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CMA Salary Survey to Estimate Your Paycheck


The following is an interesting feature provided by the annual CMA salary survey by the Institute of Management Accountant. You can estimate the expected salary level based on what IMA members got in 2013.

CMA Salary Survey for Your Calculation

cma salary survey 2011

For example:

  • If you are an entry level cost accountant with the CMA designation and 2 years of experience, then the expected salary would be US$75,807 – $25,995 + 2 x $700 + $11,126 = $62,338.
  • If you are a top-level management with 10 years of experience and hold both the CPA and CMA designations, then your expected salary would be US$75,807 + $28,000 + $10 x $700 + $11,126+ $10,193 = $132,126.


  • The survey collects data from IMA members from the United States only.
  • Please refer to the last page of this IMA salary survey for details on the assumptions.

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