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HOCK CMA Materials 2022: HOCK CMA Prep Discount

HOCK International CMA is a popular CMA course among international CMA candidates. But why do international CMA candidates trust it so much? And is it also good for candidates in the United States? We answer these questions, and more so you can determine if HOCK CMA 2022 is the right course for you!

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HOCK International History

In 2000, Brian Hock, CMA, CIA, created Hock Training in Moscow, Russia. He did this in order to supply candidates with an interactive classroom-style course. Based on the success of Hock Training, Hock created a U.S.-based company called HOCK International in 2003.

Contents of HOCK CMA Prep

For CMA review, HOCK offers several options:

CMA Review Complete

CMA  Review Standard HOCK Videos

Questions & Mock Exams

MCQs, Essays, and Mock Exams
PassMap Interactive Study Guide
Teacher Support & Updates
Printable PDF Textbooks
Hard Copy Textbook ($$)
62 Hours of Video Lectures
Access Until You Pass
“You Pass or We Pay” Guarantee
Price (before my discount)


Check Check



HOCK offers another option called CMA Crash Course and MCQ Practice. This is a live, online course that meets twice a week for seven weeks. It is not intended to be a complete review course, and it doesn’t include the CMA HOCK 2022 PDF. Instead, it is a last-minute review that goes over the most challenging topics for students who are set to take the exam in the next testing window. This option, which is meant to be a supplement to a full review course, costs $180 per exam part.

Similarly, HOCK now offers a more comprehensive live course, too. It’s called the HOCK CMA Live Step-by-Step Course, and it costs $750 before discounts. This full prep course is for CMA candidates who will be taking Part 1 or Part 2 in the May/June window and meets twice a week from October to May. Basically, it covers the entire CMA syllabus through 150+ hours of live training via Zoom. Plus, students practice MCQs and learn strategies for answering the essays. Flashcards and a mock exam are also included in the purchase price, and all course videos are archived for later viewing, too. The course takes place online via Zoom, but participation is limited.

hock cma cram course

As you can see from the chart above, all of the HOCK products (except the crash course and the live step-by-step course) include access until you pass and free updates. This is quite rare, so we definitely appreciate how generous HOCK is with this feature!

Please note that the HOCK CMA Complete course is the only one to include the “You Pass or We Pay” guarantee. For this reason, it wins our highest recommendation!

HOCK Course Features

When you purchase the HOCK CMA Complete course, you’ll receive:

  • 1,600 thorough textbook pages: You can select either HOCK CMA textbook PDF or hardcopy books, though you’ll need to pay an extra fee if you want printed HOCK CMA manuals.
  • 62 hours of videos: Brian Hock will lead you through the materials by following a classroom-style format.
  • 3,650 multiple-choice questions: The test bank provides answer explanations for all answer choices.
  • 88 essays: Each essay includes detailed answer explanations, and some of the essays also include video walkthroughs.
  • 702 flashcards: The CMA flashcards from HOCK International come in a PowerPoint file.
  • 4 mock exams: The mock exams introduce you to the real exam before you take it. Additionally, they include brand new questions and essays not found elsewhere in the course.
  • PassMap Interactive Study Plan: This automated exam planner identifies the due dates for all your assignments.
  • “You Pass or We Pay” Guarantee: HOCK is the only CMA review provider to pay for a candidate’s second exam attempt (a $415 fee), so long as you adequately completed the course and still failed on your first attempt.

Because HOCK is the only course with a guarantee that provides a financial commitment, not just a refund, we know that HOCK really stands behind its products. Additionally, all HOCK CMA packages include access until you pass, so your course won’t expire.

Strengths of HOCK CMA Materials

1. The Course Delivers a Classroom-Style Learning Environment

HOCK presents all of its 62 video hours in a classroom-style format. As a result, we like how this course has maintained its classroom roots even though candidates can now access the lectures online.

What’s more, the lectures cover the most critical topics by showing Brian Hock demonstrating the important points. Hock also explains example problems and complex calculations in the video lectures. With HOCK CMA, you study with Brian Hock himself.

If you are a visual learner or feel more comfortable having a professor lead you through the course materials, you will likely enjoy the HOCK CMA videos. And if you learn best through video lectures, you will also develop a deeper level of understanding than if you only read a textbook.

