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The New Year Is a Great Time to Become a CMA!

Hello, Future CMA!

Happy New Year, friends! I love the excitement and promise of a new year. I have big goals for this year and can’t wait to see how my plans unfold.

And speaking of goals, if you want to become a CMA in 2023, I hope I can make your journey a little easier. I’ve been receiving a lot of readers’ questions about registering for the CMA exam and finding a testing location, so I have updated some posts for you:

Plus, my contacts at Becker and Gleim have shared some sales that they are having until the end of the month. These deals can help you keep your 2023 budget on track while still studying with one of the best CMA courses for 2023:

Happy studying, future CMA.
Stephanie & the ipassthecmaexam.com team

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About the Author Susan L.

Susan is an esteemed member of the I Pass the CMA Exam team. Even better, she's (almost) as excited about the CMA exam as you!

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