time of registration of IMA and CMA entrance.

    3. Is that possible to pay the fees by Debit card from Bahrain bank since i am working here.

    Looking forward for your response.

    Vishvanath Vijayakumar

    • Hi Vishvanath,
      On your questions:
      1. Yes
      2. No you can register one part at a time. Currently there is no discount on registering both parts within the same testing window.
      3. I am not sure — please check with IMA directly. You can either call or email them.


  • Nivedhitha says:

    Hey Stephanie! 🙂
    First of all, terrific work with this site. I’m so glad I stumbled upon it; it helped me get most of my doubts cleared. However, I still have a few more..

    I’m a B.Com. grad from India (2013 passout) and currently pursuing my final year of M.Com. My university is on the list so I guess that wouldn’t be a problem.

    1. Is it possible to juggle the CMA coursework and my college coursework simultaneously? I’m a person who’s fine with working pretty hard, but is it practically doable without completely draining myself out?

    2. Is it fine if I pay the student membership fee since I haven’t started working yet?

    3. Which documents do I need to submit as my transcripts and how do I send them to the IMA?

    4. I plan to work in India for a couple of years and then move to the US, so will my CMA certification help me out significantly in India as much as it would in the US?

    5. Is it okay to work with a bank while preparing for my CMA exams? (This isn’t about the experience requirement; it’s just to check if the work load will be manageable!) If I do, should I pay the young professional entrance fee?

    • Hello!
      Here are my answers to your questions:
      1. Shouldn’t be a problem. People prepare for the CMA exam with full time work and full time family commitments. Comparatively college work is easier to handle in my opinion.

      2. Yes. It’s not based on when you start work actually; but on whether you are still at school.

      3. Transcripts and marksheets should be sent directly from your school. If it’s an issue to get this arranged, please check with IMA directly. They are usually quite accommodating.

      4. Probably not significantly to be honest. I actually think there isn’t too much help (at this stage at least) if you are to work in a small local company; but if you prefer to work in big multinational companies in India, it adds value.

      5. Sure. If you work as an accountant or with some financial analysis, the experience from a bank should count. You won’t be qualified for the young professional discount though because it’s applicable only to North American residents.


  • RAJAKUMAR says:

    Dear Sir

    I am completed M.Com, MBA Finance, ACS Inter , can you tell me now I can do this CMA Course, is it correct or not

  • Natalie says:

    I am ACCA fully qualified.
    Is eligibility to sit CMA exams is my only benifit from the memebership ?
    Are any exepmtions for examination papers possilbe ?
    thank you

    • Hi Natalie,
      There might be other fringe benefits such as access to some publications… but in terms of tangible benefits e.g. exemptions of the exam, I am afraid the eligibility is the only thing right now. There were full exemptions for the exams for ACCA members back in 2013 for a few months, but they decided to scrap it (due to potential abuse I heard). Regards, Stephanie

  • Srini says:

    I have qualification BA (CS),, MFM, MBA(Banking & Finance) & MPhil and My total experience around 25 years in Finance area Based on my experience and qualification I am eligible for getting CMA certification or any other Membership.

    My regular College Studies BA(CS) and ( 5 Years) and all other distance mode in a Accredited University.

    Could you please confirm either my email

  • Jiji says:


    I am aleady a CPA and I really want to be a CMA. However, i want to do self-study first. Can you tell me where I can find CMA review materials?

    Thank you.


  • Roshan naik says:

    If I work as a auditor in a Indian chartered accountant firm ..will the experience would be counted ??
    Because getting a job in Big companies in finance or account department which has analysis involved is very hard…
    Waiting for your expert advise …

  • Raghavi says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I have a small query. You have mentioned that experience may be prior to taking the exams. But can I consider the experience that I have gained for ACCA? (i.e. experience gained even before registering for CMA)

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Raghavi,
      As long as it is relevant and that you have your supervisor to verify the experience, it should work. But it is best to contact IMA directly to confirm. Good luck! Stephanie

  • Williyars says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    I completed my graduation in India and planning for CMA, I would like to know what is the scope for CMA(US) in India. Thank you

  • oppatil says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    I am studying engineering in India but I am interested in persuing CMA.
    Can I give CMA exam while studying?
    Thank you.

    • Yes you can Oppatil. In fact they don’t have restrictions on which major you are in, and also students can enjoy discounts in IMA membership and exam fees.

      But you need to consider how you can find a job related to accounting, because you need two years of relevant experience to get the CMA certification. Also, once you become a CMA, need to pay annual fee and take CPE courses to keep it active. Hope it helps!

  • Waleed GaMal says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    i just want to know what is the difference between : Professional Membership and student membership , i have graduated from college this month , what membership should i pursue?

    thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hi Waleed, you might still get the student discount in this semester since you just graduated. But going forward, you will have to pay for the professional membership. Regards, Stephanie

  • Rrahul says:

    Hi, I WANT to know about work experience for cma usa a i have worked with .any comapnies and left within 3 months every co. So idont have exp. Certificate from them.please help and suggest.

    • Hi Rrahul, it’s ok to switch jobs during the two years you accumulate the experience, but you do need to get the respective supervisors’ signatures in the experience verification form. Stephanie

  • ruchi says:

    Recently I completed my 12. I really confuse CMA vs CWA which one is best in India so plz help me for my future

  • mafl says:

    hello stephanie,

    I am a fourth year student taking up a bachelor degree in management and accountancy. I just wanted to ask if after graduation I could able to take an exam as a CMA? is it possible ? or do they have some certain requirements? thank you very much ..

    • Hi Mafl, you can actually take the CMA exam any time now. There is even a student discount for you. However, you are right as there is a experience requirement to fulfill before you can get the certification. So for you, the path should be:
      1. take the exam (can do now)
      2. accumulate experience (2 years after graduation)
      3. obtain the certification

  • TMT THWAHA says:

    I am a first year student of (distance education) can i take CMA us exam now

  • Rrahul says:

    I want to know that if a cma from ima usa can practice as a consultant and advisory firm and sign on internal audit report, submit transfer pricing cases.

    • Hi Rrahul, you don’t need any certification to be a consultant or advisors. I am not sure what you mean by signing the internal audit report…
      in any case, in the US, only CPA has the privilege of signing the (external) audit report. I can’t think of any where you need such rights but CMA doesn’t have any statutory rights. Regards, Stephanie

  • Manish says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I have around 10 years of experience in a shared services enviornment including 2.5 years in a Reconciliation process for State Street Bank. Will this experience count as accounting experience?


  • A says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    I have a B.Tech degree from India and around 5 years of experience in Information technology in India and UK but i have not worked after October 2009. Am i eligible for CMA?


  • Winnie says:

    Hi, I have done my MBA in Marketing from India this year, but I however do not like the job and would want to know if I am eligible for the CMA course (I have done my 11th 12th in Commerce and Bachelor of Management Studies thereafter) and since I have always liked Accounts and Finance would want want to know if it is actually possible for me to go ahead with this and what effect would it have on my future job prospects.
    Also, have you come across any situation like this in the past ?

