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Hock CMA Materials 2020: Our Analysis

Hock International CMA is a popular CMA course among international CMA candidates. But why do international CMA candidates trust it so much? And is it also good for candidates in the United States? We answer these questions, and more so you can determine if Hock is the right course for you!

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Hock International History

In 2000, Brian Hock, CMA, CIA, created Hock Training in Moscow, Russia. He did this in order to supply candidates with an interactive classroom-style course. Based on the success of Hock Training, Hock created a U.S.-based company called Hock International in 2003.

Contents of Hock CMA Prep

For CMA review products, Hock offers 3 options:

Hock Complete Hock Review Hock Lectures
Video Lectures smalltick smallcross smalltick
Access Until You Pass smalltick smalltick smalltick
CMA Test Bank smalltick smalltick smallcross
Books smalltick smalltick smallcross
You Pass or We Pay Guarantee smalltick smallcross smallcross
Final Review smalltick smallcross smalltick
Price (before my discount) $999 $499 $499

As you can see from the chart above, all of the Hock products include access until you pass and free updates. This is quite rare, so we definitely appreciate how generous Hock is with this feature!

Please note that the Hock CMA Complete Course is the only one to include the “You Pass or We Pay” guarantee. And for this reason, it wins our highest recommendation!

Hock Course Features

When you purchase the Hock CMA Complete course, you’ll receive:

  • 1,580 thorough textbook pages: You can select either PDF or hardcopy books.
  • 62 hours of videos: Brian Hock will lead you through the materials by following a classroom-style format.
  • 3,106 multiple-choice questions: the course provides answer explanations for all answer choices.
  • 66 essays: each essay includes detailed answer explanations, and some of the essays also include video walkthroughs.
  • 702 flashcards: the flashcards come in a PowerPoint.
  • 4 mock exams: the mock exams introduce you to the real exam before you take it and include brand new questions and essays not found elsewhere in the course.
  • Personalized Study Plan: an automated exam planner that identifies the due dates for all your assignments is available.
  • “You Pass Or We Pay Guarantee”: Hock is the only CMA review provider to pay for a candidate’s second exam attempt, so long as you adequately completed the course and still failed on your first attempt.

Because Hock is the only course with a guarantee that provides a financial commitment, we know that Hock really stands behind their products. Additionally, the Hock CMA Complete package includes access until you pass, so your course won’t expire.

Strengths of Hock CMA Materials

1. The Course Delivers a Classroom-Style Learning Environment

Hock presents all of their 53 video hours in a classroom-style format. So, we like how this course has maintained its classroom roots even though candidates can now access the lectures online. Additionally, candidates can download the lectures via Hock MP3 audio downloads, which is convenient.

What’s more, the lectures cover the most critical topics by showing the important points alongside Brian Hock. Hock also explains example problems and complex calculations in the video lectures.

If you are a visual learner or feel more comfortable having a professor lead you through the course materials, you will likely enjoy the Hock CMA videos. And if you learn best through video lectures, you will also develop a deeper level of understanding than if you only read a textbook.

Additionally, the Hock CMA lectures include Closed Captioning (CC). We love this feature because:

  • Subtitles help candidates understand the material better because they are reading it and listening to it
  • Closed Captions also help with focus because candidates are listening, watching, and reading, which keeps candidates highly engaged

hock cma video

2. Hock Provides More In-Depth Explanations

Hock CMA’s notes are in-depth, clear, and user-friendly. So, candidates with little to no accounting background can benefit from studying with these notes.

Also, Hock’s CMA candidates have mentioned that studying with the textbooks is easy because Hock prints the textbook pages on paper that is perfect for highlighting. And, the books afford candidates space to take notes while listening to the video lectures.