Additionally, the HOCK CMA exam review lectures include Closed Captioning (CC). We love this feature because:

  • Subtitles help candidates understand the material better because they are reading it and listening to it
  • Closed Captions also help with focus because candidates are listening, watching, and reading, which keeps candidates highly engaged

hock cma video

2. HOCK Provides More In-Depth Explanations

HOCK CMA’s notes are in-depth, clear, and user-friendly. Thus, candidates with little to no accounting background can benefit from studying with these notes.

Also, HOCK’s CMA candidates have mentioned that studying with the textbooks is easy because HOCK prints the textbook pages on paper that is perfect for highlighting. Moreover, the books afford candidates space to take notes while listening to the video lectures.

Finally, HOCK also supplies detailed answer explanations for both the correct and incorrect answer choices. In fact, HOCK CMA Prep is only one of two courses (along with Gleim) to provide this level of explanation.

hock cma questions

3. The HOCK Guarantees Are Industry-Leading

In the process of passing the CMA exam, many candidates find that they really need an access-until-you-pass policy for their review course. And luckily, HOCK contains such a policy. With access until you pass, your course won’t expire. And, for this reason, you also won’t have to pay any costly reactivation or update fees.

Also, HOCK is the only CMA review provider to offer a “You Pass or We Pay” guarantee. With this ground-breaking guarantee, if you fail the exam on your first attempt, HOCK will pay the registration fee for your next exam attempt. In order to qualify for this guarantee, you must meet the following simple criteria:

  • Complete 95% of all the video lectures (this equates to about 59 lecture hours)
  • Score 75% or higher on the online section reviews (you can take these more than once to achieve a score of 75%+)
  • Earn a score of 75% or better on the mock exam (like the online section reviews, you can re-take the mock exam as many times as necessary to achieve a score of 75%+)

Finally, you can only qualify for the “You Pass or We Pay” guarantee if you have the HOCK CMA Complete Course package.

hock cma study materials

4. The Teacher Support Guarantee Adds an Extra Layer of Assistance

With HOCK International CMA, you can ask your instructors questions directly. Only the Complete Exam Review and Standard Exam Review come with this option, but it’s well worth the price. As with the updated materials, you’ll have access to Teacher Support until you pass, so there’s no need to try to cram in questions early on.

Less important but still helpful are HOCK’s unlimited offers of technical and exam support. Even if you only purchase the question bank or the video lectures, HOCK will help you access them properly on any device. Additionally, with the two full review courses, HOCK mentors can help you register for the exams themselves.

5. HOCK Offers Interest-Free Financing

HOCK used to be unusual in that it was the only CMA review provider to offer financing for its products. Now, though, many other test prep companies have partnered with Affirm or other lending companies to offer payment plans. However, HOCK’s in-house financing is the only one that doesn’t require a credit check and isn’t limited to U.S. customers.

Plus, the HOCK financing is completely interest-free, which is rare as well. Personally, I would lean toward using the financing as you won’t be charged interest and no credit check is required. And with financing, you will have more funds free to pay for the actual CMA exam expenses!

6. Exam Emulation

The HOCK CMA platform mirrors the Prometric testing environment. This will help you become familiar with the functionality of the CMA exam before the big day. It’s important not to waste precious time during your actual exam learning the exam interface. Luckily, since HOCK emulates the real exam, you don’t have to; rather, you’ll know how each tool, button, and screen works before you even enter a testing center.

7. Option to Purchase HOCK’s CMA Crash Course + MCQ Practice

In addition to full-course options, HOCK has a final review that you can purchase as a supplement, too. It’s called the CMA Crash Course + MCQ Practice, and it’s available for both CMA Part 1 and CMA Part 2. Plus, the price point is affordable at only $180 per exam part. And although it isn’t full exam prep, the crash course could be that last push you need to pass on your first try.

During the crash course, students actually meet with a HOCK instructor over Zoom for 7 weeks in an online classroom-like setting. Moosal Kazim Nazeer leads the sessions and brings his passion for teaching to his students. Kazim has been with Hock since 2006, and students appreciate his patient teaching style. But still, he knows how to really break down tricky topics and preps you to tackle any of the MCQs.

Furthermore, HOCK limits participation to just 30 CMA candidates. Because of this limitation, you won’t get lost in the crowd. In fact, you can interact with Kazim and ask him questions in real-time.

So what’s covered? Well, about 20% of course time is dedicated to going over the CMA exam’s most challenging content. And therefore, not every point of the CMA exam is reviewed in detail. During the remaining 80% of class time, candidates practice multiple-choice questions.

