CMA Review Course Comparison: Which is the Best Study Materials?

cma review courseHere is my analysis on the pros and cons of the CMA review courses based on readers’ experience and comments from participants in major accounting forums.

Let Me Find the Best CMA Review Course for You!

I don’t believe in people who say their study materials are the absolute best, because different courses suit candidates with different background and learning style. I am however confident that you will find one that suit you the best here.

gleim_cma_reviewWiley cma review course (premium)Wiley CMA learning Systemexam matrix cma Hock CMA
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Pricing (2-parts)$720 (w coupon)$1,795$950$599$720 / $990**
Pricing (single-part)$405 (w coupon)$1,255$655$339$395 / $540**
Recommendation & Analysisgleim-button2wiley-cmaexcel-button2wiley-cma-learning-system-buttonExammatrix CMA review courseHock CMA review

* Conditions apply. Please check with the respective providers for details. ** The higher price includes re-registration guarantee.

Detailed CMA Review Course Comparison

Gleim CMA

Gleim is one of the most popular CMA review courses available and is especially preferred by those who study on their own.


  • Very established; one of the earliest providers of CMA review course (as well as for CPA, CIA and EA).
  • The Gleim CMA Review System offers an integrated learning approach with audio-visual presentation, test prep software in both various modes, audio review, text books, essay wizard and an online study tracking system called Gleim online.
  • Most comprehensive practice questions with exam mode that closely simulate the real exam you will encounter at the prometric center
  • The free trial for one study unit and money-back guarantee is very attractive.
  • One of the most affordable integrated review courses in the market.


  • If you have no accounting background, it may be tough to follow (but if you have basic knowledge in accounting e.g. taken one or two introductory classes it should be fine)
  • Not all audio visual presentations are converted to the new video course format.


If you have some accounting background and are the type of candidates who learn from practice i.e. doing lots of practice questions, I have no doubt that Gleim is the best for you.

Wiley CMA Review (CMAexcel Course)

Wiley offers two versions of CMA review material. This is the premium “integrated review course” with 21 hours of video instruction, interactive online study planner, performance tracking, final review, text books and test prep software (known as the test bank).


  • I really like the Professor Douglas Clinton, the lecturer in the video. He is knowledgeable and at the same lively teacher. You can tell that he is an active and well-liked professor (and indeeded he is).
  • The interactive online planner is very useful in helping you to plan for the study, and keep you on track.
  • The 14-day free trial gives you full access to the entire course.


  • The practice questions in the test bank are not as complex and comprehensive. I personally prefer tougher practice questions to get me fully prepared for the exam.
  • Most expensive option.


If you are a fan of CPAexcel or that you learn best by watching videos, definitely your best pick.

  • You can get a more detailed evaluation of CMAexcel here.

Wiley CMAexcel (CMA Learning System)

This is the self-study version, also commonly known as the “IMA study materials”, because the content was previously developed and distributed by the IMA.


  • The notes are clear, precise and easy to read.
  • I feel like the authors really want to teach (versus just want you to pass) through the book, and I actually quite enjoy reading most of the sections.


  • The practice questions in the test bank are not as complex and comprehensive. I personally prefer tougher practice questions to get me fully prepared for the exam.
  • Still relatively more expensive


The text books are easy to read and are organized. Strictly in terms of learning experience, I actually prefer Wiley to Gleim and Hock (although a few of my readers like Hock better). In terms of test prep software, we all think Gleim give us more comfort to pass the exam.

Exammatrix CMA Review Course

Exammatrix is an accounting test prep developer that prides itself on a unique offering — a software that learns from your answer.


  • The “adaptive learning technology” that analyses your weakest areas based on the performance of each study session has a lot of potential.
  • There is a money-back guarantee as long as you are a “good student” (parameters include how much time you spend on the questions, and % of questions done correctly at the end).


  • Most readers comment that the book is not as comprehensive.
  • Fewer features e.g. no video lecture, audio review and flash cards, although this is somewhat reflected in the lower price.


A good choice for those who know the exam content materials but need to a test prep software for exam preparation. It is also a great choice of supplement if you are looking for additional set of practice questions.

Hock CMA

People may not have heard about Hock outside of CMA review courses but they are quite popular among non-US candidates.


  • Great notes that explain the concepts well with classroom recordings.


  • Practice questions are good but coverage is not as wide as Gleim’s.
  • One of the more expensive CMA review courses.


If you need more explanations on the concepts behind the topics covered in the CMA exam, but find Wiley too expensive, Hock could be a good alternative. If you need more practice questions, you can get Gleim or Exammatrix as supplement.

My Recommendations

Gleim CMA review courseGiven that this is mostly a computerized test, the thing that will make or break a review program is the multiple choice questions. I believe most candidates would agree that Gleim CMA has the best test prep software, free trial, personal counselor support, reasonable pricing… all with the Gleim Guarantee. What do you think? Drop a note here and we can discuss.


