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After CMA Registration: Next Steps (plus Tips on Effective Studying)

after cma registrationYou’ve completed your CMA registration and begun studying. Things are going well, but are there anything you should be aware of?

Here are my 5 tips:

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1. Speed Up Your MC Questions

Quite a few candidates didn’t manage to finish the exam. In most cases, you can train yourself to work faster. Try limit the easy practice questions within one minute so you can spend more time on more complex questions. It it takes too long, skip, flag the question and move on.

2. Track Your Weaker Areas

It could be incorrect questions from a certain topic or a certain type and format. Try to see if there are any patterns, and you can work on those exclusively.

For most people, this can be easily identified. If you don’t have the time to figure it out, Surgent CMA offers a platform that feeds questions based on your own weaker areas.

3. Tackle the Essays and Remove the Anxiety

Essays are really not difficult for most candidates — but it could come as a surprise if you don’t have any preparation.

Make sure you at least work through all essay questions in the mock exam. Practice your time management, how to keep calm and think on your feet, and whether you can endure a 4-hour exam.

4. Don’t Run Away from the Mock

Mock exams are scary and stressful. They unforgivingly expose our weakness: on topics we don’t understand, how we freak out and run out of time. But then, it is precisely why a mock exam is helpful. You want to experience this stress, and learn how to deal with them in the actual exam.

5. Perform Your Reality Check

Check your progress periodically — I suggest you do this on a weekly basis. Is everything on track? If you fall behind, is it possible to catch up; and if not, should you reschedule the exam?

Don’t run away from this or have your emotion take over. Be realistic, and have the courage to switch to Plan B if and when it comes necessary.

You can do it!

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Dana cox says September 15, 2016

Hello I am taking rma exam will this help me ?

    Stephanie Ng says September 15, 2016

    Hi Dana, it depends what you are looking for. This post may help: https://ipassthecmaexam.com/why-become-a-cma/
    If you are not convinced that the CMA is not helpful to your medium to long-term career, then you may want to think twice about jumping into this program.

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