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Gleim CMA v. Wiley CMAexcel: Find Out Which CMA Course Wins!

Should you choose Gleim CMA or Wiley CMAexcel? In our in-depth comparison, you can learn which of the 2 options is best for you. We've evaluated the courses, navigated all the marketing fluff, and presented an honest comparison for your review. Let's start by checking out a summary of the 2 courses.  

Gleim CMA v. Wiley CMAexcel Comparison Chart

CMA Review Attribute

Attribute Importance

Gleim CMA Review - Premium Course

Wiley CMA Review - Platinum Course

Access Until You Pass

High -- If your course expires before you pass the exam, you'll be on the hook for more fees, and you may have to purchase all new materials. Therefore, it's important to select a course with access until you pass.



Video Lectures

Medium -- Video lectures could be more important for visual and auditory learners.

Over 40 lecture hours included

64 lecture hours included

CMA Test Bank

High -- Without practice questions, you'll miss out on applying the knowledge you've learned. Moreover, you won't learn about the exam from the questions in a test bank.

Over 3,000 questions included

Over 5,500 questions included

CMA Essay Practice

High -- The CMA exam's essays are notoriously difficult, especially if you haven't worked through a few dozen or so.

130+ unique scenarios

140+ unique scenarios

Mobile App

Medium -- If obtaining internet access is a problem where you live, having a mobile app that you can use without being connected to Wi-Fi could be a highly important factor.

Not Available

Not Available

Expert Guidance on Accounting Subject Matter

Low -- For some, figuring things out on their own might lead to better memory retention. Conversely, not understanding a concept could send others into a tailspin. With this feature, you'll be able to contact the teams at both Gleim CMA and Wiley CMAexcel with any questions you have. However, we don't think this feature is a must-have.



Detailed Final Review

High -- The final review is where you test all your understanding of the concepts. Furthermore, it's also where you can drill down on your weak areas. Your final review typically occurs 1-2 weeks prior to sitting for your exam.

Final review includes a practice exam and more practice in a question bank.

Final review includes new & unique video lectures, mock exams, and a LOS review document.


High -- If you are not a visual or auditory learner, books may be the primary way in which you prefer to digest information. Additionally, you can review the books virtually anywhere and without internet access.

Digital and physical books included

Digital or physical books included


Low -- Flashcards can be helpful for reinforcing topics but may lead to rote memorization (something you should avoid) unless you create the flashcards yourself.

Not included

Over 850 flashcards included

Who Wins? Gleim CMA Review or Wiley CMAexcel

The answer really depends on your budget. With Wiley CMAexcel, you'll get a lot more features than you will with Gleim. But the prices of both courses align with the number of features, so you'll need to decide if you've got the funds to get all the extra materials Wiley CMAexcel provides.

In the end, we crown Wiley CMAexcel the winner, assuming you don't have any budget constraints. But Gleim CMA is still one of our favorites, and we really do love its affordability.

 Now, if you only need a test bank, we'd recommend Gleim over Wiley CMAexcel. The reason: affordability, of course. But also, Gleim CMA's test bank is the gold standard. And, the Wiley test bank includes far fewer questions and essays than Gleim does.

History of Gleim CMA Review and Wiley CMAexcel

Gleim has been around since 1974. Gleim started their accounting certification exam prep legacy by publishing CPA review courses, but they also created the very first CMA review course. Then, for many decades, Gleim CMA Review was the only CMA course available on the market. And today, Gleim is still recognized as the CMA exam prep leader. Why? Because more candidates have used Gleim to prepare for the CMA exam than any other course available. Additionally, Gleim is also a strategic partner of the IMA.

Wiley CMAexcel merged from 2 courses: Wiley CMA and the IMA's course. Then, Wiley and the IMA partnered to combine the courses into one, and Wiley CMAexcel was born. Wiley was also one of the first CPA review providers, but they are relatively new to the CMA space.

Gleim CMA v. Wiley CMAexcel Interface

Both courses have fairly intuitive interfaces. However, neither course is completely guided. So in this regard, the courses are pretty similar.

