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FAQs about Accounting Tutoring

Accounting is a field that comes more easily to some people than others. However, just because you need a little help doesn’t mean you can’t be a very successful accountant. For example, the certifying exams that many professional accountants take are very difficult and require a lot of studying. Fortunately, if you do need a […]

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CPA Review Discounts: Save Big — Codes For the 2024 CPA Exam

Use this page often to get the latest CPA Exam discounts and promo codes! Plus, the best review courses are ready for the CPA Evolution and have study materials available for the new CPA Exam Discipline sections! CPA Exam Discounts Content CPA Review Course Discounts Contents CPA Review Course Discounts — 2024 CPA Course DiscountsSave $1,100 […]

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CIA Review Course Discounts and Coupon Codes: 2024 CIA Exam Prep!

If you’re looking for the latest CIA exam prep discounts and coupon codes, you’ve found them! When you use a CIA exam prep discount from this page, you’ll save money on your CIA review and be able to pass the exam for less.  CIA Exam Prep Discount Contents CIA Review Course Discount Contents CIA Course […]

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CGMA Designation: Is the Title Worth Your Time and Money?

GGMA®, which stands for Chartered Global Management Accountant, is a relatively new designation for management accountants. The title is granted by a joint venture between the AICPA and CIMA. (For those who need some background, AICPA is a national association of US CPAs. CIMA is essentially the UK/commonwealth countries version of CMA.) Why the CGMA […]

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CMA vs CFA: Which is Better? Overlap in Exam Content?

Are you considering the CFA vs CMA? After all, the CPA, CFA, and CMA come to mind for accounting and finance professionals who want to pursue additional qualifications. The CPA is the most widely known accounting designation, but candidates need core accounting education and training to get the license. Therefore, the CMA vs CFA is […]

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CGMA Exam Prep: Latest Format, Coverage and Review Course

The CGMA exam was recently launched in January 2015. Let’s take a look at the latest development. Overview The CGMA designation is a new qualification for global management accountants jointly created by CIMA and AICPA. We talk about the history, pros and cons and the requirement on this page. Exam Format and Coverage CIMA is […]

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Top Management Accounting Certifications around the World

I received a great question from a reader on how to differentiate management accounting certifications around the world. I’d like to show you the major ones and my recommendation in this video. (Thanks, Ibrahim, for the suggestion!) The Management Accounting Certification Worth Considering Disclaimer: The IMA and the ICAI no longer have a mutual recognition […]

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