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CMA and CIA: How I Utilize My Six Weeks of Waiting

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It’s always a great feeling after the exam  — we know how we did it and we expect something out of it. But this time, I’m not sure yet. All I can say is that I did good but not great, and I do hope to get through the exam.

Don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you are done.”

For the time being, I am totally free for six weeks, but I do want to utilize these six weeks and I have decided to go for the CIA exam (Certified Internal Auditor).

I have started taking some classes this week. I like it because:

  • CIA is one of the most ambitious certifications in the field of audit.
  • I love my coach Asif Hanif at Financial Training Center for the way he teaches every concept, he himself is CIA certified and has worked as head auditor of a company which makes him the guru of audit.
  • Its two parts are complete theory-based and I love theory.

CMA and CIA: Is There an Advantage?

The advantage of going for a dual CMA CIA certification is that we can use our CMA knowledge to perform well in part three of the CIA exam. We as CMA exam candidates have read more than 50% of the syllabus (my estimate), as this part covers management and financial accounting.

Once I’m done with CMA completely I’m gonna pursue the CIA certification with my full energy after the result (hopefully positive). I’m planning on buying Wiley CIA test bank for part one of the CIA exam because Wiley test bank has more than 5,000 practice questions. I want the practice to make sure I get through the exam in my first attempt and get a CIA exam passing score.

I’m also planning to take my MBA (Master in Business administration) this year. It would be great if I complete my academic studies with my professional studies and I believe it will support my CMA exam prep as a backbone.

When I got free from the exam I searched more about management accounting and I found CIMA, as a CMA we get exemptions on the CIMA exam, I’m also considering this certification but I will make a clear decision after the results.

Note from Stephanie

Wow, that’s intense! I am amazed at your energy level and how you are able to jump right to the next certification. I have another site for aspiring Certified Internal Auditors (see below) but I never thought about the advantage of having the CMA knowledge in the CIA exam. This is good news because most candidates find Part 3 the most difficult and it’s always helpful to be familiar with these topics.

To give you all a general idea on CMA vs CIA:

The CMA exam is a 2-part exam while the CIA exam has 3 parts. the CIA exam is also computerized and therefore we can take the exam anytime. In fact, the testing window is all year round. All three parts are 100% multiple-choice questions and we know the results immediately after the exam. We need to pass all the exams within a 4-year period.

To learn more about this Certified Internal Auditor exam, please check out our site IPasstheCIAExam.com.

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About the Author Waqar Akmal

Hello! I am Waqar Akmal. I have a Bachelor of Arts from the Financial Training Center. I passed Part 1 of the CMA exam on my second try after using a different study strategy. I passed Part 2 on my first attempt.

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