CMA Exam Dates, Schedule and Calendar [2020 CMA Testing Window]

As part of the planning, know the CMA exam dates, schedule, and deadline. As a result, if you’re planning to take the CMA exam, it’s essential you understand how to register and schedule your time to take the exam, what the recommendations are, and other important information about how to plan your exam.

My goal with this site is to help candidates understand all they need to know about the CMA exam and how to prepare for it and pass it. In this post, I will give you all the information you need about CMA exam dates, scheduling, and the current 2020 calendar. We will also talk about which part of the exam you should take first, and how to plan it all out.

Ready? Here is the latest info.

Overview of CMA Exam Schedule

You need to understand the CMA exam schedule in order to register for your exam dates. Maybe you’ve been studying for weeks (or even months) and you finally feel confident enough to book your exam testing date. However, it’s not possible to take the exam whenever you wish.

First, you must schedule your CMA exam within one of the testing windows. The good news about this is that you will definitely have a lengthy heads-up regarding when you are taking the exam, which allows you time to prepare.

Furthermore, understanding the timeframe of the testing windows is essential to your CMA exam schedule. There are currently 3 testing windows each year for the CMA exam, as follows:

Testing WindowCMA Exam Dates 2020
 Jan-Feb Jan 1to Feb 28
 May-Jun May 1to Jun 30
 Sep-Oct Sep 1to Oct 31

If you miss your testing window, it’s more than just needing to reschedule. It could throw you off by months on your study plan. Furthermore, it all depends on when you planned to take the exam, what time of year it is, and when the next testing window is available. Missing a testing window isn’t the end of the world, but it’s always better to avoid when possible. Since the testing windows are always the same, it’s really easy to avoid this problem by being proactive about your planning.

Once you’ve decided which testing window you want to go for, how do you book your spot?

Booking with Prometric

You will go through Prometric to schedule your test, but you can also use the site to locate the closest test center to you. This is the most important first step for most candidates since planning potential travel arrangements is also important to when you schedule the test. You can also use this same dashboard to reschedule or cancel your test, and to confirm your test once you have scheduled it.

Next, in order to reserve a space at the exam site at the Prometric center, you will have to get an authorization number. It is advised that you send in your registration around 6 weeks before the intended date of your exam in order to get everything processed on time. Keep in mind that there are many people trying to register and spots may be limited, especially at more popular testing centers.

Finally, remember that you do need to be an IMA member before you try to register for the exam. These are the requirements for getting your CMA certification:

  1. Hold an active IMA membership.
  2. Complete and pass Parts 1 and 2 of the CMA Exam.
  3. Hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college/university or a related equivalent professional certification.

Now that you know when the exam windows are for CMA 2020, let’s look at some tips for scheduling your appointment.

Scheduling Tips

If possible, schedule your exam in the first month of the testing window (i.e. Jan,, May, Sep). This gives you more “wiggle room” to work with if you need to reschedule. This will save you money in the long run.

cma exam windowsCandidates are allowed to reschedule their exams for free within the same testing window. For example, if you run out of studying time, you can still postpone your January exam to February. If you schedule the exam in February, you can’t extend to May, and instead must pay in full for your next exam.

No one likes to think they will need to reschedule their exam but, you never know what will happen. Putting yourself in the position of having the free rescheduling time is a smart move, just in case.

Now, how do you know which part of the exam you should take first? Do people always take the parts in order? This is a question I have gotten before and want to address it since it affects the CMA planning and scheduling process.

Which CMA Part Should You Take First?

Interestingly, you do not have to take the CMA exam parts 1 and 2 in order, if you choose not to. You can, in fact, choose to take Part 2 first, if you want. So, how do you decide? The first step is to know what content each part contains. If one part seems like it will be significantly easier for you, then you can choose to do that one first. There really isn’t a right or wrong way, since, in the end, you need to complete and pass both parts to get your certification.

