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CMA Multiple Choice Questions Overview

Introducing Our Wednesday Blogger: VinothVinoth is one of our CMA exam bloggers. He documents his CMA journey every Wednesday. 

Hope everyone has read my blog last week about my story before passing part 1. This week I will go a little further on the various parts of the exam.

CMA Multiple Choice Questions

On the real exam you will see two parts of the exam: MCQ (Multiple choice questions) and Essay.

Let me begin by talking about the points to be noted while practicing on your MCQ, and how I have practiced it myself during the preparation.

As you know, the CMA exam is 75% of MCQ and 25% of essay type questions. During the exam, if you get 50% score on the MCQ, you move on to the fourth hour for essay questions.

This 50% does not mean that you have cleared the exam. Only by completing the essay questions will the examiners calculate the weighted average of your score. You need to get 72% to clear the exam.

You may then ask: out of the 100 CMA multiple choice questions, how many do I need to get right? Please note that this is based upon the difficulty level of the questions you get it from the examiner. If you get easier questions, then you need to get more correct answers to pass; and vice versa.

While working on the practice questions, you will notice that some words are highlighted. Please pay attention to those words because they have impact on your answers.

In my own exam preparation, when I complete each section, I work on the MCQ simultaneously, so the weakest areas are known and I can then concentrate on them.

I have been using Gleim as well as additional testing software during my exam preparation, but the choice is purely based upon your own interest and time. If you are able to afford testing software, you can go for Gleim online. The level of Gleim questions will make you clear on each subject on the CMA exam.

Hope this blog post is useful as you go through your CMA multiple choice questions.

From Stephanie

Thanks for the detailed explanation on the multiple choice questions. I’ve got quite a lot of queries on that myself. On scoring, here is my version of the post (which says the same thing but will a bit more background information), and readers can also get more information on Gleim here.

About the Author Vinoth

Dear readers, I am from India and currently studying for the CMA exam from my home country. I chose CMA (vs other qualifications) as I work in a multinational corporation that values this global certification. After passing Part 1 exam in the Sep/Oct 2014 testing window, I had to postpone Part 2 until Sep 2015 due to heavy commitment in work and family. Finally got the good news in Nov. Thanks for reading!

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