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CMA Careers: Great Jobs for Certified Management Accountant

cma careersMany of us want to pursue this accounting certification for a brighter future and promising career path.

With that in mind, I did some research on existing CMA careers by job nature and industry.

CMA Careers are Highly Diversified

CMAs work in a wide variety of work places. This includes family-run businesses, private firms, small and large publicly listed companies and multinational corporations. There are also CMAs in not-for-profit organizations, government and academic institutions.

CMA Careers by Industry

The following data includes all IMA members who may or may not be CMAs. However, one can safely assume that IMA members are at least those who are actively seeking the CMA certification. The overall profile should be similar to that of the active CMAs alone.

Certified management accountant by industry

Source: IMA

Manufacturing, finance and business services represent more than 50% of the industries where CMAs are employed. These industries value professionals who can analyze the financial statement to improve the businesses’ operation and efficiency.

CMA Careers by Job Nature

Certified management accountant (CMA) career path

It is not surprising that almost half of the IMA members work either in general accounting (23%) and finance (22%)  in  various industries. Those specialize in budgeting and planning and cost accounting represent 6-7% each.

Those in management position find the CMA certification useful as well. Corporate management (10%) and general management (8%) representing a sizable portion in this group. CPAs, professors in the academia, internal auditors and Information system specialists have a presence of ~ 4% in the group.


CMAs are employed by a vast number of different industries. Most of them work in general accounting  and finance, but many also have management roles.

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