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Pick a Better Time to Start Studying CMA

studying cmaHeather is one of our CMA exam bloggers. She shares her story every Monday.

I was all set to start studying right before Christmas. I am not a big holiday person so I didn’t think they would suck so much of my time up!  But they did. Oh boy did they. I spent days in  the kitchen helping my mom prepare food and baking cookies. Not to mention computing grades for the end of the semester!

Start Studying CMA in Christmas? Bad Idea

I definitely picked the wrong time to start my journey and now I am trying dispiriting to reorganize.  I barely touched my book before the New Year. I figured after the New Year I would be able to get back on track but syllabus writing commenced and I worked on getting my classes prepped for the Spring.

It is now mid January and I have yet to study in depth for the exam at all!   I am also considering changing my exam date! I do not think I can review all of this material before 2/21.

So many things to consider!

How did you guys far over the Christmas holiday?

From Stephanie

You know, Gavin was thinking about postponing his exam but ended up sticking with his plan. Most of us seem to go through this psychological roller-coaster sometime during our exam preparation, like a sudden fear (or realization) that we are lagging behind or losing track.

I have a good feeling that you will be fine, Heather. Looking forward to reading your post next week 🙂

About the Author Heather N

Heather is an MBA, CPA, and Accounting professor in Pennsylvania. She is restarting her CMA journey after putting the exam on hold for a few months.