The IMA breaks it down like this:

Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics

Many candidates find Part 1 to be more difficult since it covers more topics and a wider array of subject matter. You can read more about CMA Exam Part 2 difficulty compared to Part 1 if you want to learn more. in general, Part 2 has fewer subjects and units, so many people do consider it easier. Personally, I was more frustrated going through Part 2. It seems easier when you look at it, but the questions were not as straightforward as Part 1.

Part 2: Strategic Financial Management

You will have an average of 12-18 months to complete each part, with three years to complete both. Many people go in order, taking Part 1 first since it seems the most logical. However, there is no rule that you have to do it this way. Some people think Part 2 will be easier for them so ,they register to take it first and get it out of the way. The choice is yours. If you want to review the material a bit more and then make a decision, that is one option.

What other CMA dates do you need to be aware of?

Other Important CMA Exam Dates

Furthermore, you also need to understand your “CMA clock”. This is the timeline you have to complete all steps of the certification process. Please note that the countdown on your CMA exam clock starts to the day you pay the CMA entrance fee. This is when you are officially “in” and your work to become a CMA begins.

Specifically, you must register for the exam within 12 months of entering the CMA program and pass the CMA exam within 3 years. For instance, most people have no trouble with these dates, but if you are doing this while holding down a full-time job or other responsibilities, it will be very important to be mindful of your window and not to allow these dates to pass you by. If you run down your CMA exam clock, you have to start all over again by paying the entrance fee once more.

To manage and track your CMA exam clock, most people will plan a calendar. You can also work this CMA exam calendar into your study program to help you stay on track.

Example of Your CMA Exam Calendar

Next, let’s take a look at how the CMA exam calendar will work for you.

Let’s say today is January 1, 2020, and you plan to complete the CMA program within 6 months.  It is assumed that you have already accumulated 2 years of relevant working experience as an accountant working in a corporation.

  • Apply for IMA membership and pay the entrance fee – Jan 2020
  • Pick a CMA review course and start studying – Jan 2020
  • Register for the CMA exam – around mid-March 2020
  • Sit for the exam (Part 1) – May 2020
  • Sit for the exam (Part 2) – June 2020
  • Pass the 2 parts and get your CMA certification!

I can’t tell you exactly what your CMA exam calendar will look like since it needs to be personalized to you. However, I can guide you on how to create your own. As you see from this example above, you can build your own calendar, based on the days that you register, become an IMA member, and take the exam parts 1 and 2. Look at this as a bit of a roadmap to when and how you move through the CMA certification process.

Waiting On Your Test Results

Once you register and actually take the CMA exam, there is also a schedule to receiving your results. Like most people, you will probably be anxious to get them but it’s important to know that your results won’t just come straight away. The test results are still done manually, by hand, and this means there is a processing period from when you take the test until you get the results back.

However, you don’t need to stalk your mail carrier every day because there is also a formula to help you calculate when you will get your results, based on when you took that part of the exam. Let’s explore this.

The Formula for CMA Results 2020

There is a formula to understand when you will get your CMA results and there is even a 2020 schedule for when the results are sent, based on which testing window you are a part of. They say the waiting is truly the hardest part and while this may be true, there are some things you can do while you wait.

So, when can you expect your CMA exam results? It’s easy to figure out with this formula.

Results come 42 days from the last day of the month you took the test, plus or minus a day.


  • If you take the exam on Jan 30, you will know the date sometime in the middle of March.
  • If you take the exam on Jan 2, your CMA exam result is released the same day as the above because it is 6 weeks after the end of the month you tested.

The result will be updated online in your IMA profile almost immediately from this date. Furthermore, the print mail will come in 2-3 weeks after that with the printed version of your results.

CMA Results 2020: Score Release Dates

This chart of score release dates will help you see when you can expect your scores, based on when you took the exam.

