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Becker CMA Review: Brand New for 2021

Becker CMA is a well-known brand among accountants who want to pursue a CPA designation in the US. Although Becker’s CMA products have gone on and off the market over the past few years, the company launched a new set of review packages at the beginning of 2021. We’ll show you what they offer and how Becker CMA stacks up against the competition.

Becker CMA 2021: What’s New

Overall, Becker CMA offers just two options: CMA Review Advantage and CMA Review Pro. The former is a self-study option, whereas the latter includes a virtual classroom and one-on-one tutoring services. Whereas Becker’s content from several years ago was licensed through Power Resources, the company now produces its own review material.

Becker CMA Review Advantage

The CMA Review Advantage package provides access to Becker’s two-part review course and digital textbooks for two years. Here are the review course materials you’ll receive.

Textbooks and Course Content

Becker’s textbooks aren’t just updates of past material. They’re brand new for 2021, and the digital textbooks are regularly updated with the latest content for both parts of the exam. Additionally, the text covers 100% of the most recent ICMA Learning Outcome Statements.

Unlike before, Becker is now a licensed partner of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), which bestows the CMA designation. This does not imply endorsement by the IMA, but it does mean Becker receives up-to-date content.

Adaptive Learning Platform

Becker has been using adaptive learning software to power its CPA prep platform for several years now. Finally, they have brought this technology to CMA exam review. The program is called Adapt2U Technology, and it promises an easy-to-use interface that will create a personalized study plan for you.

The adaptive platform serves early quizzes to assess what you already know and focus your attention on what you don’t. You’ll also take assessment quizzes at the end of every unit. As you progress through the material, the software will identify areas of strength and weakness to help you study more efficiently.

Practice Questions and Exams

With over 4,000 multiple-choice questions and 70 essay questions, Becker CMA’s quiz bank isn’t quite as robust as Gleim’s CMA prep program. Additionally, the course promises both “unlimited practice tests” and “simulated exams,” and it’s important to recognize the distinction between the two. Practice tests are drawn from the quiz bank, and you can choose a standard distribution of topics or a personalized distribution based on your areas of weakness.

A simulated exam, however, gives you test questions under real-life testing conditions. Some test prep companies have software that closely replicates what the real CMA exam software will look like. Others simply give you a time limit to complete the questions. To the best of Becker CMA’s ability, they mimic the Prometric CMA testing environment in every way possible.

Video and Audio

Becker CMA uses short, bite-sized lectures that are led by CMA exam experts. Each video only covers one topic, so you won’t have to sit through endless boring videos that loose your interest. Becker includes 35+ hours in the Part 1 course and 20+ hours in the Part 2 course. Plus, Becker’s instructors include CMAs and experienced professionals from across the accounting, law and business fields.

As of right now, there is no audio-only component to Becker’s course to review by listening.


The Becker CMA Review Advantage package comes with “success coaching” and “academic support.” Neither of these are one-on-one tutoring – that’s only available with the Pro package – but what Advantage customers receive is more involved than simple technical support. All Becker users have access to the Becker CMA Academic Support Form where students can get detailed answers to specific questions within the course. Click here to learn more.

Becker Promise Policy

Although Becker CMA doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee, they do promise that if you use their materials but fail the exam, you can repeat the course at no additional cost. To be eligible for the Becker Promise Policy, you must complete 90% of the course, score at least a 50% on one simulated exam, and provide a score report for your failed exam.

Unfortunately, the Advantage package only grants you a three-month extension on your course access. While this is nice, it’s not a very robust guarantee. You can only get a money-back guarantee within the first 10 days of your purchase.

Becker CMA Review Pro

The CMA Review Pro is Becker’s upgraded package that includes tutoring, virtual classes, and unlimited course access. You’ll also receive print copies of the textbooks. If you buy the Advantage package and later decide you want to upgrade to the Pro, you can do so by paying the difference between the two. In other words, you won’t have to purchase the whole thing again. Here’s what the Pro package has that Advantage doesn’t.


With the Pro package, you’ll receive five hour-long academic tutoring sessions. These will be one-on-one virtual sessions between you and an instructor.

