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CMA Review Discounts & Promo Codes: Updated for CMA Exam 2021 Courses [Black Friday & Cyber Monday]

CMA Review Discount Contents  CMA Review Course Discount Contents Featured Black Friday CMA Course Discounts + Cyber MondayCMA Review Course Discounts and Promo Codes (Biggest & Best CMA Discounts for 2021 CMA Prep Courses)Save 30% with your Gleim CMA Discount – Premium PackageSave 30% with Gleim CMA Review Discount – Book and Test Bank Option […]

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Gleim CMA Review 2022 [Black Friday, Cyber Monday + Gleim CMA Discount] – Save Hundreds Now

Gleim CMA Review may be the most popular CMA exam review program on the market.  So, let’s analyze the features, pros, and cons of the Gleim CMA 2021 version of this course. Current Gleim CMA Review Discount Code Get an instant Gleim CMA Review discount Premium! The Gleim CMA discount will automatically apply to your […]

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fail cma exam

What Happens If You Fail the CMA Exam

Whether you just received the bad news or you simply dread that moment, you need to know what happens if you fail the CMA exam. I know that failing the exam is devastating after you’ve made such a big investment of time, money, and effort. But if you are serious about passing the exam, you’ve […]

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best cma prep course 2020

Best CMA Exam Review Courses & CMA Exam Prep 2021 — Black Friday & Cyber Monday

CMA Review Courses Comparison Contents CMA Prep Course Overview Contents Popular CMA Study Guides, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday DiscountsLet Me Find the Best CMA Review Course 2021 for You!Detailed CMA Exam Prep ComparisonGleim CMA ReviewBecker CMA ReviewSurgent CMA Study MaterialHock CMA Study MaterialWiley CMA Review (Wiley CMAexcel)My CMA Review Course RecommendationsBest CMA Test BanksBest […]

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how to become a cma

How to Become a CMA: The CMA Certification Process

Earning the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certification is attractive to lots of accounting professionals due to the many benefits of the CMA. If you’re interested in the CMA for all the ways it can enhance your career, you need to learn exactly how to become a CMA so you can start the process. So, use […]

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Approved CIMA Exam Calculator (+ My Recommendation)

Are you wonder which CIMA exam calculator is approved to use on the actual day? CIMA provides a list for easy reference: The following scientific calculators are permitted: Casio FX models Sharp EL531XTexas Instruments TI-30X Hewlett Packard HP 10S or HP 300S+ The following financial calculators are permitted: Hewlett Packard – HP 10bII Texas Instruments […]

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CIMA case study results

CIMA Exam Results and a Look at the Grading Mechanism

Eager to find out when you will get the CIMA exam results, and how to interpret the performance report? CIMA Exam Results for Objective Tests Since the implementation of the new format, it is the easiest and fastest to get the CIMA objective test exam results — you get a “pass” or “fall” grade immediately […]

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CIMA Practice Exams and Online Course: A Comparison

The CIMA official study guide is CIMA connect. Since the new exam format, there is a new product called CIMAstudy.com which works as the online test prep with much better performance tracking functions. The CIMAstudy platform is run by Kaplan. Third Party CIMA Study Materials Kaplan and BPP are the two biggest providers apart from […]

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cima exam difficulty

How Hard is the CIMA Exam? 3 Ways to Find Out the Difficulty

Before you embark on your journey towards this prestigious professional qualification, it is wise to gauge the CIMA exam difficulty compared to other exams. Is it worth your time, money and effort? Let’s take a closer look. (CIMA in this website refers to Chartered Institute of Management Accountant. For Certified Investment Management Analyst, please click […]

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cima syllabus 2018

CIMA Syllabus 2019: Operational, Management and Strategic Exam Levels

The CIMA exam is very comprehensive, aiming to be one mile wide AND one mile deep. Potential candidates should take a closer look at the CIMA syllabus and make sure this is something they are willing to commit to in the next 3-4 years. In addition to this existing standard for CIMA, we are also […]

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