Testing months (2020)
Estimated score release datesMar 14Apr 11Jul 12Aug 10/13Nov 9/12Dec 12
Actual score releaseTBDTBDTBDTBDTBDTBD
# days after the end of
testing month
 42 42424242

Some IMA Stats about CMAs

Next, let’s look at some things the IMA says about CMAs. This sounds like a lot of information, planning, and scheduling to get the CMA certification. Is it worth it?

Here is what the IMA has to say about CMAs:

Those are some impressive stats that you now get to be a part of.

Join us if you want to get tips on how to plan,
study and pass your CMA exam… on your first attempt!

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  • Raas says:

    should i attent both parts in one test window..and also all subject in both parts in one test window..

    looking forward to hear from you…

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Raas, sure you can do that if you have the time and commitment to prepare for both sections within a short period of time. From the conversation with my readers, it seems to me that quite a lot of them are taking the two sections closely together. Stephanie

  • atef says:

    first i’m an egyptian accountant have an experience for 10 years in UAE and i’m dreaming with CMA so after intering to your site i have to thank you first for giving me the right and shorted way to reach for my aim
    second please i’m living in UAE so i need to know what is the place i have to go to Apply for IMA membership and pay the entrance fee ?
    and if my will to do the exam next sept 2013 please advice me suggested plan

    thank you
    atef masoud

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Atef, thanks a lot for your kind words. I really appreciate it.
      I believe you can pay for the membership online through credit card. Is that possible for you?
      For Sept 2013 then you can join IMA first, then take the time to pick the review course designed specifically for the CMA exam. It is not necessary to take these course but it will greatly improve your chance of passing success.
      Here are the major review providers and the pros and cons of each:

      Good luck! Stephanie

  • Salisa says:

    Hi! Do you recommend studying for two parts and then take the two exams or study for it one by one?

    For example, I plan on taking the exam in May/June testing window. Should I study part 1 only, take the part 1 exam in May, and study part 2 in May and June, then take the exam in June?

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Salisa, I believe most people study for the exam one by one. Unlike the CPA exam where you have to fly to the US for the exam, you can likely take it at your local city, in which case it is easier to tackle one at a time. Hope it helps! Stephanie

  • Freddy George says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    I need some clarification about registering for the exam within one year. They says we must register for the exam within one year of registration. But what about the exam date? The date of exam must fall within the one year period?

    To be more specific, I have enrolled for the course in October 2012 and its valid till 31 Sep, 2013. I want to register for the exam while renewing my registration. Do i have to take the exam before 31 Sep 2013 or Register before 31 Sep and sit for the exam in October? Pls advice

    • Hmmm I am not sure actually, that’s a good question. I will try to ask IMA but you might want o send them an email directly to clarify:

      • Freddy George says:

        Thanks a lot Stephanie,

        Last week they responded to my query. Those who have a similar situation, pls find their reply as below. Hope it helps. 🙂

        Good day


        Thank you for contacting the IMA. You must register for an exam no later than October 11, 2013. You do not have to take the exam in October you must register for the exam. If you do not register for an exam part you will have to repay the CMA Entrance fee. You can register for an exam in either the January – February 2014 window or the May – June 2014 window. I hope this clears things up for you.


        Representative Member Services

  • Rick says:

    Two questions:

    How much time is recommended for each part ?

    Would you have a sample image of the CMA Certificate?


    • Hi Rick, around 100-150 hours for each part. If I remember correctly it is a suggestion from IMA. On your second question, you can simply google “CMA certificate” by image. Stephanie

  • goutham says:

    Hai sir.. i am doing C.A in India. next year I will get my degree certification. I have already 2years working experience in a audit firm. before completing my degree can I appear CMA COURSE now. what are the requirements I have to submit.

    thank you….

  • Sarika says:


    I am doing CMA from UAE, I need to known what will be the exam date if i want to give exam in may-2014.

  • Rick says:

    How do employers take CMA – IMA in Toronto as Canada as its own CPA system in place now?

