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Getting My CMA Certificate Number (and What’s Next after Becoming a CMA)

cma certificate numberAmani is one of our CMA exam bloggers. She is from Jordan and has recently become a CMA certificate holder.

Hello dears,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on what happened after passing both parts of the CMA exam and receiving my CMA certificate. I felt the urge to write about the aftermath of passing the CMA exam as I couldn’t find any useful information on the internet in this regard. So, here is my input.

When to Receive Your CMA Certificate Number

First, the most important thing is to ensure that you have sent and completed all the requirements before the CMA results are out; this will speed up receiving the certificate. After the results are out and within two to three days (that is, if you have completed all CMA requirements), the IMA will issue a certificate number and update your name on your profile by adding CMA at the end (as in Amani, CMA).

They will then send you an email congratulating you and explaining the CPE process that you will be subject to the second year after you become certified.

When to Get the Hard Copy of Your CMA Certificate

After two to three weeks, the IMA will send an email requesting your detailed mailing address in order for them to send the certificate to you, noting that they deliver it by hand. In my case, it was delivered to my house early Saturday morning using the local DHL courier.  So, usually, the whole process takes around 3 weeks. (Please note that this might not be the case for everyone, as many factors could affect the actual delivery date.)

The envelope received is well-packaged to protect the certificate. It contains the certificate itself and a small pocket copy of it (almost the size of a driving license) which I believe is made for us to carry around and use, as well as a congratulatory letter from the IMA.

My Life After Getting the CMA

On a personal basis, things have changed for me after gaining the CMA. I was promoted to a senior and received a satisfactory financial raise, which felt great considering I only have almost 3 years of experience. I was also contacted by two companies after updating my social media professional profiles. And the most important thing is that I feel more confident professionally speaking.

I have been thinking about what to do after the CMA, yet I have not found the answer. However, I am considering following up with either a master’s degree or a CFA, although it’s a bit early to move ahead. Still, I feel I have the energy and passion for doing so. For now, I’m trying to get involved in my local IMA chapter, but still with no success.

I would love to know how the CMA affected your life, so please share below 🙂

(Note: This is Amani’s last blog post as a CMA exam candidate. You are welcome to connect with her on LinkedIn.)

Note from Stephanie

Great hearing from you! I get occasional questions about when people receive their CMA certificates, but I don’t have a specific post on it. Thank you for blogging for us on this topic. This is as detailed as we can get 🙂

I wonder what you mean by not being able to get involved in your IMA chapter. I don’t have time to attend my chapter, but they seem well organized.

Anyway, I am really glad to know you’ve got a raise and a promotion right after getting your CMA. If you are to pursue CFA in the future, I have a new CFA exam prep site on that 🙂

mohamed-aUpdate (July 2016)

About the Author Amani

Hello, I am from Jordan and a recent graduate. I have passed Part 1 on my first try after 4 months of studying. I accepted a teaching position for a CMA review course and therefore have to postpone my Part 2 to 2016.

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