Gleim CMA recently redesigned its interface. And, although the course interface is now more user-friendly than its past version, it still isn't guided. So, you'll still need to work through the course independently. Consequently, you must navigate to the next study tool, topic area, and more on your own. However, finding your own way is par for the course with self-study systems. Furthermore, some candidates prefer to retain full control of their course, so they don’t use the guidance even when it is available.

Additionally, neither Gleim CMA Review or Wiley CMAexcel are adaptive, so you must detect and address your weak areas on your own as well. However, we fully expect the Gleim CMA Review course to be adaptive soon because the Gleim CIA, CPA, and EA courses are all fully adaptive. So, Gleim CMA Review is due for an overhaul.     

Also, if you purchase your Gleim Premium CMA Review course now, you’ll have access to the new version without having to pay any extra fees. Since the Premium Course includes access until you pass, you’ll also be able to study using both the 2019 course and 2020 course once it comes online.      

Gleim CMA Materials Compared to Wiley CMAexcel Materials  

Video Lectures

The Gleim CMA Review course contains over 40 hours of video lectures. And with these lectures, CMA candidates can receive detailed coverage of the critical topics, walkthroughs of multiple-choice questions, and instructions for completing the essays. The best thing about having video lectures in your course is that you can really learn the exam content. And having a deeper understanding of the exam content enables you to answer the complex questions on the CMA exam.

In contrast, Wiley offers over 65 hours of lecture hours, 50 of which come in its main course. The additional 15 hours of video content are part of the final review. We really appreciate that the Wiley Platinum Course offers so many video lecture hours.

The Wiley CMA video lectures each last about 30 minutes or so, and the course has 135 lectures in total. And unlike Gleim, Wiley allows you to either stream or download the lectures. So, if you live in a region where your internet is less than reliable, being able to download the lectures is a big plus!

Access Length

Both Wiley CMAexcel and Gleim CMA include access until you pass in their respective Platinum and Premium Courses. With this guarantee, you can study for the CMA exam for as long as you need to. And you won’t have to spend any more money on course extensions or upgrade fees. Rather, you'll receive all the updates you need for free, and you’ll also be able to study for any length of time. 

The Gleim Premium Guarantee is slightly better in that it also offers a no-hassle refund policy. This guarantee allows you to return your course, should you need to, so long as 18+ months haven't passed since your purchase date. The option to return your course makes this guarantee a relatively rare feature, and Wiley does not offer a similar guarantee.        

Help from Experts

Both Gleim CMA Review and Wiley CMAexcel include access to subject-matter experts should you need further assistance. You can ask these experts when you get stuck on a topic or have questions about a concept you are studying.        

Additionally, both Gleim and Wiley provide you with an exam mentor who will facilitate your study planning. Your mentor will also be able to help you register for the exam and provide you with encouragement when you need it.


Only Wiley CMAexcel includes flashcards in its course. In fact, Wiley's course has over 850 flashcards that you can use to aid your retention of the exam content. These flashcards are digital, so you can access them in the online course or the Wiley CMA mobile app.

Additionally, you can elect to receive 500+ printed flashcards if you choose the “Print” package version of the Wiley CMAexcel Platinum Course.

Unfortunately, Gleim CMA does not provide its candidates with flashcards. However, they do this purposefully, as they believe creating your own flashcards is a better way to learn. The team at Gleim doesn’t see a huge benefit for candidates in studying with ready-made flashcards. And Gleim isn’t wrong that writing and re-writing topics while creating your own flashcards will foster a deeper understanding of the material. So, we recommend that you give creating your own flashcards a try, unless you run out of study time, of course!        

Mobile App

Wiley CMAexcel includes a mobile app with its Platinum CMA course. This app is a helpful feature, as we know many CIA candidates use public transit that doesn’t have Wi-Fi. Additionally, as we mentioned earlier, a Wi-Fi connection is sometimes hard to come by in certain regions of the world. Therefore, because Wiley has an app, your ability to study anywhere and anytime is unlimited.  