Virtual Classroom

Speaking of virtual instruction, the Pro package also comes with LiveOnline webinars that serve as a virtual classroom environment. You’ll have real-time access to the instructors of these courses, which can be accessed anywhere. Becker’s LiveOnline webinars are all new for 2021; click here to review the schedule.

Becker CPE Subscription

As a CMA, you’ll need to take a certain number of continuing professional education (CPE) credits every year to maintain your certification. In addition to exam prep, Becker also offers some CPE courses, which you’d ordinarily need to pay for. Although your first CPE requirement doesn’t begin until the January 1 after you pass the exam, if you time it correctly, this could be a big help.

Or maybe not. Unfortunately, Becker doesn’t specify when the year of free classes begins. If it starts the day you pass your exam, it’s very useful, especially if you take your exam late in the calendar year. If, on the other hand, it starts the day you purchase the course, it probably won’t do you much good unless you plan on taking the exam very soon after starting with Becker CMA. Once again, we’d really like more details.

Unlimited Access

You’ll continue to have access to updated Becker CMA materials as long as you need them to pass. And you won’t have to rely on the Becker Promise guarantee to enjoy a longer access period, as Advantage users do.

Becker CMA Review Packages Comparison Chart

CMA Review Advantage CMA Review Pro
Type of course Self-study Full package
Price Get price Get price
Length of access 24 months Unlimited
Textbooks Digital Digital and print
Multiple-choice questions 4,000+ 4,000+
Essay questions 76 76
Practice tests Unlimited simulated exams Unlimited simulated exams
Video/audio content Lecture videos Lecture videos
Support Success coaching Success coaching
Flashcards 500+ 500+
Tutoring N/A Five 1-on-1 sessions
Virtual classroom N/A Live webinars
CPE subscription N/A Free for one year

Becker CMA vs. the Competition

becker cma

Here is my analysis of the four major CMA exam prep companies:

Becker CMA Gleim CMA Wiley CMAexcel Hock CMA
IMA Licensed / Strategic Partner smalltick smalltick smalltick smallcross
Video Lectures smalltick smalltick smalltick smalltick
# Practice Questions 4,000+ 4,500+ 5,500+ 3,447
Performance Tracking smalltick smalltick smalltick smalltick
Audio Review smallcross smalltick smallcross smallcross
Customer Service Tutoring Personal counselor Instructor mentoring Teacher support
Free Trial smalltick (14 days) smalltick(Unit 1) smalltick (14 days) smalltick (14 days)
Access Time Limit 24 months or unlimited 18 months or unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Money-Back Guarantee smallcross smalltick Partner Until You Pass smalltick
Pricing (2-parts) $2,099 $1,279 (w coupon) $1,800 $1,499
Pricing (single-part) N/A $950 N/A $874
Recommendation & Analysis Becker CMA vs. Gleim CMA Gleim CMA analysis Wiley CMA analysis Hock CMA analysis

Becker CMA: The Pros

1. Free Trial

It’s encouraging that Becker CMA offers a 14-day free trial. Thus, if you’re interested or your employer is willing to sponsor the Becker CMA course for you, it’s good to take a look and compare the offering with the competitors. Gleim and Wiley also have free trials that you can sign up for without strings attached.

2. Unlimited Access

Although it’s only available with the Pro package, Becker CMA does offer unlimited access to its study materials. Additionally, the 24-month access for the Advantage package is also fairly generous. If other CMA prep programs have a cut-off, it’s usually at 18 months.

3. Live Instruction

Again, this only comes with the more expensive Pro package, but Becker CMA does offer two types of live instruction: virtual classes and one-on-one tutoring. These give you the chance to ask questions of a real person who can help explain concepts to you in a way you’ll understand. Tutoring alone can be very expensive, and having five built-in sessions may be perfect for you.

4. The Becker Name

Becker CMA’s cost is, in part, due to the company’s sterling reputation in the CPA prep market. The IPass team rates it as the #1 CPA review course. Therefore, a company with this kind of clout wouldn’t risk it all on a sub-par CMA product. Becker CMA mirrors the quality and helpfulness that made its CPA product so successful.

