I would like to thank each and every one of you who have personally thanked me for my hard work on this website. I created it to help people like yourself, and it’s your kind words that inspire me and keep me updating the website.

I decided to place this testimonial page here not only as a thank you to those who have put in their hard work and thanked me for mine, but also for those of you who have yet to take your CMA Exam and may need some inspiration and/or confirmation that since you are here visiting IPassTheCMAExam.com, you’ve come to the right place.

From Rekha:

Hi Stephanie,

Your website is very resourceful for aspiring CMA candidate. It cover pretty much everything for CMA candidates. It has awesome tips for review material to purchase, how to study, exam taking strategy, multiple choice question, essay—perfect website for everything. Thanks!

From Daniel W. Pritchett:

Hi, Stephanie! I want to say thanks for your incredibly informative CMA site!”

From Emily (via email):

Stephanie, I thought the IMA Site was pretty organized, but it’s nothing when compared to yours. Excellent info on the CMA review course comparison I don’t seem to be able to find this anywhere.”

From Martha (via email):

Dear Stephanie,

Thanks a lot for your assistance I greatly appreciate it. It actually encouraged me not to delay studying for the CMA exams anymore.

Waiting for additional “goodies” and tips.”
From Abi (via email):
Appreciate all your efforts in helping CMA aspiring candidates. I thoroughly enjoyed your mini course. You provided us all the key information related to the certification  through this course. I am seriously preparing for CMA part 2 and planning to sit for the exam for next window (Jan-Feb). Looking forward for your update regarding CMA certification. Once again Thanks a lot Stephane..!”
From Said (via email):
First of all, I would like to thank you for your great effort to guide us.
Of course, this is very useful and helpful mini-course.
I did not know before about how to deal with essay questions.
your course improving the way that I  think about CMA.”
From Sundar (via email):

Thanks  a lot for your mini e-course.. That will be a great starter for the beginners like me..Excellent work done. I will refer your site for sure to my colleagues and let them be kept informed.
This is the one site which cannot be missed by any CMA student.”

From Avil (via email):

Thanks a lot,really appreciate it . The work that you are doing is really great.There are only a few genuine people like you  anyway I am preparing for part 1 due on the jan-feb window wish me luck. Just wanted to say thanks.”

From Leah (via email):leah

First of all, I want to thank you for providing this 7-day mini e-course. It helped me a lot actually.

I am currently pursuing my CMA certification after I had finished my degree. I am always curious about on how should I study in preparation for the CMA Exam. I read a lot of articles but I still cannot organize all the ideas I got until I found your website. When I learned about the 7-day mini e-course I immediately sign-up without second thoughts. I didn’t expect that all of your emails would answer the questions I had in my mind. It was very useful especially to those CMA candidates like me.

I hope you will continue this mini e-course to guide us CMA candidates. Thank you and God Bless.”

Read the Stories of Our CMA Exam Bloggers

We have quite a few readers who blog and share with us their CMA exam journeys. Some have completed their exams and become fully certified, while others are still working hard towards the goal:

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