    • Hi Winnie, in terms of whether you can apply for the CMA exam, yes you can, since you have a bachelor degree. However, I personally think you should do it the other way round, that is, to get a job in management accounting (or accounting in a corporate environment), see if you like it enough, then go for the exam. It would be such a waste if you take the exam first, then find out you don’t like management accounting after all. The certification helps in terms of job search but can never guarantee any. Hope it helps! stephanie

  • Towhid Tuhin says:

    Hi, I have done my MBA in Finance from Bangladesh & M.COM in Accounting. I have also two years working experience in Accounts Department in an organization. Now I want to do this CMA. It’ll be great for me & another inquiry is that it is maintain any kind of liaison to other professional degree like CIMA,ICMAB or ACCA.


    I have passed B.Com (3year ) and MBA ( 2years ) both through distance education mode. Whether i am eligible to based on the B.Com and MBA. I have also completed CA but the same is not listed in the accredited institutes.

    On what qualification i would be eligible. Whether degree obtained thorough distance mode is eligible for joining CMA

    • Hi Karthikeyan,
      Yes you should be fine to sit for the exam. CA is not listed because it is a professional qualification instead of an educational institution.
      Please also check the experience requirements. You won’t need those right away but be prepared to get those done after passing the CMA exam. You can do it together, of course. Regards, Stephanie

  • Tengku Farid says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I need your help on this.

    I earned a bachelor degree by joining a twinning program (3+2) sponsored by Malaysia Government. Details as shown below:

    a) 3 years in Universiti Industri Selangor : I earned a diploma of electrical engineering
    b) 2 years in Tokyo University of Science(formely Science University of Tokyo) : I transferred this university as 3rd year student after completion my studies in Universiti Industri Selangor.

    I graduated from Tokyo University of Science and earned a bachelor degree of electrical engineering.

    With the total of studies took 5 years (3 years in Malaysia and 2 years in Japan)

    I understand that IMA only accepts 3 year duration of bachelor degree.

    What do you think in my case since I joined this twining program (3+2). Of course I took 5 years in order to get bachelor degree.

    Therefore does this fulfil the education requirement to have a bachelor degree in order to take CMA exam?

    I need your opinion on this. I had emailed to IMA but havent got any news yet.


    • I think it will work Farid, but it is up to the IMA, of course. Have you heard from them yet? Regards, Stephanie

      • Tengku Farid says:

        This is short reply from them after i explained my situation to IMA

        “If you have a bachelor’s degree, and your university is in the list of accredited institutions, yes, you fulfill the education requirement.”

        Seems like they are okay with it as long as it is a bachelor degree from accredited university, no matter how my twinning program is ( in spite of i entered as 3rd year student)..What do you think of this?

        Thank you Stephanie. Appreciate your thought. 🙂
        Cheers, Farid

      • Tengku Farid says:

        Hi, sorry to keep bugging you. I have one more question.
        I am planning to send notarised copy of my academic transcript.
        How does IMA notify me once they approved my education requirement?
        Will this appear in my IMA online profile? If yes how could i check?

        Thanks, Farid

        • Hi Farid, not a problem at all! It should show up in the online profile, and you can do that by logging in. It’s been a while I set up an account, but the password etc should have been sent via email to you when you join the IMA membership.

          • Tengku Farid says:

            Hi Stephani

            Thank you for the reply. I am so excited to register CMA.

            Since my university in Japan does not normally send out the transcript to other organization, I am planning to send the notarized copy of it to IMA by myself.

            Hope that is ok as I refer to its handbook of sending transcript from University to IMA is not possible.
            or should i explain to the IMA in advance before mailing to them?

            I would like to thank you for always helping me on this. Cheers, Farid

          • Hello, glad you are excited to start your journey! I read somewhere that notarized copies are ok if transcripts are hard to arrange, but yes, it is prudent to send a note to IMA in advance. Please remember to quote your ID (if you have joined the membership). I find IMA quite customer friendly. In generally they try to help instead of discouraging you to join. Best of luck! Stephanie

  • E.Hashish says:

    Hi , I have more than 20 experience in finance i used to be MEA CFO of the largest Tech company in the world and now i immigrant to Canada , when i apply to any Job the employer requested and C so i tried to apply to Canada CMA but unfortunately the process to apply will takes one yer before give me the acceptance to study the Canada CMA so i decided to study the US CMA , so please i need you clear opinion about the way to study which Books i select and which matrials will help me quick understand and go to the exam however i will study by myself


  • James says:

    I have done my ICWAI(CMA-INDAI)and I also have 2 years of experience in Oracle financial as a Associate consultant in one of the top IT MNC companies.
    will that be a sufficient work experience requirement for doing the CMA(USA).

  • James says:

    Thank you Stephanie,

    What are all that needs to be done from end to get the CMA(US)
    what are the Job opportunities available if i go for CMA (US)

  • James says:

    HI stephanie,
    You had earlier said that if i have an ICWAI (India)i should be able to get your CMA right away
    so what i am asking is , what all thing i have to do from my end to get the CMA (USA)like submiting the Icwai certificate ,any work experience letter(currently working as associate consultant in am MNC for 2 years )….etc

    If work experience is required then is the above mentioned mentioned work exp acceptable for CMA(USA).

    Thank you

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi James,
      Technical yes, but for details please check directly with either IMA and ICWAI. Since I never tried this myself it is best to confirm with the authorities. Regards, Stephanie

  • Sorry Mohamed my site only allows English comments.


    Hello Stephani

    I am a BCA graduate and a MBA-Finance graduate from India and i checked their website my university is there in their list.
    I am working as a Customer Service director for united airlines in Kuwait.
    though my designation says customer service still i cover all the job roles here at administrative level.
    training coordinator
    Security coordinator
    I tally all the financial invoices before my manager finalizes them.
    i am an internal auditor who checks whether all controls are in its places and take needed action if not .

    My supervisor is very good and he will help me with the experience part.
    Can you advice me how do i prepare my experience form and subimit it in such a way that i wont have any problem clearing the experience part.
    As i dont want to put in my full effort n pass the exam and then i get to know that i can get the certificate as i am a mother of 2 small kids so time is the most important .
    Can i use the same designation or give in an accounting designation.
    My aim to join a firm as junior accountant within a yr.

    Will they ask me to provide an experience letter from the company with the company letter head and attested and all that.

    And also my future plan is to migrate either to USA or Australia .
    Doing a CMA ,would it helo me for the migration via.
    After CMA what if i do will make my profile more stronger for the migration.

    My interest is in corporation accounting n finance.

    Sorry the above is too long

    Kindly expect more questions

    • Hi Ashmiya,
      It is definitely prudent to make sure the experience works before moving on to the application. What you are doing is exactly right.
      As your work nature isn’t exactly accounting related… it’s best to check with IMA directly. Please email and give a description of your job that your supervisor will agree and approve. And see if IMA thinks it is good enough to fulfill the experience requirement. Usually they are quite flexible so I think it is likely ok. Good luck! Stephanie

  • Jojie says:

    Hi Ms. Stephanie

    I’ve graduated Bachelor of Science in Commerce – Major in Management Accounting.

    I’m from Philippines but currently working here in Qatar. I have 2 years experience in my home country in a construction company as their Project Accountant and also working as a Project Accountant here in Qatar.

    Am I qualified to take CMA exam?

    Thank you

  • k says:

    Hiee.. I’m from India.. M a commerce graduate. Completed my graduation this year in June.. Now working with a Pvt ltd company have got 4 months of experience now.. But want to go for further studies… So will CMA help me to have a better career and m I eligible for it ?? Plz suggest..

