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CMA Exam Regrade Procedure and Decision Going forward

CMA exam regradeDeepak is our latest blogger from the UAE. He writes for us every Thursday.

Since the results were released, there has been lots of happiness among those who made it, and sadness among the few who didn’t make it.

Congratulations again to everyone who made it this time and special congrats to the new CMA certificate holders. (BTW, newbies, don’t forget to earn your CPE 🙂 )

Did anyone think of submitting their score for regrading?

I did and asked for the procedure from the IMA support center.

Here is the reply. I hope it is helpful to you.

How a CMA Exam Regrade is Done

Hello Deepak,

Thank you for your membership in IMA and your participation in the CMA Certification Program.

IMA understands you are asking about a re-grade of your recent exam. First, IMA would like you to understand the grading process used for the CMA Certification Program exams.

Grading the essay portion of the exam is a labor intensive and time consuming process. In order to be fair and accurate in the grading, ICMA has to wait to have all candidate answers before reporting results. The grading process includes sample grading to ensure that ICMA’s grading guides are complete and that our graders are awarding the appropriate points. Sample grading allows the ICMA to see a variety of candidate responses and ensure that the grading guides and graders are working as expected. ICMA also uses reviewers to manage quality and consistency. By doing this ICMA ensures that candidates are treated fairly and equally in the grading process and that candidate scores are reliable and valid. Additionally, before grades are released ICMA does a thorough and exhaustive review process, reviewing all marginally failing papers to determine that the grade is fair and accurate and that no points were missed in grading. ICMA does this marginal review process once all papers have been graded.

ICMA does have a procedure to re-grade exams. The re-grade will consist of a review of your multiple choice questions for accuracy of scoring. Your essays will be assigned to an independent grader, who was not involved in the original scoring of your essays.

The re-grade fee is $100.00 USD. The re-grade of your exam will take 3 to 4 weeks to complete. After the re-grade is completed the ICMA will notify you of the result of the re-grade by email.”

After reading the reply, I am not going for the CMA exam regrade. I will stick to my plan to sit in the September 2016 testing window.

Now, those in my situation may wonder what can be the next step:

  • Should we continue the studies?
  • Drop out and look for any other certification… or
  • Forget about certifications and just continue life as usual?

Honestly, if you are thinking of dropping out, it is not a good idea. We may not be the lucky ones to clear the exam in a few attempts. But if we are determined and perfectly focused, we can make it next time with flying colors.

That is what I have decided to do.

“Refocusing” is My Plan

Yes, the word “refocusing” may sound odd, but this is the approach needed after much effort. If we aren’t able to pass the exam, we need to change our approach and understanding of studies. This will help us earn the credits next time.

Giving up hope won’t be an option unless it is the last option due to personal limitations.

Our efforts today will REAP good results and success tomorrow.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend 🙂

Note from Stephanie

Deepak, thanks for sharing your experience in exploring whether a CMA exam regrade is worth it. I do have a few candidates considering that in every testing window. Your post will prove to be very helpful for them.

Looking at the many comments from your last post, all of us support your decision to stay on and retake the exam in September. I hope you feel that we are all here to cheer for you. Take a good break, refocus and restart your engine in the summer!

  • Next post on April 28: Help me understand the scoring system

About the Author Deepak S

Hi, I am Deepak. I work in UAE as a Financial Analyst in the jewellery industry, looking to further enhance my knowledge with the CMA qualification.

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