How to Become a U.S. CMA in India (And Why It Could Be a Smart Move)

CMA in IndiaThis page is dedicated to the many aspiring CMAs in India who visit my site. Let me walk you through some facts as well as steps and tips on how to achieve your goal of becoming a CMA.

(I also have a page that addresses Indians working in the Middle East.) 

Profile of IMA Members from India

Based on the 2018 IMA Global Salary Survey, Indian IMA members have an average annual total compensation of US $28.8K. The median figures are considerably lower, which means there are a few professionals who earn a lot more and thus pull up the mean figures.

On the whole, Indian IMA members work pretty hard, averaging 45.5 hours per week, which is tied for second longest with Jordan. Both come in after the United States (46.3). Indian IMA members are also very well educated. All of the 52 Indian respondents have bachelor’s degrees, and 63% have advanced degrees.

If we look at IMA members from Asia (mostly from China and, to a lesser extent, India), we see even more interesting statistics.

Among these members, 46% are CMAs (the rest are likely in the process of pursuing the certification). The median age is 34, which is the youngest among all IMA members. A high majority have bachelor’s degrees (85%), and about a quarter have advanced degrees (26%).

In terms of management level, 32% in lower management, 46% in middle management, 17% in senior/top management, and 3% in academia. This compares to the 23% in senior/top position among their peers in the United States. This discrepancy can be explained by the fact that Asian members are younger. Also, the establishment of the CMA is more recent in Asia than in the U.S.

CMA vs Non-CMA Salary in Asia

An important finding from the survey is that CMAs in India earn 136% more than non-CMAs. This premium has widened significantly over the years.

Asian CMAs also enjoy the additional benefits of expanded career paths and opportunities. About 90% said the certification had strengthened their ability to move across all areas of business, and 65% said it had increased their career options.

How to Become a CMA in India

Here’s some more good news: You can pursue the U.S. CMA certification from India. You don’t have to travel or work abroad.

The exam prerequisites are simple: all you need is a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university as well as 2 years of relevant work experience that you can perform in any part of the world. You can read the CMA exam requirements here.

Exam Content and Format

The CMA exam is computerized and consists of 2 parts, each containing 100 multiple-choice questions and 2 essay scenarios. You will have 4 hours of total testing time for each part. You also have testing appointment flexibility: you can take the exam on any weekday within the testing windows, which cover 6 of the 12 months in each year.

Learn more about the CMA exam syllabus and exam content from my detailed discussion of each.

Testing Center Locations for Aspiring CMA in India

There are currently 10 test centers throughout India:

  • Ahmedabad
  • Allahabad
  • Bangalore
  • Chennai
  • Dhaka
  • Gurgaon
  • Hyderabad
  • Kolkata
  • Mumbai
  • Trivandrum

You can visit the Prometric Testing Centers website to locate the exact address of these exam sites.

Furthermore, there are 8 regional IMA chapters in which you can mingle and network with fellow CMAs:

  • Bangalore
  • Chennai
  • Hyderabad
  • Kochi
  • Kolkata
  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Pune

CMA Exam Passing Rates

This chart illustrates the latest passing rate data by region:


Source: IMA

The specific CMA exam passing statistics for India are unavailable, but as you can see in this chart, Asian candidates have a better than average pass rate. However, it’s still not up to the level of the American pass rates. How can we close the gap? Here are my suggestions:

1. Read My Essay Writing Tips

Indians have a very good command of English, but their writing style may be quite different from that of the Americans. Therefore, you should work on how to write essays with the standard use of (U.S.) English. I have written this page on CMA exam essay tips specifically with international candidates in mind.

2. Take Self-Study Review Course Instead

The Problem with local coaching classes

From my own research and feedback from international readers, a very common reason for CMA exam failure in Asia is taking local coaching classes that do not adequately prepare candidates for the exam.

I am sure that there are some excellent live courses out there in this region, but more often than not, these coaching classes are not as good as self-study courses, and more importantly, you can’t tell that’s the case until it’s too late.

The Superiority of Self-study Courses

On the other hand, self-study courses are generally cheaper, more convenient, and more reliable. Self-study courses are used by domestic (U.S.) and international candidates alike. By using the same review courses as the U.S. candidates, you know that the quality of these courses is guaranteed, and you consequently put yourself on a level playing field. Considering that the Americas have a much higher passing rate (50-60%), their courses seem to be working, so I would definitely go with whichever review courses the Americans are using.

Video Summary

Here is a short video clip summarizing this article for easy reference.

Disclaimer: The IMA and the ICAI no longer have a mutual recognition agreement (MRA). Therefore, ICAI members cannot become CMAs without meeting the CMA requirements, and vice versa.

Finally, Some CMA Inspiration for You All

Hari won the prestigious Priscilla S. Payne Award, which was given to the #1 ranked student candidate in the Jan/Feb 2017 window. Read his story and his CMA exam advice here.

Now, How Can I Start The Process?

If you are new to the CMA program, you can learn about:

If you have already started your CMA journey, you can discover:

About the Author Stephanie Ng

I am the author of How to Pass The CPA Exam (published by Wiley) and the publisher of this and several accounting professional exam prep sites.

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  • Vijay says:

    Does the MRA work even if the candidate has completed CMA, US from India, will he/she still be eligible for ICAI certification?

    • Hi Vijay, I think so but it is best to check directly with the respective association (IMA and ICAI) because I can’t be 100% sure if they have any updates lately, or if there are fine prints that I am not aware of. Regards, Stephanie

    • Rangappa Ainuru says:

      You need to take the exams outside of India. And you will not get the certificate of practice. Which simply means that you will become an ICWA but you will not have the authority of setting up a firm and working independently as Indian ICWAs or CAs. You can work in MNCs instead. If you take even one ima cma exam in India, then the MOU will not be working and you will only get ima CMA

  • Jay says:

    Can u please introduce me to some of the CMA students from INDIA??
    It will be helpfull if they are from HYDERABAD;INDIA

    • Our CMA exam blogger Vinoth is from India, but from Chennai instead.

      You can leave Vinoth a note to say hi by leaving a comment in any of his posts here:

      Or leave a note on my facebook page and see if anyone from Hyderabad responds:

      You can certainly do both 🙂 Stephanie

    • Akshay Rathi says:

      Honestly speaking CMA is not as worthy as CPA, CIMA, CFA or CISA. The starting packages are very low. I started looking for courses last year and as management accounting was one of my elective, my choices boiled down to CMA and CIMA. CMA was more appealing to me in the beginning as it was short period course and only 2 exams. But after looking at the market, I quickly spoke to the management of my coaching institute and switched to CIMA. Trust me, when I look back now I have no regrets. I am not saying it is a bad course, but it is way to easy when compared to its Indian counterpart. Make your choices wisely

      • Ali says:

        Brother, you are very wise. Good luck for your CIMA. I am totally depressed now with CMA, don’t know what to do with this useless certification. I am thinking of not paying membership fee from the next year as it is a useless investment with no return.