  1. Debi Glau-Richards says

    Hi Stephanie,

    I am currently unemployed(mostly in healthcare related audit and accounting/finance. I am fairly late in my career, but will still probably be working full time at least another 10+ years and part-time beyond. I would be interested in expanding my industry experience and/or working for a CPA firm. I am an IMA member and I am currently working on re-instating/re-activating my Colorado license and at least obtaining the general accounting level of the California license. I would also be interested in obtaining a CMA. I actually was a pilot tester years ago for IMA’s initial review course and I thought it was a good accounting review also. I am going to have to take a lot of CPE hours for my CPA licenses. Can you recommend one of the programs that would be a good CMA review and also give me CPE credits? Thank you for your help. Debi

    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi Debi, thanks for your note and sorry to get back a bit late as I am trying to find out which CMA course is good for CPE credits. Here is my finding so far:

      Yes (i.e. counted): Rigos
      No: Gleim
      Still checking: Hock

      I haven’t heard from readers on how Rigos is for the CMA course. If you decide to take it I’d greatly appreciate if you can share with me the pros and cons in your opinion.

      Will post again when I hear from the other providers. Stephanie

  2. Stephanie says

    I really like the Becker program for my CPA study, now I’m wanting to do the CMA and I’m wondering which study material is the closest to the Becker program for CMA? Cos I really enjoy the video learning lecture and MC drilling study style.

  3. asif says

    am i eligible for CMA if do graduation from correspondence(distance education) from reputated university

      • Elie says

        Well , I think (but not sure ) that as long as it is an Accredited university , it doesn’t matter if done online or no .

  4. Stephanie says

    I am terrible at self-study and would like to do a classroom based CMA course but am an unable to find any…is there such a thing? I live in Denver.

  5. Fawzan Nagal says

    Hi Stephanie,

    I wanted to get you advice in regards to which GLEIM accounting package to select. I am bit confused as to what would be the best option to purchase. Should I get the complete review package or just the books. Can you please suggest.



    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi Fawzan, obviously the complete review package will be great with the integrated approach, if you don’t mind paying more. Another point is that the book is pretty intense and the Gleim Online within the Review System is aimed to help you pick what you need to study in the Gleim Book.

      Hope it helps? Stephanie

  6. Stephanie says

    Hi Maria,
    If it is only 2 days… I would just go over the practice questions I did wrong and make sure I get the correct answers, and possibly go through the subjects I find the toughest. Otherwise, relax and get enough sleep. I know it’s cliche but is very important.

    Best of luck, and let us know how it goes! Stephanie

  7. Davith P. Nueva says

    I am an CPA in Philippines and I am an aspirant CMA. I would just like to know the requirements needed, for review and for the exam, fees, and other necessary requisites.

    Thank You.

  8. Anwar says

    Hi Stephanie
    I am a semi-qualified management accountant (India) having thourough accounting and reporting background. Which one should I buy? which one is affordable and more suitable for me?
    Thanks in advance

  9. Abdalla says

    when i started my studing of CMA, i used Hock material, and it was very objective specially for the beginners and then i turned to IMA materials and Gleim. In my view, i think Gliem is outperforming the others.

  10. Mathew says

    I have registered for the two part online CMA review course offered by Boston University. The exam that I took after the part 1 course was not successful (290).I have felt that the course help you to manage the studies within a time frame but not that indepth. They have send me the link to take the part 2 and I’m undecided whether to take it or reattempt part 1. Can you please let me know whether you have any feedback on the online CMA course offerred by Boston University.
    Thank you Stephanie.

    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi Matthew, no, haven’t heard anything on their course but it does not mean the course is not good. Let me do some research and get back to you. Stay motivated and get pass in the next attempt! Stephanie

      • Jason Daigle says

        Any new information on Boston University’s program? I currently have Gleim and was wondering if this would be good course to go along with it?

        • Stephanie Ng says

          Hi Jason,
          Boston U is different in a way that they have a lecturer guiding you along the way, using Wiley (i.e. CMALS) books. If you need help in explaining the concepts then it could be useful. It is understandably more expensive.

          Since it uses Wiley I don’t think it’s a good idea to go with Gleim… too much confusion using two systems. There are guided review using Gleim books. If you need them let me know and I can dig it out for you. You should be able to find the list on Gleim’s website as well:

          Let me know if you need more info! Stephanie

  11. Deevis says

    Hello, Stephanie!

    I’m just trying to get a better understanding of the article, so the HOCK is good to use for the in depth explanation of the information used and Gleim is good to use for the software as far as quizzing and drilling oneself? Correct? I’m currently interested in receiving the CMA cert and I wanted to make sure that I have the best information as possible in order to pass both parts on the first attempt. I’m looking to start studying at the first of the new year and have both parts completed by the end of October. Do you think that is realisitic? And, one more question, who has the best study plan to follow?