  • Jarod says:

    Anyone heard an estimated date for score releases in July for a test taken May 1, 2014? Passed part 1 already and waiting on results for part 2. I’m getting anxious to see how I did. Thanks

  • ryan justin talavera says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    thanks for this page i got an idea to manage my registration and exam schedule.

    thanks also to freedy.



  • Alagu Purani says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I am currently a home maker in San Diego,with a Bachelors Degree in Commerce ( from India. I am looking to obtain CMA certification. When I looked into the type of IMA membership,I didn’t know what kind of membership will suit my needs. I just want to do CMA for my qualification and not for my career. It will be of great help if u can guide me as to what kind of membership would be economical to choose at this point of time.

    Also, how do I get started to prepare for this exam and where do I get the materials from.

  • Arshad says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I hope you have a wonderful time while on holidays in China. I have few questions relating to CMA, will appreciate if you can reply to them.

    – How much is it of value if a person get CMA and then go to find jobs in US from Canada? Will CMA have significance as CPA has in the job market in US?

    – If i pay entrance fee in this month say for instance at 15 September , 6 weeks time will be at the end of October, therefore i can sit in the next window that will open in January ? ? is that correct?

    – IF i pass part I , i will have 12 months to pass part II , is it correct? If i couldn’t pass part II in the 12 months, my part I will be treated as cancelled and i have to re appear in part i and part ii , paying entrance fee again ?



    • Hi Arshad, thanks for your note! On your questions:
      1. As of now, CMA is not as widely regarded as CPA in my opinion. However, if you are interested in certain industries, especially those with strong manufacturing base, they do value the CMA certification. Also, if you are lucky and the future employer is a CMA, I am SURE he/she will be delighted because they aren’t a lot out there (compared to CPAs).

      2. I think you can actually sit for the exam even in the Sep-Oct window, because everything is online and the approval came very quickly, for me at least. But please double check with IMA. If it is for the Jan window I am quite sure it’s fine.

      3. No, you need to take (NOT necessarily pass) either Part 1 or Part 2 within 12 months. Then, need to pass both within 3 years. After that, you need to repay the entrance fee and take whatever you have passed again.

      Hope it helps? Stephanie

  • Ali says:

    Hi Stephanie

    Thanks for responding to other people’s queries as it helps everybody!

    I have a specific query though, may be you can help in that.

    – I have joined IMA and paid the membership fee ($235). Now I understand I am required to pay certificate entrance fee ($240) and then exam fee ($395) to appear for exam?

    – I am aiming for late October exam date as I am taking off from work in September end. My question is whether you have any idea on the probable dates of CMA exam in the month of October 2014. My test centre will be in Qatar. Will I be able to get something late October?

    Appreciate your quick response.


    • Hello Ali!
      On the $$, yes I am afraid there are 3 levels of fees…
      I believe for Qatar center, you can schedule your exam at now so you’ll know the date. If you prefer Fridays and Saturdays, please schedule as soon as possible.
      More info on how to schedule your exam on this page:
      Please let me know if you have further questions. Cheers, Stephanie

      • Ali says:

        Thanks Stephanie

        Yes, the three level fee was not clear! Just one more thing – this certificate entrance fee will be valid when I enroll for part 2 in Jan/Feb window or I will have to pay it again?

        Thanks a lot

        • Yes, only need to entrance fee once within the 3 year period.

          • Mohamed safwat says:

            Excuse me, if i couldn’t finish my cma within 3 years, what i should do ?
            Please answer me because I am so confused.


          • Hi Mohamed,
            Let’s say you don’t pass both exams, then the other impact that is you have to pay the entrance fee again.

            If you pass Part 1 of the exam and not Part 2, then you will lose the exam credit of Part 1 and you have to do it all over again, including paying the entrance fee. Regards, Stephanie

  • Naveen says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I am from India, having bachelor degree b com and CA qualification. I would like to enroll into cma course. Could you please suggest the mode of enrollment that is as a professional or a student, since I am also into industry on audit and compliance role. When does enroll as a student s applicable.

