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12 CMA Exam Success Stories from My Readers!

At the end of the day, it is worth all the money, sweat and tears invested in it.”

Our Bloggers’ Success!

CMA exam candidate from TexasSusan from Texas passed her Part 1 on her first try. She was ecstatic and thanked all fellow readers for the support, especially those who left encouraging comments along the way. She won’t have time to blog while preparing for Part 2, and she promises to tell us the results. It will be early next year.

Gavin CMA exam bloggerGavin from California passed Part 1 and Part 2 on his first try in the first testing window with a new exam format. Excellent work to complete the exam within two months! Gavin is enjoying his first job and will be a CMA once he’s done accumulating his experience.

Amani, our middle east CMA exam bloggerAmani from Jordan passed her Part 1 after many hours of diligent study. She has started her engine again and sat for Part 2 in the Jan / Feb 2016 window and passed on her first try again. Read her story about balancing study, work, family, friends, a big wedding of her close relative, and an exciting opportunity as a CMA Part 1 instructor.

Vinoth CMA exam bloggerVinoth from India passed his Part 1 on his first try in the Sep/Oct 2014 window. As a busy professional, husband and father, he decided to postpone his Part 2 until Sep/Oct 2015 window. His plans worked out, and he is now a CMA.

Waqar Gleim CMA customerWaqar from Pakistan passed his Part 1 on his second attempt and Part 2 in his first try. He has moved on to his second designation — Certified Internal Auditor. You can follow his new CIA exam journey here.

Whether you have passed one part of the exam, or you are completely done, drop us a note and share the happy news.

sarang cma success storySarang wasn’t our official blogger, but he was kind enough to share his mega-long success story with us. He works in Vietnam, took parts 1 and 2 in the same testing window, and scored above 400 on both parts!

pass cma on first try

Nandhu also shared his experience and tips on how he juggled exam success with his commitments to work and family.

Nandhu was able to pass both parts on his first try. Read his inspiring post.


More Good News from Readers




CMA exam success story from Sherry


CMA exam success stories 1


CMA exam success story from Rekha

More thank you notes in this testimonial page. Remember to thank your dear ones (your family, friends, tutor, mentor, CMA review instructor…). Love to hear from you!

About the Author Stephanie Ng

I am the author of How to Pass The CPA Exam (published by Wiley) and the publisher of this and several accounting professional exam prep sites.

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Sajid says November 29, 2016

I have accounts background and completed 1st group of CA intermediate and 3 years articleship under ICAI 14 years ago….After working 14 years in UAE realized it is very difficult to get entry at the managerial level without any international certification. I just decided to take CMA… and need help from all who are doing CMA or completed CMA

Le Minh says August 31, 2016

Hi Stephanie,

I read some tips in your website and note that one of the efficient ways is to create flashcards for memorization. Could you give me some tips on how to display information on the flashcard to obtain best effects?

    Stephanie Ng says August 31, 2016

    Hi Le Minh,
    Back then I wrote the terms on one side and answer (could be definition,formula, or other bullet points) on the other. Just the way when there were no computers and smartphones 😉

    I removed the card after getting the answer correct twice. It’s great feeling to see the stack getting thinner and thinner.

      Le Minh says September 1, 2016

      Thank you for your advice. I still prefer using traditional flashcards as I can memorize better when preparing them.

        Stephanie Ng says September 4, 2016

        Yup, sure!

Ernest Sherman says August 1, 2016

I recently passed the first section of the CMA exam with a 450. Words can’t even express how happy I am, I found out at work when I was looking at my profile on the IMA’s Website and saw that it listed me as having passed the first section and when I saw my score I almost screamed out loud at work. Thank you so much for your time. The in depth review you did of the CMA review software’s lead me to choose Gleim and it was clearly the right choice. I am taking the second exam September 22nd (word of advice to other people sign up early during the final testing window I got stuck taking the exam on a Thursday night) and I am wishing I study more during the 7 weeks I was waiting for my results. It is truly great to see hard work pay off I can’t wait to report back in November when I get the results of my second section. Thank you again for all of your help.

hassnain says May 30, 2016

i gave part 1 in 10 may. when will result announced. how much should i wait??

Joan Palcis Manseras says April 21, 2016

Hi Stephanie,

I passed 2 parts of CMA Exam with less than 3 months preparation period on my first try! You have a part of it , so I say thank you!