    Thank you, Stephanie, in advance for all of your assistance.


    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi Deevis,
      Yes you have pretty much summarized the pros and cons I would say. In terms of which is “better”, it will then depend on your study style. In terms of the time frame, yes I think it is pretty realistic as long as you can set aside the time for the studying.

      For study plan… I believe both Hock and Gleim has study plans. It is best to follow whichever course you decide to get at the end. Good luck! Stephanie

  12. Rob S says

    I am very confuse with this CMA i apear two times for exam and both the times i get disappointed the first time 52% and the second time 69% and now i got one year gap shit hmmp i am confuse now to restart again i study gleim and ICMA books of IMA and online practice test i study almost 6 hours daily till date of exam but even though getting fail dont know what to do ……. Rob S

    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi Rob, looks like you should have got the concepts (or it would bore you to death if you take another look). Maybe this time you can just focus on working on the practice questions, then rework on the ones you did wrong the first time? This tactics seem to have worked for most of my readers on the CPA exam. Stephanie

  13. Sandy says


    I am planning to take up CMA , can you please let me know which is the best among these Gleim, Hock, Morgans or CMALS


    • StephanieStephanie says

      I typically recommend either Gleim or Hock depending on your study style, but then Wiley is coming up with a new product for CMALS. Given that Wiley is #1 seller in the CPA review books and test bank (test prep software), I plan to look closely into that. You may want to take a look as well in the meantime. Will try to write up a review as soon as I can. Stephanie

  14. Sabra Olivieri says

    Hello Stephanie,

    Have you had an opportunity to review the Wiley CMA materials? I would be interested in your feedback, and any comparisons to Gleim, etc.

    Thank you

  15. Pierre kassar says

    Hello i would like to ask your opinion about Wiley books of CMA 2013 i just started with Morgan Int’l my CMA and am eager to get my CMA .

    one more question if i started to attend the 2 parts courses and both courses will finish on the 1st of July is it better to attend for both parts in september and October 2013 ? or part I September 2013 & Part II January 2013 ? thank you

    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi Pierre,
      Wiley is actually sending me a copy of their 2013 CMA review books. Once I get them I will be able to take a quick look and let you know.
      On the courses, I’d recommend that you take the exam ASAP after the course. So taking it it Sep and Oct is a good idea. You can also save $100 by taking both parts within the same window. January 2014 sounds a bit far away and you might need to restudy some of the materials again.

      Hope it helps! Stephanie

  16. raju says

    Dear concern, i am an MBA graduate and working in a company as a Financial Research Analyst since 3 years. am looking forward to pursue any accoutning course for better growth and pay. I reviewd CPA now trying to know CMA, so my question which one will you recommend me to pursue(must be able to complete in 1 year)

  17. Muhammad Zubair says

    Hi. I have completed my CIA and working in an audit firm from the last 10 months.
    I want to continue my studies further. Please suggest, cma or frm, which one would be beneficial for me and how? if I wanted to work in middle east.
    Secondly what is the starting pay for fresh qualified cma in middle east specially UAE or KSA

  18. Deevis says

    Hello, Stephanie!

    I have another question. I am currently trying to complete my Bachelor degree and I work full time at college in the Accounting department accepting Account Receivables. I have worked here for 10 years this upcoming October and I wanted to know if the CMA cert is the best one to go for and if my work experience would be sufficient enough for the work experience portion of the CMA cert since I’m hoping to work for a government agency one day?

    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi Deevis, if you work in an accounting department, the CPA qualification is probably more appropriate, and if you work under a CPA then it would be ideal. You need 150 credit hours but it could be an issue (extra time/effort/money). CMA is good too but I don’t know if the people at government agency values it as much… CMA is best for companies especially with manufacturing capacities, but general business/corporations are pretty useful. Stephanie

  19. Diane M says

    Good Afternoon to all,

    I will be taking the CMA soon and any advice and tips will be greatly appreciated! I am a bit nervous.

    Ive been using the new Wiley books and find them ok, I have considered Gleim.

    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi Diane,
      That’s great! Wiley is kind enough to have sent me a set of their CMA books. I haven’t got the time to review them but on first look they are pretty good. If you need some test prep software, can still consider Gleim… Best of luck to your exam! Stephanie

  20. Tasdeeq ahmad says

    I am from india and want to cma i have completed can i get job in india and what is the fee sructure in india?