  • Cheenu says:

    Hi Stephanie

    i wanted to get myself registered for CMA course can you please guide me how i need to be registered, as a student or professional … I have done in 2012 and have work experience though not as per the credentials mentioned for work experience. .. please advice me…


  • someguy says:


    I would like to point it out that ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) and ICWAI (Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India) are 2 entirely different institutes under different statutes and neither one is a former name of the other. Qualifying CMA (from outside of India) would automatically entitle one to a qualification of ICWAI (all 3 levels exempted) and NOT of ICAI.

    This exemption has been the subject matter of debate for quite a while now in India. The reason is simple. To qualify ICWAI, one has to appear for 3 levels of examinations that could possibly take 3 years as against the 2 part CMA examination that one might clear in a span of 6 months. Sounds unfair right? Apparently, the ICWAI Council members seated at Bangalore surely don’t seem to think so.

    Lastly, this article provides important insights on what is seemingly the “easiest route” to become a qualified CWA in India. Apparently not many ICWAI students are aware of it. This important article could prove to be very helpful to those students are unable to clear their ICWAI exams in India. They won’t need to lose hope.

    • Hi Someday,
      Thanks for your insightful comment. But your first paragraph, it really gets me confused…

      According to their website (, ICWAI is now called ICAI – Institute of Cost Accountants of India.

      According to Wikipedia, the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI) [previously known as the Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India (ICWAI)] is a premier statutory]…

      As to why the two associations use the same acronym, it’s not up to me to comment…


    • Rangappa Ainuru says:

      What about practicing? My sibling is an ICWA and I am an MBA doing IMA CMA. The hiring managers are not half wits. They’ll ask for your percentages in final and inter levels and you’ll have to reveal them that you got ICWA through an MOU. Also, there are almost zero chances for an IMA CMA in Indian companies. The only companies that hire them as of now are KPOs and BPOs that support US companies as back end. So, hard work does not go waste. By saying this, I don’t mean any disrespect to IMA CMA as I am also one of those pursuing. But it is better to make people aware of facts and reality.

      • Anuj says:

        Boss Sorry to interrupt,
        Before starting any course you need to think following points about future:
        1. Start your own Business/Firm.
        2. Want to work with Indian Companies/ MNC’s.
        3. Required International entity/scope.
        As HR professional in Dubai and Recruitment point of view, I would like to share some recruitment market related things with you which may help you for better decision.
        (My LinkedIn profile for better contact:

        1. Our CA Course / ICAI professionals are approved & Recognized in Middle-east, Neighbor Countries i.e. Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri-Lanka etc.
        2. ICSI & ICWAI not recognized outside INDIA.

        1. CFA, CPA, ACCA, CIA, CFA, CIMA & CMA are approved & Recognized in World. In outside india companies giving first preference to them in respect of Indian professional Courses.

        So Guyzzzz, before starting any course you need to think first that where you want to go or what you want to do in future.

        I am not opposing our professional courses just informing you about current international status and due to our New PM Mr. MODI “I also believe that within 2 year we will get huge appreciation on international platform with regards to our professional education level.

        And Last but not the least “Professional course or Degree is not a key of Success, require only dynamic or innovative ideas”. Every company recruit those person to whom they pay maximum 10% of the output (given by recruited person).

        • Hi Anju, your perspective as a Dubai recruiter is highly appreciated. Thank you! Stephanie

        • Ali says:

          What is the value of US CMA in Indian market? I cleared CMA in 2016 and earning a very low salary of 3 LPA. Please tell me the companies that hire CMA, I want to apply to them. I am not willing to go to middle east as I will have to take care of my parents.

  • Varun says:

    Hi Stephanie, I am doing my graduation from mumbai university in India…I wanted to ask whether I can take my cma exam now(while doing my graduation) or is it necessary for me to have completed my graduation and have the required work experience to do the course.
    Thank you in advance

    • Hi Varun, you can start to take the exam now (and enjoy the student discount). But you won’t be able to get the certification until the exams are complete and your 2 years of experience is verified. Regards, Stephanie

  • Anitta says:

    Hi Stephanie

    am an Indian (Kerala) + Plus passed student with 94% marks in May 2015. am appearing for CA entrance (CPT course) on 14 June 15 and thereafter going for IPCC and CA by 2019 (if God bless me). My ambition is to work in Americas and Europe. I want to earn the professional at the shortest possible time. I understand that to work in US and Europe CMA is required. Can you please guide me the correct study path I should take up (is it ok if I go for CA first and then CMA or is there any other way around).
    Thank you … Anitta

    • Hi Anitta,
      First of all, it is not necessary to get a CMA (or any other qualifications) to work in US, and I believe the same for Europe. This might be enough to change your decision to pursue the CMA… in any case, it is definitely ok, and I think you should, get the CA first, then work on qualifications outside of India.

      In my opinion, the best way to work in the US/Europe is to start working in a multinational corporation in India, do a very good job, and request internal transfer to the US/European regional offices or headquarters. The corporation has a much higher incentive to arrange necessary visas for you. Best of luck!

  • Pallv says:

    Hi,I am a CMA (ICAI) and I wanted to know can I directly get CMA(IMA) degree and can I work in U.S.?

    • Hi Pallv, if you are a full member of ICAI, then yes, you should be able to apply for the CMA certification. You can certainly find ways to get a job in the US, but the certification itself doesn’t automatically guarantee a job in the US.

      • Rangappa Ainuru says:

        ” You can certainly find ways to get a job in the US, but the certification itself doesn’t automatically guarantee a job in the US.”- Appreciate your honesty Stephanie. Wish my coaching center had said this to all the students before joining.

  • Pallv says:

    I am thinking of taking up both CMA (US) and CMA(UK).At the end I will land up with three degrees,CMA(India),CMA(US) and CMA(UK).Am i doing the right thing??Will I get a job in foreign countries because I dont want to live in India.

    • Hi Pallv, I would choose between CMA (US) and CIMA myself (that is, take only one and not both). Understand you don’t know where you will end up working, but the two qualifications are similar and it is quite a big investment in terms of money and time to go for two.

