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CIMA Exam Centres: Where is the Nearest Location?

cima exam centresThe CIMA exam centres are in fact testing sites run by Pearson VUE, an electronic exam administrator that runs computerized tests for different professions around the world. The Certified Internal Auditor Exam, for example, is also run by Pearson VUE. There are 500+ testing centers available in most days of the year.

Now that the CIMA exams for Cert BA and Objective Tests are computerized, we can take the test anytime during the year. It is great that both the location and the date of the CIMA exams have become a lot more flexible.

(CIMA in this website refers to Chartered Institute of Management Accountant. For Certified Investment Management Analyst, please click here.)

Find the Nearest CIMA Exam Centres

Here is a video on how to locate the closest Pearson VUE centres for the CIA exam. It works exactly the same way for CIMA exam:

You can find out the most convenient CIA exam locations for yourself before registering for the exam. Here are the steps:

1. Click this page in Pearson VUE website dedicated to the CIMA exam

2. There is a “find your site” button at the right hand side of the page, as shown below.

3. Type in the city you would like to take the test. It doesn’t need to be your home country. I use “San Francisco” as an example and the site shows the testing center in the city as well as several options in adjacent area.

How Your CIMA Exam Centre May Look Like

Here is a video clip from Pearson VUE showing a typical exam site, and what you can expect to go through the registration process on exam day:

CIMA Exam Scheduling

First of all, you need to register for the CIMA exam. It is easiest to register via MyCIMA.

Once your registration is processed and that the data is updated to Pearson VUE’s scheduling system (approximately 48 hours), you can make your appointment online or by phone.

Please note the following:

  • Candidates can make appointment one business day in advance.
  • The registration entitles you to one part of the CIMA exam and is valid for 180 days.
  • Candidates needs to go through the same step for each part of the CIMA exam. In other words, if you register for two parts, please register twice.
  • Pearson VUE administers many certifications other than the CIMA, and some sites get full quickly. You should schedule the exam as early as possible.

Hope It Helps!

If you have any questions, please drop a note in the comment section below. For now, let’s check out these general information on the CIMA exam:

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