I Pass The CMA Exam!

Waiting for My CMA Results: What’s the Next Step?

night before the cma examSherif is our first blogger from Egypt. He shares his experience as a retaker who finally passed his Part 1 last June. Sherif took his Part 2 exam in February 2017.

After finishing my Part 2 exam, I am now waiting for my CMA exam results. I have been praying a lot for passing and earning the certification. (I failed my first CMA exam attempt, but I learned a lot from my previous studying mistakes.)

These days, I am completing the documents that IMA requested for the CMA certificate, that is, the college certificate and experience verification form. I am doing this now to save time. Once the results are out, I can request the hard copy certificate in the shortest period of time.

Of course, I am also enjoying life with my family. Now, without any studying pressure after work, I can spend more time with my little princess. She was always knocking on my door for it to open. Now it’s her turn to take all my time 🙂

Moving on to the CPA Designation?

I decided to start learning more about the CPA designation. I think it fits me a lot after completing my CMA program. I started to browse for information on the internet, and I found ipassthecpaexam.com, a very friendly website that is full of all kinds of information. I appreciate the posts on this site because it helps me understand the connections between the CPA and CMA credentials. (I also learned on that site that some CPAs take the LSAT, too! I’m not sure I’m ready for that much studying!)

I started to make connections with friends who are studying for the CPA exam to help me learn about it. I even choose the book (Becker) because I like it more than the Wiley Book. I am just waiting to complete this challenge before starting my next one.

It’s more difficult than the CMA exam, but who said that dreams come true in an easy way 🙂

Wish me luck.

Note from Stephanie

It’s wonderful to know that you are getting back to your normal schedule after the exam. It is especially heartening to know you can spend time with your little daughter. She must be thrilled! Did she ask why you are suddenly able to show up again? 😉

It’s also great that you are looking into the CPA designation (and like the sister site). The CPA license is more versatile in a way because it also covers public accounting and audit. It was originally meant for public accountants, but nowadays, US and global companies prefer their senior finance management to have a CPA title.

The only thing is that the eligibility is among the strictest, and one should spend some time studying the education and experience requirements before making the jump. It’s not worth all the time and effort if one gets stuck in the middle of the process.

You can all learn about the application process for international candidates here.

About the Author Sherif Aryan

Hi, I'm Sherif from Egypt and Treasurer of IMA’s Western Province Chapter in KSA. With 10 years of Accounting and Finance experience, I passed part 1 & 2 CMA Exam and become Certified.

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