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CMA Exam Reschedule and Cancellation Procedure

There are many reasons why you may consider rescheduling your CMA exam. It could be extra personal and work commitments, sudden emergencies, or simply taking than what you anticipated in preparing for the exam.

Good news: CMA exam reschedules and cancellations are allowed and can be easily done.

cma eschedule cancellation

When Should I Consider Rescheduling?

If you are falling behind your study plan and feel like it is impossible to make it up, it is time to make the decision.

It is best to decide 1 month before the exam to avoid penalty charges (see below). If, however, you are looking for instructions on how to schedule your CMA exam for the first time, I’ve got that covered for you on another page.

CMA Exam Reschedule Procedure

If you decide to reschedule early, there is no penalty. Simply call Prometric at (800) 479-6370 (Monday through Saturday), or change your appointment online at Prometric’s website.

If you need to reschedule within 30 days, the process is the same, but you must pay a $50 administration fee. All exam appointments must be scheduled at least 72 hours before the exam date.

Cancellation is essentially the same as rescheduling. The cancellation follows the same procedure and can also be done at least 72 hours before the exam. Otherwise, it will be considered a “no-show.”

Can I Extend the Test Date to the Next Testing Window?

Unfortunately, this is not allowed.

How about Exam Retake?

An exam part may be taken only once in a testing window (e.g., Part 1 may be taken only once within the January/February testing window). All exam retakes require a new registration, along with payment of appropriate fees.

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