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Wiley CMA Discounts — Wiley CMAexcel Discount

Exclusive 2020 Wiley C​MA Review Discounts for I Pass the CMA Exam Readers!

Because passing the CMA exam can be expensive, you'll want to make sure you can apply Wiley CMA Review discounts to help you save. Also, when you use Wiley CMAexcel discounts, you'll save on the overall cost of your exam prep. And Wiley CMA Review is an excellent source of exam prep, and one of our favorite CMA review courses. ​Additionally, Wiley CMA is the only course on the market to include:

  • The most CMA exam practice questions and essays
  • ​More CMA classroom-style lectures
  • A comprehensive CMA study app

Since Wiley's course includes a lot more features than any other CMA prep course available, you'd expect that it would cost a bit more. But this is where we can help: we've got the best Wiley CMA discounts available​. Also, we have exclusive offers just for our readers that you won't find anywhere else.

Don't delay on using these deals though -- they usually don't last long, and you don't want to miss out on studying as soon as possible, right? So, let's get the CMA exam done as quickly as we can, shall we?!

​If you're not sure ​how much value Wiley CMA Review will add to your ​CMA study plans, check out my ​Wiley CMA Review evaluation. Or, you can check out my CMA review course comparison and other CMA review course discounts.


wiley cma discount

​​Wiley CMA ​Discount

Save ​​​​​​​​​​$​​​​360 with the Wiley CMAexcel Discount

​This discount applies to Wiley CMA Platinum CMA review materials on the Wiley CMA website.

If you need to purchase individual parts or other course types, please use my exclusive discount below to save on those items.

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wiley cma discount

​​Wiley CMA ​Discount

Save ​​​​​​​​​​​20% with the Wiley CMAexcel Discount ​for Students

​This discount applies to ​all Wiley CMA products on the Wiley CMA website.

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wiley cma discount

​​​Ongoing Discount

Save​ 15% with the Wiley CMAexcel Discount for Everyone

Wiley CMAexcel Discount applies to ALL Wiley CMAexcel ​materials!

​This Wiley CMAexcel discount entitles you to save 15% on ​these Wiley CMA materials:

  • Platinum CMA Review Course
  • Gold CMA Review Course
  • Silver CMA Review Course
  • Learning System (test bank)
  • ​11th Hour Final Review
  • Flashcards

This Wiley CMA ​coupon applies to 2-part sets of the products above. Additionally, it also applies to CMA Part 1 and Part 2​, if you choose not to purchase both parts at once.

This Wiley CMA ​discount is exclusive to I Pass the CMA Exam Readers.

This Wiley CMAexcel promo also applies to individual parts and test banks.​

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Wiley CMA Review FAQs

How do I use these ​Wiley CMA Review discounts?

​​It is pretty simple! Just copy the codes above and paste them into the Wiley CMA shopping cart. You'll see your savings and can check out to begin studying!

Please note that a Wiley promo code is required ​to use the discount.

​Which Wiley CMAexcel products are discounted?

​​​All of the Wiley CMA materials are discounted, but some discounts may apply to certain Wiley products. Typically, the biggest Wiley CMA discounts can be found on the full 2-part CMA courses. Often, while you can use one of my discounts on individual sections of Wiley CMA Review, you'll save more if you purchase both parts at the same time (and apply a 2-part course discount).

Wiley offers full courses and supplements. The Wiley CMA Platinum Course is the most popular among CMA candidates and also has the most generous/largest discounts available. ​For the Wiley CMA Gold and Wiley CMA Silver course, moderate discounts are available.

The smallest Wiley discounts are found on the Wiley CMA test banks (also called the Learning System), ​flashcards, and other ​lower-cost products.

Is ​Wiley CMA Review worth the price?

​Of course!

Wiley CMAexcel is the most popular CMA review course and for good reason: there are lots of unique features not available in other CMA review courses. ​Therefore, my highest recommendation is for the Platinum Course, as it truly includes everything you need to pass the CMA exam. You won't spend another dollar on ​a review course because a. you won't need any supplements (everything is included) and b. your materials won't expire (so no need to purchase another review course in 1-2 years if you haven't ​yet sat for the exams).

​All of Wiley CMA's courses include access until you pass (and free updates). ​But outside of the Platinum Course, the other offerings don't equip candidates with all the study materials necessary, so that's why if you go with Wiley, I highly recommend purchasing the Platinum Course.

​So, if you're looking to triumph and display your CMA exam scores all over your Facebook page, Wiley CMAexcel can help get you there. With a multi-faceted study approach, Wiley is great for all CMA candidates, regardless of learning style.

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