      I have a comparison of CMA vs CIMA for your reference:

      In my opinion, the best way to work abroad is to get into a multinational corporation, do an excellent job there, and request internal transfer. The company has a lot more incentive to sponsor your visa because they understand and value your contribution.

      Having a CMA, CIMA or even a CPA (US) alone helps just a little bit in landing you a foreign job directly from India… so give this a thought first before going for these qualifications. Best of luck to you!

      • Gurbir S Khera says:

        Such a true , lovely , to the point & professional advice. And no over-selling. I am a finance & b-School educator. Even I am getting inspired to inspire my students to do such a nice & professional qualification. All answers are so informative. God bless & Cheers Stephanie.
        Regards Gurbir

  • ASHISH says:

    Hi pallv,
    I am a Mechanical Graduate from India. I am searching my options for higher education. Is CMA suggested for a fresher Engineering graduate? If yes, what are the job prospectus for an engineer after successful completion of CMA?

    • Rangappa Ainuru says:

      Not at all. Go look at an MBA in operations from schools like SIOM. CMA is primarily for commerce graduates. You can do it but it is not ideal considering the curriculum that you have in your 4 year engineering course

  • Pallav says:

    CMA stands for Cost and Management Accountancy.It is provided by ICAI(Formerly ICWAI).The aim of the course is to develope Cost Accountants(Management Accountants Outside India).The role of Cost Accountants is to control the cost of producing products of a company.Being a Mechanical Engineering you can PURSUE this course but I am afraid you cant COMPLETE this course.The reason is this course is basically for Commerce Graduates and not for Engineering Graduates.You have to work very very hard to become a CMA.In my opinion you shouldnot do this course but if you want to change your career you can give a try.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Pallav. In the US it is not uncommon for people to switch careers, and I have seen engineers going for project manager and then more on an accounting / finance role. It might not be as easy in India though so it is worth checking and asking around in local market.

      Pallav is right that completing the CMA might be difficult as you’ll need to get a job relevant to management accounting first. Since getting the CMA won’t guarantee a job anyway, you might want to explore the likelihood of slowing moving towards such jobs before taking the exam.

  • john says:

    I have done from Delhi university I am.Nepali citizen if I enroll sit for cma exam from Nepal kathmandu can I apply for icwa membership in India .

  • babu lal says:

    Hi sir, i m going to dubai next month for working there and i want to do IMA can i do IMA in dubai with working ?

    • Hi Babu, yes there is a testing center in Dubai and there are many CMAs there. You might want to check out their IMA chapter to start asking questions and networking. Best of luck in this exciting change! Regards, Stephanie

  • Rupal says:

    Hi! so basically I am from India,and wanted to ask you….that having CMA(US) certificate will it give me the assurance of having a job in USA?

  • namika mahajan says:

    I have done BCom, MCom from recognized university by IMA, Can you pls suggest if I am eligible for this exam of CMA, i don’t have any work-ex. Request your guidance on the same

    • Hi Namika,
      Yes you should be fine. You don’t need to have experience at this stage when taking the exam. But once you pass and want to get the certification, you’ll need the 2 years of experience. In other words, assuming you pass the exam today, you’ll need to get a relevant job and once you work for two years, you can apply for the certification. Hope it helps! Regards, Stephanie

  • bharath vinay says:

    Sir I completed my bcom in Bangalore university what would you suggests me to get CA CMA or CFA CPA

    • Hi Bharath, this page should be helpful for your decision:

    • Akshay Rathi says:

      Based on my experience,
      If you have money- Go for CPA
      If you have time, caliber, money and patience- CFA
      If you have time and patience but less money- Indian CA
      If you have less money, less time and moderate caliber- CMA.
      But remember the first three carry more weight one the resume than the last one. This is coming from somebody pursuing CIMA, so my advice cannot be taken for granted

      • Interesting analysis! Thanks for sharing your thought Akshay.

        • Priyanshi Shah says:

          Hello Stephanie,
          I have completed my bachelors in commerce degree from Mumbai University and I am currently pursuing my Company Secretary(CS) degree from ICSI and I am also looking forward for a CMA degree can you please guide me on this path?And is it beneficial if I do it along with my CS course?

          • Ali says:

            Not at all useful. Go for CIMA, CFA or CPA. CS will have more value than CMA. CMA currently has no value in the Indian market. I cleared CMA in 2016, so please don’t ignore my advice.

          • Hi Priyanshi,
            I am not as familiar with the CS course in India, but as mentioned above, the CMA certification is more of a long term investment for Indian candidates because it is not as recognized as the others for now, but what i can say is that the IMA is working very hard on building up its brand. Because of this, you don’t really need to get this in a hurry especially if you seem to be busy with your other educational pursuits. I would try to get some working experience in the mean time.

            Not sure about the situation in India, but in the US, certifications/degrees can only get you to a certain point — real experience matters. You need both to succeed. Good luck! Stephanie

  • Sarbesh says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I am from India. I tell about my qualification and job experience.
    My graduation is in BBA (3 years) from distance learning and PGDBA in Fin. (2years) from distance learning. I have total exp. more than 7 years last 2-years working as HR and before that as an accountant. English is my second language so not very good in English. I have basic knowledge of accounts. May I do the CMA?
    Kindly advice for online or offline best institute in Delhi, India for CMA course.

    Your blog is best for CMA course details.
    Also please send sample question and answer of CMA exam.



    • Hi Sarbesh,

      Thanks for your note and your kind words! With basic accounting you should be fine with the CMA program. It helps to practice your English given there is an essay section, but with practice you will definitely improve, which is good for this exam and for the rest of your career.

      I don’t offer offline recommendations simply because I cannot find a way to keep track of the instructors. The institute can have good reputation but if you get stuck with a bad instructor, it will be a waste of time and money.

      I have more faith in online courses because I personally review the major ones and the instructors have good reputation, so quality is guaranteed. If you have questions there are some ways for you to approach their technical team, usually by email. My pros and cons analysis of the major providers are here:

      Just let me know if you have further questions! Stephanie

  • Balachandar says:

    Hi Stephaine, I have cleared my CMA (US) exams this November. I would like to get some career advice and find some career opportunities for CMA qualification in US or India. I have not completed my experience requirement as yet and would like to find a job which would fulfill such requirements too. I am also a semi-qualified Chartered Accountant from India and at the verge of completing that. Kindly help me out with necessary details that are required to find the right job either at US or India. Thank you!


