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Moving On in the CMA Process

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Everyone who is undergoing the CMA process would have faced some amount of defeats in your past, some people can even doubt your own capabilities before starting the course.

Have Doubts Before Starting Your CMA Process?

This is not advisable and it will create panic and self doubt and it results in an element called defeat . We need to move on from our past defeats and victories. Take one day at a time, plan well and convert that day as a successful one. It’s a hardest part of putting your past things behind but it will bring you more and more of success and happiness.

Probability of success is more when you take things one at a time and plan it accordingly. Legends like Bill Gates, Sachin Tendulkar and president Lincoln had a miserable past and  all had one thing in common, they never had given a thought about their past which was pathetic. All they believed in themselves and the work they did. Life is not about what you couldn’t do so far, it’s about WHAT YOU STILL CAN.

While Studying you might not even understand the concept which your trying to learn, don’t give up read, re read more than 3 times and I am sure you would get the hang of it at some stage. Everything is not easy; we need to develop the attitude of moving on. What happened yesterday might not happen today or tomorrow. Start everyday as a new day. Take one thing at a time. I am sure you will be successful in your CMA process.

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