In contrast, Gleim CMA Review does not include a mobile app, nor has Gleim developed one. Instead, the Gleim CMA Review course is accessible online and is compatible with most devices. And last we heard, the Gleim CMA online course was mostly easy to use on all types of devices. The essays were the exception because the course emulates the bulky Prometric environment that you’ll see on exam day. But when you're not trying to practice essays on a phone or tablet, exam emulation is great to have.

Gleim CMA Pass Rates vs. Wiley CMA Pass Rates

Gleim does not provide candidates with pass rate information. And neither the IMA nor other accounting organizations are in the habit of publishing pass rates for CMA exam prep providers. Additionally, because no third party independently audits CMA exam review course pass rates, you should not rely solely on the pass rate data you find on their sites.      

However, we know from our surveys that Gleim does, in fact, have a high pass rate. Our candidates have reported a pass rate of approximately 90% when using Gleim CMA’s Premium Course.

Similarly, Wiley CMA also uses surveys to compile its pass rates. Wiley CMAexcel states that 80% of its candidates pass the CMA exam when using Wiley. But again, Wiley CMAexcel does not have its pass rates audited, so making your CMA review course decision on pass rate numbers alone isn't the best idea.      

Wiley CMAexcel vs. Gleim CMA Review Learning Styles    

Since Wiley and Gleim offer a variety of learning components, their courses meet the needs of most learning styles. But, one exception is that Wiley CMA does not include any audio lectures in its course. Therefore, auditory learners may be a bit disappointed by a Wiley course. Otherwise, due to the fact that both courses include 40+ hours of video lectures, visual learners can receive effective instruction from these courses.      

What's more, both Gleim and Wiley supply traditional learning style components, like books and test banks. So, you don't need to worry if you don't learn best from watching video lectures or listening to audio lectures.         

Wiley CMA Discounts vs. Gleim CMA Discounts

Generally, Wiley CMA discounts are larger than Gleim CMA discounts because Wiley's course is more expensive. Depending on the time of year, you may be able to find Wiley CMA discounts ranging from 15-30%. So, use my exclusive Wiley CMA discount code to save big on your course!  

The Gleim CMA discounts also align with the price of the course. Generally, the Gleim CMA course discounts range from 20-30%, although 30% discounts on Gleim CMA Review are rare. Usually, Gleim saves its 30% discount for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in November. And even during this time, the discount is only valid for a few days.

Who Should You Pick? Gleim CMA or Wiley CMAexcel?      

Course Feature

Gleim CMA Review

Wiley CMAexcel

Access Until You Pass



Professor-Led Video Lectures



Course Quality






Help from Experts



Mobile App



High Pass Rates






From this table, you can see that the Wiley CMA course scores more points. However, if all the features included in the Wiley CMAexcel course are not necessary or you can’t afford the course, Gleim CMA Premium is the perfect next best option.

Our Conclusions About Gleim CMA and Wiley CMAexcel

Both courses are solid. In fact, we don't think you could go wrong with either.

In the end, it comes down to creature comforts and features. Because some of these features may be important if you've been out of school for a while, we do feel like Wiley CMAexcel is best if:

  • You have been out of school for longer than 1 year
  • You do not have a solid accounting background
  • Your learning style relies on visual aids

The reason Wiley CMAexcel may be the best for those falling into the categories above is that Wiley includes more questions (learning opportunities) and 50% more video lectures. Additionally, the number of video lectures is important because more video hours = a more in-depth analysis and consideration of the topics in each lesson.

If you are a recent graduate and have a strong accounting background, you may want to select Gleim CMA. That way, if you don't need the additional features the ideal Wiley CMAexcel candidate needs, you can save your money for something else.   

Your CMA Review Course Next Steps

Find Gleim CMA and Wiley CMAexcel discounts. Then, purchase your course!

If you're still unsure about which course is the best for you, please contact me for a thorough and helpful recommendation. Additionally, you can also sign up for my free CMA exam study materials to learn more about the process of becoming a CMA.