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CMA Exam Multiple Choice Questions: Smart Way to Answer Them

cma exam multiple choice questionsSrini is our weekly CMA Exam Blogger. He writes for us every Thursday.

CMA exam format has 70 percent multiple choice or objective type of questions where the answer will be present in the question itself.

My Tips on CMA Exam Multiple Choice Questions

It is not necessary to know the right answer for every question and time taken will be more in solving every question within the stipulated time.

Therefore I would suggest you to eliminate the wrong ones to arrive at the right answer. 25 percent of the exam questions can be approached this way and it reduces some amount of time which can be saved to answer the questions which are complex in nature.

Apply shortcut in calculation when it comes to numbers pertaining to mathematical calculations, Try to eliminate the wrong ones by using this which automatically brings you to the solution. Few Chapters like Budgeting, Cost management areas where frequent calculations are needed this tactics would surely help in solving the problem within the stipulated time.

The Average time to take to solve a question in a CMA Exam is 1.8 mins  and it’s quite an impossible task to complete the exam if you try to solve every question in a procedural way. A well logical short cut to eliminate the wrong ones saves you a lot of time and energy. Eliminating the wrong ones using shortcut needs constant practice of the problems concept wise. Practice makes a man more perfect and professional exam like CMA demands perfection at its peak.

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