Becker CMA: The Cons

1. Brand New Material

What percentage of candidates who use Becker go on to pass the exam? It’s impossible to answer that question because, at the time of writing, no one who uses Becker has had time to take the exam yet. Just six weeks in, it’s difficult to even find reviewers who have dug substantially into the program. The first version of anything is likely to have some bugs. Although fortunately, the Adapt2U platform has already been tested as part of Becker’s CPA program, the CMA materials on it have not.

The program is so new that it’s not even complete yet – videos for part two of the exam and all live webinars don’t premiere until later this year. Therefore, we recommend you start with Part 1 first.

2. Limited Offerings

Right now, Becker CMA’s products are limited to two packages. There’s no option to purchase the test bank separately for a lower price. Nor is there the option to purchase materials for only one exam part. If you want any of Becker’s products, you must buy them as part of a much larger package.

3. Weak Guarantee

The Becker Promise Policy is only useful under a narrow set of circumstances. If you purchase the Advantage package, complete 90% of it, and fail the test, you get three more months of access. That’s it. The wording doesn’t even make it clear whether you get three months added on to the end of your 24-month access period or you just get three months starting from the date you fail the exam.

4. Expensive

Of all the CMA exam review products we’ve reviewed, Becker is the most expensive by a substantial margin. At $1,499.99, even the self-study program is pricier than many full review packages. Given that there are no cheaper a la carte options, you can’t even buy Becker’s test bank or flashcards to use as supplemental materials. However, there are Becker CMA discounts that bring the cost down considerably.

Becker has always priced their CPA product at a big premium, but that’s based on specific history and reputation. However, even with discounts, putting the prices at $1,349 and $1,699, respectively, this is the high end of the cost spectrum.

My Conclusion, For Now

Overall, we find that there’s just too much information missing to pass a definitive verdict on Becker CMA yet. The company has a good reputation in the CPA prep department, and hopefully, these CMA materials will have the same high quality. However, there are still too many unanswered questions.

Additionally, because the materials are so new, they have yet to be “battle-tested” by actual CMA candidates sitting for the exam. How easy are the textbooks to understand? What kind of webinars are available through the LiveOnline classroom? How well does the exam simulation resemble the actual exam? How helpful is the academic support and success coaching? We just don’t know yet.

Moreover, the extremely high price point makes all these questions doubly important. If you’re going to pay this much for a CMA review course, you want it to be comprehensive and effective. However, since there’s a free trial, you can certainly test out the materials and the software to see if you like the course.

If you are new to the CMA exam, there are several well-established, family-run, and comprehensive review courses out there, as shown in the chart above. Check out my comparison page on major CMA course providers for even more information. For example, you could start with Hock CMA vs. Becker CMA.

Can I Be More Helpful?

If you are about to start your CMA journey, I am happy to help you out! Feel free to subscribe to my free mini-course, to be delivered to your email for 7 days. You may also want to get the details of this mini e-course here.

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I am the author of How to Pass The CPA Exam (published by Wiley) and the publisher of this and several accounting professional exam prep sites.

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divya says April 29, 2018

hey I’m using Becker and I plan to give my part one exam next month can you please help me with this , I want to know that are the practice questions asked by Becker are of the same type that are asked in the main exam . is it enough if I go through only the material provided to me by Becker ?

    Stephanie Ng says May 5, 2018

    Hi Divya,
    Thanks for your note. I have to say all review course providers try their best to imitate the real exam experience including the style of the questions themselves, but they will never be the same. So it’s more for you to get familiar with how questions can look based on the syllabus. But then, all candidates face this uncertainly so don’t worry too much. Best of luck to your exam! Stephanie

Amit says January 16, 2018


In India, options for review courses are limited.
I have 2 options i.e, Wiley & Becker.
Please suggest which one to select & will it be sufficient to clear both the exams?

Please assist.

    Meghan D says August 8, 2018

    Of the two, I would definitely recommend Wiley. Learn about the Wiley course (and get Wiley CMA discounts) by visiting this page: https://ipassthecmaexam.com/wiley-cma-review/

Haneen says October 4, 2016

Dear Stephanie .
Thank you for your support,
do you have recommendations for me concerning the essay questions ?!

Haneen says October 3, 2016

Hello Stephanie,

Thank you for your reply,
I do not know what to do honestly, they are many topics,
And here is Kameron saying he passed studying only Becker, do I have enough time to study all over again ?!