  21. Gordon says

    Hi Stephanie,
    I am glad I found your website. I failed CMA 3 times with scores 300, 350, 340. for part 1. I used Gleim but I felt like the test prep questions took longer time to solve than the actual exam and in the actual exam I saw more conceptual problems that tests your knowledge without using calculator. exmpl. If you increase denominator but reduce numarator what happens to ….
    I also saw I did not do well on essay section as Gleim really does not explain calculation steps very well.
    Do you recommend Hock as a study guide for me?

    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi Gordon,
      Hock is useful if you need to understand the concepts a little bit more. It sounds as if you need to get more practice on the computational type of questions. If this is the case I am not too sure whether Hock is the best in your situation… obviously I might not be interpreting your questions correctly so please get it if you think it is useful for you.

      If you think I am right that you need more computation practice questions you can try out the offerings by Rigos or Exammatrix. I believe they offer questions without the text book which would be a more affordable investment.

      Have you read my writeup for CMA exam retakers? This is my attempt to help retakers evaluate what they can do better in the next attempt. You can so close to passing, so I would think a small improvement would bring you over the passing mark. Here is the article — hope it helps!


  22. Manoj says

    I am new to this group and want to join CMA course. I have 8 years of experience in Accounting and no specific exposure in MA or FM.
    I want detailed explanation of topics as i attained the age of 37.
    Which course should i opt to qualify ?
    Your suggestion most welcome.

    • Stephanie says

      Hi Manoj,
      Thanks for your note. Gleim probably has the most detailed text — to the extent that some candidates find it a bit overwhelming. Hock seems to be easier for people to understand but the flip side is that it is not as comprehensive. I haven’t looked into Wiley/CMALS in goo enough detail to comment, but from readers’ feedback the book is user-friendly and well-organized, but the course materials may slightly underprepare candidates.

      You will likely need to put some time on studying cost accounting but your background in general accounting should help a lot. Hope it helps, Stephanie

  23. Elie says

    Dears ,
    I am Elie from Beirut – Lebanon , i will be sitting for my CMA exam P1 in October. If you would like to share our CMA studying experience and communicate regarding CMA topics, please do not hesitate to contact me via mobile ( 70 468 460 ) or email ( .

  24. Abdu says

    Hi Stephanie,

    I have about 7-8 weeks before I attempt CMA part 1. I am just about done with the 1st section. My study material is Wiley. I am hoping you’ve had the chance to go through CMA Wiley 2013. Please do let me know if it is sufficient enough to do just fine in the exam. To help you advise me better, I have basic accounting knowledge(BS in Finance & Eco) and I have taken a course in Cost Acc. in university…
    Thanks in advance for your great help and tips!

    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hello Abdu, I plan to take a good look today – will post again once I have done that. Cheers, Stephanie

  25. Jo says

    I’ve enrolled for CMA two days back. I’ve a Bachelor’s degree in commerce with a Post Graduation in Computer Science. Does the IMA provide any study materials or should I go for some other study resources mentioned here. Also I find others not affordable.

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Jo, IMA does have an officially endorsed study materials and they are distributed by Wiley starting from the 2013 version.

      Having said that, it doesn’t give you an advantage for the CMA exam because the CMA exam administrator is a separate entity and this entity does not endorse any particular study materials.

      The most affordable is likely Gleim if you are to get the integrated review course… if budget is a big consideration, try borrowing the text books from the library and invest only on the test preparation software. Hope it helps! Stephanie

  26. Karthik says

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for writing in detail about CMA course. I am from India and want to pursue CMA. Should I go for a class room training or Study materials like Gleim will help to clear the exams? I have basic knowledge of Financial and Cost Accounting.
    Your suggestion would be of great help. Thanks!

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Karthik,
      You can go for any format you feel the most comfortable of. I personally like self-study because it saves a lot of time from commuting and I can pace myself e.g. study more when I am in a more “efficient” mood. But this requires more self-discipline/motivation on your part :) Stephanie

  27. Binoy Chacko says

    Hi Stephane,

    I am binoy,currently working in middle east.I have done my Masters in Mathematics and MBA in financial Management.I have been working in FMCG industry for last 15 years as finance Manager.I am interested in doing CMA course .Will CMA add value to my career and what is the percentage of pass rate if I do self study.

    Thanks for your advise

  28. Familio says

    I am thinking to start preparation for CMA soon. do you think is it possible to pay only for Entrance fee and membership fee later?
    I am also finishing my MBA degree soon (in a one month) in Germany is it possible to get student fee?

