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Becker CMA Review Discounts — Becker CMA Codes: New for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Becker is a big name in the CPA Exam prep industry, and it has recently branched out into CMA exam prep, as well. In early 2021, Becker released two brand new courses: the CMA Review Advantage and CMA Review Pro. Unfortunately, these are both at the high end of the pricing spectrum for CMA prep products. However, with our exclusive Becker CMA discounts, you can save quite a bit of money on these high-end packages. I’ve updated the codes below to reflect the Becker CMA Black Friday & Cyber Monday discounts!

Find more in-depth information about these courses by reading my Becker CMA review, new for 2021. I’ve also made a comparison of the best CMA review courses to help you figure out which is the best for your budget and learning style.


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Save on the Becker CMA Review Pro Package — Black Friday & Cyber Monday

These Becker CMA discounts apply to the company’s most comprehensive product, the Pro package. By clicking on the coupon below, you’ll receive the best price on this all-new review course. Along with the typical textbooks and digital review materials, you’ll receive virtual classroom instruction. Additionally, you’ll have access to five hour-long, one-on-one tutoring sessions.

Becker CMA Coupon for the Becker Discounts Post — Pro
Becker CMA Discount Pro Package

Save with this Becker CMA Pro discount code.

$540 Off Pro

Save on the Becker CMA Review Advantage Package — Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Use these Becker CMA discounts on the self-study Advantage package. Although this package comes without the live instruction and tutoring, you’ll still receive 18 months of access to Becker’s proprietary Adapt2U learning platform. This technology helps you identify areas of weakness to let you study more efficiently.

Becker CMA Coupon for the Becker Discount Post — Advantage
Becker CMA Discount Advantage CMA Study Prep

Save on the Becker CMA Advantage Package.

$250 Off Advantage

Becker CPE Discounts

For those who have already passed the CMA exam, Becker also offers continuing professional education (CPE) to help you maintain your certification. Although you’ll receive a free year-long subscription with the purchase of the Becker CMA Pro package, you can also buy a separate subscription using our Becker CMA discounts for CPE.

CPE Discounts for All Becker Courses

Becker CMA CPE Coupon Public Offer
Becker CMA CPE Discount
25% Becker CMA CPE Discount

Exclusive Becker Prime Discount

Becker CMA CPE Coupon Exclusive Offer
Prime Becker CMA CPE Discount -- Exclusive!
$190 Off Prime

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use these Becker CMA discounts?

Usually, you simply click the button or the link on our site, which will take you to the company’s website. There, your Becker CMA coupon will be automatically added to your shopping cart. We’ll let you know if you need to type in a Becker CMA promo code at checkout.

How new are these Becker CMA review materials?

If you pay attention to the CMA prep course industry, you may know that Becker used to offer third-party CMA review materials. However, in January of 2021, Becker released its own in-house CMA exam prep, consisting of two comprehensive review courses. In fact, these courses are so new that not all features and materials are live yet. The video lectures for part two of the exam will be available in the spring of 2021. Additionally, LiveOnline virtual classes are set to begin in the summer.

Can I get a Becker CMA free trial?

Yes, you can sign up for a free 14-day course demo. We highly recommend you take advantage of this offer to make sure that the Becker courses are right for your learning and study style. Then, you can easily come back here and use one of our Becker CMA discounts.

How does Becker CMA compare to other CMA review courses?

Since the CMA Becker courses are so new, it’s hard to know for sure how well they stack up against the competition. However, you can find my full review of the 2021 Becker CMA courses here, and here is a full comparison chart of the best CMA review courses. Finally, this article compares the cost of the Becker CMA book to similar CMA prep materials.

Looking for Becker CPA discounts? You can find those on our sister site. Good luck, candidates!

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