    Stephanie Ng says October 3, 2016

    Hi Haneen, Kameron did say he has a relevant background, so you need to determine whether that applies to you as well.
    I wouldn’t study all over, but spend the time on practice questions. Stay strong and good luck! Stephanie

Priyank says May 31, 2016

I m a student of bcom 2year can you suggest me that for which part I should go first I m so confused in this thing…!

Kameron says March 3, 2016

Any further review on Becker? I also have it, but have not taken the exam.

I want to know if i should allocate my time more towards the reading, or the practice questions.

    Stephanie says May 5, 2016

    Hi Kameron,
    Their website remains to provide minimum transparency and I haven’t heard of other readers using Becker CMA, so I am afraid this is all I have, for now.

    It would be nice if you share your thoughts as well.

    In general, it is better to focus on practice questions, especially towards the end. Do you have a live instructor for your course? You can ask for his/her advice as well.

      Kameron says May 31, 2016

      I do not have a live instructor.

      I have focused on the practice questions for the majority of my time spent, and their practice questions come from IMA past exam questions, as well as additional questions they have made.

      I will go further into Becker review after my exam dates.

      Additionally, i think there needs to be more transparency in first time pass rates with English as their first language, and education background. On a global level the 40% pass rate is very scary stat upon first glance, but when dissected its understandable.

      Thanks for the response!

        Stephanie Ng says May 31, 2016

        Hello, thanks for your note. Yes, you are on the right track. Best of luck to your exam and do tell us what you think of Becker CMA afterwards.

        On the pass rates, there used to be a breakdown of pass rates by region, which pretty much differentiate the English speakers from the non-English speakers.

        I only have 2014 numbers but the stats stay more or less the same for many years so it should still be a good indication:

          Kameron says August 11, 2016


          Just got my results, and i passed with 410/500 on the first part.

          Becker was sufficient, but i think my education i got from UKY served as a good beginning, and becker was a light refresher for the material.

          Cheapest route though!

          Stephanie Ng says August 11, 2016

          Hi Kameron, congrats to you, and thanks for the sharing!

        Haneen says October 2, 2016

        Dear Kameron ,

        I am now studying for the CMA exam part one , my exam in three weeks , I have studied Becker Material and questions, but are they enough .I have been solving Gleim questions , and there are many topics and questions , that are barely mentioned in Becker, and in Gleim questions are covered on a broader basis .

        can you help me ?

          Stephanie Ng says October 2, 2016

          Hi Haneen, quite frankly, if you don’t see the topics covered in Becker, take that as a warning signal. I would definitely spend the rest of the three weeks working through the Gleim questions.

Ren Dizon says December 30, 2015

Hello, I would like to share my experience with Becker.

On 5th or 12th Dec’15 either of the two mentioned Saturdays I went to attain a demo class conducted by Eduprinstine,channel partner of Becker in India. The demo session was held in Hyderabad. The study material what I have seen other student using was not at all up to the mark. Point no 2, they have their own set of study mat on the basis of which classes are conducted. Though, the classes are informative and the faculty doing her level of best to catch up to the course requirement, but, I personally think to clear CMA, we need much better sessions. The examples are not at all descriptive as concluded by me through a glimpse of the material.

I personally would prefer Hock, Gleim or Wiley. Becker’s actual material I have not yet seen. Moreover, neither do I have noticed MCQs or question bank of Eduprintine,but, overall I am not at all impressed and would suggest others to think twice before investing,cause, CMA is after all not only a challenging and life changing qualification, it’s also very expensive.

    Stephanie Ng says December 30, 2015

    That’s incredibly helpful DM. Thanks! Stephanie

priyank says December 24, 2015

I want to know that is Becker’s study material is good for CMA US now or not??..

    Stephanie Ng says December 29, 2015

    Hi Priyank,
    Unless they provide the basic information, I won’t be able to tell. In my own opinion, their action implies that they are not (yet) confident of their product; as if, if they fail, they can just tell people that they are only in trial mode.

    Also, I suspect that the content is not provided by Becker. They seem to have a “licensor” known as Powers Resources Corporation.

    Regards, Stephanie

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