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Familio,
      Yes. If you are comfortable that you can qualify for the exam (i.e. have a bachelor degree), then it is actually a good idea to try studying first. You may see from some comments here and there throughout my site that readers are worried about the 3-year deadline. If you start studying first before the registration process you won’t have this problem, at least for the first part of the exam. The whole registration + fee paying process takes less than half an hour, nothing to worry about. Stephanie

  29. Mu says

    hi stephanie.
    i found your wb today only when i was looking for the pass rates from the search engine. What a great effort! For sure i’ll be one of your regular readers.
    i sat for the CMA exam Part 1 in June session after a two month preparation period using Gleim self preparation pack, unfortunately i only got 330 and now i want to start my review to sit for the re-take in Oct session.
    i want to share with you my experience with Gleim”:
    – i am not a native English speaker (Arab) but having 15 years + experience as management accountant made me comfortable with Gleim approach. I felt that it is the best for me, it is very concise and to the point.
    – Questions practice and “learning from answering questions”technique was very much enjoyable for me and despite my short preparation time i was close to pass from my first attempt.
    – the bad thing about Gleim is their personal counselor. It is merely a marketing propaganda with no real help that they provide to you. They give you a lot of attention and contact you very frequently when you are a potential customer. but as soon as you get-in they will hardly respond to your mails with late useless responses.
    – Although i like it so much; i am not sure i’ll go for it again – just because i am not happy with their “Personal counselors”. If i pass this time i’ll try to find another provider for part 2.

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Thanks for your feedback Mu. I will forward your note to Gleim on the point of personal counselor. Thanks Manoj for the suggestion; I also heard good things about Hock as mentioned above. Otherwise, since you are so close of passing, maybe (for your Part 1 at least) what you need is a little bit more study time to consolidate what you have learned, and more practice using the online test prep software? Also, working on incorrect questions a few times (not just once, but many times for the concept to sink in) work very well for me. Hope it helps! Stephanie

    • says

      Hi Mu,

      My name is Monica and I am the marketing officer at Gleim. First, I’d like to thank you for sharing your feedback.

      I sincerely apologize that your experience with Gleim did not meet your expectations, and I will make sure to pass your feedback along to the rest of the management team, and of course, to Dr. Gleim.

      Our Personal Counselors are there to help with your studies. In fact, you can contact your Personal Counselor as much or as frequently as you like. Since our Personal Counselors do not want to overwhelm candidates with an abundance check-ins as we know you are very busy studying, we check in periodically, unless a candidate specifies otherwise. Meaning, you can tell a Personal Counselor you’d like weekly check-ins, and they will accommodate this request. You will have more interaction with a Personal Counselor in the beginning since they will work with you to set up a study plan. However, I’d like to stress that they are available anytime you need help. If you could please email me at I’d like to look into what we could to do to make this situation right for you.

      Thank you Mu!



  30. Mu says

    Hi Manoj,
    Thanks for your note. i started with Hock for few days before i decide to go for Gleim.
    As stephanie said It is very detailed and works perfect when you have a weakness area that needs in-depth review. i think i’ll go for it to review the internal controls, i feel it is too concise in Gleim

  31. Mu says

    Hi Stephanie,
    Thank you for you response and for conveying my massage to Gleim.
    I have contacted Monica regarding my concerns on the personal counselors

  32. Juan Solares says

    Hi Stephanie,
    I started considering recently the CMA study materials but my main interest is not trying to pass the test for now, I am looking more into expanding my knowledge and practice in the topics covered in the CMA, since I recently switched careers into the Management Accounting & Finance so I am looking to reinforce my knowledge, but I found the free material on the internet or some textbooks I bought not exactly what I am looking for or lack practical approach, which is why I thought of the CMA study material might work best in my case because i would be able to apply the concepts. My questions are, do you think going through any of the study material you mention here might work best for me in my goal of mastering the concepts and topics of MA? Which one would you recommend me for my specific goals? from all the comments above I see Gleim is the best choice but I dont have a background in accounting or finance but i recently finished my MBA and took the basic courses in both field plus a couple of courses in advanced finance so I am familiar with the basics but Hock sounds also good for me since it goes more in depth mostly because I am not a native english speaker? and my last question is should I only purchase for example the textbooks of gleim and hock or do you think I should purchase the complete review system to get a better and complete learning experience based on my goals? what would be the best mix of products that you would recommend and from which brands? Thanks for your help

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Juan,
      If your current purpose is to gain knowledge rather than passing the exam, then I think the IMA materials (i.e. Wiley) has the best resource. I actually quite enjoyed reading the book and feel like learning quite a bit in the areas covered. For Gleim, it’s effective for the exam but it’s strictly for that (i.e. not interesting read). Hock is not as “hard core” but pretty much designed solely for the purpose of CMA exam preparation.

      Just my thought. Hope it helps! Stephanie

  33. Khaled says

    Hey Stephanie,

    I really appreciate what you are doing. Its currently my last semester in university here in Canada and I am planning to do my CMA in the USA. However I am having a hard time choosing what course i should take as an accounting elective either auditing or taxation. Which one do you think is more useful?

