CMA Course: Price Comparison Revealed!

cma courseOne of the most important steps in your CMA exam preparation is to pick the “best” CMA course. This is actually very subjective as it depends on your own background, learning style and budget, but in order to offer some tangible help, I’ve done an analysis based on price.

Updated: June 2013

CMA Course: Full Pack

This is subject to different interpretation, but my definition of a “full pack” would include study materials beyond the basic test prep software + book combo.

Gleim is the most affordable and offers the best value for money with an integrated product with many features, including an audio visual presentation through Gleim Online which I find very useful.

Single Part (Part 1 or Part 2)

full cma review course (single part)

  • Gleim (Books + Gleim Online + Audio Review + Gleim Essay Wizard + Exam rehearsal): $424.95
  • Hock* (downloadable textbook package + Exam Success study software + classroom recording video/audio) : $200 + $50 + $225 = $475
  • Wiley / CMALS (Learning System + Online Intensive Review pack): $765

* Hock has classroom video is available for Part 1 only; audio version is available for both Part 1 and 2.

Two Parts Bundle

Hock does not have classroom recording for Part 2 and is therefore not included in the comparison below. Gleim is again the more affordable option at 32% discount to Wiley / CMALS.

full cma review course (2 parts)

  • Gleim: $739.95
  • Hock (bundled textbook package + software + Part 1 video/audio + Part 2 audio): $350 + $100 + $225 + $125 = $800
  • Wiley / CMALS: $1,100

Test Prep Software + Book

If you are on a budget, you can consider this combo of CMA course. You will have to be more disciplined to keep track on your studying, but it does help you save a couple hundreds of dollars.

Rigos offers the cheapest price but if you need any course materials, you will need to get it separately.

Single Part (Part 1 or Part 2)

cma test prep software price (single part)

* text book not included

  • Rigos (test prep software only): $97
  • Gleim (test prep software + book): $144.95
  • Lambers (test prep software only): $149.95
  • Hock (test prep software + downloadable study materials) : $50 + $200 = $250
  • Exammatrix (test prep software only): $379
  • Wiley / CMALS (test prep software + book): $655

Two Parts Bundle

cma test prep software price (2 parts)

  • Rigos: $180
  • Gleim (test prep software + book): $289.9
  • Lambers (test prep software only): $299.9
  • Hock (test prep software + downloadable study materials) : $100 + $350 = $450
  • Exammatrix (test prep software only): $695
  • Wiley / CMALS (test prep software + book): $950

Audio Review Course

Audio courses don’t fit my style of learning, but I am sure it is a great option for many candidates especially for those always on the run.

There are three options from audio CMA course, as shown below. I encourage that you download a few sample audio course from each provider and pick the one that works the best for you.

Single Part (Part 1 or 2)

CMA exam audio review

  • Gleim: $119.95
  • Hock: $125
  • Lambers: $199.95

2 Parts Bundle

CMA review audio course

  • Gleim: $239.9
  • Hock: $225
  • Lambers: $399.9


At the current price, Gleim is the clear winner in terms of best value of money. This is also an important reason why I personally use Gleim and recommend their product to you. If you want to check out other CMA course, visit my comparison page here.


  1. Anil says

    Hi Stephen,

    This is Anil, into FP&A role with 10yrs experience from India. N i am a MBA graduate. Would like to pursue CMA. Need your suggestion,
    after completeing this course any better opportunities will be there.
    Presently i am with GE-as Dy.Manager. And can you please suggest good books/material at nominal prices


    • Stephanie says

      Hi Anil,
      I can’t say CMA can guarantee any jobs or advancement because there are many factors involved, but it is a globally recognized designation. I think I can say it is well regarded if you work in manufacturing companies in particular.
      You can check out these CMA review courses/materials for details:

  2. RANJAN VIJ says


    I am a CA from India with a post qualification exp of nearly 17+ yrs. What do you think will be a best course to do so as to enhance knowledge as well as future prospects. Will CMA be better.

    Best Regards

    Ranjan Vij

  3. Sai says

    Hi, stephanie.
    This is sai. I need to know onething from u that can these materials be available in India?
    Thanks in advance.

    • says

      Hi Sai, yes, these are either purchased online or have access online, so you can live anywhere in the world to get these materials (and study at the comfort of the home). Stephanie

  4. Harr says

    Do you have any estimates of the yearly costs of the required 30 CPE courses after the CMA is passed?

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