  • Leena says:


    What is the average time taken to prepare for the CMA exam (both parts taken in the same window)? Or rather what is the shortest time period required to prepare sufficiently for the exam?
    I am an ACCA (having taken P4 and P5) and thus have good accounting knowledge. I plan on taking the Gleim CMA Review as well.

    • Hi Leena, candidates are suggested to allocated 100-150 hours to study for each part of the CMA exam. As for the shortest, I don’t think anyone can give you an answer… I suppose there could be a few people who can take the exam and pass without studying. But this is certainly not the vast majority.

      If you have a good knowledge in the exam content, it’s great news. All the best to your exam! Stephanie

  • Ronald Davis says:

    Respected sir,

    I have a plan for attend part 1 exam on with in May 2015 & also with membership fee renews on June 15th 2015 . Is it need for renew annual fee before May for attend exam of May 2015?

    Thanks & regards,
    Ronald Davis

  • Yatish says:

    Hi Stephanie

    Could you suggest any reference books for CMA???

    Thank You

  • Mark says:

    Hi Stephanie, I saw one of your notes saying you can sit in your local city? I am in Bahamas, is it possible to sit the exams here?

  • ER says:

    Hi Stephanie

    I was wondering if you could please give me some feedback on my plan for the taking the CMA exam.

    My two options are:
    1. Studying for part 1, taking that test, and then studying for part 2 and then taking that test.
    2. Taking the test within the same month of early January 2016.

    Option 1 Option 2
    Course Review ($) May-15 May-15
    IMA Membership ($) May-15 May-15
    Entrance Fee ($) Jun-15 Jun-15
    Exam Registration ($) Aug-15 Dec-15
    Part 1 Sep-15 Jan-16
    Part 2 Jan-16 Jan-16

    $ indicate the month when I will pay the required fees. Thanks!

    • Hi ER,
      Looks good to me! It is safer if you take the two parts in different testing windows (i.e. option 1 is better). Many of my readers pulled it off with taking two tests at the same time, but they often told me they would do it separate if they have the choice again.

      For exam registration, Aug 15 is fine but if you want to sit for the exam on Fri/Sat, better register (and schedule) your exam at least two months before your planned exam date in Sep. This means you need to register in July. Regards, Stephanie

  • Abdul Khadar says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for your help for all CMA aspirants. I am planning to take up both exams in Sep/Oct 2015 window. Part 1 at the beginning of September & part 2 at the end of October. Queries:

    1. Shall I pay fee for both modules at the same time?

    2. Is passing part1 is mandatory to register for part 2. If so, it takes 6 weeks to get the passing score, do we have enough time to register for second part?

    Abdul Khadar

    • Hi Abdul,
      Thanks for your note! On your questions:
      1. I don’t think you need to pay both together. There used to be a discount if you do that, but not anymore.
      2. No you can take part 2 first, or take part 2 even if you fail part 1. So no worries.


      • Abdul Khadar says:

        Hi Stephanie,

        Thanks for your reply. I am planning to start my certification journey as below:

        1. Pay IMA membership : 1st week of June
        2. Procure Gliem pack & Start preparation 1st week of June
        3. Pay for entrance Fee: 1st week of Aug
        4. Pay fee for part 1: 3rd week of Aug & take exam on 1st week of Sep
        5. Pay fee for part 2: 2nd week of Oct & take exam on 4th week of Oct.

        Is that ok.

        Abdul Khadar

        • Hi Abdul,
          Sounds good! The only comment I have is that you are scheduling the part 2 weeks in advance. Space may run out in popular centers… If you want to be 100% sure you can take the exam in early Sep, might want to pay the part 1 fee earlier. Good luck! Stephanie

  • Raquel says:

    Hi again,

    first i want to thank you for coming up with this website. it’s really helpful for us aspirants. thank you so much. 🙂

    here’s my question, can I choose any date within the testing windows?