    Thank you,

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi hkaled, you are most welcome! I guess for the purpose of the CMA exam, it is best done by going through the CMA review courses, because they cover just what you need and won’t waste your time. At school I would take whichever course you genuinely like, because after you graduate, you can’t afford the time to do that :) My 2 cents. Hope it helps! Stephanie

  34. Kats says

    Hi Stephanie- I am looking into taking the CMA …I have 15+ years of work experience in accounting, finance, cost manaement with a BS in accounting and MS in finance. I am not sure which prep material to choose for my study???. I was thinking of BU online prep but one of the comment did not sound favorable. I believe i read Wiley might be a good one as the IMA endorse it? Please advise on which course to take. I am contemplating to sit for the january/february exam ..if I stort now (sept) is that good enough time giveng my work and education background.
    Regards – Kats

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Kats,
      I don’t know much about BU online prep but if you look for video instruction, this is one of the more popular ones there. I think BU online uses Wiley material anyway…

      So for Wiley/IMA, it is more like a self-study course. I personally really like the material, feel like I am learning something useful, but strictly for CMA exam preparation, it is a little bit “overboard”. I also don’t like the test prep questions as much. I am a big fan of learning through working (in this case, working on the practice questions) so that’s why I do think getting a good test prep software is important too.

      Anyway, you can always start with, say, Wiley/IMA and see how it goes first. Lots of people pass with this materials alone. Do note there is no advantage of using IMA materials for this IMA exam because the exam administrator (ICMA) doesn’t give “tips” so to speak to the rest of the team at IMA. Stephanie

  35. Rami says

    I just graduated from my university. My major is Finance. I speak Arabic.I want to get CMA certification.Which is the best for me Gliem or Hock?

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Rami, I personally like Gleim more, but a lot of international candidates use Hock. I encourage that you take a look at both demos (free for both Gleim and Hock) and see which ones suit your learning style better. If I can be helpful in giving you more specific recommendations, let me know. Cheers, Stephanie

  36. roger says

    Hi Stephanie

    I have completed Bach in commerce-finance and MBA in international business.

    Working for the past 3 yrs as an accountant.Would like to pursue either,cpa,,cima or cma.

    i am kind of weak in tax so pls advise accordingly
    Kindly advise.


  37. Abhishek Krishna says

    Hi Stephanie,

    I am in India currently and planning to study for CMA. I have zeroed-in on HOCKS and BECKERS for the study material part. But I am not sure if I should sign up with the private tutoring companies which are offering CMA prep assistance and charging a huge sum. I am planning to take online classed only as I am ok with self study and dont feel the need to take classrom based coaching.

    So my question what are the pros and cons of studying directly with BECKERS/ HOCKS and private tutoring companies. One of these companies is offering BECKERS and other one is offering HOCKS.

    From this forum, i gather that I also have the option of taking up GLEIM at a better price and more services given the good reviews.

    Your thoughts are highly appreciated.


    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Abhishek, I have partially answered your question in another post, but I would definitely NOT go for the company that offers Becker CMA, because, as far as I know, Becker has stopped offering CMA review courses since 2006 (Yes, 8 years ago!). Unless I misunderstand what they are offering, it sounds outright dishonest to offer becker materials for CMA exam.

      As for whether Hock is good, it does have its strengths as I highlighted above. If budget is a consideration, I would just go for either Hock self-study or Gleim self-study. My personal preference is Gleim (or Wiley) but looks like Gleim would be a better choice for you if I am to pick one course.

      Here is my view of whether to take the course in classroom setting or online:

  38. KRISHNA says

    SIr, Hi Passed the C.S and My education is BTECH, i am from india,What is the procedure for CMA, How long doe’s it take,and it’s benefits………Please give me suggestions.

    Thanks in Advane

  39. Venkat says

    I am 55 years old, with decades of banking experience. Can I take up the CMA exam? (I have studied Accounting and Commerce subjects to get CAIIB certification).

  40. Vishwanath says

    Hii Stephanie,

    Thans for all the information, I need a your personal sugestion whether to attend first group or second group for exam ( jan and Fed 15)

    Kindly advice me

    Many thanks

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Vishwanath,
      It doesn’t really matter. Most people seem to take Part 1 first, but you can also pick based on your existing knowledge. If you know cost accounting / strategic planner / internal control better, Part 1 covers more on this. Part 2 has more topics related to financial management, something similar to CFA Level 1. Regards, Stephanie

  41. bashar says

    hi i recently re allocated to usa
    currently unemployed and thinking of taking the CMA exam
    i have been trying to decide which material to go for
    wiley is not an options its too expensive
    so its either hock or Gleim
    its like 50-50 online reviews you ae into gleim
    i finished CFA using Kaplan but they dont issue CMA materials
    i like detailed well explained materials with good amount of questions to prepare
    going to give each part around 3 months before testing

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Bashar, thanks for your note. As you can see from the above, Gleim is my personal favorite.