  • VISHNU says:

    Dear Stephanie, i have a small query.
    1) I heard IMA provides promotions for students during certain periods. Will this offer be available for students who directly joins with IMA instead with IMA partners like Wiley miles or Gleim.
    2) Can you give a small hint regarding at what time of year such promotions will be available

    your replies will be appreciated and thanking you in advance

    • Hi Vishnu,
      Yes there are promotions from time to time, but they are usually applicable to new members only. It’s hard to tell when you release the discount codes, but I find that their IMA Middle East facebook page has more of such information. Not sure if they will continue, but you can check that out. If I know of any (usually through my readers), I will let everyone know on my Facebook page.

  • prachi says:

    how much time does it take to clear CMA exam ??? IS it possible to clear it within 2 years ???

    • Hi Prachi, I think most candidates can pass within a year or so, but if they are busy and need time off between the two parts, then it will take longer. Candidates must complete the two parts within 3 years. Regards, Stephanie

  • Sam says:

    I have completed my B Com in 2013 from Mumbai university and I am working now. Currently I wish to pursue CMA in India so,
    1. Would I be eligible for student or Professional membership?
    2. Is 3 years degree valid to meet education requirement?
    Please revert asap
    Sam Parikh

    • Mohan Das says:

      I have completed my graduation in 2007 & PGDFM in 2011, thereafter i am working for an NBFC company & still doing good.

      To upgrade my qualification i recently (2015) joined M.A. in English from Rabindra Bharti University (UGC – India) under directorate of distance education system which is a well recognized degree course in India.

      So would I be eligible for student membership? If so then what are the documents i have to provide to IMA during my registration.

      Please revert asap
      Mohan Das

  • Vishnu Kamath says:


    I am a CA final Student of Institute of Chartered accountants of India. I want to know two things.
    Q1. I got Degree from ICAI-BU MOU which gives exemption for lots of papers and just 3 papers will get u the degree. Will this degree be valid for counting as degree required for CMA?
    Q2. Since I am ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) final student can I register myself as STUDENT for CMA registration?

    • Hi Vishnu, for Q1, I think it’s likely ok, but please check with IMA. For Q2, in the US, we only count the student status if you are going through a degree in the university. CA is considered a professional qualification, not an education. But you may still want to check with IMA to see if they see it this way. Regards, Stephanie

    • Ashmit Pyaks says:

      Hi Vishnu,

      Did you ever get an answer for this? I have similar questions. The only difference between you and I is the fact that I am doing Bcom from IGNOU

  • Faisal says:


    I have done MBA Finance and have two years of working experience in a bank in operations and 2 years in administrative capacaties. I don’t have experience in pure finance and accountancy. Can i take CMA exam without having experience in finance ?

    • Hi Faisal, yes you can take the exam, but may need more time in understanding accounting concepts during the preparation. In terms of fulfilling the experience, it depends whether your work involves analysis. If yes, then it should be fine, but best to double check with IMA before you apply. Regards, Stephanie

  • Ahmed Hossny says:

    hi there
    what is the latest version on the CMA im going to start studying it this year
    is there will be a new version for this year 2016 or nothing change from 2015 ??
    Thank you!

  • Ahmed Hossny says:

    One more thing
    for self study what is the best material do you recommend me ..

  • samrat says:

    can u get information about CMA procedure i passed in .and no body is here to suggest me plz

  • Shadhu says:


    Iv been working for 5 years in middle east and would love to take up CMA. Though it says I need an degree to do the exam an institution over here says I can do it with just my A/L qualifications and I would need the degree only if I want to become a member. THE institution says I will get the CMA certificate once I pass the exam but not the membership until I have a degree. Is it true? Pls help me understand this.

    • Hi Shadhu, I am not sure by “institution” you mean the IMA or one of the commercially run coaching institutions. The standard procedure is to become a member first (which doesn’t need a bachelor degree I believe), but in order to sit for the exam, you do need to fulfill the exam requirements, one of which is the bachelor degree. It is possible that the IMA waives that requirement for now given your unique situation, but you do need to make it up at the end when you request the certification.

      All in all, I believe you can’t avoid getting the degree anyway, so might as well get it properly. Also, if you get the above info from source other than IMA, make sure you double check with IMA directly. They can be reached at

      • Shadhu says:

        Hi Stephanie,

        Thanks for your reply. Is IMA certificate different from CMA. Meaning can i get a CMA certificate, but not be a member. The coaching institution that i came across says that i will get the CMA certificate & its just i cant be a member or get a license to practice. Bottom line if im able to do the exam & obtain a CMA certificate im ok.

        • Hi Shadhu,
          I don’t know which coaching institution you get the info from, but I suggest that you take another thought of going through them because they are either giving you misleading information or they can’t communicate themselves very well.

          Anyway, there are two options:
          1. Anyone can be an IMA member with or without going for the CMA program. The benefit is to get some industry news and updates and networking opportunities.
          2. Those who qualify can go for the CMA program and aim to get the CMA certification (the CMA title). One must be an IMA member to get into the CMA program.

          Because of this, expect to pay the annual fee to the IMA once you become a CMA. If you stop paying, you cannot call yourself a CMA.
          You can double check this understanding by visiting IMA website:

          Don’t just rely on me or the coaching institute on this important decision 😉


  • amar vats says:

    i am a third year student of bcom hons.from delhi university. am i eligible to write the exam?

  • Angelica P. Santos says:

    I have a bachelors in Business Administration from Brazil which is the list of approved universities and a Masters degree in International Administration from an Accredited Higher Education Institution in the United States (Central Michigan University). As far as education requirements go, do I qualify for the CMA certification or do I need more specific accounting credits? Thanks.

    • Hi Angelica, yes I am sure you are fine. They only require a bachelor degree (in any discipline). Do check out whether you are ok with the experience requirments though. It is quite general and can be done before, during or after the exam. Cheers, Stephanie

  • Bobbie says:

    I do not have a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Finance, but I do have a Bachelor’s degree in Education and 33 graduate hours in Mathematics Education. Although I my education background is in education, I have a career in accounting. I have over 8 years experience in Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable and Data Analysis and work as an assistant to the Chief Financial Officer of our company who is a CPA. Do I have to start from scratch again in order to receive any kind of accounting certification? Does work experience count as some form of education?

    • Hi Bobbie, for CMA, you can be a bachelor degree holder in any discipline, so nothing to worry about. It’s great that you have the relevant experience. You will likely able to get the certification as soon as you pass the two parts of the exam. Regards, Stephanie

  • Mohana says:

    I have bachelor and masters degree with nine years working experience. But currently not working. How can I join for the CMA certification course and complete it in India

  • Upendra Kumar Singh says:

    Please suggest to us, as per following detail, I can qualified the CMA.

    I have MBA & M.Com (Corespondent Course) with 8 years experience in Finance & Account Operations with a leading organization of Contraction Industry and done the following responsibility during the works.

    •Supervision of Account, Finance, and Supply Chain Division at Project Level.
    •Fully acquainted with LC System (SQ 60%+ MRC 15%) collection from Customer.
    •Initiatives taken to streamline the Collection from Client, based on people and procedural management.
    •Ensure timely Collection from Client as per PO terms and condition.
    •Creation of Work Order/PO in ERP system.
    •PVC invoice (Supply and Execution) collection from Client Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly.
    •Control and Maintain site administrative system and exp.
    •Ensuring that Fund levels in Site are maintained and monitoring Account for optimal replenishment to avoid extra time and losses.
    •Overseeing Account & Store management including day-to-day activities like receipts, payment and disposition; preparing monthly reconciliation reports and conducting contractor’s advance and outstanding reconciliation.
    •Attending to Statutory Audit/ Internal Audit
    •Reconciliation Site Payment collection. Contractors & Suppliers Bill Processing.
    •Submission of client invoice for the purpose of fund collection
    •Representing company to various Issues at project level under guidance of HO.
    •Monitoring the stock the stock levels of consumables/ Stock at warehouses/ Store & ensuring timely procurement & requirement of materials
    •Verifying stock to ensure that the physical count of inventory tallies with balance in stock register and ledger and checking the adequacy of internal control system.