    • Hi Raquel,
      Thank you for your kind words, and you are most welcome!
      Yes you can choose any day within the testing window (except sunday). Some centers may not open on Saturdays so it also depends. If you prefer Fridays or Saturdays, please schedule your date ASAP. Regards, Stephanie

  • Rob says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    Correct me if I am wrong but can we take our (part1/2) exams on any day of the month except Sunday? if that is the case, I plan on doing one of them on October 31st 2015 (it is a Saturday).

    • Hi Rob, it depends on the specific prometric center. For big ones they open every monday to friday, but I know the smaller ones may only open a few days during the week. In those cases saturday slots may not be available at all. I suggest that you check it out in advance — you can take a look at the prometric website on availability before you apply for the exam.

      • Rob says:

        Hi Stephanie,
        Thanks for the information.
        I checked the prometric site but it doesn’t allow us to check availability unless we have an authorization number from IMA. I believe we need to pay for this beforehand. Is that right?

        • Oh yes, you are right Rob, I used to be able to check that but they must have changed something on the site. What you can still do is to locate the test center (I just tried that and it worked), write down the phone number, and call them. Hopefully you only have 1-2 centers in mind. Good luck! Stephanie

  • Ahmad says:


    I did the CMA part 1 exam in June 2014 and i pass in it.My question is: until when do I have time to pass the second part.(I paid for my entrance Fee in January 2014)

    Thank you.

  • Rob says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    I wanted to clarify.
    We need to get both parts done and the work experience of 2 years done all in 3 years?
    is this correct?
    if this is the case, we need to be working and doing these exams together for sure.

    • Stephanie says:

      Haha Rob, that would be too tough. You just need to complete the two parts within 3 years. Then you can fulfill the experience requirement afterwards. But if you have prior experience gained either before or during the exam, that counts too. Regards, Stephanie

  • ikram says:

    i have appointment for part 2 exam in end of October 2015
    please guide me that can i switch this part 2 exam to part 1 exam

    • Not really Ikram… are you running out of time to study? I would still go for it (take this as a mock exam) since you can’t postpone the exam to the next window. Regards, Stephanie

  • Saif says:


    Within how many years you are allowed to pass the exams I.e from membership date


  • Mike says:

    I appreciate your insights to the above questions.
    I really learned a lot.
    I just wanna ask.

    1. What if I take Part 1 and fail, am I still legible to take Part 2 in the next Exam Window?

    2. If yes, when is the maximum time where I am allowed to retake the failed exam (Part 1)

    3. How many times are we allowed to retake the failed Part until we pass?

    • Hi Mike, you are most welcome! On your questions:
      1. Yes you can take Part 2 first if preferred, although, in my opinion, it’s better to retake Part 1 when you are still familiar with the concepts.
      2. You can take each part once in each testing window. Technically, you can take it 9 times (3 testing windows for 3 years). After that, you need to repay the fee for the CMA and count again.
      3. As above… though I really hope we don’t need to do that 😉

      Cheers, Stephanie

  • VIshnu says:

    Hi stephanie, i have registered with CMA with new year student promotion bundle. As i plan to write part 2 on coming February 2016, I didnt received the authorization code from CMA to schedule my exam at prometric site. How to get this authorization code ?? thank you

  • Aslam says:

    Hi………..As exam dates now are May/June215 and am appearing in CMA Part 1…so can I enroll for June216 or CMA Part 1 exam’s date is fixed as May 216?


    i failed in both part of cma. now i want to re-appear for part 1, coming June. my cma membership is still active till june 2016.
    can you please advice, whether i need Enroll in the CMA certification program again by paying fee, before booking my exam ?

