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CMA for Working Moms (Part 2): What Works for Joan?

cma for working momsLooking for insight about the CMA for working moms? Well, Joan is our blogger from the Philippines currently living in Dubai. This post is dedicated to those who failed the CMA exam.

Hello! This is the second part of “studying CMA as a working mom.” If you missed the first part, please start here.

What Works for Me?

With my limited time, I have to make the most out of it.  Although I do not suggest pumping caffeine into your system, it does really do the magic most of the time for me, especially when you need that bit of a boost to carry on.

The problem with caffeine, though, is that I can’t sleep after, so I avoid drinking it unless necessary. I visualize and daydream about my goals to get myself into the mood for studying.  I also play my favorite music to get me started but switch it off when I have to start studying.

The key is that you should know when to stop distractions.

My study table is in the bedroom. But I realize it is not a good idea to study in the room because when you are tired and see your loves fast asleep, you just want to go to bed, too. So I avoided studying in the room and instead in the living room away from the temptation.

Try Different Studying Methods, and Pick One That Suits You Best

It’s essential that you apply the study habits that suit you, be it a schedule or methods of studying.  I tried studying early morning, but it never worked out for me.  It’s too hard for someone who isn’t a morning person — it is a real challenge for me to wake up early, more so to study.  I figured out that evenings work best for me.

To deal with retention issues, I use notes, and I create my own cheat sheets. Attempts so far include using acronyms to remember theories and concepts and writing my formulas on cardboard-like paper.  I suggest using sturdy paper for cheat sheets, so they last longer since you will be needing and using them throughout the review. I organize my cheat sheet layout well to fit a lot of information and write important formulas.

These cheat sheets are my best friends, and I always have them around.  I take them with me to the gym, to work, and pretty much anywhere I go.  Sticky papers are used — I write formulas on them and stick them in front of my computer.  I keep reading and memorizing these formulas and acronyms until I know them like the back of my hand.  This method is what aids me in retaining information effectively with very little time I have.

In my next blog post, I will share my secrets about how I write my cheat sheets.

Note from Stephanie about the CMA for Working Moms

It isn’t the solution for everyone, but I also find writing out my own cheat sheets or flash cards a huge help for retention. Apart from that, it feels good to have a learning aid 100% personalized for my need.

If you haven’t read it already, here is my mega page on CMA exam study tips. It’s great for all candidates, not just readers looking for advice about the CMA for working moms.

Joan, looking forward to your cheat sheet secrets next week!

About the Author Joan D

Kumusta kayong lahat (it means “how are you all” in Filipino)? I am Joan from the Philippines and I will be sharing with you my experiences, challenges and stories all throughout my CMA journey.

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