    • Hi Balachandar, first of all, excellent work passing the exam! It depends on your long term goal of your career. If you aspire to work aboard, or in big global companies, then starting at a multinational company certainly helps. It gives you more opportunity in terms of internal transfer across business units and across regional offices. You can give this a try. If you prefer working in a smaller company, it is always easier to go from big to small. Hope it helps! Stephanie

    • Akshay Rathi says:

      Go with any basic accounting or finance job that you will find in the market. Honest advice. I started with IMA CMA preparation last year and quickly switched to CIMA as I saw no opportunities in the market. Thanks to my coaching center which credited my CMA fees to CIMA course

  • krishna says:

    hi sir.I am pursuing my final year I am planning to CMA after my ..can I do only CMA in US ..with F1 (student visa) ? if yes how…and can I find any training centrs over there ….which route better one ,studying in US/INDIA

  • krishna says:

    thank you very much for such a great comparative notes……its helps me to prepare from anywhere through online right…..I would like to do the above in US country becoz my brother is working there ..and that to I am very eager to USA for my studies further … is it possible to go US for CMA ….with F1. kindly suggest me …thank you

    • Hello Krishna,
      It would be nice if you can join your brother isn’t it? For CMA and other professional qualification these days, candidates can prepare and take the exam in their own country. There is no need to go to the US for the CMA qualification. However, you can think about getting a master’s degree in the US and with a student visa. It could be expensive but an easier way to land on jobs in the US once you graduate. Regards, Stephanie

  • SURESH says:


    • Hi Suresh, the membership is worldwide and it doesn’t matter in which country you apply. In fact, I applied mine through the internet which transends geographical boundaries.

      If you mean where you physically take the exam, it also doesn’t matter because the exam is also running by one administrative (the prometric) worldwide. It is the same experience everywhere. I would simply pick a location that is most convenient for you.

      Finally, if you mean which IMA chapter you want to contact (for networking purposes), the one closet to where you live and work is the best choice. Hope it helps! Stephanie

      • SURESH says:


        • Hi Suresh, yes you can take the exam in Kuwait. As for the MRA, there are some restrictions e.g. you have to “take the CMA program” outside of India. If you aren’t sure, you can always check with IMA whether you are eligible. Regards, Stephanie

  • Reema says:

    hi sir,
    I want to do cma (usa)..i completed 12th..but im a science student. can u tell me if this is a good choice because i have absolutely no idea about commerce…..will it be really hard to understand fr a science student.

  • sagar says:

    Can you show me some indian cma’s who are in top or middle level of management in mnc..
    I recently gave a icwa foundation exam and now i am waiting for results. But now i am confused because i saw lots of people in mnc who all are in top level of management most of them are chartered accountant’s or mba’s, cfa’s. But i never saw any cma who is a ceo or finance manager n all.

    • Hi Sagar, IMA don’t release info like this so I am afraid I can’t help you with that. If you are not confident with the CMA qualification, don’t take it. You can wait and see if the benefits are more obvious down the road. Regards, Stephanie

  • Rahul says:

    hi Stephanie,

    I am a functional SAP consultant with Deloitte working since June 2013. Currently I am working on SAP testing of finance processes for a manufacturing company. I’ve done B.Com from an Indian university, MBA in Finance. Do you think CMA would be worthwile for my profile? I had also done the Indian CFA from ICFAI university along with my graduation, but that doesnt seem very relevant now.

    Do you think it’s a good idea to go for CMA, CPA or just focus on getting more quality work experience?

  • Solomon .T. says:

    Sir which is better cma(india) or cma(us).will i b able to get a job in india if i take up cma USA. IS THERE ANY SCOPE FOR CMA USA ASPIRANTS IN INDIA.

  • Babu says:

    What is the cost of coaching in India. Will IMA provides study material??

  • Jeeno says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    Feel happy finally end up in a correct website. Myself Jeeno currently pursuing icwa inter under Chennai chapter .I also did mba with dual elective (finance and marketing) and now working in Qatar as marketing executive, and im sure this is not career. 2 problems for me to carry on my icwa in Qatar no exam center and no coaching classes . But regarding coaching I can go for online classes.

    Near my residence in Qatar, I found a coaching center for CMA.

    9042245592 is my no. if possible kindly contact me through whatsapp

    Now im in a confusion which path I should go for, Plz suggest me

  • Solomon .T. says:

    Mam is der any job opportunities fr cma aspirants india

  • Ashok says:

    Hi Stephanie

    I am doing CMA from India but i don’t getting a proper material for study so you can suggest me some ….it will help me alot

  • Abdul Kalam says:

    Hi Stephanie

    Can u give me tips to pass CMA usa part 2 exam in 3 months preparation by self study.
    is this possible.

  • shaikhfarhan says:

    hi i am farhan and i am doing i want job in financial and management catogry what is the best course and path can you guide me

  • Puran singh says:

    Hello sir , I am student of CMA intermediate .I want become a IAAS officer then plz suggest me what i do after complete CMA .

  • Bhaswati Bhattacharya says:

    Dear Stephanie,

    Thanks for such an informative article, specially for Indian students.You are right. IMA is putting a lot of focus on Indian students nowadays. We are conducting a series of job fair for the benefit of CMAs within India. More HR guys are interested to absorb CMAs this year than the previous years in prestigious positions at MNCs.

    A CMA US today is a CFO tomorrow.

    Needy but ambitious CMA students, who are studying from IMA authorized learning centers in India, are enjoying special benefits in fees.

    Thanks for guiding them towards right direction.

    • Thanks for letting us know Bhaswati! Stephanie

    • Shubham says:

      I to know about some of the MnC hiring CMA USA. I have passed both of the exams and m in 1st year of my graduation. I thought starting warly and finishing soon would help me but i Guess i was wrong. Still no companies are ready to take CMA usa

      • Hi Shubham,
        No professional qualifications can guarantee jobs, but it helps — could be very little or a lot, depending on how you make use of it. So I encourage that you improve your CV and your interview skills, and see how you can incorporate CMA certification in there. After all, people hire a real person who can do the job and work well with others. If there are more than one good candidates, they look for other factors, e.g. a certification. I am not sure how local companies hire people, but for multinational companies, the process is person first, certification later.

      • Shubham says:

        I really appreciate what you say maam but i have no way to back out as i have already passed both groups and i couldnt see any way i could complete the work experience requirement because in india they dont hire undergrad even if the undergrad has passed cma or cpa exams

        • May I ask how do people normally find work then? I am asking because I do have many readers who only have BCOM degrees and seem to be working just fine. Regards, Stephanie

          • Shubham says:

            They are working cuz they are BCOM. In India, if you want to work in MNC then you will have to be a graduate. And dats wat I am saying ma’am. Young aspiring candidates like me who wants to start early with a job has no option. Passing the CMA exam alone wont help. Same scenario is with me.

