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CMA Exam Awards and Scholarships

IMA has a series of CMA exam awards and scholarships to recognize top performers in management accounting. CMA Exam Awards This is the recognition given to those achieving the highest scores in the CMA exam. ICMA Gold Medal Winners CMA exam candidates are awarded with the ICMA medals with the highest, second-highest and third-highest scores […]

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cma exam dates cma testing window

CMA Exam Dates, Schedule and Calendar [2021 CMA Testing Window]

If you’re planning for your CMA credential, you should know the CMA exam dates, schedule, and deadlines. Plus, it’s essential to understand how to register and manage your time. My goal is to help candidates understand the CMA exam, how to prepare for it, and pass it. In this post, I will give you all […]

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2018 CMA Exam Changes and Updates (Are There Any?)

2018 is another unexciting year for those of you looking for CMA exam changes (anyone? 😉 ) While the LOS (Learning Outcome Statement, or basically the syllabus) remains the same, there are subtle changes in the Professional Ethics Statement that IMA updated in July 2017. The new Statement is effective to be tested in September […]

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CMA Exam: What to Bring on Your Test Day

Your CMA Exam test day is fast approaching. What’s the best way to prepare for the big day? Here is my take – in video form – on what you should (and should not) do in the last month, week, and day of the exam. We’ll also list, according to regulations from Prometric, what to […]

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CMA Exam Calculators: Policy and Recommended Brands

While the exam to become a CMA requires less math than other professional accounting exams, you’ll still need to crunch some numbers and calculate formulas. Thus, many candidates wonder whether calculators are allowed for the CMA Exam. Candidates are indeed allowed to bring their own CMA exam calculators to the Prometric Testing Center, but there […]

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cma exam pass rate

CMA Exam Pass Rate: What the Latest CMA Pass Rates Mean to You

Do you know how to achieve a CMA exam passing score? Or how hard is the CMA exam? Or even how long it takes to pass the CMA exam? You don’t need to be uncertain. Instead, to understand the CMA exam difficulty, we can analyze the CMA exam pass rate. After all, the latest pass rates […]

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CMA Exam Performance Analysis

Thank you for taking part in our CMA exam performance survey, and creating an all-in-one report on diagnostics, study habits, and effectiveness of various review courses. The only way to obtain this report is by filling out the following form. It is not shared or sold anywhere. That’s Great. How do I Start? Please continue […]

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cma exam part 2

CMA Exam Part 2: Certified Management Accountant Exam Part 2

Certified Management Accountant (CMA) exam has 2 parts: Part 1 and Part 2. Each part addresses a different assortment of topics in order to provide an objective measure of your management accounting knowledge and skills. To pass the exam, you have to be well acquainted with each part. Learn about CMA exam Part 1, then […]

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CMA Exam Scoring Guide (Grading System Uncovered!)

This article is a quick summary of how the CMA exam is graded and your score calculated. The CMA Exam Score and Grading System Here is an overview of the CMA exam grading system and testing strategies: If you prefer to read the text, please find the same information written below. There are 100 multiple-choice […]

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Does Age Affect CMA Exam Results (Are You Too Old for this)?

I’ve got questions from readers on whether age is a factor in getting the CMA certification — in other words, does it get difficult to pass the CMA exam as we get older, and secondly, does the impact of the CMA title increase or decrease as we age? Is it Harder to get the CMA […]

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