The timing of when you take the course is important. In fact, HOCK recommends the crash course for candidates who have already studied for the CMA exam and plan to take it soon. Students in the course typically meet for class sessions via Zoom two days per week for about 2 ½ hours. For example, you might meet every Monday and Thursday from 10 AM-12:30 PM.

8. Add-on CMA Live Step-by-Step Course

HOCK now offers yet another course intended as an add-on for anyone already studying for the CMA exam with HOCK or another provider. The name says it all: the HOCK CMA Live Step-by-Step Course is intended for CMA candidates who need to work through each step of the CMA syllabus with a knowledgeable instructor. The course is available for CMA Part 1 or Part 2 and is geared toward candidates taking their exam in the May/June window. So starting in October, students participate in class twice a week until May. The Part 1 course meets on Saturdays and Tuesdays, while the Part 2 course is offered on Sundays and Wednesdays.

To start, the course includes over 150 hours of live instruction, which is taught on Zoom. However, even though the class is online, participation is still limited. Why? Well, HOCK wants to make sure that everyone in the class has time to ask questions and chat with the instructor after class if needed.

In essence, the course goes over the entire CMA syllabus. In addition, students also work through practice multiple-choice questions and sample essays with the instructor. But students receive much more instruction than they can read from a book. Instead, the instructor really breaks down each topic and thoroughly explains how to answer questions. If needed, students can even go back and watch the videos later, because each class webinar is recorded and saved. Plus, all students receive flashcards and a mock CMA exam.

And like the CMA Crash Course, HOCK’s step-by-step course is also taught by Moosal Kazim Nazeer, who has 15+ years of professional teaching experience.

Limitations of HOCK CMA Review

1. HOCK CMA Test Bank May Not Tough Enough for Some Candidates

Some candidates find that the HOCK practice questions are not tricky enough when compared to those of Gleim CMA Review. Specifically, they have complained that HOCK has fewer complex MCQs that span long and technical scenarios. However, I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing. And I have many readers who don’t like questions that are so complex that they have a hard time following the fact pattern. Based on the actual CMA exam, it doesn’t appear necessary to practice using questions with extraordinarily long fact patterns.

While HOCK International CMA has added more questions to its test bank in recent years, it still provides far fewer essay questions than some other CMA exam prep providers. And because candidates often have issues with the CMA exam essays, your test bank should also include a fair number of essays with which to practice. HOCK’s CMA course includes 88 essays, and this may be enough to conquer these types of questions. Of course, it really depends on how many essays you feel you want to practice. Personally, I learn best through MCQs, but I know that every candidate is different.

We do like the fact that HOCK offers a good amount of MCQs in its bank, and we do find the answer explanations to be quite helpful and comprehensive.

My Blogger Who Used HOCK

cma candidate use hockMy CMA blogger Vinoth resides in India, and he successfully used HOCK CMA Prep to pass the CMA exam. Prior to sitting for the CMA exam, Vinoth had already earned an MBA and had over a decade of finance experience. He pursued the CMA designation because he wanted to set himself apart from others, and he knew the U.S. CMA was the global designation that would enable him to do just that. Now, Vinoth is a CMA and works in a management position at a multinational oil company.

Vinoth used my CMA comparison chart to select HOCK. And in the end, Vinoth stood by his decision because he felt that HOCK covered “the content from the beginning until the end.” Additionally, Vinoth used Gleim CMA’s test bank to help him account for the fact that HOCK had fewer questions than Gleim.

My CMA Review Recommendations

HOCK CMA Exam Prep is perfect for those who have absolutely no accounting background whatsoever. So I do highly recommend the HOCK CMA course overall based on the large volume of MCQs, helpful videos, the “You Pass or We Pay” Guarantee and other factors that set HOCK CMA apart from the other courses.

However, because the HOCK CMA course is good for some candidates but not all, you may want to consider the alternatives.

HOCK International CMA vs. Gleim CMA Review

To compare HOCK vs. Gleim CMA, look at the most important aspects of both first. Both HOCK International CMA and Gleim CMA Review provide candidates with access until you pass and industry-leading guarantees.

However, Gleim CMA Review is one of the best CMA review courses available. And, when I poll my readers about their chosen CMA review course, Gleim CMA Review is also a popular response. Overall, I’m not surprised by these facts because Gleim created the very first CMA course in 1980 and continues to produce high-quality exam prep.