      But for a more objective comparison, Hock explains the concepts well, but Gleim has better practice test questions. Some people find Gleim’s notes too detailed but seems like this won’t be a problem for you. Hope it helps! Stephanie

      • bashar says

        so i decided to go with Gleim after all
        i do prefer studying from a book rather than E-Book cause i like to put notes and marks
        i think its just downloadable material ?
        second questions its asking me which version i want 2014 or 2015? could you please explain the difference?

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi AB, there aren’t a lot of CMA (US) in India from what I know. So this could mean that the certification is not as recognized. Having said that, if you plan to work in multinational companies especially those that headquarter in the US, then it is more relevant. Manufacturing companies especially value the CMA certification because of its emphasis on cost accounting and inventory management.

      You can also consider ICWAI which has a reciprocal agreement with CMA (US). More info here:

  42. ryan justin Talavera says

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thank you for your site you are a big hep to us aspiring CMA.

    I’d like to study on my own at my own pace,. Hope there is some materials you cn share with us.


    Ryan Justin Talavera

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Ryan,
      The review courses listed in the table are all excellent choices for self-study. I do have copies for most of them, but given copyright issues I am afraid I can’t share with all of you for free. There are giveaways from time to time so please watch out for it. Regards, Stephanie

  43. Greg Carr says

    Hi Stephanie,

    Being unemployed for the past three months makes it difficult to pay for the Gleim course. I would like to begin studying for the exam. I would appreciate it if you could advise me regarding ‘details on ‘the give always from time to time’
    Thank you

  44. Mohammad Younus. says

    Greetings to your respected self,
    I sincerely congratulate your venerable self for such a great effort which is nascent and noble.
    I am highly motivated for CMA Exam and need your suggestion for selecting Study Material.
    I like self study and have studied Accounting at Bachelor’s Degree Level.
    Thanks very much indeed,
    Sincere Regards,
    Mohammad Younus ,
    Bachelor’s Degree In Commerce ( Gold Medalist),
    University Of Kashmir,

    • Manoj says

      Dear Younus

      In my opinion Hock is the best . Have you joined CA , as you are a topper in commerce Indian CA is most suitable in your career life.



  45. says

    Hello Stephanie.
    I live in Orlando Florida.
    I really want to become an CMA
    The problem is that i don’t know where to start :(
    I’m a US citizen but i live here only 8 years.
    During this time i was constantly working 2 jobs never really had a time to study
    It took me a while to realize want kind of career i want to pursue
    I work for Marriott for 6 years now
    My gut it telling me to study B.S in Accounting and than to continue my education in Mater of Science in Accounting Programs and become an Certified Management Accountant
    Do you think this is a good idea or not?
    If not can you please help me with some ideas on how to become an Certified Management Accountant ( please guide me ).

    Thank you
    Best Regards

  46. Jaz says

    i have got the review class about cma part 1 sections, and now ‘m preparing for the January window. ‘m doing my post graduation also, so please let me know how can i register as a student member and what are the steps to be taken before exam.

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Jaz,
      As long as you are taking at least 6 credit hours per semester, you are qualified for the student discount. Sounds like you are fine, but please be prepared to supply the proof (e.g. marksheets or transcripts).

  47. Nisa says

    I want to sit for the exam next year (2015), but I purchased the study materials from Gleim a few months ago. How dangerous is it for me to use these materials to study for the exam with these slightly outdated materials? I am just trying to avoid the extra costs of purchasing another review.

    Thank you,

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Nisa, are you getting the Gleim course online? If so it will be switched to the 2015 version automatically sometime (likely Nov but depending which product you get). You may want to contact your Gleim personal counselor on this.

      • Nisa says

        I already have the review books from the most recent edition, but the entire system is out of my price range at this point. Do you think I could use the review book and some online questions and be ok? Or do you think the changes are so jurastic, I would need to switch?

  48. mohammed says

    I would like to know about what is the what’s the difference between gleim cd exam and gleim online test.
    i need trail exam like cma exam which the best cma – wiley or gleim
    thank you

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Mohammed,
      I am not sure if Gleim has a CD version but I can double check. I generally prefer online version because the materials get updated automatically (which is not possible if you have the CD version). Also, Gleim offers a free trial with full access to study unit 1 online.

      In terms of Wiley vs Gleim, it depends on your study style and budget. If you have specific questions on either one please let me know and I will try my best to help you choose. Regards, Stephanie

  49. mohammed says

    Hi Stephanie
    in the Gleim online exam there is only 1450 question for part 1, that’s enough only for 15 exams if we assume every exam include 100 question, therefore I need to know gleim online test only 1450 question or like cma online test every exam new questions .
    please tell me if IMA have trail online test and what could be the cost for it.
    thank you

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Mohammed,
      It actually doesn’t have 15 exams, but more like a set of questions in each study unit. There is one mock exam (known as the exam rehearsal) in the final review. If you get the full CMA review system, it is included for free.

