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Gleim vs Hock CMA? How Anna Made Her Decision

Gleim vs Hock cmaAnna is our weekly CMA Exam Blogger. She writes for us every Monday.

It took some time before I actually chose the review course.

Gleim vs Hock CMA Comparison

First, I toyed with the idea of purchasing Gleim. Then I was in two minds about buying Gleim and/or Hock. In the end, I chose Hock as I liked the way they presented the material in their books and they used lots of examples that helped understand the bits of presented theory. Maybe with time I’ll use Gleim but for the time being I’m undecided. If I need any more textbook guidance maybe I’ll decide to buy Gleim’s books. It remains to be seen.

I hope that it will meet my expectations, but I’ll provide more feedback after some time. In these four initial posts, I’m trying to give you some general hints, and overview of what worked out for me so far, so bear with me 😉

Just for now, I think that Hock materials along with reading list books suggested by IMA will be enough. Also, I’ve heard that as for Gleim they have the good testing software, so once I’m ready for the exam I’ll buy the software to practice. Have a good overview of the review courses; look, compare, see sample materials and decide for yourself. You will also find the review comparison on here on Stephanie’s website. Have a good look and see how you would find studying with that particular book and materials.

Some people find it convenient to combine materials and review courses from different sources – e.g. Gleim and Hock. Or maybe you’ll find Gleim to be good for the first part of the exam, but for the second you decide to choose other learning materials, etc.

Also, if for any reason some review course doesn’t seem to appeal to you – opt for another. There is no point fighting with it and making you study with a textbook and study materials that you don’t like. A good review course will be your friend ‘for better and for worse’ and you need to feel secure with it.

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