Finally, Hock also supplies detailed answer explanations for both the correct and incorrect answer choices. In fact, Hock CMA Prep is only one of 2 courses to provide this level of explanation.

hock cma questions

3. The Hock Guarantees Are Industry-Leading

In the process of passing the CMA exam, many CMA candidates find that they really need an access until you pass policy for their review course. And luckily, Hock contains such a policy. With access until you pass, your course won’t expire. And, for this reason, you also won’t have to pay any costly reactivation fees.

Also, Hock is the only CMA review provider to offer a “You Pass Or We Pay” guarantee. With this ground-breaking guarantee, if you fail the exam on your first attempt, Hock will pay the registration fee for your next exam attempt. In order to qualify for this guarantee, you must meet the following simple criteria:

  • Complete 95% of all the video lectures (this equates to about 48 lecture hours)
  • Score 75% or higher on the online section reviews (you can take these more than once to achieve a score of 75%+)
  • Earn a score of 75% or better on the mock exam (like the online section reviews, you can re-take the mock exam as many times as necessary to achieve a score of 75%+)

Finally, you can only qualify for the “You Pass Or We Pay” guarantee if you have the Hock CMA Complete Course package.

​Save $500
Hock CMA

​Discount applies to the Hock Complete Course.

4. The CMA Forum Adds an Extra Layer of Assistance

The Hock CMA Forum allows students to post questions about exam content that is causing them problems. Then, the Hock teachers monitor the forum and answer the questions candidates have posted. Additionally, the Hock forum permits other CMA candidates to offer advice and guidance as well. Consequently, you’ll find no shortage of assistance should you need it!

When reviewing the Hock course, I could see that the Hock teachers answered the questions in a timely manner. In fact, some teachers answered questions within a few hours, and the teachers answered every question I saw in 24 hours or less. And thankfully, this extremely prompt turnaround time prevents candidates from getting stuck on one specific question or topic.

Hock organizes the forums by course sections so as not to overwhelm candidates who are studying materials from different parts of the course.

Additionally, you can reach out to Hock CMA directly via email, should you decide not to utilize the forum. Hock is very focused on customer service and wants to make sure you have the ability to contact them if you need more assistance.

5. Hock Offers Financing

Unlike other CMA review providers, Hock CMA offers financing for its candidates. Additionally, this financing doesn’t require a credit check and isn’t limited to U.S. customers.

Plus, the Hock financing is completely interest-free, which is rare as well. Personally, I would lean toward using the financing as you won’t be charged interest and no credit check is required. And with financing, you will have more funds free to pay for the actual CMA exam expenses!

6. Exam Emulation

The Hock CMA platform mirrors the Prometric testing environment. And because of this, you’ll be familiar with the functionality of the CMA exam on the big day. It’s important not to waste precious time during your actual exam learning the exam interface. Luckily, since Hock emulates the real exam, you don’t have to; rather, you’ll know how each tool, button, and screen work.

Limitations of Hock CMA Review

1. Hock CMA Test Bank May Not Tough Enough for Some Candidates

Some candidates find that the Hock practice questions are not tricky enough when compared to those of Gleim CMA Review. Specifically, they have complained that Hock’s has fewer complex MCQs that span long and technical scenarios. However, I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing. And I have many readers who don’t like the questions that are so complex that they have a hard time following the fact pattern. Based on the actual CMA exam, it doesn’t appear necessary to practice using questions with extraordinarily long fact patterns.

While Hock CMA has added more questions to its test bank in recent years, it still provides far fewer essay questions than other CMA exam prep providers. And because CMA candidates often have issues with the CMA exam essays, your test bank should also include a fair number of essays with which to practice. Hock’s CMA course includes 66 essays, and this may be enough to conquer these types of questions. Of course, it really depends on how many essays you feel you want to practice. Personally, I learn best through MCQs, but I know that every candidate is different.

We do like the fact that Hock offers a good amount of MCQs in its bank, and we do find the answer explanations to be quite helpful and comprehensive.

