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How to Tackle New Topics in CMA Exam (for Me It’s Corporate Finance)


Introducing Our Wednesday Blogger: VinothVinoth is one of our CMA exam bloggers. He documents his CMA journey every Wednesday.

Hello, let’s talk about Corporate Finance section in Part 2 this week. I am not going to teach any concepts here but I wanted to share my experience of how I felt before starting this section; and once I started going through it, how my mind set changed.

My New Topics in CMA Exam: Corporate Finance

You may feel that this section of Part 2 is little boring because “Corporate finance” is a dry subject without having much challenges from mathematical problems (which I like).

That’s what I thought at least. But when I started studying these sections with the help of study materials, I felt really excited about this section and how we learn to manage our business effectively. For example:

  • How to calculate the returns from our new project
  • What are the difference ways of raising long term capital for our business
  • How to manage our working capital requirement effectively.

Many of us do not have experience in this section such as the different kind of derivatives: the futures, forward contracts and options.

Let’s Keep This in Mind

1. The concepts will click if we try hard enough

If we keep on studying for two or three times of the same chapters, we will be comfortable enough to understand the subjects clearly. Its does not matter of whether we have experience on this subject or not. Some who have experience can understand it quickly, while others like me will take additional time to understand it better.

2. The importance of taking notes

Taking notes while studying new materials is helpful. If you want to quickly refresh the section then you can review the notes and refresh the concepts instead of reading the big books once again.

Hope this helps! It may look like small tips for all of you or you are following different strategies, but I thought of sharing the best practice which I use and follow. I might be useful for those who are not aware of it. Good luck!

From Stephanie

I am glad that the studying is not all about passing the exam, but also useful for your career development. Keep up with the good work!

About the Author Vinoth

Dear readers, I am from India and currently studying for the CMA exam from my home country. I chose CMA (vs other qualifications) as I work in a multinational corporation that values this global certification. After passing Part 1 exam in the Sep/Oct 2014 testing window, I had to postpone Part 2 until Sep 2015 due to heavy commitment in work and family. Finally got the good news in Nov. Thanks for reading!

  • Santhosh says:

    Hi Vinoth, Its really inspiring to study when i read Blogs from this site.

    I have a couple of questions, i have registered for CMA and appearing for the OCT 2015 exam for Part 2, honestly speaking iam not yet prepared but i have already registered for the exam thinking that only if i set a target of my exam i will study honestly.

    Q1. How should i make up that time and dedication every day to study, i have materials from Hock and Wileys and nothing else.

    Q2. Does it make a difference if you study Section C before section A & B, or choose any section to study without order.

    Will wait for your response…thanks


    • Stephanie Ng says:

      Hi Santhosh, I will let Vinoth answer your first question, but on the second, in my opinion it doesn’t matter which sequence you would like to study. Regards, Stephanie

    • vinoth sairam says:

      Hi Santhosh,

      Sorry for giving late reply to your comment. In my opinion fix a schedule for 2 hours daily during week days and 6 hours during week ends. But some time you cannot able to devote the scheduled time but thats time until and unless your keeping the goal on your mind to clear the exam as early as possible.

      Kindly let me know if you need any further help.

      • Santhosh says:

        Hi Vinoth & Stephanie for your replies.

        @ Vinoth, i would like to know if you or any of your friends conduct home tutions or classes. There are lot of institutes who charge too high fees which i cannot afford too also they are not so effective. Can you suggest any place where you think is a real good place to study in Bangalore.

        Santhosh Francis

  • KETAN says:

    Dear Stephanie
    I am a Law student from India (CS+LLB) I also have bcom degree.But the legal market is not very rewarding.Will a CMA degree help me in being a finance manager .Plus can I work in banks as being a lawyer banks have lot of compliance and My CMA designation will help in secure a fiance position. I deal with lot merger,acquisition,IPO in my law subject..Pls Rply

    • Stephanie Ng says:

      Hi Ketan, it could help in longer term, but I wouldn’t expect to land a completely different job from your legal background right away, simply because you get the CMA. Could you try to slowly transition to finance at the same time? You have a BCOM so it is possible. Your plan of working in a bank sounds like a good idea. Regards, Stephanie

      • Ketan says:

        Thank you Madam for ur rply..
        Can I take part 2 before part 1?..n is there any chance that ima may introduce negative marking in future?.

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