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CMA Exam Bloggers Invitation, Criteria and Benefits

If you’ve signed up to my mini course, you should have received my email asking for suggestions on how to improve this site. Many of you would like to read stories of fellow candidates — how they prepare for the exam, and all the ups and downs going through their CMA journeys. With that, here […]

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How to Become a CMA in Dubai, Qatar and Middle East

This page is dedicated to aspiring CMA in Dubai and the Middle East. I will walk you through some facts, together with the steps and tips on how to achieve your goal to become a CMA in Dubai or other major cities in the Middle East. Significance of CMA in Dubai, Qatar and the Middle […]

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It Looks Like You have Already Subscribed…

… But if you think it’s an error on my part, please contact me here. In the meantime, you can go to the FAQ section — I am sure you’ll find some of the info there useful. Regards, Stephanie

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Thank You for Your Interest in Becoming My Guest Blogger. Here are Further Instructions

Hello, thanks again for your interest! I have been running this site for almost 4 years now, and it is amazing to share my stories and interact with fellow candidates. I am sure it will be a rewarding experience for you. Before you commit I’d like to give you more information about the arrangement. What […]

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برنامج CMA

بينما تفكر في برنامج الـ CMA، دعنا نتحدث أولاً عن اختبار CMA في حد ذاته — ما هي الأوجه التي يغطيها الاختبار، وما هو شكل الاختبار وهل هو فعلاً بهذه الصعوبة؟ اختبار CMA في إيجاز الاختبار يكون عن طريق الكمبيوتر ويحتوي على 100 سؤال اختيار من متعدد يتم الإجابة عنهم في 3 ساعات، و2 سؤال […]

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Quick Analysis on CMA US vs CMA Canada: Which is Better?

I am often asked about the difference between CMA US vs CMA Canada. Here is a quick analysis for your information. UPDATE: Please note that CMA Canada is now part of CPA Canada. This Canadian CMA program is no longer open for new candidates. You can learn about how to become a Canadian CPA here. […]

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