    • Hi, at least on the education side you are qualified for the US CMA exam. For the experience, I didn’t go through the list in detail but looks like you are fine. You can double check with the IMA before applying for the exam. Regards, Stephanie

  • Ayesha Asad says:

    Hello ,
    I have cleared the 14 exams of ACCA that means I am ACCA affiliate .Am I eligible to do CMA?
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Ayesha, do you have a bachelor degree? If so, you are qualified regardless of the ACCA membership. But if you don’t, and want to take advantage of using ACCA membership to get qualified for the CMA exam, you need a full ACCA membership. Regards, Stephanie

  • aparnna says:

    Hello Stephanie,
    I am doing the necessary research to step into my CMA preparation, IMA membership, online coaching etc..and I must thank you for your very useful blog. I have a doubt regarding IMA membership and exam registration.
    Actually I had changed my name a year ago and my passport is taken in the new name where as all my certificates have my old name. The change is that my first name has one more alphabet added to it and my last name is totally different now(say like Jyoti S to JYOTHI RAVI). So when I take the membership or register for the exam which name should be used? Please help

    • Hi Aparnna,
      Generally the name should be the same as your ID that proves your identity on the exam day. This means your passport. But then, you might need to explain to the IMA on the different name on certificates. They are generally pretty helpful and I encourage that you email them for suggestion. Cheers, Stephanie

  • arun says:


    i have completed my degree 1 year before. now i am doing distance pg i eligible to write cma exam….and how many credit hours are required for me to take cma exam

  • Shilpa says:

    I am a student of cma intermediate i want do acca or aca to get job in uk or us which is more flexible .
    Now i am a final year student of (acconts and taxation )
    Which is better or i can do cima ?
    Please tell me the eligibility of acca and aca

  • Aarti Nair says:

    Hi Stephanie

    I am a CA student in India currently doing intermediate and articleship of 3 years (as is mandatory for the course). I am also studying through correspondence.

    My query is :

    1, Will my degree be accepted to write cma exams?

    2, Is there any relaxation from the 2 year work experience after passing cma exams as i have done 3 years internship in the finance, audit and taxation field?

    3, Also please do clarify if CA intermediate has any exemption in CMA course.

    Thank you for your help.


    • Hello, on your questions:
      1. I think it’s ok, but you may want to check with IMA (or whether it is on the “list”):
      2. Internships are generally not counted, but if you think yours is a special case, you can check with IMA.
      3. I believe there is no exemption.

      Hope it helps! Stephanie

      • Aarti Nair says:


        Thank you so much for your speedy reply. I still have a few more queries.

        I have checked the list and my university has been listed. But how long do I have to wait before I could apply for cma under student discount as I am currently doing second year of the course.

        Is there any specific link that details the kind of work that would be accepted for cma? Or would I have to mail directly regarding my internship?

      • Sriram says:

        Hi Stephanie,

        I’m planning to Kickstart my CMA. But the work ex requirements says two years of management accounting. Given it can be achieved within seven years of completing the exam, my question is will IMA issue any sort of temporary certificate till then showing that I am cma certified. In a country like India it is very difficult to get a management accounting job until you’re qualified. Please advise?


        • Hi Sriram, no there isn’t any certification but you can state on your CV that you passed the CMA exam. The relevant jobs are quite broad: anything from management accounting to external audit / financial accounting is ok. Cheers, Stephanie

          • Sriram says:

            Thanks Stephanie. I currently perform gl rec, bss and estimate reporting specific to my team expenses. Does this qualify?

          • I guess if it involves around analysis, it works. You can always check with IMA before applying. They are usually nice enough to give you an indication before you committing to the CMA exam. Regards, Stephanie

  • Majeed says:

    Hi Stephanie

    does my working experience in a public accounting firm while i’m studying my accounting bachelor
    degree count ?

    Thank you

    • Hi Majeed, they only count full time jobs. So you can proof that somehow you can take a full time job (at least 40 hours per week) while getting the accounting degree, it’s likely ok. You can double check with IMA but make sure you emphasize that the job is full time (if this is indeed the case). Regards, Stephanie

  • anoop says:

    i graduated 5 years ago. i have no work experience.
    am i eligible to enroll myself for CMA (USA)?

    • Sure Anoop, as long as you graduate from a university and that you plan to accumulate work experience before, during or after the exam. You can take the exam with no problem but can’t call yourself a CMA until you fulfill the experience requirements. Regards, Stephanie

  • visruth says:

    I have just completed my schooling and joined Regular Bcom at a reputed college in chennai. Am I allowed to pursue this examination along with my degree class.

    • Hi Visruth, yes you can, as they allow candidates to take the exam before graduation. But you will need to complete the 2 year experience requirement before getting the certification. Regards, Stephanie

  • umang says:

    Respected Mam/Sir,

    I umang bhasin belond to India, i have passed my intermediate examination in 2015 from , CBSE Board and acquired 80.6% marks in commerce stream.I would like to join CMA course in institution of USA .
    Kindly inform me about all the related eligibility criteria , required documentation, fee structure etc. and other courses too. I have my relatives living in nebraska (USA)

    • Hi Umang, you can get answers from all your questions here:
      You don’t need to study or take the CMA exam in the US. There are self-study courses online (and local coaching if you prefer), and I believe 8 testing centers in India. Regards, Stephanie

      • umang says:

        But mam , i am planning to shift usa to my relatives , so i need information how to apply there.

        • I think it is more of a visa question. Please consult your immigration lawyers. Studying or taking the CMA exam is not a reason to get a working or resident visa. It is a global certification and you can do that outside of the US. Regards, Stephanie

  • Priyanth says:

    Hi….I am pursuing CA Inter. I will be applying for B.Com after clearing CA Inter and I will get the bachelors degree within 1 year through an MoU between Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and Indira Gandhi National Open University. I wish to pursue CMA (US). Am I eligible to take up the examinations right now or Should I apply only after getting Bachelors degree ?

  • chayan kume roy says:

    i have a confusion . i am doing my BBA right now enrolling 4th year .there is still 1 year to complete my BBA . now i want to take the exam of CMA . can i do it now ….

    • Yes. You can take the exam before graduation. There is in fact a student discount. But you won’t get the CMA title until after fulfilling the 2-year experience requirements. Regards, Stephanie

  • Zoheb says:

    Hi ,

    I have started CMA course. Can u please advise because was away from my acounts field thhe terminolgy which is used is not easy to catch. It takes time till the time i focus on that part i miss the next. This is thing which i am getting worried while i study. Can u please suggest how should i follw to cope up and gain more confidence what i am studying.

    • Hi Zoheb, I guess you will need to spend time on getting familiar with the terminology, and doing more practice questions help to get used to those complex and lengthy sentences. I am afraid there isn’ really a short-cut, but this is all doable. Good luck! Stephanie

  • rian says:

    Good day!