    • Ayyappa Tati says:

      Please tell me the name of those companies, so that I can apply. Please don’t misguide students showing rosy picture. I have cleared IMA CMA in 2016 till now I did not get even a single offer. The companies which gave me calls finally ended up choosing candidates who had Indian certifications.

      • Ramanathan Suresh says:

        You can apply of Genpact, Northern trust and Wells fargo. They are paying very good packages

      • Hi Ayyappa,

        My list could be different from Bhaswati, but I have listed the companies that are known to hire CMAs here on this page: (info from earlier version of IMA website).

        I agree with you that no certification including the CMA certification can guarantee jobs. There are lots of other factors, such as previous experience and interview skills, that are equally if not more important.

        If the companies gave you the calls, the certification, whether Indian or others, has already done its job by opening the doors for you. The rest depends on the interview skills and personality fit.

        Anyway best of luck to your job search! Stephanie

  • Akshit says:

    Cima or CMA,which is more recognise in India?

    • Akshay Rathi says:

      CIMA without any doubt. One of my peers got a 10 lakhs package from Deloitte Touch Tomatsu Hyderabad. She was having 2 years for work ex in Taxation

  • Chetan says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for a valuable information above. I am not sure whether my profile will meet IMA experience criteria.

    I am BE andMBA in Finance having 12 years of SAP Finance and controlling module experience. I work with CAs and CWAs in designing and development of finance software solutions.

    1) Can I qualify for CMA. From the contents I think I have required exposure and knowledge to do it.

    2) I see you suggest online courses better than classroom. Do you have any specific review of HOCK international as I found its sample material good and also affordable.


    • Hi Chetan,
      On your first question, it isn’t the most typical experience for CMAs but sounds like it is possible. It is best if you double check with the IMA before applying, just to make sure. They do give you an indication before hand (email:

      Yes I have a writeup on Hock. Hock is good and more affordable, but not too much so from a few others. So I will show you this CMA review course comparison and you can click around for more info:

      • Chetan says:

        Hi Stephaine,

        I sent a mail to IMA and i got a reply that i have a required experience to appear for CMA examination.

        However considering my background i am not sure what value will CMA add to my professional growth.

        Considering this i want to go for the most economical course materials. Although from your review it looks like Gleim is better, i find HOCK more economical as i can buy only pdf printable books and nothing else.

        Can you please provide your views on this.

        Thanks and Regards

        • Hi Chetan, Hock is totally fine, but please make sure you see the value of CMA before proceeding. Otherwise, you’ll lose the momentum to study and pass this exam. If you really can’t see any benefits, don’t go for this certification. Look for other qualifications or simply focus in doing a good job and/or networking for more opportunities 🙂

  • shubahnk says:

    please tell me, if have done MBA and cma from icai and then I become a member at CMA US then what are my chances of workin in US

    • Hi Shubahnk, in the US, while qualifications are helpful in opening opportunities for more interviews, the interview itself matters a lot. So, frankly, it is hard for me to tell without knowing your interview skills. Also, it is pretty hard to find a company that is willing to sponsor the work visa for someone straight from another country (unless, you have a very valuable skills that they really need). It it the easiest, in my opinion, to work in a big multinational company and then arrange internal transfer. Obviously one has to perform very well in that company to be considered. Regards, Stephanie

  • yogesh says:

    i want to know worthness of doing CMA cerified management accountant in india . is it as worth as doing can in aboard

  • Preeti says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    This is for my sister who is currently pursuing her CMA certification in India. I currently live in Alberta, Canada and would like her to come to Canada to advance her education. Could you please share your expert opinion as to what would be her best options? What programs can she enroll in, in Canada? Thanks you for your time.

    • Hi Preeti, Canada has its own qualification called the CPA Canada. It is a relatively new designation created in the merger of 3 existing accounting qualifications. To be honest I don’t think the CMA (US) is that useful in Canada, but if your sister works in multnational companies or big American companies, then it will still have its value.

      I don’t cover the Canadian designation but given so many readers have asked for info, I have an intro page here:

      Hope it helps to at least point you/her to the right direction! Stephanie

  • Shipra says:

    Thank you Stephanie.
    But can u please name some of the companies in India where CMA are required.
    Plus it will be great if you tell me if i need to do any other course along with cma to boost my qualifications or just cma is enough for an Indian?

    • I don’t have such a list, Shipra. In fact, I don’t think no company demands a CMA but it is helpful in some companies. We have a couple Indian bloggers and you can check out their blogs and see why they are interested in CMA. Regards, Stephanie

  • Bhaswati Bhattacharya says:

    Hi Shipra/Stephanie,

    In India, companies like Caterpillar, Deloitte, PWC, Capegemini and many others do recruit US CMAs. It has a growing demand in this country. Even IMA is organizing some job fairs here time to time. CMA US is adequately powerful to beckon a good job for a candidate within India.

    • That’s great info Bhaswati. Thanks a lot for the sharing. Regards, Stephanie

    • Ramanathan Suresh says:

      I dropped my resume to the companies you have listed and I also tried using referrals. Big4s are not taking CMAs as of now. But still we have companies like Genpact, Wells Fargo and northern trust paying good packages for freshers which is a good thing.

  • Azmath says:

    My frndz r sayng dat CMA US is fake, is it real????

  • Parneet says:

    Hie! Ihave completed (C.M.A. India) and have zero work experience.Can you please tell me how can i apply for C.M.A(IMA)? What is the procedure?Thankyou loads in advance.

    • Hi Parneet, I assume that by CMA India you mean ICWAI? If so you may apply for the CMA (US) membership through their reciprocal agreement. Please contact ICWAI for details. Regards, Stephanie

  • Karunakar says:

    Hi Stephanie, i am willing to do CMA US . I have 5 years of work experience in total. Right now planning to pursue MS in Accounting with the universities of USA, hopefully planning to come on F-1 visa by this spring 2017.

    I am planning to do MS and CMA parallely. For MS i will attend classes in university and for CMA i prepare on my self thru self-study packages like Gliem. Please suggest me, whether i am eligible to do so & take my both exam parts there itself in USA.

  • shubhank says:

    members who are practising cma in india be a member of ima or those who are doing job or not practicing it can also be member at ima

  • vinav says:

    i need full detail of above CMA.CIMA course and how much scope this 2 course are there in india.what about fee and duration.Right know i m in second year of my master of commerce.i need to boost my career and what to make my career very strong. So Need your Help.

    Help me as your Family member

  • Aman says:

    I am a graduate from ahmedabad.
    I am interested in CMA(USA).
    I want to know will i get a job in ahmedabad with CMA (USA) certification?
    And what is the average salary for CMA’s in ahmedabad.?

