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Wiley CMA Review (also known as Wiley CMAexcel) is now a major player in the market after its taking over of IMA’s CMA Learning System.

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Two Products Under Wiley CMA Review: A Comparison

Wiley CMA Review offers two sets of products: Wiley CMAexcel which is the premium state-of-the-art, all-in-one study tools. Wiley CMA Learning System is a self-study pack with textbooks, test bank, and online review. Disclosure: The I Pass Team may earn a small amount of compensation if you purchase from our links; our team uses these revenues to maintain the site and produce awesome free content just for you!

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Let’s Take a Look at Wiley CMA Review

Why the Premium Wiley CMA Review Deserves My Recommendation

I like both offers but prefer the full course. Here are my 3 reasons:

1. Effective Bite-size Video Lectures

One of the features that stands out is the quality of the video lectures. There are 21 hours of exam content covered by Professor Doug Clinton. He is one of the best management accounting teachers I’ve seen — knowledgeable, lively, speaks clearly and to the point.

Professor Clinton has been in active teaching for more than 15 years. He is the Senior Content Advisor to the IMA’s Research Centre of Excellence and member of the ICMA Board of Regents (regulators of the CMA exam).

In terms of the structure of the videos, they are filmed in bite-size, meaning short, precise presentations with the most important information on that particular topic. You can easily watch the video during commute or lunch.

2. Free Trial + Free Updates Until You Pass Guarantee

When publishers are confident in their products, they offer free trials and updates, and CMAexcel is no exception. There is a button at the bottom of this page that points you to a free trial offer — it’s a limited access 2-week experience that you can take full advantage of before committing to the course.

Having an opportunity to try it out on your own is better than any third-party evaluations (that’s right, including this review!)

3. Popular Online Study Planner to Keep You on Track (and Stress-Free)

Wiley CMA Review uses the same infrastructure as the popular and proven CPAexcel review course. The study planner is interactive and can be highly customized to your own schedule. Then, there is email notification to remind you of the studies and any weaker areas that you may have.

There are also various performance tracking tools within the course itself. For example, once you watched the lecture and try out the review questions in test mode, you will be given a “green light” (and if you don’t perform as well, a yellow or orange light). As you get more and more green lights, you gain the confidence in your progress. This virtual cycle helps drive the momentum to your passing success.

What are the Limitations?

Nothing is perfect, so I identify some limitations for you to consider.

1. Designed for Online Learners

It’s less of an issue nowadays, but there are candidates who prefer to study off a real textbook. This course comes with a textbook, but if you won’t utilize the interactive online study planner, videos and performance tracking feature, you are better off with the more affordable CMA Learning System.

2. Most Expensive Option

Given the state-of-the-art online platform and full product offering, it’s no surprise that Wiley CMA Review comes at a hefty price.

If budget isn’t a concern, I encourage you to sign up for the free trial anyway, since the price premium is justified with the quality of the offerings. If you can’t really afford it, don’t worry you have other options on the market.

3. Test Bank Not Tough Enough?

The Wiley CMA test bank has comparatively fewer practice questions. Also, based on readers’ feedback, the variety of questions is not as broad as Gleim, for example.

Having said that, many readers find it okay, as they would rather have a smaller, narrower and less overwhelming set of practice questions that they can handle.

4. Some (Minor) Errors Not Fixed

I have been getting a lot of feedback lately on how Wiley fails to correct errors identified by their customers. These are reported in their forums with some dated back two years ago. It doesn’t reflect well on their customer service, but thankfully most of the errors are minor.

My Bloggers Who Use Wiley CMA Review

CMA exam candidate from Texas Yen Wiley CMA Review customer
Susan (US)
Wiley CMAexcel
Passed Part 1 on the first try
Yen (Vietnam)
Wiley CMA Learning System
Passed Part 1 and 2 on the first try
Hari (US/India)
Priscilla S Payne Award
winner, Jan/Feb 2017

Conclusion: Great for Busy Professionals

Wiley CMA Review is great if:

  • You are a busy professional who sees efficiency as #1 priority and needs to squeeze any downtime for the studying
  • You study well with video instructions
  • You appreciate the state-of-the-art online learning tools, study planner and tracking system

Save $400 on the Wiley CMA Review Course with this Wiley CMAexcel Discount!

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About the Author Stephanie Ng

I am the author of How to Pass The CPA Exam (published by Wiley) and the publisher of this and several accounting professional exam prep sites.

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  • Lucy says:


    I purchased the Wiley Learning system last year (2 books and test bank). I would like to add the video instruction. Do I need to purchase the entire cma review course or can I just add the instruction to my existing review books.