    I’m currently enrolled in BS – Management accountant 4th year student in the Philippines. If I already finish my college , am I qualified to take the CMA board exam ? Hm the fees ?

    Thank youu.

  • Tejas Gore says:

    Hello Ma’am
    Regarding CMA job experience what kind of work should we seek ?
    While applying for job or uploading CV on sites what work should we look for ?

    For example: account and finance?

    • Hi Tejas, the best way is to go to an online job search site popular in your area, and try searching for “CMA” or “Certified Management Accountant”. You will get an idea. Generally, in my opinion, big multinational companies with manufacturing base tend to value CMAs more, because of the specific skills in costing analysis. If you have companies in mind that value the skills you learn from the CMA program, apply for those as well. Regards, Stephanie

  • Naseer says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I had been observing the CMA certification for a long time. I have completed my MBA (2 yrs) and Graduation (3yrs) in accounting. Is it possible to opt for IMA Student membership to reduce the cost of certification? As I have completed my academics, will I be able to avail the Student membership? I have a few years of part time experience as junior accountant and a year apprentice in Auditing . will it be considered? Please provide me with necessary information. Thanks.

    • Hi Naseer, if you complete your study, you are a regular member. They won’t offer for student discount to everyone with a degree; otherwise everyone gets a discount (the degree is a prerequisite).

      IMA does say they require full time experience. If you think you should qualify for an exemption, please contact IMA directly at

  • Tejas Gore says:

    How is CMA+MBA as a career option ?

  • Raj says:


    I completed my CPA from USA in June, 2011. I am also MBA in Finance from Amity University from distance learning. I have also done ( Hons. ), the graduation from regular college of delhi university. I have 7 years of working experience in US based MNC’s. I am planning to do CMA – USA, please could you advise if I can write the exams outside India any how so that I also get CMA – India degree.


    • Hi Raj,
      Yes. If you are living outside of India, then it’s definitely ok. If you are not (i.e. living in India right now), then please double check with IMA on the specific rules. Some readers told me it’s fine as long as you physically take the exam outside of India, but I am not too sure. Regards, Stephanie

  • Aswin says:

    I am currently doing my undergraduate and CMA in India. But I do not have working experience. I am also going to United States after completing my undergraduation. Is it possible for me to go to United States and gain my working experience with a good pay or is it easier in India? I’m asking for your suggestion than the facts and figures.

    • Hi Aswin, first of all, you don’t need to work in the US to fulfill the experience requirements of the CMA certification. It’s totally fine to have Indian experience for that. But if your question involves a bigger-picture question on wanting to work in the US, then it depends on whether you can find a company that is willing to sponsor a H1B visa. You can search for more info on H1B visa on the internet, but I have to say it’s tough to get. Regards, Stephanie

  • Anusri says:

    I completed my degree 3 years from osmania university am I eligible for writing cma exam

    • Hi Anursi, should be fine. Please check if Osmania University is on the “preapproved list”. If not, it’s still ok but you need an extra evaluation report. Regards, Stephanie

  • K says:

    I graduated with a degree in Accounting. I have been working at an accounting firm for 2 years full time. How can I get confirmation that this work experience qualifies me for the certification?

  • Moazzam says:

    Hello Stephanie.

    I wanted to ask you that I want to study CMA. But the thing is I don’t have a bachelor’s degree nor I have done ACCA. So could you kindly tell me that can I start CMA?
    If I can, then what would be a difference between a normal CMA and a the CMA I would do? Also, would there be a difference in terms of salary. Kindly advise me. Would appreciate it.

    Looking forward for your reply.

    • I am afraid you need at least a bachelor degree… There are other qualifications, such as CFA, with more flexibility in exam requiremetns. You can check those out if you really want to get a qualification in finance and accounting. Regards, Stephanie

  • Tejas Gore says:

    My doubt is I completed my graduation in 2015
    So currently neither iam I a student nor iam I a professional

    Under which category do I fall in ?
    Can you please help me with this ?

    Thank you

  • javeed says:

    Hi Stephanie

    Is there any difference between IMA membership fee and CMA course fee? what is the process to appear for CMA exams?


  • Sunny Khan says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I have qualified CMA and has to submit my educational requirements. I have done B.Com (2 years) from Punjab University, Pakistan. Is it fine? Right?


  • GCB says:

    I do have 3 year graduate degree in Bachelor of Commerce from University of Madras and with two decades of accounting and Financial reporting Experience having said that Can I take this CMA from my city Chennai, India and will there be any Online classes or hours are must to attend?

    Will there be Study materials and Online coaching available after registration?

  • Ishwarya says:

    Hey Stephanie! I have a 3 year bachelors of commerce and a masters too. I worked as an audit associate at EY for a year too. Can I move from India to the US just to study CMA there? Where can I study there? And what are the job opportunities like there?

    • Hi Ishwarya, the CMA program is primarily a self-study program, so you don’t need to go to the US for this exam prep. There are a few schools that offer CMA program as part of their bachelor/master’s degree in accounting, but I would just pick any accounting program that suits your other needs (e.g. budget, background etc).

      In short, studying abroad does help a lot in getting a job in the US, but try to get into the best program possible. Big companies recruit a lot more graduates from these “target” schools. Hope it helps, Stephanie

  • Tuba says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I’ve an MBA in Finance from Pakistan and my university is in the recognized university list of IMA. I’ve about a year and a half work experience as Finance officer in an international NGO. Am I eligible to sit for the test?

    I haven’t worked since 2007 because of my kids but now I want to go back to work. My youngest is 18 months old. Do you think I can manage the study requirements for passing the test and how long should I give myself for preparation before registering. I’m not in a hurry and I want to give it enough time before writing the test. Can I start the preparation for exam without registering with IMA? Also how long will it take for me to be ready for exam if I’m giving an hour or couple of hours a day for preparation.

    Regarding experience, I assume that I can pass the exam and then I’ll have 7 years to fulfill the experience requirement in order to get the certification. Am I right?

    Thank you for help.


    • Hi Tuba, good idea. As long as you don’t have issue qualifying for the exam (sounds like you are totally fine), then you can take your time to start first, then pick the appropriate time to register for the exam. Please schedule at least 1 month in advance, because exam centers get filled up. On the experience requirement, that’s right. Let me know if you have other questions. Cheers, Stephanie

  • Mona says:


    I would like to ask you if I can do CMA simultaneously while doing my bachelors in accounting and finance when I’m in my third year.


    • Sure, you can do that Mona. In fact you can get a student discount in exam fees. After passing the exam, you’ll need to accumulate two years of experience before getting the actual certification.

  • Tejas Gore says:

    My doubt is, how can one apply for manufacturing companies like 3M, J&J, AT&T, Whirlpool, etc ?

    Thank you In Advance:)

    • Simply equip yourself by having a great resume and interview skills. I would think strong English skills helps. You may want to talk to recruiters and see how they can help in paving a path to these corporations.

      • Tejas Gore says:

        By how to apply I meant..
        Is there any platform or website where i can Register for such companies?

        • I would go for the traditional ways — the best is through networking (knowing more people, and make sure they like you enough to forward your resume). Otherwise, recruiters and head hunting firms are fine. There might be company websites that accept resumes, but these are so impersonal… I don’t think it is effective.

          Getting the best jobs requires a lot of thought, planning and effort. Uploading resumes to company websites is not in my opinion.