  • Ahmad says:

    Thanks a lot Stephanie,

    I passed my cma part 1 exam in 2014 and I need to pass the second Part before 13 January 2017.
    my question is if i do the part 2 exam for example on 10 January 2017 but I get the result after the 13th(the membership in cma program is expired) and i pass the exam.Would that count or I have to do the two CMA exams again.

    thanks a lot .

  • Ron says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    I signed up for the CMA on July 2015.
    I wrote my first exam on January 2016.
    Do I have 5 or 6 testing windows left from now until expiry?
    I wanted to confirm with you.

  • Mick says:

    Thank you so much for your thorough review of everything about the CMA.

    However, I found one incorrect information in your statement I would like you to clarify.\
    you said “Specifically, you will need… AND complete the process including the experience requirements within 3 YEARS. I would like to point out that the 2016 CMA handbook states
    “Candidates for the CMA Certification must complete two continuous years of
    professional experience in management accounting and/or financial management.
    This requirement may be completed prior to or within seven years of passing the

    Please let me know if I understand it incorrectly. Thank you in advance


  • Kaycee says:

    Hello, Miss Stephanie!

    I’m a CPA from the Philippines and I’m interested of obtaining a CMA Certificate, but I don’t exactly know how and where to start.

  • Sohini Roy says:

    How many days the exam will take place after the registration??

  • Elena says:

    Hi! where can I see the schedule of Prometric center for Jun-Feb session for Russia, Moscow? Available dates? Thanks!

    • Hi Elena, there isn’t a particular schedule. You pick your own dates. Typically the prometric center is open Monday to Friday (or Saturday), but it depends on the specific center in your area. Regards, Stephanie

  • Zubair says:

    I have get IMA membership in student category in January 2017. But I want appear in CMA-Part 1 exam in this widow’s February last days… it is possible..??

    I have not deposit entrance fess yet also…


  • Abdul Gopang says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I am planning to take part 1 CMA exam in May-June window of 2017. Is there any deadline from IMA for exam registration for that window?

  • Dheeraj says:

    Hi sir/ma’am, i have a doubt, i had paid $800 which includes IMA membership fee + Part 2 exam fee (Jan/Feb 17) + Part 1 exam fee (May/June 17) and i had missed my Part 2 exam which was scheduled on Feb 23rd 17 due to some unfortunate events, so now do i get to attend my Part 1 exam (May/June 17) as i have paid my exam fee or i have to pay $800 again??

  • Ali says:

    Hello Stephanie,

    i have scheduled my appointment for cma part 1 and after getting the confirmation number of the appointment, there was something i wanted to ask.

    All i have got is authorization number from IMA and confirmation number from prometric, how will i actually sign-in, isn’t there any prometric ID, username and password that is provided by the prometric or do I need to register/create an account on prometric. Couldn’t find the info anywhere.

    And you have been doing a great work.


    • Hi Ali,
      It has been a while back I registered for the exam, but yes you should start at the prometric website, then “schedule my test” , pick a country and city, then after agreeing with the policy etc you will be asked to enter the autorization number from the IMA. It should be quite self-explanatory after that. Regards, Stephanie

  • Goldie says:

    Hi, I completed my graduation in 2003. I have 11 years of experience. Am I eligible for CMA US examination. Kindly suggest.

  • Raj says:

    HI Stephanie,

    Hope you are doing good.
    I have completed B.Com & Master Degree of Finance.
    Just would like to check my eligibility.
    I have 16 years of experience in finance as a SAP Finance & Costing Consultant. I have certified SAP Consultant.
    Is it sufficient as a experience.

    Best Regards

  • Samer says:

    Hi , I pay the IMA and Cma program entrance fees year ago , should I repay the cma program fee
    ( which it suppose for one time ) since I did not register for the exam within 12 month .


    • Oh, if you didn’t take the exam within 12 months, you might need to… but please double check with the IMA and see if that’s required. I hope not! Stephanie

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