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Choosing the Best CMA Study Material and Coaching Institutes

Introducing Our Wednesday Blogger: VinothVinoth is one of our CMA exam bloggers. He documents his CMA journey every Wednesday. This is his first post.

Hope everyone has read my last post about why I am choosing CMA as my professional certification.

This week I am going to talk about which study material is the best for exam preparation and how you can choose the coaching institutes based on your location.

Choosing the Best CMA Material

Let me begin with how I have started my preparation for CMA. During mid-2012 I came to know about CMA course and did some research to find out the course requirements from one of the course providers in my nearest location.

Then I learned about the background of the subjects by course content from IMA website. Based on the idea I got it from the course content, I need to select best and affordable CMA study material.

For selecting the best study material, I would suggest using the comparison provided in “I pass the CMA exam” website. Since I have tried with several other websites but in any one website I cannot able to find out the neutral opinion about all the course materials for CMA. There you can get the high-level detail of which material to choose, and it’s purely based on your knowledge background.

In my opinion, I would suggest to go for Hock material if you want to understand the content from the beginning till end. Compare to other study material, Hock materials can be easily understandable to any student that they are from other than finance background as well.

Also, I want to give suggestion to all the students who are pursuing CMA, please don’t download any materials that are available on the internet to do your CMA exam preparation. It is against the IMA’s Statement of Ethical Professional Practice.

The IMA has something to say about that on their website (mentioned here for students reference only). It says there, at the bottom of the page:


Any reproduction, reuse, or distribution of CMA materials relating to exam review without prior written permission of the publisher is illegal and a material violation of IMA’s Statement of Ethical Professional Practice.

Any CMA or CMA candidate who reproduces, reuses, or distributes CMA materials without prior authorization from IMA is subject to legal action and will be expelled immediately from the IMA and CMA program.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any CMA exam review materials that you are using have been provided to you through authorized channels or personnel (i.e., IMA, Gleim, Rigos, Hock, PassMatrix, Lambers, etc.).”

Next week we will discuss how the registration process in IMA is and how it will be helpful for the exam preparation.

About the Author Vinoth

Dear readers, I am from India and currently studying for the CMA exam from my home country. I chose CMA (vs other qualifications) as I work in a multinational corporation that values this global certification. After passing Part 1 exam in the Sep/Oct 2014 testing window, I had to postpone Part 2 until Sep 2015 due to heavy commitment in work and family. Finally got the good news in Nov. Thanks for reading!

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sandeep bkk says December 14, 2015

well done

Mohamed Arif Shaikh says December 13, 2015

Congratulations Vinoth

Chandrasekhar Sagutoor says December 13, 2015

Congragulations Vinoth.

    Sushanta Bala says December 13, 2015

    Congrats to you too, Chandrasekhar, for being a CMA from IPFC.

    Congrats Stephanie for the good site.

      Stephanie Ng says December 14, 2015

      Thank you Mr. Bala for your kind words. Glad that you have many successful students! Regards, Stephanie

Sushanta Bala says December 13, 2015

IPFC is proud of Vinoth, student of its Global CMA Live Online class for passing CMA with IPFC in his first attempt in both papers.

Congrats, Vinoth once again.

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