    • Ramanathan Suresh says:

      Average salary ranges from 2.0 to 3 lakhs for freshers. People generally find jobs in Genpact, Wells fargo and Northern Trust. Not much changes for already working people, only useful for promotions.

  • MOXAA says:

    I have cleared my Bcom in 2012 from Mumbai.
    I have cleared my 2nd level of CA Exams i.e.IPCC and completed my 3 years of article-ship.
    Is article-ship counted as my work experience ??

  • Sarath says:

    How can I utilise the student discount? Should I apply for the program while pursuing my BCom or should I apply for it after completing the degree?

    • Hello, in order to qualify for the student discount, you have to be an existing student, i.e. it doesn’t apply after graduation.

      • Sarath says:

        Will I be able to complete the CMA program along with BCom? Dont you need to be a graduate to enter the program? Also how will I be able to complete the work experience requirements? And what should I clearly do in order to attain the ICAI membership through MRA?

  • vaishnavi says:

    Hi am from india chennai. i have completed my and ICWA inter also . but am not able to finish my final icwa . so i planned to quit this and shift over to CMA us course . I wanted to do this course to get membership in ICWA india institute. i know all the procedures to get this title .. but now i want to know as per sec 138 of companies act 2013 a member of ICWAI can become a internal auditor , so am i eligible for this internal auditor by getting membership in india through CMA US .

  • Suhail says:

    How can i take cma usa registration via online?pls suggest me .

  • vaishnavi says:

    thank u sir. i am going to take my exam outside india only . i have doubt regarding that eligibility criteria covers under sec 138. if i complete my CMA us programme outside india means i will get membership in ICWAI india . i will be titled as CMA (us) and ACMA (india) but my question is whether am i eligible person as mentioned in sec 138 of companies act.

  • Karunakar says:

    Hi Stephanie, confirm me whether CMA (USA) is a certified course and has its due consideration in employment with countries like Australia and New Zealand. I came to know from the website that this course from IMA, USA is being a certified course in countries like UAE, China, India & Europe.

    One of the coaching insititute are sending mails that CMA, USA is a certified recognised course in Australia and New Zealand. If so, then please confirm me whether it happens to be true or not.

    • Hi Karunakar, thanks for your note. First of all, it is not a “course” but a qualifying exam. Technically, you don’t need to take any course for this exam, although most people do.

      At the same time, CMA (IMA) is not well-known in Australia and New Zealand. The CPA (Australia) is the most relevant for corporate accounting there. There is a CMA (Australia) that is a local management accounting qualification and even that is not as well-recognized as the Australian CPA.

      So, in my opinion, this coaching institution is quite misleading on two fronts. I would be particularly careful if that institute is trying to sell you courses related to the CMA exam.

      The US CMA qualification is helpful in many aspects but if your goal is a job in Australia or New Zealand, I don’t think it is the most relevant. So please take a good luck before proceeding. Hope it helps and good luck!

  • Mussadique says:

    Can i get online online training for CMA and how?

  • Shanfeer says:


    Am a CMA Intermediate (ICWA) from 2009. Now I would like to Complete CMA Final,and i have
    been gone through CMA USA program. could u please provide me suggestions which one will be helpful for me.

    And if i complete CMA final (India), is it required to do any exam to get CMA USA.

    • Hi Shanfeer, if you become a full member of ICAI (formerly ICWAI), then you should be able to get the CMA certification by paying the fees. You might want to double check with the association detailing your situation in case they are exceptions. Regards, Stephanie

  • Bipin singh says:

    Hello, I am Bipin Singh I have completed CMA(Icwai)and now I am doing the job in Citibank so kindly can u communicate me regarding CMA US.

  • Preksha says:

    Hi..I will be pursuing CMA (US) and I have no job experience. I would like to know what is the average salary that I can expect by just qualifying CMA (US)?

    • Hi Preksha, at this moment, there aren’t enough Indian IMA members for IMA to collect meaningful data from, so I am afraid no one has this information other than the very general average salary figure listed above.

    • Anil Dasamahanti says:

      hi preksha. I am working as fresher with genpect after cma ,they are paying 2.5 laks package.

      • Ramanathan Suresh says:

        Hi-five bro. i am working for a slightly higher package and i have good respect in my office for doing cma.

  • karan says:

    Hi Stephani,

    I really appreciate your support , it help a lot us to understand the details.
    Would you please help me also on my question my question is “I am pursuing and it will be completed in April ,2016 and I am working also , I have 5 years of experience , I have enroll in CMA and going to give exam in feb for part 2 and part1 in june, do I will get any problem while getting certification as I have completed CMA after my studies and I have enroll as a student “

  • Ashwin says:

    How is Donald trump’s immigration restriction placed for aspiring cma-us candidates in India??

    • Hi Ashwin, the CMA certification does not directly help one move to the US or find job in the US, so in my own opinion there is no direct impact. But whether there is indirect impact e.g. whether the US companies with limit their hires in regional offices in India, it’s anyone’s guess… I don’t think anyone has an answer at this stage.

  • Sadaf Jameel says:

    I’m currently in my first year of the five year bba.llb law school program and I was wondering if i am eligible to write the cma exam and whether I should take this up now. I was planning to do CS but with the CMA its not necessary to do CS or would it be an advantage to do both?
    Thank you so much for your help.

    • Hi Sadaf,
      Yes you are qualified to take the exam, but since you are studying law, why the CMA exam (or CS)? It takes a lot of time and energy (and money) to take professional exams. It is best to be sure of your career path before jumping into any one of them. Just my 2 cents, hope it helps. Regards, Stephanie

  • Mohammed waqas says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I completed my MBA in finance in September 2016 in India and i am currently working as an accountant. I want to pursue CMA(US). I was wondering if could tell me how to register for membership with IMA.

    Thank you.

  • Akash Agrawal says:

    How can I get a job after completing CMA(us) in India.

    • Neeraj Arora says:

      Chances are very low. Unless you have good prior experience, you’ll not get good offers. You will have to start with a company like Genpact for a very low package.

  • Akash Agrawal says:

    What is the qualification to enroll in this exam. I am commerce graduate, am I qualified?

  • Mitesh says:


    I’m currently in 3rd year of my 3 year bachelor degree so is it acceptable if I start working for experience now and give exam after i finish and get bachelors degree?

    Thank you.