  • Mohamad says:

    I would like to ask you if there in utah CMA class and exam ?
    What is the address ?

  • Ahmad says:

    Hello Stephanie,
    My question is, can I do the two CMA exams in three years and after that start collecting the the two years experience or I have to do the exams and the work experience in three years??
    And when I pass the two parts without work experience what can I get from IMA? I mean certification.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Ahmad, the three years limitation refers to the completion of the exam (the two parts). You don’t get anything after passing the exam. You have to fulfill the experience requirements to get the certification and call yourself a CMA.

  • Karandeep Singh says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    You are doing a great job by guiding everyone.

    I am pursing Master of commerce through distance education and I am working as an Assistant Manager in Accounts and Finance in one of the MNC in India, Would you please guide me that can I enroll as a student and after clearing exam I can show my experience for certification or I need to wait for next 2 year after clearing exam though I already have experience.

    • Hi Karandeep, your current experience is counted. If you have time, you can get the work verification done so as soon as you get the results, you can apply for the certificate immediately. I have quite a few readers doing that. Hope it helps! Regards, Stephanie

  • mohammed umar shaikh says:

    I am Mr umar I want do us CMA after degree I want to know that Us CMA is better for my future and pleased reply me some more information about Us CMA pleased give me a positive response .

  • Karandeep Singh says:

    Hi Stephanie … Thank you so much for your reply …
    I am using Wiley question bank , does it enough for clearing exam ?? And if I give exam outside India then can I get Indian CMA degree also ??

    • Hi Karandeep, to be honest, there are people who pass and fail no matter which review courses they use, so it is hard for me to generalize. I have to say that no review course can guarantee anyone passing the exam… but if you work hard and understand the concepts, there is a good chance.

      On your second question, it is also hard to generalize. If it is obvious that you live and work in India and only fly overseas to take the exam in another country, I am not sure if it works (please check with IMA or ICWAI). The agreement is meant for those who work/live outside of India.

  • Omar ahmed says:

    can i apply for CMA test without major in accounting ? I graduated from faculty of law so can i apply or not ?

    • Hi Omar, you can apply because the CMA exam is open to those in all academic discipline, but you may need more time and effort to prepare for this exam because it is designed for those with at least some basics in accounting. You can start with any introductory accounting book, plus free online resources such as Youtube and Khan Academy. Once you are up to speed, get the review courses. If you have questions along the way, feel free to drop a note here again.

  • Jenna says:

    Hi I am located in Barbados in the Caribbean how can I do my cma and is it offered online from a different country

    • Hi Jenna, I suggest that you check out where you can take the CMA exam, and see if this is possible for you to travel there. (There could be a test center at the Caribbeans, but I am not sure). The rest is easy because review courses are offered online nowadays. Even those with easy access to live classes choose online courses for the convenience and the guarantee of quality teaching, as well as free trials, discount etc.

      You can take a look at this page when ready:
      Additional questions are always welcome.

  • kazi says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    Im Kazi working in KSA from 4 months.
    Im (Finance) from India.Im interested in CMA course.I would like to know about the procedure of getting registered in IMA. Whether there is any branch of IMA in KSA?
    And also i want to know about the mode of payment and procedure for Gleim review self study?
    kindly let me know ?

    Thank you so much this page gives alot of info abt CMA

  • KAZI says:

    Thank you so much Stephanie for the valuable information.I have gone through the link you have provided.
    I will get back to you if i need any help from you further.

  • Asif shaikh says:

    Hi Stephenie,

    Can you please let me know whether saudie govt attest the cma certificate. As there is a law impose by saudie cultural embassy that they don’t attest distance n online degree.
    I am in saudie arabia right now.

    • Hi Asif, I am afraid I don’t know enough about what the KSA government does. Maybe you can check with them directly? If it is difficult, I suggest that you seek help with the IMA chapter in Saudi Arabia. I am quite sure people there are knowledgeable on this. Regards, Stephanie

  • Unni Nair says:

    I completed my three years Bachelors Degree in Commerce (B.Com) from the University of Mysore, India, which is in the World listing of University. Is it sufficient if I send copies of my University Marks Card and Degree certificate? Am I required to send Transcript also?

  • Asif says:

    Thanks a lot, if u can please let me know that who is the concern person in KSA. Who can let me know about attestation issue. Please provide me the email id or contact no. If possible.

    • Hi Asif, IMA centralizes the administration in their headquarters. You can email them at for questions. If you’d like to join the IMA chapters in your country (more for social events), then there should be one in KSA. Please google for their facebook page and consider signing up to get updates. Regards, Stephanie

  • Alexis says:

    I have a Bachelor Degree of Human Science from Florida State University. Would this satisfy the requirement for the ability to take exam? I have looked up practice exam and this is the same information I have studied my last four years.

    • Sure you can Alexis. They welcome candidates from all discipline.I am glad you know the materials because otherwise, it will take longer for say an accounting major to get prepared for this exam.

  • Amy says:


    I am looking to re-enter the accounting industry and looking to take the exams. I am located in NYS and graduated in 2007 with a BBA (120 credits) and have taken and passed two parts of the CPA exams before. However, will I be able to sit for the exam now without the 150 credits? Please share some insight if anyone knows the answers! Thanks!

  • Meenal Sharma says:

    Hi I’m 12th passed with commerce subject and now 1st year student of college. I want to apply for the foundation course of cma. So,can I apply for it? And if yes, then what are the requirements and procedure for it?

  • Prakash sharma says:

    Hi, I am Prakash . I am graduated in commerce from India Delhi university. And I am also pursuing CMA formerly known as CWA from institute of cost and works accountants of please let me know. How do I can register my self in CMA US I want to make my carrier in global world. Thank you. .

  • Abdul Samad says:

    Hello Stephanie,

    This is Abdul Samad,

    I have Completed My in 2016 from recognized Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.

    I want to know in detail about US CMA Course
    how to take step towards this course.

    Is Experience must to enter into CMA Course
    or not?
    if then what kind of Experience is counted to engage in this course.

    Thanking You Stephanie because i have seen your replying in comments. You Looks like Helpful in nature.

    So Thanks A lot in Advance.

    Abdul Samad.

    Waiting For Reply.

  • JITESH says:

    Hi Stephanie
    I am currently pursuing MBA I am in my 2nd semesters, so can i get the student discount?
    my institution is accredited on the list.


  • Priyanth says:

    What is the scope of CMA USA passed candidates in big 4 ?

  • Priyanth says:

    And does CMA certification meets any credit requirements of CPA ?

  • Mujtaba says:

    hi sir
    if i pass boot part but my bachlor degree 2 year remain and not have expiriance , how much time IMA give me to complete these requirment

  • Isha says:

    HI Stephanie ,
    I live in India . Is it possible for an Arts Graduate to pursue CMA ?

    • Hi Isha,
      Yes it is fine because you are qualified with a bachelor degree in any discipline. The question I’d like you to think through is whether you are in fact interested in pursuing a career in accounting (management accounting in particular)? Because you’ll need to spend extra time understanding basic accounting before you find the review courses useful. It will be more time, money and effort spent than a regular CMA exam candidate.

      If you are determined, welcome aboard!

  • Bhanu says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    Good Day,

    I am from India, i don’t have any degree but i need to complete CMA USA, I am very much interested in Accounting Back ground, is it possible.

  • Ami says:

    Hi Stephanie ,
    I am an Arts Graduate in Human Psychology and I want to pursue CMA . Is it possible for me to give the exam ?