I want to refresh your memory. Right before I started my self-review last December 2015, I asked your opinion if I could make it to be prepared to take the CMA February 2016 Examinations. I shared to you how I plan to achieve it and you sincerely said yes to me. Your yes maybe simple and was difficult to rely on it but I did. It added to my confidence that I was in the right path of doing it by myself with less than 3 months study period. I made the nights into days and days into nights because I was more productive when no one was awake. I had so many sleepless nights and many foregone vacations. I remembered solving problems on Christmas and New year’s eve and spent at home with husband during Valentine’s day. 🙂

Your blogs and your constant emails helped me be confident enough to take it. And oh, I did follow your suggestion on cheaper review materials just as Lambers. It did help me a lot on practicing speed and accuracy. Even if you seldom receive replies from me, I did take everything you say , by heart.

The CMA Exam made me stronger by teaching me real life lessons on how to plan, prioritize, and focus for whatever you want to achieve in life. It only needs lots lots and lots of COURAGE, EFFORTS, and PRAYER.

All the bests!

Your friend,

Joan Palcis Manseras

    Stephanie Ng says April 21, 2016

    Dear Joan, thanks a lot for writing this encouraging note as promised! I am glad my suggestions have been helpful, and I really appreciate you take them by heart 🙂 Passing both parts within 3 months is a truly impressive accomplishment, and I can imagine the sweat (and hopefully not tears!) that you and your family put in together. It’s time to celebrate!

    Another wonderful testimonial that hard work and dedication pays off 🙂 Stephanie

Akshay Pawar says March 28, 2016

Dear Stephanie,

This is Akshay here. I am planning to take CMA but before that let me tell you my background. I m 27 now & with experience of 6 years in accounts & finance. I also completed 2 yrs in Dubai. So If i take the exam now. will it be beneficial or I am running late. Frankly speaking I m just not able to plan as I have some other commitments also. Please advise.


    Stephanie Ng says March 28, 2016

    Hi Akshay, what do you mean by “completed 2 years in Dubai”? Two years of education? You need to have a 3 year degree to get qualified for the CMA exam. Exceptions are possible but you have to contact IMA on that. Regards, Stephanie

Stephanie Ng says February 17, 2016

Dear Stephanie,
i hope u are doing well , i would like to tell u that i passed my second part exam on cma with good score 430
and i have became cma holder finally , it was a great journey include happiness and pain times , tears and smiles ,
i would like to thank you so much my dear friend because even-if u don’t remember me u were one of the main reasons that i got what i was dreaming for , u helped me so much , u got me believe more and more in my humanity ,although u live in a far land from different culture but u have that humanity nature which are common in all of us
thank u Stephanie so much i ask god to reward u 🙂

    Stephanie Ng says February 17, 2016

    Wonderful to know Mohamed, and may your dream comes true soon! Stephanie

      mohamed ahmed says February 19, 2016

      thank you Stephanie , u are a great one really , u are always here when we need ur advice or help in this journey 🙂 an i will need u more in my CPA journey 🙂

        Stephanie Ng says February 24, 2016

        Happy to be around and be helpful! Stephanie

Nandhu Kottarath says January 31, 2016

Dear Febitha,

please go to the following link and register. I am suggesting to buy GLEIM Premium CMA Review. You can also buy part 1 and 2 separately or together based on your plan.


Febidha says January 31, 2016

Hi am a +2 student from India. I want to become a CMA . am joined for the first step (foundation)under Kolkata university. i want to be a member of gliem. how can I ?

Golda Marie Caspe says November 13, 2015

Hi Stephanie!

Thank you for the encouraging emails that I’ve been receiving after signing up for your newsletters. I received a couple of emails prior to receiving this “Last email: Are you done, not done or no longer interested in CMA?” I did not act on your first two emails as I wasn’t sure which option to pick– I was waiting for the results then. I remember clearly your email about what to do after the exam and while waiting for the results and I definitely took your suggestions to heart. I relaxed, relaxed and relaxed.

Now, waiting is over and I’m glad to share with you that I passed both parts! I took Part 1 in January of this year and Part 2 last September. And what a coincidence, the “Last email: ..” reminder was sitting in my Inbox and I finally chose the option which brought me to this page.

Please keep sharing your tips to aspiring CMA’s. They are practical and would keep readers grounded (as it did to me). I also had plenty of smiles while reading your emails and blogs which provided many light moments and breaks when I was in the middle of my reviews.

Again, thank you! I would definitely continue to follow your site as the articles are interesting and I’m sure to get more useful tips from them.


    Stephanie Ng says November 14, 2015

    Hi Golda, thanks so much for leaving a note here, and all the kind words to me and my bloggers. Wonderful news to know you passed both parts. It’s been tough these few months isn’t it? We will definitely keep in touch and I’ll work hard to find interesting info to share. Cheers, Stephanie

Stephanie says April 13, 2015

Hello Halan, I am so glad you passed both exams within a few months! It must be tough with your situation, and I am glad Gleim helped.

