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cma scheduling

CMA Scheduling + Registering: FAQs about Registering Prometric CMA Exams

Once you’re ready for the exam, CMA scheduling and registering with Prometric is a fairly simple process. You do need to complete a few steps before picking your exact CMA exam schedule date and time, but these steps are fairly straightforward. We’ll go over everything you need to know before you set a date with […]

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free cma study tests materials

Find Free CMA Practice Tests & Study Materials

Are you looking for free CMA Exam resources like a CMA test and accounting practice questions? Or CMA sample exams? Did you know you can get CMA study material free online? That’s right. If you know who to trust, you can find reliable CMA free course material like practice questions and practice tests. Likewise, you […]

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cma education requirements

CMA Education Requirements: Verifying Your Education for CMA Certification

As you may know, the CMA education requirements are just one set of requirements to become a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). The CMA requirements are fairly straightforward and easy to fulfill compared to other accounting certifications, though. But meeting them still involves time and effort. To ensure you satisfy each requirement effectively and promptly, you […]

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cma exam changes

CMA Exam Changes 2021 + Historical Info

The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) announced the CMA 2021 exam changes, and if you plan to earn the CMA certification in the next year or so, you need to know about them. To help you know what to expect and determine when you should take the exam, I’ve explained all the details. Learn everything […]

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cma exam part 1: certified management accountant exam

Certified Management Accountant Exam Part 1

The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) exam has 2 parts, each focusing on a different set of topics. Together, Part 1 and Part 2 serve as objective measures of your knowledge and competence in the field of management accounting. You must dedicate your studies to getting very familiar with each part, so let’s start by introducing […]

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cma exam difficulty

CMA Exam Difficulty: How Hard Is the CMA Exam?

Passing the CMA exam is one of the most involved and intensive steps in earning the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certification. Because the exam has 2 parts, presents hundreds of questions, and takes hours to complete, careful and time-consuming preparation is a must. But along with knowing the question counts and content coverage, CMA candidates […]

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ace cma exam essays

CMA Exam Essay Questions: Complete Guide to Ace the CMA Essays

Many aspiring CMAs with an international background dread the CMA exam essay questions. The writing aspect of the exam can be daunting for many people. This is especially true if English is not your first language. However, some CMA preparation for the essays can help you reduce your anxiety about the written section. Don’t get […]

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CMA Exam Study Time: How Many Hours to Study for the CMA Exam?

When discussing CMA exam study time, people often ask one another: how many hours do I need to study for the CMA exam? You want to pass the CMA exam, preferably on the first try, and this means you need to study properly. So, how long to study for the CMA? CMA Exam Study Time: […]

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cma exam for students

CMA Exam for Students: Is Taking the Test Early Worth It?

If you are a CMA student thinking about taking the exam early, you likely have a few questions. Is taking the test early worth it? Only you can know for certain if it’s right for you, but I hope to be able to provide enough information in this post to help you make an informed […]

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CMA exam results

CMA Exam Results: CMA Exam Release Dates for 2024

Typical CMA exam score release dates in 2016, how long candidates expect to wait for the CMA exam results, and what to make the best use of it.

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