    • Stephanie Ng says:

      Hmm… probably not if you try to get it from traditional channels (e.g. their website). But you might want to email / call them and see if there is any special arrangement? Regards, Stephanie

  • SURESH says:

    This is suresh
    i want to purchase cma whiley review course i can access the study materials and online videos for 2 years only i want to buy the course again or i can access the course until i pass please let me know stephene

  • Samrat says:

    Dear Stephanie

    I am from a Sales background mainly, but now going through your website for the past few days I am planning to give a shot for the CMA exam next year.Do you think it will give me any tangible benefits to my career in terms of transition to accounting/finance field.I am 32 years old currently working in mid managerial level in the financial services sector in India.Your advice will be highly appreciated.

    • Stephanie Ng says:

      Hi Samrat, CMA certification is mostly for management accounting. If this is the niche within accounting that you are interested in, then it’s good. But if it’s more on finance, then CFA is more helpful. So it really depends.

      While professional certifications are helpful, it is the best if you can find a position within your company with more exposure in accounting. This way it is much easier for you to break into the field. This is more effective than getting a qualification in my opinion. Good luck!

  • Samrat says:

    Thanks Stephanie for the advice.But I have done my MBA in Marketing so getting an accounting role even within my company would be difficult. Hence I am planning to give the CMA than the CFA coz of my prior weak Quant’s background.

  • Amir Ali says:


    I noticed that Wiley CMAexcel 2017 is outdated, for example in Part 1 , still talking about “extraordinary items”! although members have reported the issue & the mentor admits the update (in Dec. 2015) but nothing has been updated!

    I do not recommend Wiley CMAexcel due to some outdated materials unless they review the materials!

  • Tom Spahr says:


    I am using the Wiley review materials for exam prep. I was able to pass Exam 1 on the first attempt (May/June 2017 window), and will sit for the second exam in the September/October 2017 window.

    As many have commented in Wiley’s mentor forums that accompany each online section, many of the questions are incorrect as well as there being some errata in both the lesson outlines and the book. Admittedly, these are minor compared the study question errors. In several instances, the errors were discovered and pointed out as long as 2 years ago, and have yet to be corrected. As of this writing, it does not appear a mentor has answered a question in over 6 weeks. In some instances, questions posted as long as 2 years ago are still unanswered.

    I’m hoping this is a recent issue for Wiley. To be fair, some of the content, such as the videos featuring Dallon Christensen, are quite good. But when Wiley’s price is factored with their current lack of response, I’m hoping your readers can utilize this to make an informed decision regarding CMA study materials.

    • Stephanie Ng says:

      Hi Tom,
      Yes you are correct I have been getting similar comment from another reader recently. Because of both of your feedback, I will add a note in the above. Thanks very much for your comment — it is very valuable to fellow candidates who are making choices of their review courses.

      Good luck to your second exam! Is it Part two that you are taking? Stephanie

  • Nelor says:

    Hi, I mant to choose between hock, wiley and gleim. please anybody could help me ?

    • Stephanie Ng says:

      Hi Nelor,
      We have pros and cons comparison page here: https://ipassthecmaexam.com/cma-review-course/

    • Tom Spahr says:

      I purchased the Wiley materials as my primary method for exam prep. I passed Part 1 on my first try, and am waiting for my results for Part 2, which I’m confident I passed as well.

      While studying for Part 1 with the Wiley materials, I and several before me posted in there study forums about items such as information in the course outline and several practice questions being incorrect. In several instances, the error would be acknowledged but not fixed…often 18 to 24 months after the issue had been acknowledged by Wiley. The are migrating to a new user interface in 2018 as well. I was able to try the interface, and personally didn’t care for it…but I was used to the old interface, and saw no value in changing. But much of the underlying content issues still seemed to be present. I can’t state whether the interface I saw was the final version, and whether it was totally “debugged”.

      I purchased the Hock materials (Part 1 and Part 2 text and exam bank), and a Gleim Part 1 book from 2014 (the book was still new, and contained access to the Gleim Part 1 exam bank). as supplementary materials. If I had to do everything over again, I would probably pick Hock. The “pros” were the quality of the materials, and facets of the exam bank, such as metrics that easily gave feedback that could be used to tailor your study to weak areas. The biggest “con” was that the materials were longer than Wiley, and definitely longer than Gleim. Additionally, there is a lot of information in Hock that likely won’t be tested. But I have no doubt that anyone that can master the information from Hock will pass each part of the exam on the first sitting. I also had occasion to call the offices once, and they are genuinely nice people.

      I liked the Gleim material as well, but it is not nearly as in depth as Wiley, or as in depth and clearly presented as Hock. I also found their test bank to be more user friendly than Wiley’s.

      Hock is a much more comprehensive presentation of the material. In my opinion it is better for those looking to actually learn the material vice simply passing the exam.

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