However, in comparing Gleim vs HOCK CMA, I want to point out that Gleim does not have a “You Pass or We Pay” guarantee. You can receive a refund on Gleim if you complete its review but fail the exam. However, they won’t pay for your next attempt. So even though Gleim has a great guarantee, it’s still not as generous or exciting as HOCK’s.

Lastly, HOCK is less expensive than Gleim, so if you have a strict budget, HOCK may be best suited for your needs (and wallet)!

HOCK CMA vs. Wiley CMAexcel

Wiley CMAexcel is another very good course option to consider for a few reasons. First, Wiley offers a large amount of video lecture hours. Second, the Wiley CMA test bank is almost as good as the Gleim CMA test bank, although it does not include as many essay questions.

However, Wiley CMAexcel has its issues as well. For example, Wiley doesn’t include as many guarantees as HOCK or Gleim. Instead, Wiley only offers access until you pass and a 10-day refund policy. Consequently, both Gleim and HOCK CMA provide far better monetary guarantees than Wiley CMAexcel.

Moreover, Wiley CMA is the most expensive CMA review course available. Even with a Wiley CMA discount, you’ll still pay more than you would for either Gleim or HOCK.

And yet, Wiley CMAexcel includes many features, so that is likely why there is such a large price gap when compared to similar options. However, CMA candidates on a budget still might want to consider HOCK instead.

Becker CMA vs. HOCK CMA

And finally, let’s compare HOCK CMA and Becker CMA. Becker is a well-known name in the exam prep industry that has been around for more than 60 years. Both CMA reviews include plenty of engaging videos, access until you pass, live online classes, and enough high-quality practice questions and other learning tools to help you pass the CMA exam. Plus, both companies work to keep their study materials relevant and up-to-date. In fact, Becker CMA recently underwent a complete overhaul of its CMA courses. And now, the Becker CMA courses are better than ever.

However, these two great courses differ in some ways, too. For example, HOCK CMA doesn’t use adaptive software in its courses. Becker, though, uses Adapt2U Technology from Sana Labs. Basically, this technology tracks your performance as you work through sample questions. To start, it actually starts to learn what CMA Exam topics you’ve conquered and what you haven’t. And then, the platform gives you a “proficiency badge,” which is an indicator of how close you could be to passing the CMA Exam.

Additionally, neither Becker nor HOCK offers audio lectures.

And finally, Becker CMA and HOCK CMA have different approaches to personalized academic support. HOCK users can post a question to the HOCK Student Forum, where an accounting expert will respond with a detailed answer.

Also, as a HOCK CMA customer, you’ll receive unlimited email access to the HOCK CMA team, allowing you to reach out whenever you need help.

Becker, however, takes support one step further with live virtual one-on-one tutoring.

So depending on how you learn, HOCK CMA or Becker CMA could both work for you. Check out this in-depth comparison of HOCK CMA vs. Becker CMA.

HOCK CMA Discounts & HOCK International CMA Cost

Brian Hock has offered a very generous HOCK CMA Review discount just for my readers.

And this discount brings the cost of HOCK CMA Complete down significantly, further boosting the savings you’ll enjoy by choosing HOCK (and all without sacrificing quality).

Save on Hock CMA!

Therefore, the price for HOCK International CMA review is as follows:

  • The HOCK CMA Complete costs $1,449, but the price drops with my discount.
  • The CMA Review Standard (which is the HOCK CMA PDF textbooks and HOCK CMA question bank) costs $699 before discounts.
  • And finally, the HOCK CMA Video Lectures download costs $399 per part. But again, you’ll save a lot of money when you use my discount.

Given my discount and the numerous features included with HOCK Complete, it receives my highest recommendation. I know that it has all the tools you’ll need to pass the CMA exam, plus it includes the industry-leading “You Pass or We Pay” Guarantee.

Conclusions about HOCK CMA Prep

HOCK CMA is a very good course, especially for non-accounting majors that need thorough instructions for each concept.

Additionally, we know that HOCK is very confident about its product given its guarantee, so we have no hesitation in recommending the HOCK CMA course to all CMA candidates.

Still not sure about HOCK? Check out our comparison of the best CMA review courses.

HOCK’s Study Materials

With the mission to produce high-quality exam prep worldwide, HOCK International currently provides prep materials for these exams:

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