      You might want to sign up for the free trial (with full access to study unit 1) so you can see for yourself how it works. Please click the button at the bottom of this page:

  50. Md. Obaidur Rahman. says

    I have completed M.A. with Honors in English. Now I want to do CMA. What should I do? And how can I get the best and latest books ?

  51. jennifer says

    Hi, I had purchased the Wiley Learning System ( Books with the online Test Bank ) a few months back. I just wanted to know if i do my best with the material i have got will i be able to pass? I have heard good reviews on Gleim but its a huge expense to incur now and i dont want to fail :( Is Wiley LS Good enough?

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Don’t worry Jennifer. I am sure many candidates using Wiley LS pass the exam as well. The LS book itself is very well written in my opinion, so you just need to spend more time on the practice questions and make sure you go through the ones you did wrong previously. This way, you can minimize the chance of making similar mistakes in the actual exam. For the correct ones, if you get it right the first time, you always will :)

  52. Muhammad Usman says

    Hi – I am working as senior pricing analyst for a manufacturing company in London for last 7 years. My educational background is B.Com from Pakistan and MA Business with Financial Management from a UK university. I am looking forward to add CMA to my skill set.

    Generally speaking how long it takes to pass both levels and I have done some research but found no institutes who run classes here in London. Any information you could share will be helpful.

    KR Muhammad

  53. jasir says

    please let me know what are the registration process to get a cma student membership,
    i would like to take my exam date on last of february,

    currently ‘m post graduate student, and it shows above $500 of fee including entrance fee, 1st part exam fee and student membership fee as well,

    is there any promotion code may available at the time of registration?

  54. Muhammad Usman says

    Hi Stephanie – I am BCOM from Pak, 10 years ago and MA BUsiness with Financial mgmt from a UK uni 6 years ago. Now working as Pricing analyst for a manufacturing company. Currently undecided :-

    a) Is CIMA better than CMA working in UK/Europe
    b) If i take CMA which I am more inclined to, but there is very little class based coaching in London.

    Please suggest

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Muhammad,
      My honest answer is that CIMA should be way better in the UK, and possibly in Europe. The only exception is that you work in a company with US headquarters.

      In any case, if you choose to take the CMA exam, studying isn’t a problem because most candidates (including those in the US) use online self-study courses anyway, given the exam itself is 100% computerized. The above providers are the best in the industry.

      For more analysis on CIMA vs CMA, please read this post:

      • Muhammad Usman says

        Thank you Stephanie for an honest reply. Reason I am inclined more towards CMA is it can be achieved quicker than CIMA. Though I still have time age wise (34) but with a family of 3 kids all under 5 CIMA will test me.

        • Stephanie Ng says

          That’s an important consideration too Muhammad. There isn’t a qualification that is better in absolute sense. As long as it is the best fit for our career, family etc. it’s great. Best of luck for a smooth path to success! Stephanie

  55. Nasir.B says


    Thanks for all of your descriptive guidance. I am planning to start for CMA exam. However, I am not from Accounting Background, in that case how should I start in the beginning? Is it ever be possible to pass in my case?
    Right now, I have HOCK CMA Part 1&2 textbook and audio lectures of my friend’s. Would it be wise to first go through these materials?
    Would appreciate your advice.

    Have an great day ahead.

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Nasir, I believe Hock has supplementary materials for candidates with non-accounting background. You can take the time to study those first. It’s not advanced accounting but the examiners do expect candidates to have a basic understanding of accounting. Regards, Stephanie

  56. Rajesh kumar says

    i want to do CMA US but i am very nervous because i have no IDEA about it, so please tell me Which is the best option Self study or coaching class

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hello, I haven’t reviewed that so can’t really offer comments, but in general I don’t prefer one-man band. It takes a lot of resources (e.g. good lecturers who have active teaching experience at universities) and team work (e.g. cross checking and editing review materials).

  57. manoj shetty says

    Hi Stephanie

    need some indepth of topic corporate restructing & foreign subsidiaries being added to part 2 effective jan 2015, i have gleim sixteenth addition hence need a small favor to help to run on to this topic. I did gave my cma part 2 exam in sept/oct window but i fall short of 5 marks.


    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Manoj, as I don’t create review courses, I am afraid you need to ask Gleim for help in terms of getting the updated portion of the CMA exam. If you get the online version, it is automatically updated as long as your access is still valid. Regards, Stephanie

  58. ali says

    Hi, I did post this question on your website- will do it here again

    I want to appear for June 15 exams (part 1). If I take up Glen as you advised on fb, my question is do they or you provide some sort of self study schedule. Secondly, what will be your role, just in case i need explanation for a certain topic/question. appreciate your reply via email or message


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