Keep up with the excellent work and I hope you are now motivated to achieve further success in your career!

Best wishes,

Halan Manoj Kumar says April 13, 2015

Hi Stephanie,

Glad to share with you that my CMA part 1 results are out and I have passed with a score of 370. Albeit was hoping for a pass I was still keeping my fingers crossed as I had to face an acute sinusitis issue during my preparation days on account of which my Gleim practice results were hovering around 65%-70%.

Having passed part 2 in Dec 2014 with a score of 400 and utilised the waiting period to get the other formalities like fulfillment of academic and experience requirement I can have a sigh of relief. My secret to success is consistent study and practice using Gleim and whenever I am held back I get few doses of motivation by going through your site.

My heartfelt and sincere thanks to you. Your website has been one of the major contributors towards my CMA success.

John Praveen says February 17, 2015

Hi Stephanie,

I am John Praveen from India and I am glad to share I passed both the parts of CMA exam in first attempt. I decided to do CMA in April 2014 and took the exams in October 2014. I am very happy to have cleared the exams within 6 months.

Your mails and blogs were a great source of motivation and guidance to me and I believe these would benefit a lot more aspiring CMAs. Thanks a lot.


    Stephanie Ng says February 17, 2015

    Thanks so much John for your kind words and your encouragement to other readers! All the best to you, Stephanie

    yasin says March 31, 2015

    Dear john praveen bro,

    tis is yasin from india. am also planning to write my cma us exam. can i have ur email id pls.. i wanted to ask some questions.. pls kindly reply ur email id pls.

Baivab says January 29, 2015

Hi Stephanie,

I would like to share my CMA story with you.

My name is Baivab Kumar Ghosh. I live in Kolkata, India. I am a Commerce (B.Com) graduate with specialization in accounting & finance. I graduated in July 2014 from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata.

I was also pursuing the Chartered Accountancy course side by side and had cleared CA- Intermediate (both groups) in November 2012. But soon I realized my interest was more in finance than in auditing. So I started researching and came across the CMA(USA) course. Without wasting any time I started to take coaching classes for 2 months. I followed the Wiley CMA Learning system. The online test bank was a lot of help. Finally I gave both the parts in October 2014. I got my results in mid December and was really happy as I cleared both the parts. I secured a scaled score of 370 in Part 1 and 390 in Part 2. My suggestion to all future CMA takers would be that you should give equal importance to your preparation for the essay section. And for MCQs, conceptual study is a must.

    Stephanie says January 29, 2015

    Dear Baivab,
    Thanks for your inspiring story! We have a lot of Indian candidates so it is a great testimonial 🙂 Stephanie

KETAKI KAMAT says December 18, 2014

Dear Stephanie ,

Just few months back i was in two minds whether to opt for CPA or CMA ?? it was then that i bumped on your blog !! I ran through the comparison on your site only to conclude that if both are attainable then why not give it a try !! My career goals were uncertain then ,but now after completing my CPA in November 2014 and CMA in December 2014 , i am glad to see an array of pathways to explore . I have frequently visited your site to clear my doubts.
Your efforts to help CMA aspirants are notable.
Thank you for your silent support !!

Best Regards ,


    Stephanie Ng says December 19, 2014

    Hi Ketaki, thanks so much for taking the time to drop a note here. I can say a lot of things to my readers, but nothing is better than first experience of a recently successful candidate.

    I am so glad the qualifications open doors for you. You are an excellent start, and my best wishes for an outstanding career and future ahead! Regards, Stephanie

mohamed ahmed says December 17, 2014

after great thanks for allah i have to say thank you stephanie so much for a million time , i passed part 1 exam , my score was 420 , ur tipes and advices are very helpful , it is a long journey , includes pain and difficult times , you was like a light in dark moments , plz keep writing for us advices , tips , i still have to finish the second part of my cma journey , for all candaite , you have to fight for ur dream , breath it , live with it , it was my second try , i never give up el hamdolelah because i have a dream 🙂
again thx a million my dear stephanie and i hope if we become friends forever

    Stephanie Ng says December 17, 2014

    Dear Mohamed,
    Thank your for taking the time to leave a note here as well. Congratulations again!
    This is a great encouragement for those who need a retake. As you can see, passing is possible and the exam is doable. I am also very glad that I can be helpful even if we live in different continents. Accounting is a global language and aspiring CMAs around the world have common dream 🙂

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