    • Hi Ami, my answer is the same as the one provided to Isha. Yes it is fine because you are qualified with a bachelor degree in any discipline. The question I’d like you to think through is whether you are in fact interested in pursuing a career in accounting (management accounting in particular)? Because you’ll need to spend extra time understanding basic accounting before you find the review courses useful. It will be more time, money and effort spent than a regular CMA exam candidate. Regards, Stephanie

      If you are determined, welcome aboard!

  • shubham says:

    will i have to do cma after my graduation or i can do cma side by side with graduation
    regards shubham

  • Nidhi Hariyani says:


    I have heard CMA awards ” Certificate of Distinct Performance” to candidates who do well in exam.

    What are the critirea of this ? Can you share if you have information?

    I tried to look through this website, Gleim and IMA websites but did not find anything.

    • Sure. You can see this as the “Certificate of Merits” within the CMA exam awards. I know it’s based on the score, but also can’t find the exact criteria. Around 5-10 candidates attain this recognition in each testing window, so it’s pretty hard to get. They are likely the top 4-10 scorers in their batch. The top 3 gets the Gold, Silver and Bronze ICMA medals. Hope it helps.

  • Christina Lobo says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    How soon before the exam must you become an IMA Member. Say I plan on giving the exam by May end, by when should i register for membership



    • Hi Christina, you only need to become one when you have a exam date in mind. I suggest you schedule the exam at least 1 month in advance (that’s if you are flexible in terms of taking a day off for the test). So you can join the membership then. The whole process of joining membership + joining CMA program + paying exam fee took me half an hour. It was very straightforward. Regards, Stephanie

  • rahul says:

    my name is rahul from india. i have done my graduation and also done MBA (Finance),
    I was doin CA but for some reason i quit CA but I have completed my 3.5 years CA articleship training. Now i want to join CMA or US CMA. could you plese tell me the process of admission and what is the duration of course after graduation, MBA & articleship.

  • Annie says:

    Hi Stephanie!

    You mentioned that to be elligilbe for the exam one must either hold a bachelor degree or be an active student.

    I’ve heard that the education requirements may also be fulfilled within 7 years after passing the exam. Is that correct?


    • Hi Annie, I thought it is the “working” experience that should be fulfilled within 7 years after passing the exam. But you can double check with the CMA handbook 🙂 Stephanie

      • Annie says:

        I emailed the IMA and here’s how they replied:

        “The CMA certification program requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university or a related professional certification, completion of the two exam parts, and two-years of work experience before final certification is granted. You will have 7 years after you complete the CMA exam parts to achieve the education and work experience required, if necessary.”

        I also didn’t find the requirement of being an active student or hold a degree to be eligible for the exam in the CMA Handbook…

      • Annie says:

        I emailed the IMA and here’s how they replied:

        “The CMA certification program requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university or a related professional certification, completion of the two exam parts, and two-years of work experience before final certification is granted. You will have 7 years after you complete the CMA exam parts to achieve the education and work experience required, if necessary.”

        I also didn’t find the requirement of being an active student or holding a degree to be eligible for the exam in the CMA Handbook…

        • Hmm… yes, you are right. I wonder if this has been changed or that I just missed the education part. There has also been some changes in terms of IMA recognizing more professional qualification as equivalent to the bachelor degree (It used to be only ACCA). I will check it out in more detail tomorrow and make changes in the post accordingly. Thanks a lot for the heads up. It’s really helpful for me to keep my info up-to-date 🙂

  • Ashish bisht says:

    Can I pursue CMA while doing my bcom hons. From india ?

  • Nitesh singh says:

    Now,i am pursuing CMA ,but don’t have any professional working experience,
    After,clear CMA all part -1 & 2, can I find a job with good salary.

  • George says:

    Dear sir,

    I am from a non-commerce(BSc Chemistry) background and an MBA Finance too and currently have 3 years working experience as an accountant in the Middle East is it possible for me to do CMA. Could you please advise.

    • Sure you can George. Bachelor degree in any discipline is fine to get qualified for this exam, and accounting experience is all good. If you want to be 100% sure, you can email IMA for them to confirm your experience is relevant.

      • George says:

        First of all thanks indeed for your reply, I have some more quires.While we opt for IMA membership which option should I select
        1)Student Membership
        2)Young Professional Membership
        3)Professional Membership
        4)Academic Membership
        5)Two Years Student Membership

        & With regards to above reply could you provide me email id for above experience verification we

        • Hi George, it depends if you are a current student (for 1), and whether you are 33 or below living in North America (for 2), or whether you teach in universities in relevant field (for 3). Otherwise, it would be professional membership.

          • George says:

            Dear Stephanie Ng,

            I am an Indian, working currently in middle-east for more than 3yrs as an accountant (age 28) as per your above reply I should choose professional(IMA) membership?
            Is there any age limitation for professional membership?

          • Hi George, yes the regular (professional) membership is good. There is no age limit.

  • Mibin Thankahan says:

    Iam an Indian.Now Iam doing my bachelors degree in commerce(third year) under the university of kerala.I like to do CMA. But I have some doubt on this, so I need to know more about CMA(US)
    1.Can I join CMA after my degree?
    2.Did it need any experience?
    3.Did it need any membership from any other institutes?
    4.Actually How long the duration of the course?
    5.How can I register for it?

    • Hi Mibin,
      On your questions:
      1. You can join the IMA membership anytime. If you mean the CMA program, you can also join anytime but in order to get qualified you’ll need a bachelor degree.
      2. Not for the exam, but yes to ultimately get the license, as discussed above.
      3. No.
      4. It isn’t a course. It is a program. Technically you can take the two-part exam on May 1 when the next testing window opens. If you pass, you are all set. But most people need 12 months to properly study and prepare for the exam.

      Hope it helps, Stephanie

  • Bilal Ali says:

    My name is Bilal Ali. Iam from Pakistan. I am ACCA affiliate (2013) and hold Bsc Hon in Applied Accounting (2013) from Oxford Brookes University. I want to pursue CMA qualification but confused whether i can apply for student membership or not. I registered my self in B.Com program (Program Duration : 2 years) from University of Karachi in August 2013 but never appeared in the examination.I want to purse B com degree now. Can i use that registration to apply for IMA student membership?

    • Bilal Ali says:

      I have a registration card to support my enrollment in B-COM but the registration date mentioned is 26 August 2013. Whether CMA ask for any documentation to confirm the student status?

    • Hi Bilal, if you graduate, you are no longer a current student and will not be qualified for the student membership.

      I am not sure what you mean by wanting to pursue BCOM degree. If this is a future plan (i.e. not taking it right now), you can’t qualified but if you have started to pursue the degree and are taking at least 6 credit hours of classes this semester (this term), then yes you are qualified. Hope this is clearer?

  • Janani says:


    I did my bachelors( 3 year) from India and certification course about Global Financial Market (1 year). I already had completed ICWAI (Institute of cost work accountant of India ) intermediate level group-1 from India. Can I include that certification course and also does Icwai intermediate group 1 too considered while evaluating the Transcripts? I am planning to get my transcripts evaluated via Acrevs and I want to know what is the evaluation do I need to consider? ( Course by course evaluation )

  • Mihul says:

    Heya! I am Mihul
    I am a student of (plain) in india. I want to be a CMA
    So what are the possible ways on which i have to walk and reached to my goal (CMA)
    PLEASE suggests me!
    ** In my locality there is lack of knowledge about CMA . so please give me suggestions and detials obout CMA !