My Blogger Who Used Hock

My CMA blogger Vinoth resides in India, and he successfully used Hock CMA Prep to pass the CMA exam. Prior to sitting for the CMA exam, Vinoth had already earned an MBA and had over a decade of finance experience. He pursued the CMA designation because he wanted to set himself apart from others, and he knew the U.S. CMA was the global designation that would enable him to do just that. Now, Vinoth is a CMA and works in a management position at a multinational oil company.

Vinoth used my CMA comparison chart to select Hock. And in the end, Vinoth stood by his decision because he felt that Hock covered “the content from the beginning until the end.” Additionally, Vinoth used Gleim CMA’s test bank to help him account for the fact that Hock had fewer questions than Gleim.

My CMA Review Recommendations

Hock CMA Exam Prep is perfect for those who have absolutely no accounting background whatsoever. So, I do highly recommend the Hock CMA course overall based on the large volume of MCQs, helpful videos, the “You Pass or We Pay Guarantee,” and other factors that set Hock CMA apart from the other courses.

So, because the Hock CMA course is good for some candidates but not all, you may want to consider the alternatives.

Hock International CMA vs. Gleim CMA Review

Both Hock International CMA and Gleim CMA Review provide candidates with access until you pass and industry-leading guarantees.

However, Gleim CMA Review is one of the best CMA review courses available. And, when I poll my readers about their chosen CMA review course, Gleim CMA Review is also a popular response. And I’m not surprised by these facts because Gleim created the very first CMA course in 1980 and continues to produce high-quality exam prep.

However, I want to point out that Gleim does not have a “You Pass or We Pay” guarantee, so even though it has a great guarantee, it’s still not as generous or exciting as Hock’s.

Lastly, Hock is less expensive than Gleim, so if you have a strict budget, Hock may be best suited for your needs (and wallet)!

Hock CMA vs. Wiley CMAexcel

Wiley CMAexcel is another very good course option to consider for a few reasons. First, Wiley CMAexcel offers a large amount of video lecture hours. Second, the Wiley CMA test bank is almost as good as the Gleim CMA test bank, although it does not include as many essay questions.

However, Wiley CMAexcel has its issues as well. For example, Wiley CMAexcel doesn’t include as many guarantees as Hock or Gleim. Instead, Wiley only offers access until you pass and a 10-day refund policy. Consequently, both Gleim and Hock CMA provide far better monetary guarantees than Wiley CMAexcel.

Moreover, Wiley CMA is the most expensive CMA review course available. Even with a Wiley CMA discount, you’ll still pay more than you would for either Gleim or Hock.

And yet, Wiley CMAexcel includes so many features, so that is likely why there is such a large price gap when compared to the other CMA options. However, CMA candidates on a budget still might want to consider Hock instead.

Hock CMA Discounts & Hock International CMA Cost

Brian Hock has offered a very generous Hock CMA discount just for my readers.

And this discount brings the cost of Hock CMA Complete down significantly, further boosting the savings you’ll enjoy by choosing Hock (and all without sacrificing quality).

Save $279 on Hock CMA!

Therefore, the price for Hock CMA is as follows:

  • Hock CMA Complete costs $720 with my discount
  • Hock CMA Review (which is the textbooks and test bank) costs $499
  • Hock CMA Video Lectures costs $499

Given my discount and the numerous features included with Hock Complete, it receives my highest recommendation. I know that it has all the tools you’ll need to pass the CMA exam, plus it includes the industry-leading You Pass or We Pay guarantee.

Conclusions About Hock CMA Prep

Hock CMA is a very good course, especially for non-accounting majors that need thorough instructions for each concept.

Additionally, we know that Hock is very confident about its product given its guarantee, so we have no hesitation in recommending the Hock CMA course to all CMA candidates.

Still not sure about Hock? Check out our comparison of the best CMA review courses.

Hock’s Study Materials

With the mission to produce high-quality exam prep worldwide, Hock International currently provides prep materials for these exams:

About the Author Stephanie Ng

I am the author of How to Pass The CPA Exam (published by Wiley) and the publisher of this and several accounting professional exam prep sites.

