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cma courseOne of the most important steps in your CMA exam preparation is to pick the best CMA course. This is actually very subjective as it depends on your own background, learning style and budget, but in order to offer some tangible help, I’ve done an analysis based on price.

Updated: June 2014

Integrated and Guided CMA Course Materials

This is subject to different interpretation, but my definition of a “full pack” includes study materials beyond the basic test prep software + book combo.

Gleim is the most affordable and offers the best value for money with an integrated product with many features, including an audio visual presentation through Gleim Online which I find very useful.

1. CMA Single Part (Part 1 or Part 2)

CMA course full pack: single part

* Pricing of Gleim and Wiley CMAexcel reflects the 10% discount that you can get from my site.

  • Gleim (PDF textbook + Gleim Online + Audio Review + Gleim Essay Wizard + Exam Rehearsal): $405
  • Hock (PDF textbook + Exam Success study software + classroom recording video/audio + electronic flashcards) = $425
  • Hock Premium (all of the above + Live with Brian + Retake Guarantee): $600
  • Wiley CMAexcel (Printed Textbook + test prep software + Online Intensive Review): $689

2. Two Parts Bundle


* Pricing of Gleim and Wiley CMAexcel reflects the 10% discount that you can get from my site.

  • Gleim: $720
  • Hock: $750-$1,000
  • Wiley / CMALS: $999

CMA Course for Self Study: Test Prep Software + Book

If you are on a budget, you can consider this combo of CMA course. You will have to be more disciplined to keep track on your studying, but it does help you save a couple hundreds of dollars.

Rigos offers the cheapest price but if you need any course materials, you will need to get it separately.

2. Single Part (Part 1 or Part 2)

CMA course test prep single part

* Text books or reference books not included.

  • Rigos (test prep software only): $97
  • Lambers (test prep software only): $150
  • Gleim (test prep software + book): $200
  • Hock (test prep software + downloadable study materials) : $60 + $210 = $270
  • Exammatrix (test prep software + reference book): $379
  • Wiley CMA Learning System (test prep software + book): $590

2. Two Parts Bundle

CMA course test prep complete set

* Text books or reference books not included.

  • Rigos: $180
  • Lambers: $300
  • Gleim: $400
  • Hock: $120 + $420 = $540
  • Exammatrix: $695
  • Wiley CMAexcel: $855


In terms of absolute pricing and best value for money, Gleim CMA Review is the clear winner. This is also an important reason why I personally use Gleim and recommend their product to you.

I have another CMA course comparison page that lists factors in addition to price. You can click on the table below, visit the page here, or drop a note below if you have any questions.

CMA course comparison


  1. Anil says

    Hi Stephen,

    This is Anil, into FP&A role with 10yrs experience from India. N i am a MBA graduate. Would like to pursue CMA. Need your suggestion,
    after completeing this course any better opportunities will be there.
    Presently i am with GE-as Dy.Manager. And can you please suggest good books/material at nominal prices


    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi Anil,
      I can’t say CMA can guarantee any jobs or advancement because there are many factors involved, but it is a globally recognized designation. I think I can say it is well regarded if you work in manufacturing companies in particular.
      You can check out these CMA review courses/materials for details:

  2. RANJAN VIJ says


    I am a CA from India with a post qualification exp of nearly 17+ yrs. What do you think will be a best course to do so as to enhance knowledge as well as future prospects. Will CMA be better.

    Best Regards

    Ranjan Vij

  3. Sai says

    Hi, stephanie.
    This is sai. I need to know onething from u that can these materials be available in India?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Sai, yes, these are either purchased online or have access online, so you can live anywhere in the world to get these materials (and study at the comfort of the home). Stephanie

  4. Harr says

    Do you have any estimates of the yearly costs of the required 30 CPE courses after the CMA is passed?

  5. Zahra says

    I’m considering getting Hock study bundle. I was wondering should I get the whole bundle or should I just buy the text book? Is the bundle really useful? please advice


  6. manoj says

    I have done MBA in Finance and have been working with Genpact since 3 years for Fixed Assets.
    Could you please let me know whether CMA can be completed by working professionals if so how much time do i need to invest for preparation on daily ?

  7. Noman says

    Hello, I m MBA in finance and have been working in Finance for more than 5 years now am a Senior Accountant with a company. I want to get a certification and grow in future. I want to go for CMA, what would you suggest

  8. Sudarshan says

    Hi Stephanie,

    I have been going through all these posts and your mails are really helpful,, I am working as a Finance manager in a software company. and I am holding a MBA and Executive degree from top 5 B schools ( IIM ).. couple of clarifications
    1) Once I complete US CMA.. if I wanted to do a UK CIMA. will i be getting any exemptions on papers
    2). How is the job market after completing CMA.. if i wanted to move out of India and work..

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Sudarshan,
      Thanks for your kind words! On your question, I am not too sure because I don’t really cover CIMA, but the more important point is, why get both CMA and CIMA? In my opinion it is an either-or. If you want to work in the US, then CMA; if it is UK or commonwealth countries, then CIMA. If in other regions, please take a look at this page:

      Understand that the ultimate goal is to work abroad. I have to say while the CMA certification is helpful, it doesn’t guarantee jobs. And there are so many other factors such as your prior experience, resume and interview skills…

      I would say the easiest way to work abroad is through an internal transfer of an existing company. Maybe you can explore that angle. Best of luck! Stephanie

  9. jahanzaib says

    hi Dear
    i have done masters of commerce and want to ask how useful hock video lectures for preparation should i purchase them.One thing more that if i use hock books with glim practice software would it be good one.

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Jahanzaib,
      I haven’t got a chance to video Hock videos yet (I will soon), but I understand it is a recording of live classes. For others, such as Gleim and Wiley, the lecture is recorded in a studio. There are pros and cons of the two arrangement and it really depends which type of learning style you prefer.

      But I probably wouldn’t use books from one provider other products from another provider. It is quite confusing as their chapters don’t match and also the coverage may be slightly different. If you, say, use everything in Hock first, and get Hock only as extra practice, it’s ok.

      Hope it helps! Stephanie

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