  • Tony says:

    Hi, I am working in dubai and have registered with CMA 4 years back .I did not attend exam that time. now i want to continue study and and want to appear for exam. may be my registration expired don’t know. Can you guide me the procedures for this.

  • rakshith says:

    Iam from India currently pursuing bcom
    (1) is there any cutoff marks for joining the program?
    (2) is the work experience obtained from a chartered accountant in India enough for taking the program and writing cma exam
    (3) if I pass out CMA program wiill I be considered as CMA (us degree) or CWA (indian cost works accountant)

    • Hi Rakshith,
      Thanks for your note. On your questions:
      (1) No. As long as you successfully graduate from your bachelor program, you are fine.
      (2) As long as it is consecutive two years and is considered full time (e.g. not an internship), it’s fine.
      (3) If you fulfill both the exam and experience requirements, you can become a CMA. If you took the CMA program outside of India, you can make use of the reciprocal agreement with ICWAI and become their member as well. Please refer to this page for details:

  • lavanya says:

    Hii , I completed my CMA final under the institute of cost accountants of India but I want to work at US ,I don’t have degree …can I able to work as cost accountant in US

    • Hi Iavanya,
      I am not the best person to answer job related questions, but typically a bachelor degree is pretty important… also, do you have a specific way to go to the US in the first place? It’s pretty hard to randomly apply for a US job as a non-US person as employers need to do a lot of extra work to hire a non-US person unless this person has already been authorized to work in the US.

  • Syed says:

    Hi, I have registered for professional membership in CMA US last year April, and going to give my first part by June.
    Please note that I have registered for my Part 1 exam within a year.
    My concern is I received notice that my membership expired by 31.March.2017 and to renew my membership by paying US $ 230.
    I understand through your article that registration is valid for three years.
    I confused whether they will allow me to give the exam or I need to renew membership before giving exam.
    Kindly could you clarify this.

    • Hmm, the CMA program is 3 years, but the IMA membership itself is an annual payment. Hope this is clearer?
      So you do need to pay for the annual membership before they allow you to take the exam. It’s the CMA “program” fee that you don’t need to pay until 3 years later. Regards, Stephanie

  • Rowell Dizon says:

    Can i take the CMA exam if I won’t attend to any CMA program or review? I’m planning to do only self review before taking the exam.

    • Hi Rowell,
      You can certainly study on your own. The majority of the candidates in the US are doing that. This is all possible because the exam is 100% computerized anyway and it is best to study and practice online in my opinion.

      Having said that you do need to at least get a book (or better, an online course with practice questions) to get prepared. We cover the top ones here:

  • Redemption says:

    Hie, I’m Redemption and I am doing my second year of B com Finance in South Africa, is it possible to start sitting for the exams before i finish my B com degree



  • Janelle.C says:


    I am glad to have come across this website. It is very insightful! However, it would be great if you can answer my doubt below.

    I have a 4-year bachelor degree in business administration, emphasis in finance, and a bachelor degree in economics. Both degrees are from US university. I also have 3 years of working experience as a junior financial analyst in a MNC company based in Malaysia. Checking back my transcript, I have taken Financial Accounting Concepts course, Strategic Management, and Operations Management course. But, I have not taken Management Accounting course before. Do I need sign up additional course to be qualified in taking CMA exam? With my current experience and education background, what is my next step? Enroll for the exam straight?

    Appreciate your reply. Thanks in advance.

  • Judy says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I have Bachelor’s degree from Goa University and Indira Gandhi National open University, both of which are listed on your website. I live in U.S.A. and don’t know how quickly I can ask for a transcript from both the universities but I do have the transcripts with me. Can I notarize the same with a bank authorized notary and send to IMA. Should I register with IMA before sending the transcripts?

  • mohamed vasim says:




    • Hi Mohamed, it looks to me that you are qualified with a bachelor degree. As for the experience, you can check directly with the IMA (email them with a detailed job description) to know for sure. It’s hard to tell from the “project engineer” title. Regards, Stephanie

  • Sathish Kumar says:

    Hi Stephanie, i completed CMA Part 1 in Feb’17 and appeared for Part 2 in October’17. Currently awaiting for results. I submitted my proof of education (scanned copy of notarized degree certificate ) to IMA and my records are updated on the same day. Will there be any verification process after my education records are updated ?.Also, should i wait for Part 2 results to submit my experience form.Please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Chandrani Mukherjee says:

    I have Bachelor Degree in Commerce from a recognized university in India. Also I have 5 years domestic working experience in accounting. My question –
    1) For US CMA how and where to enroll? Any specific date schedule for enrollment?
    2) Is there any age bar? Currently I’m 35 years and not working. Can I join?
    3) Is there any registered agency or registered coaching classes through which I can join CMA?
    4) What is the course fee structure? When I have to pay the amount?

  • Amanda says:

    Hi.. I’m currently doing my bcom in India.. Third year.. I would like to join for CMA in USA.. As I read through the requirements I read about the work experience.. I clearly don’t understand it.. Can you please help me..?
    Am I able to join CMA now..?

  • prakash says:

    hello, i’m graduate from a recognized university and pursuing ca so can i enroll for cma exam but i dont have two experience.

    what is the procedure for getting enroll for the cma exam?

  • Poorvi says:

    I am a B.Com graduate from India and I wish to pursue CMA (US). Can I give my exams in India and what is the procedure and fees. Please enlighten me.

  • Poorvi says:

    I read your article about completing the CMA(US) course in 12 months. How can I apply for it? I have already completed my graduation so I think I am eligible for the course. Can I know the whole procedure please?

  • Bilal Ahmad says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    hope you are doing good.

    I want to know something from you about my CMA eligibility. Actually I have done bachelor in commerce 2 years program. so please tell me that 2 years bachelor is eligible for CMA.
    waiting to have your reply.


    can u suggest me?

    • Hi Aswinas,
      I suggest that you try your best getting a job, gain some experience and see which niche within the business management you like best. Then you can choose the most relevant certification to enhance your career prospect in that niche.

  • Hina says:

    Hi hina here

    I passed 12 papers of CA PAKISTAN .is CMA exempt for me???

  • Rohit says:

    I have an active student membership until 31 March 2019, I’ve passed my part-2 exam but I have to retake part-1 and on 31 Mar 2019 it’ll be my 3 years completed from the day I enrolled, so basically I’ve to pass my part-1 exam in Jan-Feb window, so my question is can I take my part-1 exam on February, would that affect my membership as results will be declared on April, I’ll able to renew my membership or not?

  • Devika Mehta says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I have completed my bachelors and I have two years of working experience in a CA firm.

    Can you please tell me whether can I take the CMA examination and is 2 years of working experience in a CA firm good for suiting the working experience criteria?

  • ARWA says:

    I have my bachelor’s in Arts (english) can I apply for CMA?

  • Rein says:


    I passed the 2 parts of the exam last 2018 but I haven’t paid any annual fees. Would that revoke the results of my exam?
    Thank you

  • Mozak says:

    I have passed the CMA part 2 exam and am currently preparing for part 1 and intend to write the exam in the next window, which will also be my last opportunity to clear the exam as my 3 years period is coming to an end. I don’t want to start over again so by an off chance if I am unable to clear the exam is there a way to get an extended grace period so I can finish the part 1 exam?

  • >