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Anand says January 29, 2019

Hi Stephanie,

I am from India and working professional, started studying for Part 2 (part 1 not started). I have enrolled in a coaching center who uses hock materials however I am not able to follow it completely. I have heard that first the candidate need to go through part 1 and then part 2. Does it makes difference? And, is it necessary to have Indian CMA degree before starting US-CMA.
Please advise how to study using hock books. Please also provide some tips for June exam as I am studying after a decade now.


    Stephanie Ng says February 6, 2019


    Because I work on a very limited basis with Hock, I would recommend you reach out to them with this question. I wish you the best!

Brian C says October 25, 2015

Hi Stephanie,

I have a BS in Accounting with a few years experience mostly in mfg. I am leaning heavily towards Gleim for my CMA prep but I keep hearing about Fast Forward Academy.Their most expensive bundle is $469 which includes text books & online with 2,564 questions& unlimited practice exams.They also offer prep for CPA, EA & CIA as well as Tax Training, their website is fastforwardacademy.com Have you heard of them or checked out their website?

Thank you,

    Stephanie Ng says October 27, 2015

    Yes Brian, I heard of them but the more popular review courses/materials are listed on this page:

    This “popularity” is based on the number of real customers (my readers) who use these materials; not how many bloggers who discuss/promote them. I am not saying Fast Forward is not good. I just don’t have enough data points to properly evaluate their products. Hope it helps! Regards, Stephanie

suja manoj says July 9, 2015

i am planning to take up CMA, pls advise which study material to refer.

Imad says June 10, 2015

Dear Stephanie ,

I’m planing to prepare for the CMA exam ,would you please advise me how to choose between the Hock International Material or Wiley


    Stephanie Ng says June 12, 2015

    Hi Imad,
    Are you referring to Wiley text book (Wiley CMA Learning System) or the Wiley CMAexcel review course? They are quite different. Stephanie

salum says November 9, 2014

Hi Stephanie
I’m doing my graduation right now n planning to do cma after it. I wanted to ask that if by studying Hock cma thoroughly will I be able to get 80 to 90 percent marks in cma. I know that there is no asurity of getting high marks by referring any particular book, but just for an idea that is hock good enough for attaining good marks.

    Stephanie Ng says November 13, 2014

    Hi Salum, Hock doesn’t disclose the detail (and honestly, I don’t think they know) so I cannot comment on it. Hock does mention that around 60% of students took Hock and passed.

    By the way, unless it is for personal challenge, you don’t really need excellent score in CMA because the grade won’t be showing in any official document. The passing mark is 360 out of 500.

    Regards, Stephanie

Alexa says March 6, 2013

Hey Stephanie, I’m interested in trying to find a study resource to get my feet wet for the CMA exam and was thinking about getting Hock as it is less expensive than the other companies products. Once I’m ready for full blown studying (I’m waiting until after my ironman race) then I’ll look into Wiley and Gleim. Anyways, I’m wondering do you think the Hock study materials package (not including multiple choice software and audio) is enough to get my bearings on the subjects and is easy enough to follow? I’m 7 years out of undergrad so some of the topics might be stale. I also work in a financial reporting role rather than finance management so I don’t practice these topics at the moment. Let me know what your thoughts are. Thank you.

    Ren Dizon says April 21, 2013

    Hi Alexa,
    My opinion is that, with any study materials it is most important toget the multiple choice software, because the key to success for this type of professional exams is to practice, practice and practice. Some people only skim through the study materials and dive into the practice questions. If you are a busy person, this is probably the best way to do it.

    Obviously being out of school for a few years you do need to have do some basic reading. Hock is good, but I personally think Gleim has a better, more integrated package. I’ve yet reviewed Wiley (got a full copy but still sitting on my desktop). Will let you guys know once I complete the evaluation.
    Best of luck to your ironman race. Wow, sounds very impressive!

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