    • Sure Mitesh. You can accumulate the experience before, during or after the CMA exam. Regards, Stephanie

    • Neeraj Arora says:

      Go for CPA. Not much offers for CMA, this coming from a Delhiite

      • I have to say getting the CPA license is probably similar… These qualifications alone can never guarantee jobs, they can only help to some degree. Neeraj you have an excellent point — if people tell you that getting the CMA / CPA / CFA etc can immediately land you a dream job, please don’t believe them. They are many other factors that count quite a bit too. Stephanie

      • Akshay Rathi says:

        Completely agree Arora saheb

  • Jay says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I am Chartered Accountant and currently working as financial modeler (deal pricing) in MNC, i am planning to pursue further degree and came across US CMA. Wanted to know what kind of opportunities are available for CMA + CA degree holder domestically & Internationally.

    What other course would you suggest considering my current job & CA degree.

    Thanks in Advance 🙂

    • Hi Jay, thanks for your note! By domestically, do you mean your country or the US?
      The CMA program is not a degree but a qualifying exam. There are pros and cons because of this and you can read my thoughts here:

      If it is the US, Indian CA (I assume it is India given the content of this page) is generally not useful to be honest, so having a US qualification helps. At the same time, the recognition of CMA certification varies across countries so it isn’t a perfect solution. You can check out this page here. If you are from India, it also talks about how relevant the CMA certification currently is in India:

      I am not exactly answering your question, but the fact is that there isn’t one single management accounting certification that works well around the world.

  • Kamlesh Kalu says:

    HI Stephanie
    First I give tell about my self. My name is kamlesh kalu. I am from india . I have done my graduation from Gujarat University with 58% with second class in the year 2013. I have worked done in CA firm in accounting and taxation sinc more than 3.5 years. Can I eligible for getting this CMA(US) course? If yes then what I do first to get this degree.

  • Neeraj Arora says:

    It has been like an year from the time I have cleared IMA CMA, but I have not got any single opportunity from any MNC. I seriously regret not going for CPA This course is for first world countries and not third world countries like India.

    • Thanks for sharing Neeraj. It’s good to hear from your perspective. Sorry to hear that it has been difficult, but don’t give up! Remember your CV, interview skills and your networking are all important too. Stephanie

    • Ali says:

      agreed neeraj. i am also sitting at home.i don’t feel like the course is worthy. i recently completed my mba from a good college in bangalore and landed on to a job because of it. cma added no value during interviews. felt like wasting 1 lakh rupees

      • Hi Ali, thanks for sharing. Anyway I am really glad that the MBA adds value. All the best to you!

      • Ramanathan Suresh says:

        ali and neeraj, I got the job of associate financial analyst in wells fargo because of this certification. My package currently is 2.7 L INR. If you cannot get a job then that is your fault. I am happy now

  • vandana says:

    I am persuing my (honours) from kurukshetra university.. and its my last year so I m very confuse what to do next.. I ask google about the career after bcom.. and then I found the CMA course can u please help me to know more that how I can start

  • Nav S says:

    HI Stephanie,

    This is Nav, I am B.Com graduate and have experience of more than 8 years in management accounting, I want to purse CMA as I want professional degree for the betterment of my career,

    I have got queries

    1. I want to know will I get any exemption in the CMA subject due to experience?
    2. My brother is M. com with 4 year of experience, will he get any exemption in the exams?
    3. Could you please suggest any institute for coaching in Delhi?

  • Manikanth Pabbathi says:

    One of the worst decisions in my life is doing CMA. My coaching center in hyderabad showed me dollar dreams before getting into this course and all I managed to get is a very low paying job and that too because of my excel skills. CMA might be having a lot of value in the USA or Middle East but it has no value here in India. A lot of companies are mistaking this for the Indian ICWAI course. Stephanie, please write a blog on misleading coaching centers who are minting money by showing students dollar dreams. Students should do this course to academically upgrade themselves and not for jobs. No course can guarantee job.

    • Hi Manikanth,
      Sorry to hear that, but you are exactly right — I have heard quite a few cases of local centers vastly exaggerate the value of CMA (in India). I prefer not to badmouth particular centers but one should really check the benefits of the certification and whether it is applicable to one’s own situation.

      To other Indian readers:
      I also agree that in general, CMA certification has more value add in US and Middle East. At the same time, I do have readers and bloggers who do find the CMA certification useful in India. Vinoth is one example. Sarang is another (but he lives in Vietnam). You can check out their stories and decide whether their stories are applicable.

      Regards, Stephanie

      • Ali says:

        CMA is purely exaggerated and has no value in India. It should only be pursued by people who are in their college.

        • Hi Ali,
          I respect your opinion and thanks for sharing. You must be really upset — I see that you have been leaving numerous comments on my site saying the same thing using different email addresses. Whatever the reason is, let’s move on! If CMA has no value to you, forget it, and focus on doing a great job in your current work and you’ll be equally successful. All the best to you!

  • ANANT JAIN says:

    HI Stephanie

    I completed my graduation on 2016 and having a 2 Years of experience in Accounts and Finance.
    I am little confused between CMA US FROM INDIA AND CMA INDIA please clarify this to me and suggest me which one should i opt or should go for other courses like CIMA AND CPA



    • Hi Anant,
      Thanks for your note. The US CMA is a global certification that is well recognized in the US, China and increasingly Middle East as well. It’s aggressively marketing in India although I have to say it’s still not as recognized as in the above mentioned regions/countries yet.

      CMA India is a local certification that is essentially only recognized in India (or maybe adjacent countries). It is however most relevant if you work in India.

      So it really depends on your aspiration — whether you may go abroad to work someday, or work in a multinational companies. Hope it helps! Stephanie

  • Saloni says:

    Hi , I am pursuing bachelor’s degree in design (B.des) from NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology), first year.After completing graduation in design will I be direct eligible for CMA (India) intermidiate exam without appearing for foundation exam? If not,should I go for BBA / B.COM / BCA ?Same thing goes with CMA (US).Does (B.des) degree make me eligible for CMA (US) exam?

    • Hi Saloni,
      I am afraid I can’t answer the questions on CMA India. The US CMA exam is completely different, but yes you are qualified as long as you have a bachelor degree in any discipline, including yours. Regards, Stephanie

  • Peter says:

    Should I Go to the US to write the CMA exam? Or can I write it from India??

    • Hi Peter, I would just take the exam in India. The CMA certification would not specify where you took the exam so it doesn’t make a difference.

      There are Indian candidates who try to take the exam outside of India in an attempt to get qualified for the mutual agreement with ICWAI. I don’t exactly know if it works because originally this agreement is intended for those who live/work outside of India, not those who only fly to take exam outside of India. If this is your intention, please double check with IMA/ICWAI before proceeding. Good luck! Stephanie

  • chandan says:

    Hello sir, i have finished so if i obtain CMA certificate then can i get a job in usa ?

    • Hi Chandan, no, a CMA certification won’t land you a job in the US. There are different ways to achieve that, e.g. through internal transfer from your company, and getting the CMA cert may help with this, but I don’t think getting any certification can directly take you to the US. Regards, Stephanie

  • Dharmik says:

    I have completed my in 2016 and now want to pursue CMA.
    So, i need information regarding which membership to select. I also need to know that i m going to pursue my CMA from Dubai so are their any requirements to be fulfilled? what type of jobs are included in work experience and is there any list of specific jobs for work experience. If u can suggest some good coaching classes in Dubai.

  • Bhavishya says:

    Dear Stephanie NG,

    You are always hepful..
    Can you please introduce me to some of Chennai chapter members who have completed CMA recently. Pls help me.

    • Hi Bhavishya,
      Would love to help, but I don’t really track where my readers come from… you may want to join some of the chapters’ gathering? You may contact the chapter representative in advance. IMA chapters are generally very welcoming 🙂 Stephanie

  • Nitin Mudugal says:


    I have completed my CA-IPCC, can i pursue CMA with IPCC certification or weather Bcom is compulsory? Can we get good jobs after competing CMA either in US or Middle East countries?

    • Hi Nitin,
      I am not sure whether IPCC certification is deemed equivalent to a bachelor degree, but you can double check with the IMA. Please email them at

      As for whether you can get good jobs, I would say it depends on other factors as well, esp the experience, and CV quality, the interview skills… the certification helps but if one lacks in the others it can’t make up for it. Regards, Stephanie

  • rahul says:

    i want to know whether job experience before qualification of bachelors degree is permitted for getting cma certification

  • Vivek S says:

    Hi Stephanie! My name is Vivek. I’m currently studying CMA USA in India, and I hope to qualify by next year. I’m not sure as to what jobs I should apply for after I qualify the exam. My friend recently qualified CMA and he is now working as a Tax Consultant in a company. And I guess that’s not a CMA specialized job since we don’t study tax. Financial analyst jobs are hard to find in my city as most of the companies here require at least a year of work experience, which I don’t have. So, could you please give me a few suggestions as to what jobs I should apply for? I want to find a job where I can apply whatever I’m studying right now. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Vivek,
      I would say the most relevant job is management accounting, but as you said, I am not sure if it has a lot of such supplies of jobs in your city. It’s always fine to start with a more generalized work first and then specialize based on your interest and expertise. Generally it is also a lot easier to arrange internal transfer within your company (provided it is a big company) to get to the department you are most interested. So in short, just try to get an accounting related job in a good company and I won’t worry too much about the exact nature of the job for now. Good luck! Stephanie

  • onkar says:

    by doing CMA US can we get job in india?????

  • Heeral Kothari says:

    Hi, I need guidance w.r.t to whether I can sit for CMA USA Part 1 and Part 2 on the same day assuming that I clear CMA USA Part 1 in the first half of the exam session.
    Is that advisable? Or will this schedule get too strenuous?

  • RAVI says:

    Hi Stephaine,

    I have selected Bangalore- India chapter for my CMA USA exam But in order to avail CMA India membership I need to write exam outside India. Hence I am writing exam either in Dubai or in Nepal.
    Please clarify the following

    1) Do I need to change chapter also from Bangalore- India to Dubai or Nepal wherein I write exam?
    2) Or from Bangalore- India chapter, I can write exam outside India in order to get dual membership (i.e CMA India & USA)


  • Sohan Tiwari says:

    Its Sohan Tiwari, from India (Delhi).I am graduated from delhi university with 85% marks. I am Currently working in Accenture in Accounting Profile. I want to pursue US CMA Because by doing US CMA it provides me the value in the industry and after it i want to pursue CPA.

    The main ambition is CPA but CPA required Lot of Money But Now it seems to be out of pocket expenses.

    Please advice me the Difficulty level of US CMA with Indian CA .

    Please advice me it is correct way to think or i have to change my view in this perspective.

  • jibin samuel says:

    bro can we do cma (us) course without going to any institute?

  • Neha says:

    I am a CA final student. I have completed my 3 years of article ship and will be writing my final exams soon.
    How can I go ahead with CMA… ??… Do I have to write all the exams??

    • Hi Neha,
      Yes you can definitely take the CMA exam now – in fact, if you are still at school, you get a student discount. Please find the details here:
      But one important consideration is whether you have time to prepare for this as well as your final exam. There will be quite a few overlaps between CA and CMA but then one needs to get used to the difference as well. So, have a think and if it’s too much, you can always take CMA exam after the exam.

  • Karan P says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    This is Karan from Ahmedabad. I have done my Bachelors B.COM(Banking&Insurance)
    In 2013 and currently working as a Data Analyst in Consulting firm.
    I want to pursue CMA USA .
    1.) After completing my Bachelors in 2013 I haven’t studied anything and just working; So am I eligible to go for CMA USA course now?
    2.) What is the process for registration and total course fees?
    Please advise at the earliest.
    Thanks & Regards.

  • Gopinath says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    This is Gopinath from Chennai. Last week I have enrolled for CMA. I heard from my friends that taking up the CMA exam in Nepal will have more benefits compare to taking in India. Is this true? Please advise.

    Regards, Gopinath

  • Reni Raju says:

    Can I do CMA USA articleship in European countries? Do CMA USA has scope in Europe?

    • Yes, you can sit for the CMA worldwide. It is a global designation; however, I would recommend pursuing the CMA if you are planning on moving to the US or working for an international location of a US-based company.

      Kind regards,

  • keerthi says:

    how can i register through online when i try to register its not accepting my mobile number i found difficult to fill phone my phone number in that online registeration

    • Meghan D says:

      Hello! If you’re having difficulty with the online platform, you can reach out to the IMA directly and let them know about your troubles.

  • Navas says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    To complete 2-year relevant experience, do I need to work in the same company for 2 years continuously?

    • The requirement doesn’t specify that it has to be for the same company. It specifies that the employment must be full time over two years, so as long as you don’t leave a job without starting a new one (or if you do, the gap is pretty small), I think this should be okay.

  • ronnie says:

    will i get job in USA after completing CMA USA course from india
    I would like to work in the USA

    • Hello,

      Like with any designation or certification, you are not guaranteed a job. However, your chances of getting hired are better if you do have the CMA. But a lot will depend on your overall marketability and interview skills as well.


  • shash says:

    hi i would like to know if us cma is good option for freshers . i have done mcom .

  • >